Euro Truck Simulator 2 – Multiplayer – Plane Train!

tell me we’re ready cuz i think some of you are uploading yep already done oh did you get in town you have a skinny oh nice broke you have no tires Billy give they go to write on the back of your truck nice huh who died just actually I don’t think anyone has tires on my screen let’s get on the trailer great that’s great yeah that’s sketched i would say you guys buy those you met in the titan Emmy let’s get out here like 40 follows us the heck all them know you do yeah raptor gaming how do you feel it’ll see I’ve heard the rafter-crown let’s just get out of here evacuate what it promised mrs. yeah we just–can Street was more is that some little town I guess look I slowed down a lot okay we’re good crack has experience with this does all those convoys yeah envoy pro there is a pro how much hours how many hours you have I cannot even know okay but I need to turn up this early isn’t there model like turns up your engine sounds because in place it’s not a lot I want to make it so not so it’s quieter outside like it’s too loud in your third person for me I think I per person it is well sound mod mm-hmm but it’s a working this I mods oh well I think why mots do right depends what doesn’t like a truck mod well it is a truck no you just app you just change like a setting that makes us so you can hear Brandon when you’re inside more guys still behind me yeah products going solo I’m not do you are don’t for the hi James you guys see the whole light road yeah yeah you did actually like how you say dude it’s awesome wonder if you can actually like blind someone that’d be cool I always like to take them down anyway it’s just habit no idea i’ve gone it’s a thousand kilometers right cruise control 110 lighting oh you know how far that thing can go up like the cruise control but almost 90 then I even had it right yeah what you can adjust it using little land but you never like put it to like a hundred to make sure that you go the fastest ignou mindset Tillich 235 just wish I could ask you say you’ve got how do you add it up you get to find it in your settings it’s what’s the default is no default it’s just not hard yeah then you could like resume it after you switch gears let’s see how those signs of blind date with the high beams on yeah by blinding you uh I can’t even see it now you don’t like I have to change like the mirrors you don’t have a look if there’s like a shadow or something you won’t see a shot on your mirrors I need to have that I may be slowing down to speak tempers I’m not either I have 127 million at eight are we on the Autobahn uh Germany it’s too late there’s a lot of honest so it’s sunny some of that it’s passionate the autobahn is only the no speed limit bed is really short be honest but they’re handling on roads just like injured like not even like high resistant as well does still behind me I got literally these mirrors are look at I can on seeing back how close are you ah 200 meters really you don’t see me and I see you both of the lock I can’t use tap taps broken for me left

leg middleweights re-cross everyone yeah I can’t do that’s my record person oh there are nice that’s what 11 turns like you whine like turns off like his name’s middle-aged guys are using our town all right but I prefer without the name taxes this trucks in side of the road I love nothing too difficult hmm I remember like in the early days of EDS 20 feet when you hit f7 it would pause you traveling it would be you to complete yeah you like troll people with angle right in front of them at f7 they were just smash into Becky’s really I remember that I think you could click like console no you can just try I wouldn’t like type stop I forget we have announced now as it says you need to stop your truck so no no you can still you can service call when you’re driving gurnius awkward but what do you mean you like stop you’re not like you said yeah you’re like driving you can f seven and it would ask you like if you want to go or not and then it was just pause it right there I don’t you a deposit now is you’re just a spear but I don’t know when you know how if you enter and then it says yes or no like it’ll cost this much and then take that at that screen pause your truck oh just a new back now no because it’ll just keep you rolling you got to make sure it’s straight let’s to start himself bechstein space yeah good like it used to be that they were them there wasn’t that much like scenery and stuff now it’s like one of stuff everywhere yeah but I like the fact that implementing that it’s not causing any issues no I would have thought it cause lag issues the only issues they do ours went lots of trucks are in the cities just goes insane like 10 FPS but obviously that’s just gonna hopefully they’re gonna stabilize that they also also just like me my the truck like my skin it just looks better no no they just trying to look better just upset and like the girl I think they changed like the grill Bobo they also added like running lights like before you have to turn on your headlights to have any lights on yeah it keep saying low and installment but i don’t think i have a loan I just blinded that guy middle lane again but have to check my loans mm-hmm the full moon night oh but the fold I is pretty bright to be honest speared bright moon holds two in the morning not expected to be dark yeah that new immune what am I saying the moon is huge merely said years Wow names the jack fight sarcasm if you did notes yeah yeah they need to be a middle lane again I just stuck to the middle lane to be honest above I like this game it’s just a good way of like relaxing I can’t wait for american truck yeah they’ll be make except they’re gonna like art with like the California like the west and they’re gonna add like dlcs for the east though clicca well or New Jersey like there any highways New Jersey not gonna be accurate dude that was everywhere complete like dark oak how long’s next to my house not gonna hate that’s the thing even the highways I’m gonna be accurate but in England of this one really that kind of are like they are called that and Wanda by them sex all that you’ve been talk of anything yeah motorway one that’s way whatever but it it’s not it isn’t kind of roughly the right area it’s not one hundred percent accurate what if like a bird dr. you later no I even want each other Creators teamed up of Google Maps oh my god so much I’ll take too long Valley shall be worth until you see the crew yeah I’ve seen that and I played the don’t know if I play later no I watched a video yeah I think I watched a video and the or Alive street map and for some reason the car mechanics aren’t realistic and is really

bad to drive I mean it seems like the most amazing game ever made but the karmic an example someone was saying like it’s in beta so they’re gonna update it why is this [ __ ] do it but someone almost so much you can update though what does this ticket do it you scare him dude no no I’m good I’m good just going far left lane guys that guy shat himself he saw me coming up behind he’s like moved um yeah it’ll just come home actually not much you’re right i had plenty plenty glinting and he ever but I know me ya just I like to be like a couple trunk lines in front before I go because the D sink is horrible scene yeah but yeah they move I would love a game where they like literally map out lots of like the crews doing but they have realistic driving which that does is so Arkady it’s redic how will I don’t know my world map that was like I saw a video and like it had like a city then detail forward was I’ll sky are Klingons or being scared of this guy that’s priceless attempt I don’t know what you thought about those busy between me know he’s pissed like me well you see that a bat I’m sees two best like best video compliation or whatever yeah that’s so for me that were exiting yeah so if he’s still in front of you don’t worry about it just slow down will exit after his number person acting right he’s behind you know I’m gonna let him scream till I mean Ely to boomer girls turn your elbow yo sick we can slow down in from that farm back yeah i’ll keep it at 50 on this road until you keep you catch up all we should change gear but whatever i’m a nine yeah i’m an eight this grabbing a little bit revving grabbing it caught up yet damn her I don’t know buddy she [ __ ] d must almost okay I’m gonna sauce speed up then just like to those another truck few slides your homes Oh look shift down been on this hill yeah I’m slowing down a lawyer maybe not 43 it on those hills near zurich get the best scenery yeah go it into Switzerland yeah they have the hilly roads that are like overlapping each other on top yeah yeah been a really long time where you can see all the drugs like you want you have like those bridges and stuff yeah I like it when i see the train go past life alongside us and race the train and i will just be limited thrown back up to 90 yes I’m not going to really go on cruise because would you mind you look too bad actually this right sweet back pack your slip room assigned me she’s not that bad I’m going to start to whine towards the end what are we giving on the apron this relieving Germany at answering n tling my English entering the netherlands holland I never I never know whether to call it the Netherlands a hold your live in Europe she called Holland but hauling another the same thing nothing diesel engine burn geography GT I always called geometry that’s what I’m a zombie Amon ship John truth that’s what my generation teaches the geometry okay it’s winding here someday dr. 8080 girl get back up tonight it’s windy and take it in 90 haha I don’t remember ever happening i’m at really basic you’ve any magic Europe never really learned where you what r is it takes y’all machine

dama tree old great bones last year but taken out of each and geometry sophomore year recipient refresh now we did much of either the algebra true algebra two is freshman it’s a geometry victory came to me Oh which took out with June eighth grade yeah in the nineteen Chapman tree night I took algebra one in eighth grade okay Oh Janelle you lost your nerves like like advanced or whatever I’m yeah I’m taking geometry reason I’m taking three cameras you little be doing once max max take a hundred Callum this year and then wait so you took algebra two before you took geometry yeah no I’m taking geometry for added outdoor to it different person I mean they’re not really I’ll like you need one for the other thing that brick basically take out garbage next year for me that was really easy class they’re not precogs to be a monastery come this year so yeah well we had verga nominee and analysis which is pre cal basically OMG i changed it so we have like eight a meeting now that’s a start their blocks and just stupid we have it so that it was just like walk scheduling so looking for classes a day thats a tan and now we have four classes today and we have a team Krakens ever reason your point Curzon last year I there were like two separate classes trigonometry analysis now they have one class 3d accountant just issue there are those two classes their schools being completely renovated like decided it’s very so much money i understand i don’t know why dad like a new a first and a new auditorium an expanded the parking lot now they’re adding like the renovating the softball field the track adding football fields of stupid wishing line wasting money on sports oh it’s like my mother yet jr. is like neither much longer I mean not really cuz I mean in the future they’re gonna make money because of like a lot of high school see get money from i watch Naomi you so Mike one of you all know maybe just a football game if there is it wont to make money favors of looks at us at work you know make money of your sports yeah drinkin since about that al cover and the cost of renovating football yeah in one year it’s not like any years yeah it’s like it’s like 35 million dollars the whole project that was just the auditorium parco that was like 35 million dollars Wow and then we’re all getting crawling second pretty sick because I chromebooks basic telling the well alden no are like when you think that’s all you need do ya thang grade and lower in our district every single person has a mac like all the elementary schools on those macbooks Wow macbooks you get mac coats and they have imax that’s they have those things it’s all in which go to high schools open doors and the only max can find her and like a video production for a final cut pro wait like to give him out like laptops ya know this is my darling Roberts when they give him out to you go yeah we get our own each person good Wow and they’re not the crap ones and pixels this opens okay boys it’s a little computer later oh really google and education sign up the pixels it’s like a weird up the thirst field wouldn’t she it’s lying wow that’s a bunker pics it looks like like $2,000 they don’t like these sessions to learn how to either do check out those buildings the move and the man just like the for my school they just try to promote like bring your own device I was like shaky they looked it we have 3,000 kids and then all the seniors they’re like bring your own device ok yeah the lag spike coming into amsterdam

there are n world reenactor I’m just the short journey to Rotterdam Oleg you send lags like I’m spinning frames I shouldn’t like I turns it yeah don’t know what millions think a car fast we’re turning me dams net no no what was I wanted no I put my turn signal on by accident just to confuse bath yeah he was like scheana I was rent huh no I I meant to do it to look right but I forgot that it’s on my num pad to look right then at that bye bye LD be bored oh my G pad dude I can’t get everything on one controller I can’t do everything once you set it to the two things like 15 I when I had an excellent release use one for steering other one for looking yeah I’d I’m not feeling close to I have the freeview illa protect Oh hold out the 17th Oh it was like dude you could you just need a plane I was like great above you the lights these are puts like right there that’s so slow come on Robert looks awful at the past bags but slow I just went from 92 17 that one second well as a plane taking off everyone no it’s the legal procedures you’re at a plane there is yeah it had a butcher cool the helicopter as well Celine oh there’s a treat that’s a point o yours it’s a plane train my tracks I feel like they have it going over the road yeah that’s they have a syringe everywhere it’s like I want drivers like its biscuit ultimate plane so happy go swerving all over always going 98 kilometers on that stretch what’s going 100 now is going on too good for you guys it was slow truck uh-huh lanes are so heavy yeah it’s a worry about you I can’t wait current that’s what I hate what is it a thorough search actress but one of the pot let’s go actress actress yeah they very dashing it’s just like crap it’s so bad yeah this rental dashboard associate it’s just all like the screen is that it doubled wool I like those I don’t like you will know that much but okay that can write guys to the euro port did you see any they started modeling mattress does unless his problem really oh yeah they did it from at the half and on the impactors that it wasn’t chunks I’d only saw her I stopped us and stop to the Jewish it’s like it’s like we don’t give me some room I saw like a video of them I’ve got to get this guy 114 hey are you gonna go pillow wait didn’t he well I what a dick I was like sitting here being nice to him and he was like no I’m not gonna pull over into the far lane so he can move it I’m just gonna plow through her look like a baby in a little babby you get that job no I saw the I saw them to do that SCS uploaded about them like recording ass actress or whatever but didn’t see a screen shots yet well since I’m feeling you deaf it’s just go under plowing there but post a picture of a software they’re using the model it then they have a it’s like parsley model maybe I saw you know their own products / you know that double trailer video they made multiplayer go off like the dual trailers so you have two trailers you don’t see the tan one of the developers on to play a bug I don’t know what it was called but basically you can have two trailers but it looked ridiculous it was massive it was too long passing us not even realistic but then oh shits gone into one lane guys he’s guys passing me like right now he’s gonna cut you off and watch he will this guy we’re turning into your report but i think they can’t help they can’t implement that in this when I have to do yeah I’m the iron to bring the roads aren’t wide enough they need to implement it in the American one instead

is that evenly get England they do have a double trailer but it’s not as long as what he showed in them it’s literally as if you’ve got literally dilute resides huge men in England they have about one and a quarter to one yeah I know amenia but angle on in the video he made it’s just massive as I see this brake check the crap out of me prac you should have been tailgating oh yeah did you get in other games more damage traffic but also cause how many people are on right now I’m blocking the junction it’s like early morning in here come on move one Lil Flip Saunders I don’t pass go ahead of you why did you moving you can someone call me this guy’s ID please I just 14 here in Oakland Allah no got his trailer sticking in your in one already look at the corner ha okk press f11 key I can’t see it doesn’t even show that on rag don’t back up no it doesn’t show anything that’s the cool thing about it don’t want to see that we’re going to hold guys don’t I’m smashing my body against your truck me what the man yeah I’ll see you at home guys try to make it one piece oh I’m inside someone I without me okay let’s park up here wait for everyone to be free today 90 you haven’t even videos Oh God knows you’ve never seen those are you can see what what was yeah let me going to Harwich or holder in circles Oh you wot m9 let us start to reverse into that for a second there boy from behind me HD HD HD let’s just go Oh a must give the circle I wouldn’t roll as gallant rollers got no seriously was gonna show up go you’re gonna glitch that guy who fell oh make sure you don’t go out at the same yeah take a left go Matt belt all right yeah that dick might be about so much I don’t want to go out soon oh oh nice broke what just cut me off oh hey you guys have tires now on your trailer to be doing the speed thing on my GPS less wrong or unlit wrong lane rumbling elated oh crap yeah hahaha is looking at haha my gps says is 48 miles per hour down here yeah that’s nice aluminum I think my 10 kilometer them oh yeah i’ll be in common no I don’t know if the gps changes depending on what country narrow I mean I mean you know they’ll definitely there’s no way I’d be forking all T down there that’s 90 or close to that yeah I’m just turn on your turn signal like once you get in there I’ll you like what you’re gonna go off I just want what I thought but a lot last minute Vermont sorry Matt I need to you can elevate it not early of this to be quicker on that to turn signal reflex now I’m saying that like don’t you really want it like they know that you’re gonna be like entering around want to like tell you which next you’re going to be exiting it does tell you what JC urban it but I don’t know what you mean that’s like if you’re gonna straight through like you’re gonna go around so I can exit you don’t want to turning insurance until you pass the first sex no use thing using oscillating you don’t have to like putting your turn signal on how big the roundabout is now if it’s a big roundabout then you do what Matt just said you don’t turn it on at the first exit you turn out of the second exit so if you’re going straight across tonight if it’s a small round about then literally is just a little circle in the middle then you can just go straight you don’t need to indicate Sarah because people can see as they’re coming down that road they can see that you are pointing your your car position is going straight and you’re also not indicating anywhere else so they can see that but if it’s around about that has trees another in the middle they won’t be able to see you so you need to indicate that makes sense yeah like over here where i live good as an island they have small the really small roundabouts tiny roundabouts you don’t need to indicate if you going straight there basically if you if you own you’re not a little girl

what are we going not if you’re not indicating left or right they just assume you’re going straight so you’re always have to remember to indicate which is important look at roll so bad just keep going in circles we hadn’t even kissed yeah we’ll be gonna say prac oh um this you’ll have an Islander they’re like if it’s their ferry service or something like to go back to the mainland yeah over the channel do but it’s just new boats that go no that’s I could steer at that go to the other well there’s any other ones like island and the other one goes to Liverpool in England