《花千骨 │The Journey of Flower》第42集 官方高清版(霍建华、赵丽颖、蒋欣、杨烁领衔出演)

[Throughout All Ages 千古(Qian Gu)]
sung by Alan Dawa Dolma 阿兰
The summer cicadas and the winter snow
merely follow each other cyclically in a flash.
♫ ♫ Practice enlightenment and pay no attention to
the fated calamities of life.
♫ ♫ Mere brushstrokes on a scroll of white paper painted out the layers of the world. ♫ ♫ It is difficult to draw your perfectly pure face. ♫ ♫ Unable to sleep at night, who is my heart yearning for? ♫ ♫ The light is veil by the bamboo screen.
In my dream, I’m as care-free as the wind.
♫ ♫ The moonlight seems to practice looking from afar and recording the numerous times the vast sea finished into the mulberry tree field. ♫ ♫ It does not speak of the unspeakable fate of tomorrow. ♫ ♫ If I want to leave a good reputation throughout all ages,
then I have to fall out with the one I love.
♫ ♫ Who would care that you missed
the opportunity for happiness?
♫ ♫ If I am ridicule throughout all ages because
my love has become obsessive and confused.
♫ ♫ Yet, I do not regret believing in you. ♫
The Journey of Flower – (Hua Qian Gu)
Episode 42 Subtitles Brought To You By: The Dancing Fingers-Flowers @ Viki You also know, that all of these disciples kill without batting an eyelash As long as I give the order, you will die without a trace I thought that after you were exiled to the Savage Territories, you would wake up a little I never thouguht that you are still this stubborn What time is it now? You are still so tight lipped Zhu Ran You manipulated Liu Xia’s love, and harmed her life too You’ve done so much evil, and yet you refuse to change I won’t leave the Savage Territories You will never be able to leave the Savage Territories I never used her feelings We never had any feelings for each other I am not like you Everyone, look at this clearly This is Chang Liu’s bell Yes, that’s Chang Liu’s bell This person in front of you, is the world’s number one sects, Chang Liu’s disciple Further, she is Chang Liu’s Superior Immortal Bai Zi Hua’s disciple Bai Zi Hua. Bai Zi Hua, that bastard If it wasn’t for that bastard, would everything turn out like this? No good comes from Chang Liu Yes, not one good thing Yes, not even one good thing This is your last chance Fine I will grant you your wish Everyone listen well Do you know why she was sent to the Savage Territories? Do you see that? These are the scars from the Pool of Emotions The Pool of Emotions shows what one should not
keep in her heart What she should not even touch She is of course, Bai Zi Hua’s disciple Shut up This was my own wrong doing Don’t degrade my teacher nor my sect brothers and sisters Look, look What’s the meaning of “Never try to prove what nobody doubts.”? So you really fell in love with Bai Zi Hua, that’s why you were punished So that’s what happened to her Just looking at her is disgusting What Chang Liu did to you is just a courtesy, If you were your teacher, I would personally punish you Punish you! Punish, punish How is it? Have you changed your decision? Very well, then today, we will get our revenge Vent all your hatred till it’s all gone! For her body,

you can have your way with it But her life, leave that to me.
Yes If not, don’t blame me for being harsh This is clearly a volcano Are you sure this is the only way? In this volcano, there is a secret way to the Savage Territories Criminals that are sent to the Savage Territories, must go through this raging fire that is hot and painful But once you enter, you cannot leave I will still need you to open door for me to get out But you are only an ordinary person Not even a single martial strength In a bit, I will put an enchantment on your body I hope that it can protect your body and organs Are you sure you can tolerate the pain? If I can save Bones, no matter the cost on my life You have thought clearly about this How dangerous the Savage Territories are, You probably understand the danger more than me, If you are are not careful, you may never leave again It would be fine if I can’t leave As long as Bones agree, no matter what, I’ll be by her side forever Don’t you dare. You must take her out of there Rest assured, I would give my life to take her out of there And you, you must take good care of yourself If, If I can’t leave, please help me take care of Bones She has suffered too much, don’t let Bai Zi Hua cause her more suffering Bones, I am coming. Hold on I will definitely take you out of the Savage Territories The girl is resilient Zhu Ran says not to take her life, but he didn’t say we can’t take her legs Yes, that’s good Today, I will take a piece, so that everyone may eat Yes, yes, yes Yes, something to eat Bones, Bones Dongfang How did you get in? Bones, I am taking you home Your face and your voice Who did this to you? Who? Dongfang, hurry and leave! Don’t bother about me

I came here to save you, with my life, I won’t leave you Stinky kid, don’t even think about it Don’t do anything stupid Young hero comes to save the beauty I see you are bored with living, Brothers, our dinner has arrived -Let’s eat him!
-Good! Honorable Superior, what’s wrong? It’s not a big issue Don’t inform Senior brother or Junior brother of this Honorable Superior, you better rest in Hall of Emotionless I will alert teacher I’m fine, don’t bother them Alright Great Desolate energy force She is the demon god Demon god, demon god, demon god So, So the Great Desolate energy force was really in me The Great Desolate energy force is in me Bones Bones, where are you going? Bones So, it is decided Senior brother, what did you call me urgently? You will know soon Honorable Superior Honorable Superior, when I heard you will be accepting another disciple, I quickly brought a maiden here This is my daughter, You Ruo. She may be young, but her basics aren’t bad If Honorable Superior looks well upon me, please accept my daughter to be your disciple I’ve told you, I’m not accepting another disciple Honorable One Sect leader Yin came all the way here,
and you reject him like this This would hurt both sect’s relationship How about this, meet her first If you feel she isn’t suitable, we can still reject her Come one, Senior brother Please Hurry and greet the Three Honorables Greetings Honorable Superior, Honorable One! Greetings Honorable Ru! Honorable Superior, my name is Yuo Ruo! Yuo Ruo? What a smart and intelligent girl Zi Hua, What do you think? I’ve said so before I won’t take any other disciples Bones! Bones! Bones! Dongfang, what did you do? I just knew that you’d take responsibility for everything. So I went to the Pavilion of
Strange Decay and learned this type of magic.
The Dongfang Yu Qing that you trust most, Is actually the Pavilion Master of the Pavilion of Strange Decay, also known as the Lord of Strange Decay. So he’s been lying to you all along and you didn’t know anything. As for stealing the deity devices, it’s possible he was the one who arranged the whole thing too. Bones. Are you okay? It’s me! I’m sorry. I only came after so long Are the scars on your face from
the water of cut sentimental emotions? Who put it on there? You know my identity? Or else, how long were you intending to keep it from me? Lord of Strange Decay How did you find out? Is that important? Actually, I should have guessed it long ago I just trusted you too much Even if I discovered anything wrong, I would go find a reason for it

I would rather wait for you to tell me yourself! Dongfang, you and I barely knew each other Yet you treated me so well Helped me so many times I have no way to repay you I gave you all of my trust and a true heart! But-! I never thought that this was all fake! You’ve been lying to me all along! Bones, listen to me Okay, I’ll listen to you. Tell me, You didn’t purposely get to know me and get close to me It wasn’t for the Great Desolate Energy Force that you helped me gather the ten deity devices! Tell me! You didn’t purposely keep your identity a secret You had an unspeakable reason! You’ve never known that I am Teacher’s fated calamity Tell me, it wasn’t to use me to harm him that you helped me pass Chang Liu’s entrance exam! Say it! Say it! You’re right There really is nothing I can say to explain myself I’ve been lying to you all along I planned in detail for twenty years All that I’ve done, is to get revenge against the Five
Superior Immortals for killing my father Tan Fan. Dong Hua Wu Gou. They all died Bai Zi Hua was poisoned Xia Zi Xun lost her immortality My goal has been attained step by step! I also thought, that I would feel very satisfied, very happy But I was wrong To get revenge, I pushed you to this sort of place! In this life, I made so many plans in detail, but I never thought that I would
harm the one who trusted in me most! You can choose not to trust me, you can hate me! I didn’t come this time to ask you to
forgive me, I just want to bring you back! I don’t want to watch you suffer here anymore! I’m begging you, leave with me Leave? To where? Because I have the Great Desolate Energy Force, that’s why I got exiled here by Teacher! In this big world, where is a place that I can stay? The one I trusted most, used me to go harm the one I loved most! Is this pitiful or just sad? I know I was too stupid All that has happened today, I asked for it all I don’t hate anyone I need to make my own decision Leave I won’t leave the Savage Territories Bones! The Savage Territories sure is noisy lately! Even the Pavilion Master of the Pavilion of Strange Decay has graced us with his presence! There are more than a few criminals here It’s said outside that Chang Liu’s eldest
disciple Zhu Ran is already dead I never thought that you’d been exiled here Indeed, nothing can escape the Lord of Strange Decay I know that just now when Hua Qian Gu was tied up and mocked, it definitely has to do with you But I also saw that her injuries were wrapped up I think you don’t want her to die either Merits and demerits balance.
This time, I won’t take it into account with you But if I find out that you still want to use her and harm her, I have over a million ways to make your life a living hell The Savage Territories was like that anyway The meat of the weak ones become food for the strong ones.
Survival of the fittest But if a person lives, Proximity to the impasse is not scary The scary thing is when one becomes emotionless How much harm Hua Qian Gu suffered outside,

and how much shock she received, you
know that better than I do I’m doing this only to motivate her to continue living You don’t need to change my mind anymore You just want to use the Great Desolate Energy Force in her body to escape from here But you don’t understand her personality In her world, besides her Teacher, no one can make her submit Looks like during the years when I wasn’t there, more than a few things have happened outside Now that we mention it, since the one we both hate is Bai Zi Hua, why don’t we work together? Since you can enter the Savage Territories to save Hua Qian Gu, I know that you definitely know how to go out As long as you take me out of here with you, no matter what it is, I’ll help you Okay You’re agreeing so easily? Why not? To me, everything in this world is just a trade You just want to escape the Savage Territories It will work as long as you do as I say Then Hua Qian Gu I will have my own way to have her leave with me But the way I see things, she seems to still be angry with you She’s not angry She has no strength to be angry anymore She’s just too disappointed in me Senior Brother, has Sect Leader Yin left He left Then…is he not happy? It’s only natural if he’s unhappy He brought his daughter all the way here asking to be a disciple Yet Zi Hua disappeared without barely saying a word If everyone didn’t know that our Zi Hua’s
personality has always been cold, they would think we purposely refused! Senior Brother Let me say a few more words Things can’t be forced in the mortal world, much less something like asking to be someone’s disciple Both parties have to be willing It only works if the disciple wants
to learn and the teacher wants to teach That would be a perfect teacher disciple relationship Junior Brother, stop talking on behalf of Zi Hua As Chang Liu’s sect leader, he has to take a disciple! This is one of his responsibilities! Teacher. Teacher, I have something to report Has something happened to Junior Brother? Is there something wrong with his body? Reporting to Teacher, Honorable Superior is fine It’s just that he told me to prepare for
the accepting disciple ceremony What? Accepting disciple ceremony? Shi Yi, did you hear him clearly? Don’t joke with me! Honorable Ru, it is true! Yuo Ruo is in the Hall of Emotionless right now! This is quite strange! Previously he insisted that he wouldn’t
take a disciple, why did he suddenly agree? I really don’t know what he’s thinking! What he’s thinking isn’t important, the important thing is that he’s willing to take a disciple now! Shi Yi, you must not waste time, hurry and go prepare Yes! Subtitles Brought To You By: The Dancing Fingers-Flowers @ Viki The Savage Territories might be terrifying, but as long as you are here, I feel like this is the best place in the world Bones, if you are not willing to leave, then I am willing to stay here with you If I can be here and grow old together with you, it could be a good thing Why is it until now, you still won’t let me go? Bones, I didn’t come here for anything but to make it up to you, to make up for the wrongs I did before I once thought that revenge was my everything But only when I saw how simple and naive you were, did I understand that I never thought about what I was living for! Bones, in front of you now is only Dongfang Yu Qing, there is no Pavilion Master of Strange Decay! I won’t ask for you to forgive me I just hope you can give me a chance to make up for my wrongs!

I don’t want to listen to you You and I, are strangers from now on I know you won’t care or believe
what I say now, but what about Little Moon? Do you not care about him either? Since you know you have the Great Desolate Energy Force, you should also have guessed
that Little Moon transferred it to you earlier So right now, he’s just a normal person But all the sects have decided, to execute Nan Xuan Yue when the five stars are as bright as the moon You are the only one who can save him Dongfang Yu Qing You’ve tricked me for so many years You still want to trick me now? I won’t believe you again! Bones! I cannot make up for my previous wrongs, but right now, we cannot do anymore wrongs! Bones! I swear to the heavens, if I speak even half a false world, I’ll be struck by lightning! It won’t happen! T-Teacher won’t Teacher promised me that he won’t kill Little Moon! Besides, now Little Moon doesn’t
have the Great Desolate Energy Force! The Immortal world…they have no reason to kill him! Bones, you’ve thought of everything as too simple! They may not all know that Little Moon gave the Great Desolate Energy Force to you, but even if they knew, they’d still kill him! He is the person who had the Great Desolate Energy Force To them, this is the most dangerous person As long as the Seven Murder Faction makes use of him, they can completely change him around! So with his existence, neither Chang Liu or the Seven Murder Faction can live in peace! Chang Liu is always exclusionary Why would they leave behind a possible black hole? Big Sister treats me the best! I will also be good to you! I like you the best, Big Sister! If what Dongfang says is true, Then isn’t Little Moon going to die for me? But Teacher clearly said that he would protect Little Moon But if Chang Liu wants to kill him Dongfang! Take me to leave the Savage Territories! Don’t rush. Since I came here to get you, I definitely have a way to take you out Three days after, there’s a heteromorphism of the sun being blocked by the cloud and mist At that time I will put down a spell and work together with Sha Qian Mo from the inside and outside The enchantment on the Savage
Territories will definitely be opened Big Sister Sha! After he found out that you’d been exiled here, he was so angry he was about to go crazy If it wasn’t for his promise to you, I’m afraid he would have washed Chang Liu in blood long ago Dongfang, Tang Bao, and Qing Shui and the others, are they well? They are all doing very well They’re all worried about you Dongfang There is something that I want to ask you Go ahead In my body, why is there a seal on the Great Desolate Energy Force? I don’t know either I wasn’t in the void cave then Sha Qian Mo probably found out that Little Moon had given the Great Desolate Energy Force to you, and didn’t want your teacher or the others to find out, so he put a seal on your body to protect you Bones, once we get out of here, have saved Little Moon, let’s take Tang Bao and go find a place to seclude ourselves from the world Dongfang I promised you that I would leave the Savage Territories, only for Little Moon From now on, to me, you are just the Pavilion Master
of the Pavilion of Strange Decay Between us, besides trades, there is nothing I have arranged everything as you wanted We’ll just wait for the cloud and mist to block the sun Little Bone definitely cannot know Notify Shan Custodian Law to come quickly to
Door of the Extreme Poor. Must be quick! Greetings, Holy Ruler!

Greetings Holy Ruler! Has everything been prepared? Holy Ruler, everything has been prepared Holy Ruler, the time is about right Isn’t it impossible to use magical
techniques in the Savage Territories? One cannot use magical techniques,
but one can use magical formations This type of magical formation isn’t your
typical method used to fight I am using this method to work together with
Sha Qian Mo from the inside and outisde, in order to open the door to the Savage Territories Zi Hua! This is terrible! The disciples you sent out have come to report that Sha Qian Mo brought everyone from Seven Murder Faction quickly to the Valley It seems like something is happening! Door of the Extreme Poor They are setting someone free from the Savage Territories! We must immediately go to stop them! Holy Ruler! It’s open! Bones, let’s go! What is this? Bones, hurry and go! If we don’t go now it’ll be too late! Bones! Zhu Ran! Didn’t you say that if everyone worked together to open the door we can all go out? So you were tricking us to be sacrifices! Just what is going on? As you can see, there is nothing in the Pavilion of Strange Decay that doesn’t require a price This type of magic is a forbidden technique It requires everyone’s lives to open the passage to get out of here How can you be like this? I was like this to start with Bones, This is the way I really am But for you, I can sacrifice everything! Dongfang, stop What a weak woman! These people were cruel and vicious to start with! -It wouldn’t be enough for them to even die!
-Their lives are lives too! I’m begging you, hurry and stop to save them! If you want to escape from the Savage Territories, then there is no other way! Hua Qian Gu. Do you want to spend your whole life here? I’ve already harmed so many lives! Do you two want me to bear the burden
of so many lives here too? If I cannot go out, then I won’t! Staying here for life is fine! Forget it. The magic hasn’t been finished yet

The passage will collapse soon.
Let’s use half of the power to get out of here If you all are willing to face this danger, then eat this medicine and go out with us! But if you eat this medicine, then you will be under my control! After you go out, turn over a new leaf!
You are not allowed to do evil! Will you still not leave with us this way? What is going on? Why isn’t Little Thing coming out yet? Has something happened with the Lord of Strange Decay? Holy Ruler! Chang Liu and the other sects have already come together, they have already arrived! Block them! -They definitely cannot be allowed to come close!
-Yes! Sha Qian Mo! If Door of the Extreme Poor is opened, it will let people from the Savage
Territories enter the Six Worlds again! This isn’t a joke! Stop it right now! Get lost! Or else don’t blame me for not being courteous! All those people are serious criminals! If they are allowed out of the
Savage Territories and into this world again, this isn’t something you can bear responsibility for! As long as I can save Little Thing from the Savage Territories, even if all the wrongdoings of the world are put onto my head, I don’t care! Junior Brother! Don’t let them escape
from the Savage Territories! Alright, Bai Zi Hua You asked for this! Don’t blame me for not being courteous! Custodian of the Law, you’ve arrived? Kuang Ye Tian! The Seven Murder Faction I protected it for you! Take…take care! Protect the Seven Murder Faction! Kill them all! Shi Yi! Tang Bao, why have you come? I saw all these disciples leave Chang Liu mountain, so I just knew that something happened! So you all came to help Bones? Why did you keep it from me? Tang Bao! Don’t be rash! It’s dangerous! -Don’t block me!
-Tang Bao! Let’s go that way! Let’s go Hua Qian Gu, don’t even think of leaving the Savage Territories! Zi Hua! Quickly seal the Door of the Extreme Poor!

Bones! -Senior Brother.
-Zi Hua! We’ve waited for so long! Now is the perfect time to get rid of the Seven Murder Faction! Sha Qian Mo severly injured,
and Door of the Extreme Poor is already sealed Our goal has been reached Don’t kill in the midst of peace anymore Retreat! Holy Ruler! Holy Ruler! Little Thing! Holy Ruler! Holy Ruler! Holy Ruler! Holy Ruler I used my power, to open another passage Little Thing I’ve finally saved you from there Holy Ruler. Holy Ruler! Holy Ruler [Cannot Say 不可說 (Bu Ke Shuo)] sung by
Wallace Huo Jian Hua 霍建华 and Zanilia Zhao Li Ying 赵丽颖
Subtitles Brought To You By: The Dancing Fingers-Flowers @ VikiWith your hands, you untie my lock.
We fell into a whirlpool of tenderness.
♫ ♫ Through numerous turmoil and wasted time on all the wrong steps, our affections have not changed. ♫ ♫ Bound for life, one idea leads to a disaster. But still we insisted on making the same mistake again and again. ♫ ♫ In one instant,
the vow to stay together for life is shattered to dust.
♫ ♫ Falling in love with you, is falling in love with a mistake. ♫ ♫ Losing you is like losing my soul. ♫ ♫ It’s funny how fate teases us. Whether is it this life or the next, there is nowhere to escape. ♫ ♫ It is not that it cannot be spoken of. ♫ ♫ It is that I don’t dare to say it. ♫ ♫ It’s funny how fate teases us. Whether is it this life or the next, there is nowhere to escape. ♫ ♫ Because I fell in love with you, ♫ ♫ did I become me. ♫ ♫ Sink down together with you. ♫ ♫ Falling in love with you, is falling in love with a mistake. ♫ ♫ Losing you is like losing my soul. ♫ ♫ It’s funny how fate teases us. Whether is it this life or the next, there is nowhere to escape. ♫ ♫ It is not that it cannot be spoken of. ♫ ♫ It is that I cannot say it. ♫ ♫ Holding onto the promise. Don’t blame me for my weakness. The situation does not allow you and me.
Give me up so that you can live.
♫ ♫ Because I fell in love with you, ♫ ♫ did I become me. ♫ ♫ Sink down together with you.