What's In My Travel Makeup Bags (Plane/Carry-On, Purse)

hello welcome to animation TV channel since I’m traveling to Tokyo Japan next month I thought it’d be fun to film and what’s in my makeup travel bag video I’ll be staying for nine days and I’m bringing one two three makeup bags plus my brush set and my foot side Ziploc carry-on bag and I know this is an excessive amount of makeup to bring on a nine-day trip but you know I like to have my options I like changing up my looks I like to complement my makeup with my outfit and so I just you know wanted to make sure I have will go everything I probably should just wear the same look every day but you know it’s just I like makeup and it’s a leg use for my videos so I thought this will be a fun video to show you what I’m bringing and so let’s get started let’s nice makeup that I’m going to start with is this one it’s a simple red and white bag with lips or kiss prints all over it my friend Yuri from Japan gave it to me for my birthday and this is mainly my makeup bag for one way to be point on the plane actually this is the look that I’m going to be wearing off the planes as well and also for you know kind of makes my touch-up bag for when I’m going out that’s nice but I’m going to show you is by Z way I’ve done a lot tutorials using the products and I really love this line because their products are really easy to use the kind of foolproof the looks really natural on first product I have here is their luminizing moisture tint and the color opal and this is the mini size actually it comes in a set of four facility changes grab one so it in your purse and apply it anywhere just using your fingers then I have the DIY palette these are great because you can customize any color that you want from putting in your you know powder foundation your blush bronzer even though lipgloss can be attached well the palette I made for myself is I have their replenish and protect hydrating powder foundation I think this is actually just continued but I really like that is Polynesia I can said that over my in the concealer my foundation then I also have two eye shadows on the top of the end or opposite side and the first color I have here is almond same at kind of medium be-bound color it’s really wait for the crease blending up colors and then other color I have is called butter cream it’s a kind of satin shimmer cream off-white color or the yellow creamy color and this way for highlighting or as an all of the B’s and it lasts public I have is their new cream eyeshadow crayon these are twist up I show crayons and the really creamy and easy to use I think they’re waterproof or these water resists it and I could just use my fingers to blend them out just apply like so and then blend them and even use them as an eyeshadow base I have a few more products that I’m going to be using on their eyes the first one is by a Mickey K it’s the 24/7 glide-on shadow pencil and the color rehab this is a shimmery neutral taupe color I have it on my eyes right now and actually have this for a long time it came in a set of you know other eyeshadow pencil like this and I mama got me I think is some moisture Mac but I haven’t really used it I thought this is really great to bring along because it’s no easy to apply and just blend it with your fingers I’ve been to more urban decay products I have over there 24/7 playing on pencils or eyeliner pencils I have one in zero which is a basic black and I have yeah yo it’s the machinery philosophy white and I have the low walk plot of the line pull eyeliner in black this is the liquid eyeliner we need to apply and it dries and I think it stays waterproof or water-resistant so my last year they have with my shirt or my eyelash color and so mascara I have the benefit they’re real this is a mini size that came on the set it had the full-size mascara and then this is the mini one that is you know great for travel for my brows I’m going to use my Anastasia Beverly Hills brow Wiz in the color medium ash this is a must-have for my eyeball next I have a few products for my skin on my face this one is the mac studio finish concealer in the shade empty 20 this gives medium beautiful coverage even though has a powder foundation lash way I have this sample from Lamar

seriously on orders from my cell they have on mine and this was a sample of their smooth finish foundation powder this is the shade number 4 which matches me pretty well it’s a little bit to that but I’m just kind of testing it out and I really like it it’s in a finding mill and gives nice the medium coverage you can use it wet or dry so I just like I throw it in here just to kind of try it out and you know comes with a sponge which I don’t really use but I just played in my bag I have another lowermost a product that I bought this is their wild bouquet blush it’s a powder blush and it just looks like this it’s a matte in the mutual color it should maybe go with anything I have it on right now I’m gonna have also a little bit of bronzer on my cheeks this is the the balm Bahama Mama and I love using matte bonzers because it gives a natural shadow on the cheekbones get a little depth can use it as a contour even though a lot of the Pollack’s can be used my fingers I still wanted to bring a mini brush set you know especially for my potted products and so this one is by Haku moto my mom spent actually leaves to me I think last year and it’s a holiday set I don’t think it’s available anymore I think is limited edition but it comes with a retractable powder brush you could use this for applying a powder your bombs are blush and then in this little brush roll it has a mix of face I’m the pushers so I have here a blush cheek blush let me show see the full highlighting eyeshadow brush you can use it to apply you know as a base or even in the crease you’re smudging lion eye eyeliner using in the highlight in a corners this but the other cap on it and you use it for again smudging eyeliner using you know eyeshadows right at the lash line the lash brush in the set is this retractable lip brush has a nice flat square shape you can even use it for concealer or just any small detail and yeah I really like this brush it’s really great quality and like small on compact next I’m going to talk about my Trish McEvoy a large planner I’ve had this for many many years and I love this because I can use this for my day to day makeup as well as for traveling and I can fit so much all this larger area right here if you can fit a lot of makeup I have mostly my face products in here well the first part I want to show you is the benefit stay flawless 15-hour primer and I just recently got this and really been loving it I think actually works in keeping your makeup lasting all day my child you know many other primers and they don’t really stick onto the face to really help to prolong the makeup wear but this one if it was almost like a makeup glue or glue for your makeup the foundation just sticks on and doesn’t budge sometimes can get a little cakey those you have to make sure you blend really well but I definitely had to have this for my trip because I and I’m not going to have time to touch up my makeup or even you know start over and you know so going on at night so I had to make sure my makeup is going to last for morning till evening and you know just have maybe minor top shots touch up throughout the day so this time we’re going to really help me with that then I have to face powders the first one is the mac mineralize skinfinish natural in light/medium i use this to set my home nation and then the other power I have is the hourglass ambient lighting powder in the color is real light and this is a kind of matte white color and I like to use this to set my under eye concealer and to also brighten that area then I have a few blush bonzer of highlighting products but the first one I have is the Giorgio Armani cher blush in number 10 and it is Holi I think my favorite blush I would say because it’s a shimmery and a pinky beige color it really close with any look he’s kind of a kind of that I grabbed for when I can’t decide what blush to go with my makeup look and I have the Tom Ford she color in Santa Kade I got this my birthday and actually got a couple of other tongue slip eyes I’ve been loving right now but this blush is a shimmery night she we took peachy pink color again it being a focus of all those blocks and then I have to the bomb blushes these are the insane powder blushes and all insane because they kind of stain your cheeks even though it’s a powder formula it’s very long wearing so again going with that whole long wearing theme this I know

will last all day for me let’s have true colors here first one is Argyle it’s a matte kind of a light bright pink just a nice kind of girly pink color and then I have houndstooth which is a matte and plum all colors great for the fall on the feet for that plumbing Kinki berry lip the last part I have is the low op+ of equip powder in the color Luminos and this is a highlighter and this is probably my one of my favorite highlighters because it’s a kind of mutual clean color so it goes with any blush color that I use and it’s not wholly shimmery kind of nice holy-shit very natural but that’s not like that I just do in my pouch is the UH Nastasia by Potter jewel in the color medium brown and I use this just to fill in my brows and these light taupe and medium dark taupe color looks very natural and it’s my favorite about hotter than in the binder remains of the planner have these two products right here first it’s this small pouch and here I have a few eyeliners and my eyeshadow base just my eyeshadow base it’s the glow of behind the scenes eye primer this is a mini travel size that came with the eyeshadow palette that I’ve used in the tutorial then I have sweet liquid eyeliners the first two over by mass it’s liquid liner um one color is called cocoa bar it’s a dark brown and the other one is power plum which is a dark purple and I think he’s actually just continuing and I don’t even use them that much anymore but they’ve always been in my pouch so I thought I’ll just take it with me and the other eyeliner that I always use is the Milani infinite liquid eyeliner in the color powder laughs it’s just a basic black but I really love these particular eyeliners because those only ones that really stay on well for me they don’t flake smudge fee or anything that and they’re kind of difficult to use because once they’re on your skin on your eyes they stay on you we need a oil base I make a remover to take it off so my eye makeup I’m generally keeping it wearable using neutral colors I’m not bringing anything that is super bright and colorful I have all these eye shadows that are my map that fit into this trish mcevoy panic and I mean on these pages because you can customize any time that you want as long as it’s magnetized on the back of the pan I’m not going to go through all the colors because I feel take too long but I have everything I possibly need for a wobble they tumble up to something more dramatic like a smokey eye on the right side of my planner I have my eye brushes I know there’s a lot of them but actually to use them in notation especially when my bushes are dirty I’ll have a backup of something that similar that I can use and so in this first slot right here I have brushes for applying eyeshadow on the lid with a base in the second slot have my crease brushes and for blending and then these smaller brushes here are my eyeliner brushes so to be the apply eyeliner if you smudge it out for a smoky effect with laughs popular here I have for applying concealer and also for my brows for my bow powder and also put a few eyeliner pencils that I like to use you know some basics like a black a nude white behind the bushes I store in my mascara and I’m going through three right now but the one that I use play most often is the covergirl LashBlast before power in very black and I really love this because it holds my lashes curls really well all day I don’t run 24 hours a day but it does last all day for me without smudging the slinky the best area in my planner is this side right here where I’m storing my eyeshadow palettes I probably don’t need to be hearing what I shadows but with a couple that I really wanted to bring the first one is the Tom for orchid haze palette I got for my birthday and I really love these colors because they’re kind of the neutrals but they have this kind of plumbing mauls pinky tone and you can create anything from a natural daytime look to something smokey maduk at night the other one I have is by the bomb it’s the Shady Lady Vol 1 and I have actually all three of the shady baby palates but one it’s my favorite because it has three neutral grounds these three full of colorful shades and then these

more muted natural colors you know I wanted to bring something a little bit more color since my Mac I chose are mostly brown tones the next time I’m going to go through is my lips bag which is appropriate considering the design of the bag which has lips all over it with zebra print but this bag is by Flo and I got it during a sale online during the summer and so I have there’s a bunch of different lip products in here the first type product I have is the YSL Abbasi stage and number you love it and just probably my favorite of the two glossy things that I have this is a bright kind of pinky red color I was going to be my red of color for the trip and I love these because I’m a few later like two of sweet coats on this it’s you know really opaque and glossy and I last all day then I have three giorgio armani loose janmani lipsticks either probably my favorite lipstick formulas because they’re really moisturizing and hydrating but they’re pigmented as well they have amazing the glossy Sheen so sweet colors that I have are number 103 it’s a light and a pinky new color it’s what I’m wearing right now then I have number 502 which is a light/medium la vie pink color she’s grateful fall and just kind of a your lips but better the color and the last color I have is 603 it’s a medium deep picky plum color again grateful fall and one of my probably favorites of the amani lipstick that I have Mac is the one brand that I have the most lipstick from because they’re affordable and easy to get and so these three here are that formulas which I didn’t realize but I do like them at for me mother’s because they’re long running and have really nice colors and so the first one I have is when we hit it’s a peachy nude peachy well you knew and I have party parrot which means limited to Shinda it’s a bright kind of warm pink a little bit of a quality pink it’s a nice bike club it’s also still wearable then the last color I have is strong women and it’s a medium dark purple and I love purple lips I think it’s a really fun and adventurous color something different than wearing red and I guess is its fall this is a perfect color for the season I have two more Mac lip products these are the pro along with the clasp and these have become like one of my favorite go-to lip products because they’re really pigmented and they’re super long wearing even when you’re eating drinking they still have a little bit of color on them I’m a little bit sticky but I think that’s what helps keep them long wearing so the two colors I have is patience please which is a nice nude color great for a smoky eye and then infinity lickable which is a light pink great for that kind of perfect like gooey pink color the last thing I have is the new nobody care Evolutionary lipstick the color have is an arcade and I got this fun light for my birthday and it’s a bright fuchsia pink it’s a beautiful color it’s super bright and pigmented is a really great formula I love using lip pencils with my lipsticks and lip glosses because it helped you find my lips and help them keep them lasting all day so I have five pencils with me that all by math the first one is dervish it’s a kind of neutral pink then I have beads which is a pinky red or reddish pink but I have cherry which is a pink red so it was great for my wire sell quasi-state just a pinky where the last two are the pole along with the pencils these are because the kingdom waterproof so they last much longer than a regular pencil and liberty still great creamy and pigmented and so the foot I have is staunchly stylish it’s a kind of neutral pinky BG bound peachy brown color its way from a neutral lip colors with something soft forward for you know subtle definition and then I have fashion boost which is a public pink or a pinky purple it’s great for my future lipsticks or my purple lipstick the last makeup bag where to show is my carry-on ziplock quart size bag that’s for the plane if you travel you know that you can only bring liquid and gel products that are three ounces or less and I can fit in to one of these Ziploc bags I have a few skincare products that I’m going to use on the plane after watching Lisa Eldridge video on what she brings on the plane I got inspired to bring

some skincare products to keep my the face well hydrated flop the flame and can I get myself as myself a little spa treatment we also have a few makeup I like that I can’t play my other makeup bags because go make wigs and I call me I put my other products that have it you know playing here I wear to be doing a little mask during my flight just to cut how many back and you know make my skin really hydrated so the first like I have is the origins drink up intensive overnight mask to Queen skin thirst this is a deluxe sized sample I love origins because they always have these great deals a specials going on and can get really nice sized samples so it’s great for traveling then I also have this raspberry stem this collagen eye patch it’s by the faceshop I think the eye mask so it’s going to help you know hydrate my underwear and to keep me well rested then I had my mini mac fix+ this is again for hydration you can spray this on your face you in your body so whenever you need it for that extra boost of you know hydration and what to even make your makeup look little more dewy and refreshed and it’s just a really nice size to travel with next I have the Josie Maran Argan infinity cream the contents of creamy Coyle this product is multi-purpose for anything on your face and body you and your hair it has 100% pure argan oil with blend of essential fatty acids and vitamin E and as no petroleum it’s just a really kind of a rich oil creamy oil it’s exactly what it you know says it has a oily base but it’s much thicker and it’s not sticky or greasy also especially since it’s the winter time and in Japan is gonna be pretty cold so I definitely wanted something to keep my face as my body will hydrate skincare samples are great to take with you in traveling I have two moisturizers that are from the balm when I ordered online they just in a few in some samples to try and so I have the apricot skin renewal cream it’s experience with apricot and white tea extracts and it’s good for no more the combination skin you can use it for day or night and then the other moisturizer I have is the grapefruit antioxidant de face cream it’s been spewing with great food and like tea extracts and students for all skin types so these are just some days you know moisturizers to have on hand the next few products are more makeup products so the first point is those you a lip enhancer conditioning the treatment this is a hydrating and of lip balm it helps plump up your lips and keep them hydrated I do love the texture of it a formula I say Hydra and also have a nice sheer kind of glossy pink Club and I have this new pilot that I bought recently from la Mercier it’s a salt cream foundation and the color cream ivory for my foundation I want to make sure that it’s going to last all day and this one I’ve been testing out for a long time I had samples I finally bought the full-size and I liked it because it had medium to full coverage so and I won’t have to spend too much time with concealer because nobody covers you no blemishes pretty well or redness things like that you know too creamy but it’s not too you know heavy greasy feeling it’s great on combination skin which I’m kind of having right now and then to continue on with the the long wearing makeup I have my Urban Decay all nighter makeup setting spray I’m sure the kind of mini size I also the full size that I keep at home and I can we fill this one with I think actually doesn’t work because when I go easy I know is my makeup does it look the same and look as fresh as I did in the morning so away to is after I finish my makeup I shake first and I just spray 45 times across the face the last product that is in my zip lock bag is the house eyelashes eyelash adhesive this is a new brand that I discovered via Instagram actually which is kind of funny but I share my pictures of you know people love girls wearing false eyelashes from this brand and I also have the eyelashes as well but I first want to talk about the glue because this has become my favorite eyelash glue you know tie so many from children were to do all in a love drugstore brand but this one I find that it really holds well on my eyes it really holds the eyelashes really well it doesn’t irritate I think it’s latex free and

waterproof which is nice and I really don’t have to worry about my eyelashes coming off recently so my other eyelash glue that I’ve been wearing it just it comes off really easily and I didn’t know why but I thought you know why not give this glue a try and this is really my favorite so I definitely recommend this of course I couldn’t try the eyelash glue without trying their false eyelashes so doing a couple of sales that they had going on I just bought a bunch of them to try so I have three different blushes here the first one is a stock of noir fairy black and bombshell lashes together and it’s really nice dramatic below that is two pairings of the pixie luck pixie luxe lashes and black and a little bit more little bit more oh thank you I guess this case that is holding lashings also by pulse of lashes it’s a really cute compact with a black bow on it you can hold up to three pairings of eyelashes and this is a actually a little eyelash glue from an eye layer of box lashes that I just put in here just in case but I actually I’m wearing now is the idea to apply which is also a favorite of mine so I’m putting it right here so these are my lashes that I’m bringing doing my client I’m going to remove my makeup so I can get myself a mini spa mask treatment and solo2 with my makeup I’m going to bring my mask face light these are the hundred sheets that actually just keep it home but they also have a forty five sheet set and then the thirty sheet set which is great for traveling and so I like these wipes because they’re not drawing they’re actually quite moisturizing and hydrating and they still remove makeup especially I make up pretty well and I’m even if you’re not wearing makeup these are nice to have to just keep your skin fresh and feel refreshed and they’re just really convenient to use on trip the last beauty product I’m going to show on my makeup brushes that I’m bringing so these are by Real Techniques and put it back free from a blush set that you can buy but I’m just bringing the brushes that I even either all over the face and still the first Bush I have is the multitask brush and I use it for blush powder sometimes bonzer the expert face brush which is the newest button I bought recently and I love it for a foundation it has a lot of the dense texture so you can buff it really well palm to our brush which is exactly that I use it for contouring and for bronzer I also have the setting brush which is smart enough and great for highlighting on the cheekbones but also setting your under-eye concealer and you know using small areas on the face I come on your nose mouth and chin and lastly I have the deluxe crease brush which I like to use so can see them under my eyes on blemishes or anything like that and of course you can use it for your you know I chose in the crease I think that’s all the beauty products that I’m going to bring on my trip I didn’t talk about skincare because I’m actually not really sure what I’m bringing but it’s probably just gonna be my usual skincare regimen and some samples that I can just you know take with me but I really want just you know case on the fun beautycon I think the makeup and I know it’s a lot of products but I actually am going to use them fall and you know my mom and sister can use them as well I know they probably don’t even mean to bingo and makeup because I have enough for everybody but it’s just you know fun to show what I’m going to bring on my trip and yeah just let me know what your favorite products are when you’re traveling but if you have any additional tips that you like to share in the comments below thank you so much for watching and by