Walking Luton, England – Town Centre, Bury Park & Wardown Park

Hello Walkers, welcome to Luton, where we’ve just alighted at Luton Station – with a journey time of 35 minutes into Central London Luton actually has three train stations, Luton Station, here in the town centre, Leagrave Station, in the north of Luton, and Luton Airport Parkway, which provides a shuttle bus to London Luton Airport, though a light rail link is currently under construction to replace the shuttle bus, and should open in 2021 Station Road Today we’ll be taking a walk through three areas of Luton, firstly here in the town centre, then onto Bury Park, and ending in the beautiful Wardown Park We’re lucky to have lovely sunny weather today, with a temperature of 18ºC / 64ºF, on this Friday early afternoon in September 2019 Luton is a large town in the English county of Bedfordshire, with a population of roughly 214,000, and one of the most populous towns without city status in the UK Hat Factory Arts Centre Bute Street Guildford Street Luton was for many years famous for hat-making, and also had a large Vauxhall Motors factory, car production at the plant began in 1905, and continued until the plant’s closure in 2002

Now Luton is know for its airport, which opened in 1938, and is now one of Britain’s major airports, EasyJet started up at Luton Airport, and have their headquarters there Bridge Street The Galaxy Centre St George’s Square Luton Library Theatre The Mall Luton Flamingos Mural – in tribute to a flamingo themed sculpture/water-feature that stood here prior to The Mall’s renovation

Luton Town FC Merchandise Shop The Mall – Market St Mary’s Church – built in the 12th century

Church Street Park Street

University of Bedfordshire, which used to be just Luton University, but merged with other campuses Rotary Centenary Clock of Luton (2005) George Street Red Lion Luton – Hotel & Bar Luton Crown Court Former ABC Cinema Luton Town Hall

Town Hall Square Borough Of Luton War Memorial Upper George Street Christchurch House

Dunstable Road (A505) Royal Mail – Luton Delivery Office Junction with Liverpool Street View towards Hatters Way (towards Dunstable, a market town 5 miles away)

Bury Park Former Odeon Luton (1938-1983) Luton has seen several waves of immigration, in the early part of the 20th century, there was internal migration of Irish and Scottish people to the town, these were followed by Afro-Caribbean and Asian immigrants, more recently immigrants from other European Union Countries have made Luton their home, with many from Eastern Europe View towards Kenilworth Road, leading to Luton Town Football Club,

the Club is nicknamed “the Hatters”, due to Luton’s hat-making past, with the stadium on Kenilworth Road being their home since 1905, a new stadium has been approved and will move them closer to the town centre and train station Nadeem Plaza Luton Central Mosque

Junction with Westbourne Road Birch Link Leagrave Road Bury Park Road Waldeck Road

Junction with Biscot Road Cromwell Road New Bedford Road (A6)

River Lee (running parallel to road) Wardown Park

Boating Lake, Suspension Bridge & Boat House Wardown House – Museum and Gallery

Well that’s it for today’s walk

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