TRANS-SIBERIAN RAILWAY Survival Guide | Russia Travel 🇷🇺 | Thai-Canadian REACTION!!

brilliant i’m max from canada from thailand welcome to our channel today we are reacting to the town siberian railway for the first time it’s gonna be a survival guide we always want them to go there oh sin i was young we have never reacted to anything like that we have never seen the train i don’t even know what it looked like yeah we have a streamlab link in the description and for a small donation we can do one of your suggestions yes okay let’s get started it’s by a vlogger called garrett leonard i will put the link the link in the description i put the subtitle in russia for you guys we are at the final final stretch of our adventure here the trans-siberian railroad from saint petersburg all the way to florence we’re on ooland uday right now about to board the three-day expedition from ula nure to vladivostok the final leg and i think it’s now time to tell you how to survive this is the survival guide of the trans-siberian railroad not in first class second and third class that’s all we’ve been trying oh he’s not first class 25 second and third class in different time zones eight different cities wow 21 different regions a countless amount of places that we’ve seen experienced and filled out why i want to go just discovered so this is the trans-siberian railroad survival gun let’s get on the train how to survive it look like we’re gonna be killed by zombie or something wow this is the hardest part oh boy let’s get this up this tree oh god this is the most difficult aspect how much is it second third class oh right at the beginning that’s where everybody comes in they put their bags in the middle they put their bags on each other’s beds put our bags off the top we put our bags out of the way trying to make room for other people to get on the train it’s like getting on the airplane but 10 times worse because you’re not just putting your stuff in an overhead compartment you’re bringing all of your loads as you’re doing it all right so the first thing you have to remember getting on and off the train is the hardest thing you’re going to have to do oh yeah the ability to get on late at night organize all your things right you need to get out stash your stuff and make sure everything is organized can be pretty frustrating and overwhelming at times and especially if you’re in the second class which there’s a cabin of four people now we’re traveling with four people so sometimes we’ve booked our tickets all together and sometimes we are apart now when you’re apart and you’re in a cabin all by yourself you have to come in and try to organize and put your stuff away without interfering with other people and often it can be difficult because people are already sleeping just remember people are coming on and off the train all the time for example it’s about 4 30 in the morning and we have the next stop we’re just waiting in the hallway to not interrupt more people cut our bags out so for this what i would recommend is you get a small backpack or small bag and you’ll take everything you need for the night that you put in that bag that’s pajamas that’s toiletries that’s music if you need it that’s chargers you put them in one bag and you stash everything else that makes your life very easy and you keep that bag on your bed or somewhere very close all right that’s number one let’s keep going wow all right and the second thing to be aware of is that is the conductor and the conductor is like the manager of this section of the train and every car has a manager conductor and she’s the one who takes care of everything for you she gives you your sheets for your bed and they come in a little package like this as well as a towel and she comes with tea she comes with any sweets that you need there’s actually a little stand right here where you can buy different drinks and treats there’s free hot water all the time and she goes around and she is your go-to person for things that you need on the train and i suggest making your bed before it gets dark have it all set up so you don’t have to worry about doing it when people are sleeping here in the third class it’s pretty open so you have nothing to worry about wow seriously it’s not too bad for third class yeah you have a bed in third class you’re sitting on the floor not like this right it’s it’s small right but i mean you have a bed in your class that i’ve never seen that and it’s clean yeah it looks like it’s quite good actually regards to your bed everyone has a set bed number right now we are in bed two three four and six reuben over there is in six so

if we try to switch with someone you can do so if they’re going to the same destination as you but if they’re getting off earlier or later it’s going to be tough because people are coming and going on and off the train all the time so you can’t really switch bets every even number is up and every odd number one three five seven nine are down so keep that in mind when you’re booking your trip in regards to top versus bottoms even versus odds and this is strictly talking about the beds no top first bottom analogies i don’t care what your preference is outside the train but on the train there are preferences and mike for example is a bottom obviously you think so now i like the bottom because look i can actually sit i post the coffins up top yeah i’m like a high perch guy i like the top bunk but when it comes to like gear charging just space i want this desk man yes yarrow for example is a top obviously look at that face yeah why do you like that uh if you would like uh not to be disturbed easy and shy usually being on the top i have a lot of problems because there are very narrow place but yeah i feel better all right so the benefit of the bottom is you have more space from head to toe right here but the downside is there’s people that sit on your beds there’s only people with feet on your beds but you also have access to this prime location which is key when you’re trying to get some stuff done or reading or want to look out the window now the top is better because you’re tucked away nobody bothers you you’re away from everybody else but the downside is it’s a very tight fit also in third classes usually the plug-ins are down below so that’s another advantage for being down but in second class the top and bottom usually has plugs take your pick most people bring their own stuff but you can also come to the restaurant and order teas you can order order breakfast lunch and dinner right here also you can come and grab some drinks whatever you do don’t try to bring your own water or food into the dining car having a bit of a conversation right now with the main hostess or a chef i don’t know but i brought him a half a water bottle and now it’s uh problems every now and then a waitress or someone from the restaurant will come around to your cabin and ask if you need anything they’ll also bring around little treats or sweets and you can buy those as well ice cream third class this life is good we’re two hours into an 80-hour adventure having ice cream 80-hour things are good jesus stay tuned but for the most part most people bring their own food or drink second you can come down to the restaurant or come order and have them deliver it right to your cabin or third you can also order meals or food when you’re booking your ticket we actually haven’t done that at all but it is an option so in the 90s it was common in my childhood and we were traveling by train all the people were eating that stuff so it was a special smell of car it looked like ramen yeah yeah okay kind of noodles uh with some salt with some spices uh so it is really common for eating in train all right here’s dinner tonight we got some good old-fashioned russian ramen noodles we use the hot water from the old soviet tank how is it boys that means good so there’s no restaurant in this car but we may do this is what happens this is a true uh train experience oh my god on board wow nice all right next up are the bathrooms and this is it you actually have a toilet here sometimes you get some air freshener it looks like an airport uh airplane toilet sometimes you’ll get paper towels sometimes toilet paper so make sure you bring your own paper supplies usually they can get the window open in the evening times these are very busy with people coming in and going to sleep measures only one or two toilets per car so you gotta make sure you time yourself right you come in you brush your teeth go to the bathroom get all your pajamas on anything you need and then go back to your cabin it’s not too bad usually there’s only one or two people waiting so you can get in but it’s best to time it right so you don’t have to wait a long time to use the bathroom all right and not all of trains have this but some cars on some trains have a shower and this is the shower setup

oh okay big shower right here nice area big full length mirror some space to hang up your toes an ironing board ah looks like some outlets down here and so what you do is you talk to your conductor and you book a time slot and it’s about two or three us dollars to take a shower so you’re given a time frame and you get about 20 minutes to shower you need to order in advance between different people showering so we just scheduled four showers 20 minute intervals over the next hour and a half so i’m gonna jump in take a shower but this isn’t an all train so i would recommend that you shower in your hotel or wherever you’re staying last before you get on the train just to make sure well yeah yeah i know some people don’t shower before they get on and it’s very evident all right now what people would [Applause] that was actually really nice good water pressure temperatures both hot and cold very refreshing just make sure you bring your own towel and make sure you bring your own body wash shampoo conditioner it’s a little bit bumpy in there it’s also a little bit loud when the other trains are going by a very nice shower all right now let’s talk about how to pass the time on a long train ride from st petersburg to vladivostok netflix reuben mike and yaro came prepared with downloaded music movies and tv shows and to be honest i did not come prepared i have just been pretty much sitting and staring out the windows thinking about life because i didn’t bring anything that might be done with as far as entertainment goes you take lots of naps also a great way to meet people people will come into your cabin especially as travelers and in the second class people are there and around and third class you’re literally amongst everybody as it is so it’s a great time to meet people nice but you’re gonna need some down time as well and for this make sure you bring supplies movies books audio books music whatever it may be bring some entertainment because again cell phone service is very limited across the train and there is no wi-fi whatsoever the only time you get data or service is when you make stops so keep that in mind also if you want to get work done offline the train can be a great place to do it because you got nothing but time and nowhere you need to be the question is finding the space in order to be productive now one option is there’s a small table in your cluster and as long as the person across from you is cool and they’re not taking up too much space and they’re accommodating you can pop open your laptop or do some work right on that table the other option is coming down to the restaurant now this will all depend on the staff in the restaurant sometimes they’re very friendly and accommodating they’ll let you come in and sit as long as you’re quiet or you order something and sometimes they’re not as friendly so you have to be aware of that and often in the clusters there’s a plug underneath the table whereas in the restaurant plugs can be hard to come by sometimes you can get lucky and there’ll be one up there but the restaurant is a good spot to get work done if not your cluster if you get lucky all right let’s keep moving like everyone he’s always say like he’s not 100 all right bonus tip the journeys are going to be long but there’s going to be stops along the way so you’re going to want some fresh air for that just jump off how far make sure you’re coming how long i mean the stuff they’re already on there make some eye contact there’s often people selling things there’s food there’s drinks people come out here to smoke or make phone calls often the times you’ll get the best cell reception so enjoy it for a few minutes catch some sun some fresh air a few minutes get back on the train oh reuben there’s oh man we’re out here this is another stop late at night and i got all the salesmen out there yeah yeah it looks like in thailand but it will do some time inside the train yeah yeah go inside not necessarily outside you will go up he will go with their stick or even the bus yeah actually if you are first class or

second class sleeping clutter i don’t think they allow you to go but like a third place with like seat things yeah you can go inside the train to sell your stuff during the stop yeah but now yeah you have some potato meat patties you got some dumplings and we got some two kinds of meat pies meat pie score here’s our haul we got potato hot dog and sauerkraut and these bun we got raspberries we got uh dessert we got a meat patty and we got hot dog sauerkraut potato all in what tastes like what donut donut and we got some tea coming in nice reuben’s already full wow oh boy good luck oh he’s trying to go to his bed oh my god we gotta be quiet three things for bedtime you’re gonna need an eye mask because people get hunted off the train at all hours so you have to wear an eye mask especially in third class second thing earbuds you need ear plugs for sure that’s very important and the third thing is an extra bellow i mean like i don’t want to sleep deep i don’t know that they have the lock locking like do they lock the door or something no right i’m not sure yeah people are like if i put some phone around me right especially if i like go with you and the other one we don’t know them something like that oh yeah i know yeah i’m really paranoid about that so i’m not gonna put any ear because i’m scared i’m not going to hear anything but the face the mess i mess whatever i i like to put it too yeah i know yeah get there and some water that’s it oh all right see in the morning good morning from the train it’s just after 7 am and we’re about to pull into vladivostok it has been 25 days it’s been over 9 000 kilometers seven different time zones eight cities 21 regions and a lifetime of memories this has truly been one of the most incredible travel experiences of my life playing that game of tetris organizing all your things to make this train ride possible without losing your mind so let me give you a step by step oh my friends oh sorry i gotta be quiet that’s uh rule number one always be quiet third class is like like one big russian family hostel on wheels it’s ruined these are it’s like an army barracks if they allowed women and children very interesting place oh god let’s see what we got what is this oh sorry you gotta lock it there we go good you have good morning but in my case because last night i was sleeping in a cabin with a group of birds they was all the time who did that people were sitting with him oh my god it was really hard for him i think the only thing that like it’s like okay it’s gonna be hard it’s there’s not a lot of space yeah yeah but i never bring a lot of stuff though when i go to a place like that suji bring more than me i don’t bring a lot

i don’t need a lot so just my laptop thank you for watching everyone thank you for the amazing suggestion and see you very soon bye bye bye