Remote GHOST TOWN in AUSTRALIAN OUTBACK | Scary Haunted Night

the old Police station and the cells all I can smell is the stench of death one of the most dangerous and haunted places in the world middle of Australia so eerily quiet out here is that noise over yeah there’s someone there look there’s a little bone down here but what’s behind you nothing turn around crypt keeper’s thank you for tuning in to Amy’s Crypt I’m currently somewhere in the middle of the Aussie out back and I’m gonna take you to one of the most remote ghost towns on the planet of course we are staying around until night time to do some paranormal investigating too so stay tuned guys look we made a new friend judge I’m Kate and now we have a Mimi’s guys have you guys ever seen a true eat me before let me know in the comments alright guys we just rocked up to the ghost town it is called Farina and it looks really cool there’s ruins around there’s not too much left of them because the conditions out here are seriously harsh the only thing left here is a little underground bakery so it’s actually a tourist stop along the Outback highway that cuts through the middle of Australia and flies already guys we’re going to head into that and maybe grab something nice to eat before we get to exploring you just want to make note sorry about the wind sorry about all the flies if we are getting pummeled but this is the Aussie okay guys I’ve just come into one of the ruined buildings here this is actually a guards cabin because there’s a railway line just out here which I’ll show you guys in a little bit but I do just want to explain the town of Farina and what drew me to the middle of the outback to come and see this place so 1878 this place was founded by farmers and they actually fought the the land here was quite fertile because they’ve been a lot of rain turns out it wasn’t so this place ended up being a ghost town after farming wasn’t successful there was a couple of mines silver and copper here that bought a few more people here but the town basically peaked it like 300 people in the late 1800s obviously people kind of left after living conditions got way more harsh this is one of the most dangerous and hard to live places in the world middle of Australia very dry very hard to grow anything so that’s why those places ended up as a ghost town it was quite a bit of death here which has led to a nearby cemetery which I will take you guys to probably be focusing in an investigation there in a part two video so make sure you subscribe for that one but what’s interesting is there was people coming along the old Dan one a lot of Afghan camel trains operated here before everything was connected by the rail they you know that’s how they transported stuff across the desert was these Carroll trains so there’s like a little Islamic kind of corner in that cemetery which we’ll check out this place is completely abandoned sorry about all the flies is variety some corks on my hat completely abandoned not a lot here I have heard whispers that this place might be haunted and although there’s no substantiate or really juicy ghost stories here we thought this was a really cool place to come and investigate because no other paranormal investigators have really come out here to check out this place its history come here at night and try to communicate with any spirits that might be here whether there’s still residual energy I’m not sure so it’s going to be an interesting one but let me just walk you through this little guards cabin boy go anywhere check out my shoes this super rent dust here everywhere this is one of the ruins a lot of volunteers are doing great work been working very hard to save this place so they’re working on restoring it and it’s just really awesome this is shame to see things like these come on rod like you didn’t need a copy of name into that wall did you this one here has a chimney and fireplace so we are in the desert and it is getting on like it’s almost winter so it’s kind of cool but it’s hot at the same time in this time but at night it gets super common to say I just look out

the window how much nothing there is here well there’s a dummy otherwise there’s nothing check this out you can’t be that old I can oh wait that’s not VB is it it’s actually full of dust she dead bird that was not that was not my smartest idea what book does a little bind downy see that okay I can on the camera oh right yeah I can yeah this that’s behind if Jarrod seriously has like 50 million flies on him looks like look at the seats as though there’s just nothing left of this car this brings ya guys we’re just heading into the arena PlayStation now okay so this place is crazy I didn’t want to film it because as its kind of graphic but there’s three dead kangaroos just outside of the police station and a dead EMU over here but I’ve walked in and there’s a dead root just decayed right in front of me he’s a lot less less graphic but it’s still pretty sad smells really bad in here I don’t know there’s something weird about this place there’s so many dead animals in and around it it’s almost like death is attracted to this one building Oh the supplies there every 150 um but maybe the Flies wasn’t that flies in the M&E viewers oh this is a cool booting night another fireplace totally missing roof look and I’m scared I’m just gonna find skeletons everywhere to be honest oh this room smells nicer yeah this one is not so bad I actually think the cells we look at in a minute are they just don’t hear about they locked by this water tank let’s go find them right so we just left a backup police station now looks like the cells are over here so I’m gonna take you there looks like a friggin old refrigerator rotting out here this place is like worse than the hills have eyes so there’s really not much left of the cells but this and the police station I think might be interesting places to investigate tonight so I think we’ll be back here in the dark so this place is pretty amazing guys we’re standing in an old house right now and there’s a lot of these buildings just scattered about we are going to come back at night to do some more investigating so stay tuned if you guys haven’t done so already maybe subscribe because I’m gonna have a part two but we head over and investigate at the cemetery which you guys haven’t seen yet so stay tuned for that that’ll be out really soon but I think tonight’s gonna get really creepy out here in the dark and hopefully we can suss out and see if there’s any paranormal activity going on here all right guys we’ve made it back to the ghost town of Farina this time at night and it’s really spooky really dark like completely pitch black dark out here on the out back completely silent really still freezing cold so I think it’s gonna be really cool to head out investigate our first stop which we’ve just pulled up to is the old police station and the cells which I figure if there are any spirits hanging around this seems like a pretty neat place to start so let’s head out and see what’s in there okay snakes I said one bath but I reckon he’s gone all I can smell is the stench

of death does stink in here yeah there’s the dead Roo just in the hallway yeah let’s go it’s just down there I know it’s really sad I think I’m gonna just stop with a spirit box and I don’t know you just reach out and see if there’s any maybe fulmen policeman policeman here or criminals the cells are out the back so we might go for a wander out there as well that I don’t know I’m just see how we go all right guys we’re gonna go night vision for this one I’m standing in one of the rooms of the police station here at Farina ghost town in South Australia middle of the Aussie Outback of course gonna try spirit box and reach out and see forgetting words phrases responses anything for you hi my name is Amy is there anyone here in this play station still that wants to talk to me maybe you’re a criminal maybe you’re a police officer honey come over and say hello you tell me your name please what brought you here to Farina what was it like to live in Farina what was this brain that I’m standing in was it useful how many spirits are here can you tell me like so much interference this I’m gonna try a different frequency surprise we getting any voices for as well because we’re in the middle of the Aussie outback and I’ll now drive here for like eight hours nothing no radio no music no nothing did you hear it weed there’s an animal sound like a bug but let’s just try this a little longer hi I’m Amy is there anyone in the frame of this building that wants to speak if there is and here come close to me use this device in my hands to talk don’t be shy please can you say something about Farina to anybody was it hard to live out here laws were broken thank you guys I’m gonna give that one a rest I think that we should go out the back and around to the cells where prisoners were actually held it’s us that area out see if we get anything weird out there wait is that a stick that’s a piece of wood only there were bones bone see earlier but there’s

no one we bone down that’s I’m going to continue my spare box out here I’m standing one of the old cells here so I mean maybe there’s still people prisoner here I don’t know let’s reach out to him hi my name is Amy what what’s behind you nothing turn around nothing behind me like a photo something out there okay take that hat off okay hat free spirit box coming at you hi my name is any prisoners in here comfort and identify yourself why are you locked up here did you do something bad here in farina why were you arrested how long did you spend in this cell all right so we’re really getting much through there so I think we’re gonna go try and find a different area of this place and investigate a couple of other buildings that’s a really creepy and super cold here like even colder than has been in other buildings I don’t know why it is freezing out though so maybe it’s just starting to get to me more I don’t know there’s quite a few other buildings here so I think we’re going to check another one out got it what is that noise over here so someone there you make that noise again it’s tin tapping so I need to like trying to bunk that yeah yeah but does not comment it’s coming from like this is this water tank tin can you tap on this water tank again Jade go stick your head in that hole let’s go to roof let’s run around this side too you just just see well there’s ten games to just you on the ground probably a piece of that did you not hear that when you’re in that I mean that’s weird alright guys we’re just going into another shooting I actually believe this one is the post office yet there’s a bathtub and bathroom in the back that we explored earlier today so I don’t know if people who lived in the post office or I don’t know you know what it was like back in those days you know any more than me leave me a comment let me know hello is there anyone in here if there’s anyone around that wants to communicate or let me know that you’re here can you come close and say something come make a noise maybe tap on what are these stone walls my name is Amy and this is Jared could you please let us know your name these pieces of wood wedged in here

didn’t they say that the headstone Masons restoring coming in and making sure that they didn’t lose any more structure of the walls here they’re doing a lot of work to actually restore fariña which is awesome and the volunteers are so nice too I like whizzing past the highway which is off in the distance that way it just sounds really creepy at night so here’s the bathtub check out the view why you haven’t above us yeah Peck cover sealant cover assuming this was think this was a toilet I’m kissing I used in toilet or hand wash basin something can you make a noise I’ll make a tapping noise there’s no one in here that wants to talk alright guys this next building is a very interesting one because it’s functioned as a hotel a nursing Hospital and a boarding house so we then go in reach out and see if we get anything in there it is one of the bigger buildings here and then better Nick so it’s kind of interesting to walk around and there’s quite a few rooms right guys I’m actually gonna start running a ghost tube session hi guys I just hit record on a ghost obsession we’re gonna take our wonder through this this is one of the bigger buildings here at farina magnetic reader just went up right here I don’t know is there anyone here can you say something say hello or tell us your name you come close to this device that I’m holding in my hands come towards the light try to say something loud maybe you’re able to select a word if you come close we should be able to sense it on this device like it’s gone up higher but I wouldn’t say it’s spiking when we here at this building did you work at the hotel the hospital and so eerily quiet out yeah can you make a noise for us is there anyone still here anyone say that on the can you come close and say anything to us we’re friendly people this is my

first time at Farina did you used to live here do you like Farina or do you want to get out of here we born here maybe there’s a magnet and that will about I think it just spiked when I went for you is there someone here can you come close to me can you say something if you’re around can you share your name with me please if you like the sound bars are going up when there’s no sound as well it’s really weird unless it’s getting the wind blowing past the speaker or something okay the magnets just dropped it all the way down again like it’s only going up in this hallway we’re gonna be quiet now if you come close intosh your name maybe we’ll hear it I feel like we’ve got a few spikes on the magnetic radar then nothing crazy or like so abnormal mercy in this hallway but I don’t seem to be getting anything else so you might leave this one here so we just spotted every out here look at him oh isn’t that cute he’s just having a scratch yeah we’ve been really scared of them driving around here because we do not want to hit one but look how beautiful years okay guys so I think that we’re done with investigating the ghost town we are about to head over to the cemetery now if you guys want to see that you’re gonna have to watch my part two video so make sure to subscribe that one will be coming out very very soon but if you did enjoy this video please make sure that you share like comment subscribe so I can keep taking you to these creepy places if you want to do more reading on them head to if you guys want to do a bit more behind-the-scenes stuff I have a Patreon you can also follow me @amyscrypt on Facebook Twitter and Instagram a lovely crypt keeper’s until next time