OCEAN, BRONZE, FLIGHT & BLOOM ARMOR! – Terraria Mod: ThoriumMod+ #24 | Quest: Get "all" the Armors

hello and welcome 2014 video we’re here with thorium terraria Thorin much plus get all the ardmore Scout damn it ah the goddamn adjust by the way not in the tile really check it out it’s not an Italian could you know you could just you know look under this video we’re gonna make now the ocean are more the bronze our mother flight online the blue mom I think one two three four there we go right just had to recount it re counter it can’t count it because I have it I have to list on my left side of my second three all right well this is what kinda extra be pretty easy the ocean arm is not gonna be nothing to go because we actually you know did it last episode I mean we didn’t do it but we just didn’t prepare for it ocean are more set bonus allows her to breathe underwater three for three it’s actually pretty cool that’s extra critical eyes not of course the best one actually me there we go extra fight it oh yeah better UCF the tempest staff now um I think I fight it against fish runs seven times like really seven times and I still don’t have to wait I still don’t have them so I don’t know what as you do guys I really do not know do I need to see bars for anything else not that you know that we need it later on i’m gonna sell them now I don’t think we need is there actually coral battle x range them so you with one you can make 50 and throw him interesting coral pickaxe 43 pickax power I don’t know I can’t really compare it right now you know how strong this really is 11 range damage course peer summoning yet this launch is like fish that salmon starfish protectors the protectors are so useless really i absolutely hate them in this month but yeah by the way if you have not seen the special ending after the outros of my last video usually you should check it out alright well we did that ack i partially want to just add to you know put it away can we do it yeah we can actually put them your asses now we’re gonna make it like this there we go ocean are more all right we did this we’re awesome i think is gonna be a bit more difficult can we do that again I think it has something to do with 10 bar brawls ingen I wasn’t pretty good um ein iron and lead Oh dad might actually take some time if we don’t have so much of that hello can I make it can I can I can I can I cannot do that right now I have a feeling we need this special um how can I make this distance now we probably need the special arcane fabricator whatever it’s called where is that there we go arcane are more fabricator which is gold and Thorin good thing extra got a lot of gold lately I’m just digging a little bit and yeah all right there we go arcade fabricator where are you there we go can we put in I put ink and nope oh wow you are pretty big yeah you’re pretty big all right now we can make it all right gotcha um yeah actually let’s make everything oh my god we need a lot actually for that pretty pretty dang old this sport that’s actually pretty cool you know oh it’s called Spartan ardmore is it really a blossom I think it’s the bronze arm I can you know we look at look it up but I think it’s a problem you know it’s probably called like it like the arm there was one armor what is it called I don’t know what no it’s a flash our window / armor is actually the abomination arm you know it’s the same he just called it this way it’s probably easier you know to say you know flash arm instead of abomination we can that that’s all we can do that’s now we can do right now we need we need so much more we can actually have this here we can also have this year how much do it how much would I need how much would I need to make the rest there’s not so much oh wow you can’t even make another pickaxe of that ok um we need 20 and we need 15 20 plus 15 we nearly have 15 so we just need 20 um I think we needed what one bar and what was it again so we need I don’t know how many okay so yak to me okay so oh you make out of true you make to ok interesting okay you don’t make fun of it Thamud um what it’s okay to it alright well we actually have to form a little bit for that right now can we the reason we have to do it in this world I don’t think you can combine it with the other one well this looks like a good place I think I dick yeah I think I dick down here just because I can um I think

it looks at looked looks extra like a good place let’s go down also yes the wonderful background it’s raining which means i have no sound which is pretty weird for me but you guys should have sound I most likely then forgot it reason because I would both i would definitely reupload the video if i forget about that because that would be so boring for you guys you know not to have any background noise it’s really pouring without really hits it’s crazy how boring it is um alright hi are doing man and I gotta go see you did it at the doom what is this this is lee there this is led actually exactly what we need right by the way but i also realized because I almost extra farming a little bit poor lad lad looks it’s crazy similar to UM coal crazy similar like stew that is I think this is Cole this is also coal and I think this is lad do you see that like it’s crazy yeah this is less and this is Cole Emma right yeah it is a smooth call holy moly did you just started if I can’t see the difference this is Cole I think this is uh the the what is it called the lodestone whatever it’s called cold guys do you know what is cold so cold guy hihi doin man I can’t help you uh Danny I know I have to go no I do not know where you have to go away Oh can’t see anything here oh my god it’s so difficult oh my god hey reactor found this year how you do it’s always come to factors it’s no ball KEH not really what we’re doing it but I like this I like the danger sense i’m gonna eat this gonna eat it and i’ll eat it with the whole glass not drinking them eating it that’s tungsten all of you I thought I think we need hunks later but not right now so not really what I need we have some thorium Thorne is always good thorium is always good yeah lead what the that is like extremely rare I don’t know this is late am i right yeah this is yeah this was glad all right tungsten holy moly that’s what I mean it’s actually pretty difficult to get all the stuff we need this is a cultural I think we have shut up I think we have another accountable you know getting more what I’ll not it’s got enough lodestone to now actually partially saw him coming like it but in the background you know you can see him pick purple all right now look leave me alone where’s Nicole cool thanks I don’t need smooth go turtle go away don’t hit me this was ten or not really what we need hi go away I’m not buying anything this was I think this was led thought it was you give it us there we go Oh what you can’t have it anymore come on there we go throw the bombs ye this is awesome this is also left I think we have enough left right now it’s pretty difficult to get everything armed boss hospitals kind of did I put it away I’m an idiot wow wow why am I doing this guy’s why am I putting this away oh wow we have like no tanks than any more oh I’m stupid idiot we need it for the ocean on member right yeah yeah yeah I remember oh god question it’s so much no can you can you actually make it like this and here we go sort some things out right now by the way thank you oh god I completely forgot to say this I wanted to say this right at the beginning I’m so sorry and thank you very much for everyone who watched the first episode and maybe even now second and maybe in the third whatever it came out right now in the past I mean in the last days for watching the first episode of my new serious new let’s play a bit dungeon to thank you very much for checking it out and really appreciate it it’s a really fun game it’s a really long game it’s difficult and it actually me over today because you know I recorded episode right now I mostly record it I mostly record the videos like I always like to put them out you know so just to just a little reminder but if you have any I not ideas questions off I don’t know how to make videos or stuff like

this ask me on my flock videos because there I can really answer it in the next video you know in my next vlog and I can directly talk to you you know because um not not talking about it i mean like riding it in the comments a bit difficult to you know do something you know but when I can really like talk talk it out you know then it’s easier for me I think also easier for you all right can we do this no I still then picked it up because I mean I’m not down no I’m not tumble oh I’m so a thorn there we go hello hello hotel is it there we go there we go not Avila I just assembled so much i really like to speak farms to speak farms a helped a lot it’s crazy once again what did we need it i think we need one more now we can make the spartan yeah and now i think we need one more I don’t know we actually need 15 am i right yeah there we go now again now we finished it all right i did this awesome i think it’s the problem i assume you know because you need to browsing it all right well browse armor is done perfect flight are more what are we going to do with the flight over the flight hours i think are going to be a little bit difficult because we need the wings from above the Rings are from above nope nothing I can do here this is gonna be a bit difficult I think I have some here am i right yeah I have 12 so we can actually check it out what do I needed was a value I i know i need that armor that arcane arm or fabricated goddamn that name lots of light wings so yeah yeah yeah you can actually make them right at the beginning connected to them with you early on you know just Arkin you just need the arcane are more fabricators it’s pretty cool feta beam feta fo feta spear interesting so you all just area you have also feta arrows pretty easy to make I mean they’re not really easy to make you know right now it’s totally easy to fly up there you know and get the feathers but at the beginning you’re like my god the most difficult thing to get to a floating island and to stay there and don’t die you know because they do you like 30 temperature at the beginning alright so are we oh there are pretty easy to make they’re really easy to make okay so we just need would more than feather um that’s stupid easy that’s stupid how much do we need so we can make everything together 10 25 and 30 s reaction 830 fetters for that I can probably sell the processing it will probably don’t need them anymore you see I still don’t have any light anymore it’s crazy you need light for everything I also have to say I fighting some you know some bosses so sorry oh if you see this perfect timing flying through that yeah hi bro what’s up man uh gonna pick that oh god I have to pick it up or I’m gonna hate myself you know because it’s floating somewhere where is it there we go mine hey you drop some stuff awesome we probably even get the probably even get the giant Part B federer this is the giant heart before either now it’s called all right Kevin can I get you a floating island they would they would be awesome okay there’s a floating island you let’s go up there oh god it’s difficult without the awesome wings oh yeah by the way I think did I set is that I just put this away it just annoyed me you know this annoyed me here it is also really easy to get them right now we just have to stay here and defeat some of you so i think i’m gonna time-lapse this alrighty all right I got everything now we actually got way too much it took extra pretty long time right now I just did nothing and just watch some lines no means uhuh I took way too long to get the mother I’ve no grew why didn’t spawn and also a minute idiot for not

using you know the the water cans I mean I have to with me and i barely use them I don’t know why I didn’t use them there I haven’t looked through oh we actually also need some wood um this is possible with this no don’t need normal would are you kidding me i need normal would not pearl would cool flight like may mail wat maelea and flight mask what does that do actually just ring time increased reduces fall it just reduces 40 higher jump height reduces fall damage + 10 + movement detector pretty cool that’s extra pretty quorum or still nearly impossible to make you know because there are better ones you can do in the meantime but hey if you want to that’s extra pickle that is that was now the flight I’m another blue more but the bloom arm is I think a bit more difficult because in a jungle Spore from what i know and jungle spores like disgusting to get because it’s jungle sport oh yeah completely forgot to check to make the new thing you know the new hook not much blue there we go bloom bulb would grass seed and jungle spores grass seeds poo ah yeah that will take some time wait a second um where where she dared up there with there she is how you do it baby hey there ingress it’s perfect can I sell you anything but I don’t need right now I’m inventory there we go three perfect all right oh I can I just make me make them right now from my inventory that’s pretty cool it’s pretty cool everything you can make from in from your inventories pretty cool you know that is a that is one thing i would love to have in Terraria you know where you can make just the potions from your inventory so you don’t need a bodily close to you something you can make with the nan of rap bandaging starbound you know just upgrading yourself or your equipment you have on yourself it’s so cool it was um 15 5 and 10 so 15 5 and then is 20s it’s again 30 oh yeah oh my god they’re also life blue ones okay how much do I need five seven and three which means 15 which means 50 and a third we need 45 we need 45 bloom so we are also getting prepared for later where the petal launches a set of pedals why do I want this why I mean it’s do I want this I don’t think I want this or maybe I want this again oh my god maybe that is a really cool weapon against the wall of flesh if it’s similar to you know like the the you know they were a shoot the bolts that would be damn good against it’s like a upgraded water bolt but right now that’s actually pretty cool I didn’t do this well you know new things new things guys so we need 45 of of them I need some grass seeds but we can make them we can make them that’s a true something we can make right now at this moment that’s pretty cool all right there we go boom shop how many how much do we need we need probably 42 right now there we go and make them all all right but we need just 30 right now at this moment ok Bob chest plate bulb hood and about leggings what does that do it gives me set bonus 25 HP and ever ever growing pretty cool um how much how does this look like but I should probably show you guys how this looks like as well ok that’s this is doing any anything special nope no special effect on the web me down the arm itself oh well so looks ok look looks ok alright so we have this and we can blooming blade on damaging phone skin extra stats that’s actually pretty cool that’s really cool chug of breath really damn useless really really really damn useless but it’s good all right well this was actually the last episode last episode what the last are more for today I’m so sorry and yeah that was dead we also i got some shadow scale because I defeated the eater of worlds I know it was a very difficult fight against the eater of worlds ok was very difficult right now at this moment with this arm and that equipment you know it just dies when I do this nearly there hold one you know nearly yeah I just need probably

three of do’s and the whole it off will just destroys and it just goes through him like time just destroys him anyways ah thank you very much for watching I was you next time where we do actually meters rhythm where we what what do we do next episode guys what do with you help me what would you guys I don’t know what do we do any reward hmm no heavy things um we’re gonna make more almost yeah more almost sounds good we have danger on with the talk steel armor the magma or my double Xenia normal next episode and oh cool it says in two episodes we need to geo da more haha we have it already all right thank you very much for watching I will see a clamp hope you’ll review