IV. Badlands & Toad Hall | BAQNC Town Hall

coming on next from the toad hall and from badlands we’ve got italy and adderally i hope i’m saying that right adderley yay oh adley take your uh take off your mute love also just to um about the donations there should be a venmo posted right there at baqnc if you want to donate that’s where you go ahead and do it you so the venmo’s there please and please please please this work is so important we are we are definitely trying to compensate our our uh people who have come on to speak um and we are using that money to go forward for some harm reduction uh people in the background our wonderful asl interpreters thank you all yay um so every every little dollar counts and helps a cause because we are trying to create a inclusive and accepting world and community here in san francisco bay area nightlife as well as the oakland berkeley area we’ve got outerly here and i believe there was someone else joining elderly there you are okay um you are not i can’t hear your love you’re it doesn’t say your mutes on but i can’t hear anything you’re saying maybe you need to turn your volume up are you plugged in with uh do you have hearing he’s fixing it technical difficulties mike on the computer i know that’s weird right yeah hmm timeout we’ll timeout for you he’ll fix it i’ll go back to adderally real fast adderley are you here yeah hi okay so what which bar do you manage out of those two so we pretty much co-manage between both okay so the two of you come co-manage between the two bars and david’s getting that thing um i hear something on in the background there yeah biggest thing is i knew there was going to be a lot of personal attacks from proxy and militia militia militia microphone is very honest uh it was i have a lot of work to do um um i’m not sure who’s talking uh that’s michael shaw um michael you might want to turn your um i’m sorry now so bounty um gentlemen gentlemen from the edge you might want to play around here you want to mute yourself yeah it sounds like they’re still in the zoom everyone knows um florida can you do you get them out of the zoom and you can disconnect them please so they can have their private conversation wow wow okay on hi y’all i’m just gonna say wow okay david and elderly you guys are you both are here utterly so you guys co you guys po managed uh badlands and toad hall yes um so before we even so i know you guys know that we’re here having a courageous conversation talking about uh some maybe some of the past uh um injustices that may have been done to people of color we’re going to go through the data first melissa’s going to take you through the data and then uh they have a series of questions for you and then we are going to do some follow-up questions but before we even start all of those questions we saw some news today so we need to we need to go right to that news first breaking news yeah so before we even get into the data yes what is going on at badlands um as you might have seen in the post um you know badlands will be closed um and will not be reopening um and there will be a new owner for that space okay you know is it is the is the owner owning the the badlands space or is the owner owning the entire building how is that working um i do not know the details of it i just know that you know badlands will not exist anymore by name

and that space will not be uh badlands okay okay all right all right here’s the thing we’re still going to do the data with you malicious still going to ask all the questions we’ll still do some of the restorative justice questions that we might may or may not have actually right now we don’t have anybody for your face to face so we’re going to do we will be taking questions from the audience so let’s go great all right so i’m going to start with the report yeah here we go let’s dive in so i’m just going to sort of bounce back and forth between the two of them since y’all are both here yeah all right so inclusivity rating for badlands of the 327 respondents 48 responded and gave badlands a score of inclusive or very inclusive and 174 gave badlands a score of very exclusive or exclusive and that gave y’all an average score of 1.4 out of 4. um and for their safety in badlands um 312 respondents uh of the 312 respondents 44 gave badlands a score of safe or very safe while 162 gave badlands a score of unsafe or very unsafe giving you an average score again of 1.4 on that um and so your over all ranking of 27 from best being ones to 27 being lowest is 27. um moving on to toad hall same thing inclusivity rating um your average score came out on that one to 1.6 and on safety it came out to 1.8 um so your overall ranking on that one in terms of exclusivity was 25 out of 27 and 26 out of 27 on safety rating all right so i’m going to hop into the general information that we got from the written responses um same for every bar um if it applies applies scenario um the survey showed that many participants felt most nightlife spaces prioritized and centered cis gay white men over the other groups of people also these surveys showed that women fems black and indigenous folks and trans non-binary folks did not feel safe or included in most nightlife spaces and that the participants especially um the aforementioned felt that the lack of representation and staffing and managed felt a lack of representation on staffing management and stage marketing um toad hall was mentioned in a case specifically in discrimination against fem folk and an incident of racial discrimination was mentioned twice um moving on the survey also showed that many nightlife spaces struggled to manage a culture of touching without consent um instances of sexual harassment assault and inappropriate touching and roping came up over 30 times badlands was mentioned five times as being in the written responses that’s being unsafe um it was mentioned that there was sexual assault or sexual harassment five times and two of those involving straight men and it was also mentioned um also mentioned where accounts of exclusion of women racial discrimination stolen phones was popular and poorly trained security um and for toad hall um it was noted as depending on the bar backs and new employees to act as security without proper training um and the participant noted that this puts staff directly in harm’s way um and then lastly in terms of the sober community they feel that there is a lack of sober programming or non-alcoholic um drinks or menus and that leads them to feel either unsafe or excluded um so with all that information i’m gonna go into the questions for y’all just to get to know y’all bars a little bit better from your mouth to our ears so number one does your bar um currently have any black centered regular events no we don’t um actually we don’t have any regular social events like that to begin with got you is that both bars uh yes okay so there’s no black programming no lesbian programming trans poc none of it it’s just a type moment yeah all right uh let’s move on to number two then are there any black people in positions of management at either bar um not necessarily black

no people of color yes myself you all right so we do have a person of color no black people um any member of the management that identifies as female not that is known okay write that down as a no um any uh trans uh members of management um again not that is known again that’s gonna be a no moving on to question three then um is there in terms of the inclusion of sober patrons is there any mocktail type menus to encourage them to come out and feel welcomed uh we do not have a menu in place however we always make an effort to work with the customers um you know to provide um a beverage for them or that service if requested okay and then um does your bar offer um narcan training to its employees or is that we do not offer that or have that got you would that be something that do you know that would be possible to look into for your body that’s absolutely yeah yeah not just for the business but for everyone you know um and then on the topic of consent and assault and all that good not good stuff um does your bar have a strict consent anti-harassment anti-sexual assault policy because this came up multiple times is it posted and enforced well it is not posted we do have you know and um you know harassment policies in our employee handbook which if circumstances come to it unfortunate circumstances we do you know investigate and we’ll enforce you know um the uh the employee uh handbook policies that that we have got you so that brings me actually to another question because it did um mention that the staff is required to do the security function is what is your security setup so we do you know to the best of my knowledge we do you know hire people you know for security and we make sure that they are trained for their position that we hired them for um so so when you say you know specific you know about you know having people not being trained for their position i you know i i would really need you know more details specifically on when that happened or where it happened um but to the best of my knowledge we’ve always um tried to make sure that everybody knew what their roles were and that they were properly trained for them okay hold on for one second sweetheart so you were saying you’re not you need more okay it’s a yes or no question it’s like either they were trained or they were not trained and what is the training like is it one day two days five days do i shadow do i not shadow is there a handbook is there a that’s that’s the question so we need we we need a more succinct so that’s why i’m gonna make sure you know what’s going on there okay okay thank you for clarifying that thank you absolutely to reiterate this statement was that they noted um that the bar depended on this is specifically towards toad hall depended on black or not not black on bar backs and new employees to act as security without proper training putting these staff in harm’s way i believe there was also something related to that in terms of bad lines and it goes yeah just that it’s the same thing that staff is relied on as security versus an actual security so when you say i’m confused on your answer on that well what i mean by that is we we do you know make to the best of our ability to make sure that they are you know trained for whatever their position they are scheduled for um so if it comes to it that you know we have to you know rearrange our resources for that certain night you know that means that we would hypothetically you know pull somebody else from a certain position and you know place them you know support like you said you know

as security or door person um and obviously we did we do i should say you know make sure that they know the procedures um for that position and when you say hypothetically you mean that it has happened that your staff has been pulled from their scheduled spot to work as a security individual when i say hypothetically i i mean you know things happened and we cannot control the actions or what happened in our employees life personal life so yes we we’ve of course you know there’s been in you know scenarios or situations where we had to you know re focus our resources on what’s important and the safety are of our customers are is very important okay so let me jump in real quick here so i understand that things happen business happens we have business every day and we have and we have six call we have sick calls and we have people so the question is and i guess the answer is no because it sounds like everybody in the bar is not trained on proper procedure to do a proper job at the security position to fill in because if everybody is trained if you’re using if you’re cross utilizing people then that means you have to cross train them correct yes correct okay so that means that everybody is not cross-trained okay moving on um africa do you have any questions um i do have a few i do have a few i think some came up in the chat and i’m gonna go to the chat right now uh so one one of the things in the chat that people ask can we get a promise to hire uh buy poc and femmes not just in bartending jobs but in management as well and and can we can we get a chance to diversify diversify what we’re talking about here i i believe that you said you have a person of color you in in a in a management position but um we don’t have we have nothing else we have no we have no one else so can you guys commit to can you guys commit to having um more more more representation when the bar reopens not just not just at the at not just you elderly and we’re at we’re specifically looking to see uh visible visible and visible representation in the bar godzilla that’s at bartending that’s at gogo if you guys decide to have gogos in toad hall i don’t know i don’t think you guys do have go goes into it all uh that’s and also do you will you have uh women and or femme presents in the bars as well in those in those positions can you guys can you guys commit to something like that the reason that that we are here is for that purpose we want to learn we want to take you know guidance from you from this new coalition that you guys have put together and we want to move forward you know not just to uh better the bar but actually better the community and and you know this our presence here is already starting that process so you know of course we want to do everything we can you know to bring back um inclusiveness to the community nice um there were no other ques there were no other questions africa yes go please africa um the person who signed the pledge the inclusivity and safety pledge was that les natali that was him yes right and that’s for both bars however we have this moment now where the bar is switching hands in some way um so for me personally that’s a little bit odd um i know you said to the best of your knowledge you’re not really sure how that’s working can we get a commitment from the management to sign the inclusivity and the safety pledge for which bar specifically both well since you know since the post about you know uh badlands closing um you know we really have no say until the new owner comes in um and utilizes that space for whatever you know thing they choose to do it so i cannot say or speak on their behalf

i’m not on their behalf i’m saying that you as a manager can not commit to holding conducting your position with safety and inclusivity in mind that’s what i said oh no i thought you said uh about the other bar and batman’s and toad sorry i got that just me then yes of course of course i do so and does that david you’re quiet over there good gentlemen i believe we’re done with you for the evening we don’t have any more comments uh good luck with good luck with toad hall um are you are you guys going to be doing anything are you guys going are you guys going to be doing anything uh with adding um adding adding adding to the the businesses like food and opening up like the other bars are you thinking about doing that is that something that’s gonna happen for you um we’re at the moment we’re we are not really sure um about those kind of things right now all righty yeah so we’ll see you guys postcode then with with a whole new attitude yeah like tattoo like labelle all right thank you gentlemen all right thank you for having us