Null Positiv – On tour with Null Positiv – Europe 2018

You can get it all the way in, right? Love the new Hairstyle! We are now in … Amsterdam? I love this Bass I like it very much I like it very much feelings feelings I said feelings The bus is already rolling to the next venue, and hey, rock’n’roll …cablefire! We just got a new bus!

Well, yesterday we had a litte birthday bash… Tom is going to explain to us what drop-off means Got up at 13:00, as usual (getting up early) Woke up in a beautiful country Today we are in the beautiful country of Portugal and yesterday I had the chance of singing a song with Therion for the very first time it was super fun and I heard that we want to repeat this today We almost forgot our bassist today, he was sleeping in the bus and refused to come out but we all already were outside this job eats you alive

Hungry band, but we don’t need to suffer… Now, lets have something to eat, And you wanted a “Bratwurst”, in Barcelona, typical local food… Exactly, I’m going to eat local and order mashed potatoes, sauerkraut … and duck That doesn’t really match right? Doesn’t matter, the main thing is that its local We just had a really rough awakening, it’s 6am and we are on another Ferry, today towards Helsinki Well friends, first, to the bank, then, directly aside, to the bar Micha, do you agree? I very much agree Tonight we play in Lisbon, we just arrived, on the waterfront for the first time

Magnificent right? The Europe tour draws to a close, today we are in Tilburg, it’s the last gig today and we really want to enjoy it for the last time