CALIFORNIA ROAD TRIP on $10 Per day – IS IT POSSIBLE? // Hasta Alaska // S04E04

Last time on Hasta Alaska We turned our kombi adventure wagon into an off grid, mobile editing studio So that we could grow our youtube channel by working full time of the grid in North America This time we’re taking you exploring on the central coast of California, and we’re going to see if it’s actually possible to road trip the USA and still stick to our supertight budget (whispers) Let’s go exploring Intro Funk Let’d start this episode with a question How long could $10 USD last you For some people it could last days But we had a guess that their are some of you who could easily spend 10 dollars before you’d even finished breakfast Since embarking on this roadtrip a staggering three years earlier in south america We’ve been inching our way north on a budget of around $10 USD a day and believe us that is easier said than done In latin america free places to park are available in abundance and because their aren’t too many people living the van life down there, it isn’t difficult to find surfside campspots (Leah) However in the US, regulations are much tighter And this is particularly true in California (Ben) ha-dddddrrrrrrr SO unintelligible This beach here is basically a county beach uh-and which is different from a state beach, not that we have a pass for that Ten bucks is about what I spend on food and everything during the day (Ben) So expensive to come to the beach for a couple of hours, you know (toll booth guy) I know.. yea I, I agree with you there (Ben) Do you mind it just do a spin and go out? (toll booth guy) For sure (Ben) Thankyou Very much.. Ten bucks to come to the beach ?! It just seems to be another bracket of beaches; that we have to pay to get a pass to get to And we don’t even want to get to this beach, fuck this beaches ten dollar charge and the three dollar charge for Alaska My god, um. We want to go to a beach further down here but we would need to park down there to walk along the beach to get to it So…. Apparently you used to be able to park up on the cliff up here A few years ago but now they’ve put in these signs saying you can’t park up here because they want you to park down there and pay a tenna It just seems a little unfair Sleeping at the beach for free in California was definitely out of the question But apparently it’s usually possible to sleep in a Walmart carpark for free 🙁 But really, how much fun can you have in a Walmart carpark? Unintelligible street Spanish you might say playing with a dog if you spoke Spanish (Alaska) Playful Barks X5 We’ve been following the pacific coast north for the past one thousand days The ocean was our home and where we wanted to be What we really needed was the advice of a local. A local the understood what we were looking for But what were the chanced of meeting a local who could possibly relate to us? It just so happened that fellow Pan-American adventurer. Adam from Our Open Road was in town An opportunity to meet a like minded explorer was not one we’d be passing up in a hurry Adam drove wth Vee Dub opposite direction from me South from the US all the way to South America. And he’s been on the road since two thousand and twelve But unlike me he didn’t stat the trip alone (Adam) I have a wife. And we have two daughters now, but when we left we had just one daughter (Ben) So there’s four of you now? living in the van (Adam) Yeah there’s four of us. Emily and two young girls living in the van It’s home Home is on the road Another really great positive about this is the amount of time you can spend with your kid And expose them to….. you know, real life You know, real life. you know first You know You know real life experiences rather than.. you know, learning about stuff in a classroom. or whatever Just being able to be free, like really be free and you know just being on the road fulltime There’s nothing like it, it’s the best life. you know? It’s like a dream, it’s like, it really is my dream come true I think if i was really rich making dick shitloads of money

I’d probably do the same thing, you know. I’d probably be doing the exact same thing i’m doing now “dangerous levels of stoke, and head nodding in agreement” We were really lucky to be able to meet with Adam, he’d usually be thousands of miles to the south But the family was taking a short break from the Vanlife So we were able to explore Adams local surf scene in LA and catch a wave together (Adam) So there’s a cool loop I feel like you could do Up the coast there’s amazing things along this way which I’ll point out in a minute (Leah) Adam showed us that free camp spots in California do exist, and he filled us with exitment for what was to come (Leah) LA had been fun, but a little crowded for our taste (Ben) If it was less people we wanted, then North was the direction we had to travel and North was fine by us *Banjo Playing The longer we spent in the US the better we became at finding free places to spend the night But what about food? How could we manage to eat. And still stick to our budget of 10 dollars per person per day? “Alaska clears her throat” (Leah) We’ll.. We do our best to avoid eating out (Ben) Typically we try to prepare most of our meals in the kombi. And usually the more people we have with us the better we can eat So when the crew is small, we just have to make do Can of beans. 50 cents This can of chilli. 79 cents Some rice, practically free. Costs more to feed Alaska Living the dream guys We also try to supplement our diet with food that we can find or forage along the way this also has the benefit of providing entertainment as well as a meal We might have lost the path Trying to blaze a trail down this cliff Kind of a bit of an avalanche happening, landslide style Go a different way. Come on Leah let’s go I told leah these things we’re looking for are absolutely delicious They’re not Lunch in japan they eat shit like this Hey look…. I found a muscle keeper keeper check it out King catch. That’s like lunch for two How do you feel about eating snails for lunch? “uncertain facial expressions” At least Alaska will eat them if we dont Why would we not though if they’re delicious right? (Leah) Do you cook them? (Ben) No you eat them raw, just put them in your mouth. *spits out immediately Dip it in soya sauce, you’ve got yourself a snail kebab Pretty good… Your turn (Leah) Unintelligible… guts (Ben) Yeah that’s the. The bum bum (Leah) do you eat that bit? (Ben) Don’t you feel great when you eat what you find?

(Alaska) Uncertain in dog (Ben)That’s actually got me a bit worried, if she doesn’t eat it. Alaska Please (Leah) With our bellies Full..ish our Our focus turned to and absolute gem of a Californian Adventure Adam explains map/routeplan he made for us followed by obligatory highfive (Leah) The 76 miles of highway one that runs through Big Sur is one of the most beautiful drives on the planet Not only is Big Sur a stunning landscape. It also happens to be one of the most remote areas in Cali It makes for the ideal place to wake up Now this is deffinatley better than a Walmart Carpark (Ben) We heard the Big Sur coastline is littered with Jade, so we headed out to see if we could find some of the illusive greenstone I didn’t think she could actually do it but, She found some before I had even caught upto her Straight away on the beach That easy to find Jade here About the best I could do. Leah has well and truly licked my ass That’s awesome it’s that easy to find jade, I’ve got a whole handful Mostly rocks I think We suspect most of this is not actually Jade, but hey we still had a lot of fun on the beach California Dreaming was turning out not to be that expensive after all We were having a ball meeting like minded folk and creating our own free entertainment Exploring in our Kombi was as fun as it’s ever been but in these remote lands not all adventures are accessible by vehicle To say all our worldly possessions are in this tiny Kombi you’d be astonished how long it takes us to locate And pack our belongings for an adventure Awesome hiking sticks: check Insanely exited dog: check Lets go hammocking (Leah) We’d heard about a hike with a special reward at the end. We’re not going to tell you where it is but the locals call it Big Sur’s worst kept secret (Ben) what just happend? (Leah) A snake just ran over my foot, or slid over my foot I thought that’s what these things are for, to scare off snake, yeh? (Ben) That’s why I’m walking in front, so you have to deal with all the stuff I scare out of the bush (Ben) You Okay? (Leah) Yeah (Leah) Are snakes dangerous here? (Ben) All snakes are dangerous. You should know that, you’re Australian (Leah) Yeah in Australia they are, not America (Ben) but here they’re probably packing heat Shotgun soundbyte Back in the Kombi we keep an ample supply of water and babywipes to keep clean But by far our favourite and most frequent method of bathing is in nature *Ben’s convinced he must attack his reflection in the water success (Ben) What the Eff is that?

My second row of toes are sprouting As you can see Big Sur is not only blessed with and impressive coastline it’s also home to the majestic coastal redwoods Sore necks are guaranteed but man is it worth it Mornin’ It got so cold lastnight we jumped in for a spoon train, hammock style Keep warm in the Big Sur wilderness style camping experience Even Alaska Joined in *old man groans ” it was real chilli Don’t know how we’re going to survive in Alaska Starting to realize we might be a little underprepared for this hike We didn’t bring any wet weather gear, Because it’s California and it doesn’t rain right? And, um, it’s raining So we’re hiding in our hammocks again We’re surviving off mouldy bread, peanut butter. And some pasta we cooked two days ago which is running out very quickly And we’re like ten miles away from the car A piece of bread left each Leah, not a good situation, low on supplies, low on energy, freezing cold And far from home Luckily there were some beautiful natural hot springs to warm us up just a few miles away Hopefully we’ve timed this juuust right For sure there are some days that cost us way more than ten dollars and there are some days that cost us nothing at all But by now you should have a some idea on how we managed to travel for ten bucks per person per day We’ve shown you how we eat We’ve shown you how we sleep But what we haven’t shown you is how we pay for gasoline Regular viewers of this Hasta Alaska series will know that our project is to provide accomodation and adventures to people we meet along the road Or in the forest, as the case is sometimes We do this to push ourselves outside of our comfort zone But also as a way of funding the trip Don’t get me wrong, we never charge people and accommodation is always offered for free But each member of the crew contributes equally to the cost of food and gasoline So for example if we have 6 people int he Kombi each bringing ten dollars Our temporary travel family has 60 dollars for that day And that can get you a long way For sure you can have a much more comfortable Californian road trip with a higher budget But hopefully this video shows you a cheap Californian road trip is possible We’ve managed to a similar budget and crossed half of the planet But living on a breadline while traveling is extremely challenging Our ten buck budget we’ve shown in this episode covers the travellers three core expenses Transport, food, and accomodation Paying for new engines, caring for sick puppies and running a youtube channel are all some additional expenses not included in our lifestyle budget We never know who we’ll meet next, or how long they’re stay. When you live in a Kombi together you become friends very quickly And as I always say the hardest part of travel is saying goodbye This was Leah’s second time in Kombi Life and it was getting harder to say goodbye But don’t worry guys we have a feeling we’ll be seeing her again But for now we’re pursuing adventures in opposite directions Next time on Hasta Alaska, we host some V.I.P’s in the Kombi

For the first time in my many years on the road my family is coming to visit me And we have a jamin packed itinerary of Californian Adventure Everyone’s exited about this one, apart from Cupito(The bus) Outro funk*