Road Trip with my Crush ! | Minecraft Cursed

– Reece! Reece, wait up, dude Why are you running off ahead? (Tycer groans) – [Reece] Hello – Are you sure I should come in? – [Reece] You’ve been in here before, what do you mean? – No, no, no, I know, I know, but last time I was here I got in trouble – [Reece] Oh, well I don’t care – Hi, hey, mom! – Oh no Hi, Mrs. Seaborne I was invited here by Reece – [Reece] Yeah, I invited him (Tycer burps) – [Penelope] You guys are finally back, it took you forever – I’m so sorry I didn’t mean to burp in your face Hey, Penelope – [Penelope] Did you guys go somewhere after support group? I’ve been waiting for you guys to come back – [Reece] No, it just took forever this one – Yeah, there was lots of new people and they were very aggressive Me and Reece were just saying how they need to calm down – [Penelope] Right Anyways, why don’t we sit down and talk about what’s actually important – Sure, hon bun – Okay – Cutie pie – [Penelope] Yeah, so I did some research while you guys were gone, and I actually found a way for us to get the first component already Oh, it’s so exciting! So it’s gonna be the infusion crystal that’s first A few towns over there’s an infusion crystal mine and you can actually go there and pay to go on a tour where they’ll let you mine your own infusion crystal So we can pick the one out we want – Right – [Reece] That sounds fun You guys are gonna have a great time doing that – Hold on, hold on, hold on Are you not coming? – [Reece] Oh, no, I’m not coming I said I’d help you with the ritual, so you guys know what you need to get I never said I was gonna help you get the stuff I’m way too busy – [Reece] But what about our plan to slow everything down? – [Penelope] What? – Reece? – [Reece] Come here, come here – Boys only club We’ll be like 20 seconds, hold on – [Penelope] Yeah, uh huh – Oh, it stinks down here, ew Hey bro, what? Your bedroom’s really cool by the way – [Reece] It’s all part of the plan Yeah, thank you If I were to be there, she gets all naggy, naggy, and she wants us to be done even quicker But if it’s just you two, it gives you a chance for romance, it gives you a chance to get a step closer, and maybe if it gets good enough, she doesn’t want it to end, you know, the road trip And if I’m there, I’m just gonna be blocking everything and ruining all of it You don’t want that – I see, so you’re saying I should maybe even like pack my bags for a couple of days? – [Reece] Yeah, just in case – Just in case – You never know – Okay, I understand, okay, let’s go back up Hey, Penelope! – [Penelope] What are you two scheming? – Nothing – [Reece] He got confused with something I said at the support group, and he thought I was going because of it – Yeah – [Reece] So I was just trying to clarify all of that And obviously, everything that’s said in the support group, we can’t say outside of the support group really – That’s it – [Reece] Because it breaks the code – It breaks the support code ethics rule What’s the first rule about support group? Don’t talk about support group Yeah – Exactly – Right Well, glad you guys sorted it out then Anyways, so I was thinking, tomorrow I could come pick you up in our car and we can go ahead and drive there tomorrow I have the whole day free – Yes Yes, yes, yes, yes, I’d love to Just us two? – [Penelope] Um, yeah, Reece can’t come, so– – [Reece] I’m busy doing other things – Yeah – [Penelope] Yeah, he’s got plans with Holden (Reece mumbling) (Penelope blows raspberry) – Well, I guess I’ve got plans with Penelope. (giggles) – [Penelope] Right, so I was thinking we could leave at like 10:00 or so I don’t wanna get started too late, but I don’t wanna get up super early – Sure, 10:00 can work, yeah – [Penelope] Good I still need to catch up on all of my sleep – Is dinner ready yet? – Whoa, you don’t speak to your mom like that, do you? – [Reece] No, I’m just– Is your lovely dinner ready yet? – [Penelope] He does speak to our mom like that That’s why he gets in trouble the most – Yeah Oh That’s incredibly generous I’m not sure what Penelope would think though – [Penelope] I mean, you can stay for dinner – Sure Sure, yeah – [Penelope] As long as things stay calm – Calm? – [Reece] Calm – I’m not like, gonna make out with you – [Penelope] No, I certainly hope not! – [Reece] I mean, you never know, what if you guys want a little dessert? – Whoa! – Reece! – [Reece] It was a joke, it was a joke, I’m joking

– I haven’t even kissed her on the cheek yet, come on Take it slow – [Reece] Sometimes you gotta run before you can walk, you know? – Take it slow, dude, yeah I’m sorry, this must be making you feel really awkward, Penelope – [Penelope] Yeah, it is, just a little bit, just a lot – It’s just crosstalk Hey, Mrs. Seaborne – [Reece] Oh, buffet edition (everyone exclaims) – [Penelope] This looks delicious – This does look lovely, thank you – [Reece] Yes, I get my own Oh yeah, yeah – Looks like you’re sharing with your mom – [Reece] Yeah, I mean, that’s fine, I don’t care – [Penelope] Yeah, it’s kind of just a pull plate, you just pull what you want – It’s like tapas, you get a little bit of everything, there you go – I guess, that’s true – Well, it depends if you want the– Okay, we’re just jumping straight into it Well, technically, four days However, it feels like a lifetime As we’ve been bound together by this curse Haven’t we? – [Penelope] Yeah, we’ve definitely been bound together by this curse Yeah, it’s only been four days, can you believe it? Four days, only four days – Yeah – [Reece] Only four days, you know, but to some people, all the poets, four days, four weeks, four months, it depends with the right person of how it feels, you know? Have you ever heard the poem? – I have, Reece, and I know that Penelope is the one already – [Penelope] What? Right – What? – [Penelope] Yeah, this is all very sweet and everything If you excuse me, I have to go to the bathroom Move! – [Reece] Okay, geez (Tycer groans) Wow, overdid it a little bit, huh? – You’re telling me I over did it? You know what, you know what, you know what, Mrs. Seaborne, this dinner’s been lovely I feel like I’ve ticked off Penelope Look, I’m gonna take a little snack I’m just gonna take one to take home, thank you I’m very grateful, I’m just gonna get going Yeah? – [Reece] Yeah – Yeah, yeah? – [Reece] Yeah, I’ll tell her she’ll meet you tomorrow It’ll be good – Yeah, do you think you could like, fix it all for me, Reece? – [Reece] I’ll try my best, it’s Penelope we’re talking about here – Yeah, she’ll be fine, she’ll be fine I’ll see you tomorrow at 10:00 I just don’t know where that came from That just like, came out of no where I’m sorry, I’ve got to go – [Reece] Bye! – Bye! (light music) (Tycer groans) Idiot, idiot, idiot (rooster crows) (alarm beeping) (Tycer yawns) Oh, turn off my alarm, and what a lovely day in paradise Oh, geez, I’ve only got five minutes until Penelope’s here Oh, yikes, yikes, yikes What do I need? Road trip day, road trip day Brush my teeth, that’ll be a good start Grab my toothbrush, yes, put that in my pocket I mean, I don’t have a bag to hold onto anything I’ll just put everything in my pockets, it’s fine Quick shower, quick shower Okay, lovely jubby, nice and fresh Okay, shower gel? You know what, I’ll just use Penelope’s I’m sure she’ll be fine with that Food? We don’t need to worry about any– I don’t have any food that’s gonna go rotten And mana hold, I think this will be fine just to leave this here Oh my gosh, I should be okay God, I’m so excited I’m so excited to go! So the whole road trip with Penelope, oh boy, oh boy, oh boy! Okay, I see, she’s here Penelope! Penelope – [Penelope] Oh, hi Tycer – Sorry, I was late I had to brush my teeth, then shower, and then well, I packed my bags, but all I’ve got is my toothbrush – [Penelope] Oh You know that we’re just taking a day trip, right? We should be back by night – Well, you know, anything could happen – [Penelope] I guess that’s true I went ahead and packed a bag with some snacks, and I made sure our tickets were in there – Oh, thank you This is why I’m dating you – [Penelope] What? I didn’t know that we were dating – I mean, I wish I was dating you

– [Penelope] Okay, right, uh huh Why don’t we just go ahead and hop in the car – Hop in the car, oh, I’m so excited Are you driving? – [Penelope] Yeah, I’m driving Sorry, I just had to check something in the back really quick Ready to go? – I’m ready as ever Oh, I get to spend the whole day with you I get to spend the whole day with you I get to spend the whole day with my favorite crush (upbeat music) – [Penelope] So is my turn any time soon? – [Tycer] Nah, I’ll tell you when it’s coming up – [Penelope] Okay (upbeat music) (horn honks) (tires squealing) Hey, use your turn signal – [Tycer] Geez, Penny, calm down There’s no need to shout, we’re okay – [Penelope] No need to shout? He just cut us off, we could have crashed – [Tycer] But we didn’t Just breathe okay? – [Penelope] Fine – [Tycer] Oh, so you just passed the turning that we needed (Penelope groans) – [Penelope] Okay, we’re stopping right here If you need anything, please go inside – Penelope! Penelope! You didn’t even park the car straight Oh my goodness What has gotten into her? This whole entire road trip was meant to be this like, nice romantic thing, and now she’s– Hey, dude Penelope? – [Penelope] What? What do you want? (Tycer burps) – Oh, my– I’m so sorry Penelope, I just finished all my snacks Penelope, honey I’m gonna be like, little kind of cute Hey, look at me Hey! How you doing? – [Penelope] What? – How you doing? – [Penelope] What is it? What do you want? – I want to know what’s going on Talk to me Why are you acting out like this? This was meant to be a nice, cute, maybe romantic road trip and it’s just been a complete mess – [Penelope] Yeah, it has been a complete mess You’re absolutely right, because I have no idea what to do with you Okay, I don’t know how to talk to you sometimes, I don’t know how to respond, okay? Do you see anyone else coming around our house except Holden and Reece? No, you don’t, because I don’t have many other friends, ’cause I don’t talk to many other people – Hold up, hold on, hold up, this isn’t my fault, dude – [Penelope] It’s not your fault, but I don’t know how to answer you sometimes or how to be, because sometimes you make me so mad, and I don’t know how to handle that – Okay, okay, okay, okay, okay, I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m pretty sure with this whole curse thing going on, and the fact that you clearly haven’t had many friends in the past is all effecting you a bit much Would you put it like that? – [Penelope] Yeah, just– What? – [Penelope] Sometimes, you say things and you do things, and I don’t know how to respond, ’cause I don’t know I’ve just avoided people for so long And I’ve avoiding doing things like this, like fun road trips with your friends – But why? But these are some of the best things about life, you know? – [Penelope] Because I was scared of the curse, that’s why – What you were scared of bumping into me? – [Penelope] Yes – So why be scared any longer? It doesn’t make any sense, you’re here now, right? Look at me, we’re here together, whether you like it or not We’re gonna get through this We’re gonna go get this crystal and whatever, and eventually break this curse, and this isn’t forever, okay? As much as I wish it would be And I’m pretty sure that sometimes this whole curse thing just overpowers me Especially last night, which I know you’ve glossing over, but I apologize for I’m honestly really sorry about that – [Penelope] Thanks I just think I had this idea in my head of how everything was going to be, and it’s not turned out that way at all And I haven’t really known how to handle that yet, but I’m working on it, and I shouldn’t yell at you, and I shouldn’t just run off like that, and I’m sorry too – It’s okay Look, I understand that you need a little help with the human connection, okay? And luckily, with me deeply in love with you, I’m in the perfect position to do that

Anyway– – [Penelope] You’re also my only other friend right now, so it’s not like I have any options – Hey! (Penelope laughs) Are you kidding me? That’s cheeky Funny, funny – [Penelope] Well, come on If we’re supposed to have a fun road trip, if this is some of the most exciting things like is about then– Oh, wow, I did a really bad parking job – Yeah, you did, you did I’m surprised the store owner hasn’t come out and complained – [Penelope] Okay, let me just– – Yeah, you might wanna– Oh! – [Penelope] I didn’t do that You didn’t see that, didn’t happen – Penelope? – [Penelope] What? – Okay – [Penelope] I’m kidding, I put a strength spell on me before you could see. (laughs) – Oh okay – [Penelope] You think I wouldn’t move without my wand? – Yeah, sure, sure I thought you were a super hero or something It really caught my by surprise Show off Dude, you’re just making me jealous and filling me with that weird butterfly feelings Gerald’s Goods Knock, knock, hello? Hi It looks like a little convenience store – [Penelope] Oh look, they have mana bananas – Oh! Mana Banana station, please ask our staff about our Mana Banana special Hey, Gerald, Mana Banana special Oh my god, they’ve got banana bread, they’ve got mana bananas, they’ve got mana banana drinks, they’ve got mana banana more drinks I don’t know what that is Mana banana strudels – I think it’s yogurt – Oh yes, that must be what is it Do you want anything? – [Penelope] Yeah, I’m actually gonna buy this raspberry iced tea – Okay, I’m probably gonna get something mana banana-ish I mean, you know– Oh, banana nut bread, banana smoothie I’m gonna get a banana smoothie Banana Mana smoothie, thank you, thank you Oh, delicious What did you get? – [Penelope] Oh, my raspberry iced tea – Okay, awesome Do you need to go pee, poo? Anything else before we go? – [Penelope] No thanks, not here anyway – Okay, I’ll make sure not to spill it in your car I don’t wanna get in trouble with your mom – [Penelope] You better not – I won’t! I’m trustworthy, thank you very much Have I not just proven myself down there at the river? I am actually a good friend – [Penelope] Yes, I think you are starting to become one – Yeah, thank you – [Penelope] And thanks for that, by the way Now let’s get going before we’re way too late – Okay (upbeat music) – [Penelope] All right, I think we’re finally here – Hey, look at this place A drive-in cinema, right? – [Penelope] Yeah, an old abandoned one, apparently, but it says this is the parking area Let’s look around a bit, maybe it’s in here? – Sure – [Penelope] Oh, infusion crystal experience, that way – Okay It’s probably up the steps I’ll take the lead – [Penelope] Oh, okay – Okay, there’s some magical stuff – [Penelope] This looks more like it – Yeah, this definitely looks like some sort of mining area, doesn’t it? – [Penelope] Yeah, I mean, it definitely matches everything that I saw on their website now – So tell me more about this place What do they do? What’s the kind of gist going on here? – [Penelope] Well, this is a huge, huge mine for infusion crystals Infusion crystals are used in magic a lot I’m sure they’ll tell you more about it inside, but with it being the first component that we need, I figured we might as well come and pick one our ourselves – Right, gotcha Okay, the easiest thing first, perfect (Tycer gasps) – [Penelope] Excuse me? – [Both] Hi (Tycer burps) – Oh, I’m so sorry – We bought tickets – Gassy – [Penelope] And bought them online already, so why don’t you just go ahead and hand them over? – Yes, Gerald, I’ve got a– Yes, tickets – [Penelope] Do you not have them? – No, I don’t Do you have them? – [Penelope] Good thing I have extra copies – Okay, geez, I thought we were– (Tycer exclaims) – [Penelope] You really think I was gonna let us drive all this way without a backup plan? – They were in my backpack, where have they gone? – [Penelope] Well, maybe you dropped them by the river

– Oh, fine. (groans) All right, I’m coming through Hello, nice to meet you both All right, scoot my butt down here – [Penelope] Okay I’m really excited though We’ll get to pick out our own infusion crystal, we even get to maybe mine it ourselves – I’m excited too – [Penelope] Oh, looks like we’re about to start – Okay, let’s– Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah – [Penelope] I really hope it’s exciting down there and not just a cave – A cave, and what, filled with dust, and scary monsters, and spiders, and everything – [Penelope] Yeah – We ready? Are these two coming? Yeah? Okay Right away, Gerald Oh geez, we’re heading straight on down – [Penelope] All right – Oh wow. (gasps) – [Penelope] Oh wow, this place is cave-like – Yeah, cold, cold – [Penelope] Yeah, and it’s definitely getting colder – Oh, infusion crystals are heavily used in magic rituals and binding I mean, I knew that, ’cause you told me that a couple of minutes ago – [Penelope] Yeah, although I think the binding that he’s talking about is usually used in an item of some sort, but I don’t know – Infusion crystals are naturally blue, but sometimes after extraction they are dyed different colors for different purposes – [Penelope] I mean, makes sense There’s color magic, did you know that? – No, tell me more – [Penelope] I mean, people just use certain colors to invoke certain types of magic, so like, for example, if you were doing something like protection or banishing, you’d use black – Oh, right I thought if you were like killing someone, you’d use black – [Penelope] No! I mean, maybe – ‘Cause of death Maybe? – All right – Oh, before I forget, we have pickaxes for you, when we reach the mine, you hunt for your own crystals – [Penelope] This is so exciting – I am excited – We get to actually go down – There we go – [Penelope] But it looks like I kind of know most of this information already – You don’t have to be such a smart butt about it, okay? – [Penelope] I’m just playing – Oh geez, do you hear that water? – [Penelope] Yeah, I do – It seems to be a little underground water source – [Penelope] Maybe it’s part of the tour Maybe that’s like the prettiest part of the cave or something – Maybe we can go swimming in it Maybe we could like, you know, I could take my shirt off, you could see my muscles? – [Penelope] That I don’t think will be necessary – Okay Yeah, yeah, we’re right behind you What’s this? I could just jump in Look how much fun that would be – [Penelope] No, Tycer, you don’t know what is at the bottom of that cave – (groans) Look, are you not getting bored already? This is kind of boring – [Penelope] Look, I mean, yes, it’s a little boring and I know all this information already, but I mean, we need to be patient, okay? Getting these components isn’t gonna be some easy task – Yeah, but dude, can we not just like buy one of these crystals from like a trader in town or something? – [Penelope] I mean, we can, but I thought it would be more fun and more better for the ritual, I mean, if we picked it out ourselves Since it’s about breaking our curse – I’m going this way, bye! – [Penelope] Wait, Tycer, where did you go? – Where’s this going? Oh, this is like some cool– I don’t even know There’s some weird like– – [Penelope] Tycer! – What? – [Penelope] You left me – Sorry, sorry. (scoffs) We’ll stick to the path if you wanna be so boring about it – [Penelope] I’m not trying to be boring about it, it’s just we have to stay safe We’re somewhere we don’t know – Somewhere we don’t know Yeah Where’s the tour group gone? This looks like some sort of like, boring camp thing – [Penelope] It does Maybe they kept going? – Maybe We should keep going – [Penelope] Okay – Warning, tunnel collapse Only C5 workers I’m a C5 worker – [Penelope] What? No, Tycer, no you are not – I am, I can see five things – [Penelope] That’s not what that means – That is exactly what that means – [Penelope] Tycer! – What? Penelope, look, you were complaining earlier about us being, you know, not having any friends You ever consider that you don’t have any friends, ’cause you’re a bit boring? – [Penelope] What? – Exactly, yeah, I said it, yeah, I said it Well, they didn’t go this way Let’s head down this way – [Penelope] I’m not so sure that the tour group is gonna be down here – I’m sure they will This is where the best infinity crystals are I mean, that’s what you want, right? – [Penelope] Infinity? That’s an infusion crystal – Yeah, I know exactly what I’m looking for (Penelope groans) – [Penelope] Hello? – Hello? – [Penelope] Oh my gosh, there’s lava over there – Calm down Have you never, ever, ever been down in the caves before? – [Penelope] No, I haven’t – Oh, of course, it’s just an ordinary thing, isn’t it? – [Penelope] It is an ordinary thing? ‘Cause if it is, I am very unaware of it – No, I mean like, it’s the ordinaries

who do all the bad work, huh? We get all the rubbish jobs Yeah, exactly All right I know caves like these like the back of my hand – [Penelope] No, you don’t You’ve already gotten us lost twice – Turn around other way, this is a dead end – [Penelope] Yep Knowing these caves like the back of your hand, huh? – Yeah, see, there’s a little– You always follow the water – [Penelope] What, no You’re supposed to always go upstream – No If you follow the water, it will lead some– – [Penelope] Tycer, I think– – Yeah – [Penelope] I think you’ve gotten us lost – Maybe – [Penelope] And separated from the tour guide – Look, we can find our way out of here, surely – [Penelope] Can we? – [Tycer] I don’t know This way? – [Penelope] Oh no, now I’m going in circles! – [Tycer] Are you kidding me? No, it’s definitely this way, ’cause you always wanna go deeper, that’s what I meant Not follow the water, go deeper Could you cast a light source? It’s so dark down here