Rotterdam – The country's number-two metropolis | Cities in the Netherlands #3

What do you think comes to Europe? As a Korean, my image of Europe is a long history and architecture of the Middle Ages But in Rotterdam, the second city in the Netherlands, I can see the opposite of those things There was a big pain in Rotterdam This city was completely destroyed by Germany during World War II After that, The Dutch decide to rebuild Rotterdam with a new look ‘Living textbook of modern architecture’ is a sentence that can understand Rotterdam at once There are many new buildings in the city that will impress you (How can the Dutch think and implement these great ideas?) I was just amazing, and I thought the Dutch people were great Rotterdam is committed to sustainable urban design They emphasize the environment in designing the city They reuse most of the abandoned space without destroying it They reuse most of the abandoned space without destroying it (Conversely, Korean contractors like to break old things and build new ones) Staying in this city has given me a lot of ideas And it was good to be able to see directly how the Dutch people realized their imagination Rotterdam is less known to Koreans than Amsterdam and Den Haag(The Hague) However, with this trip, I came to think that I should let Koreans know about Rotterdam [End of subtitle]