Eatons Hill enigma – Occult symbols hidden in plain sight

Now, this is on the South Side of Albany Creek, on South Pine Road, or just off South Pine Road So the thing that I wanted to point out was these things That one is an electricity tower at the top of Eaton’s Hill and right beside it, is a water tower Now, I would speculate that the electricity tower looks exactly like the Djed symbol in ancient Egypt, which is actually a symbol of Osiris, you can even see the four wires or groups of wires coming off the tower and just like the four bars in the Djed symbol And at the top, there are microwave antennas that look exactly like the “hat”, the “pharaonic hat” on the Djed Um, so, I would say that that symbol looks like, or resembles, the symbol of Osiris, and this one, represents Isis Now, Isis is the Water Goddess, so an “Isis” and “Osiris” together Now that happens to be sitting on Eaton’s Hill- “Eaton”: got the word “On”, which is like “Seth-On”, “Eaton”- you can rearrange the letters to get “Seton” Um, yeah So this is on the South side of that hill Now this is an interesting…This is just a little bit further up…And you can see “FLAMINGO DRIVE Now, I thought that was a Flamingo But there are no Flamingos in Australia Why would they name a street, a major street, after Flamingos? You see, it’s just…a regular street…there’s nothing really special about it So, then I realized that “FLAMINGO” -the word “FLAMINGO”- actually is “FLAMING- O” : Flaming Circle, which represents the Fifth Element the Flaming Circle is a Hermetic symbol for the “Spirit”, I believe So, so, they cleverly put the word “FLAMING — O” as “FLAMINGO” Now there’s another view of the towers There’s the Djed – Osiris, Isis…Now where’s Horus? You see, the “All Seeing Eye” of Horus could be represented by…that camera up there! You see, so there’s the “All Seeing Eye” of Horus, looking over everything…right next to the Osiris and Isis towers, all under the “Flaming O” This is an interesting little place…it’s called “Apex Grove”, it’s where the Ambulance and the Fire Station are at Eaton’s Hill Now right behind the Fire Station is a little, sort of a…a grove! It’s a triangular sort of bit of bushland, that in the middle, is a circle! It’s a clearing in the middle Just trying to get a picture of that…Now, I’ll just go over to it…Very interesting…because you can see, on the Fire Station, there’s the “All Seeing Eye” of Horus, looking over us Um, so in this Apex Grove, in the circle area, Um, the question is – what is this area for?

It is definitely NOT a picnic spot Now this is the southern entrance to the circle, like a wooden bridge, going over a little watercourse, which starts in a drain, just over there So, so we’re right next to the Fire Station focus…focussing…USELESS! Anyway.. ah, proceeding on…this is we’re going into this circle through the southern entrance, see it’s a wooden threshold . The circle itself is made of bricks…it’s about, oh, twenty-five feet across, I would say…Oh, look at that! You see, now, look at this, How sinister is that! There’s the “All Seeing Eye” of Horus, looking over the Eastern entrance to this circle Leading into the circle, is this gravel path I don’t know why they do that Leads back to the road – Apex Grove And there’s the Fire Station, with the “All Seeing Eye” There’s those two bars, on the Fire Station I’m not sure…what those two bars represent But that is most certainly an “All Seeing Eye” OK And so, this gravel path, leads onto the main road, footpath, it’s obviously not meant to be a public thoroughfare, because it doesn’t go anywhere, except for that circle, which is through this scrub…look at that! It’s just scrub…Australian native bushes, behind the Fire Station, wall…and this path basically goes nowhere and it exits from the street There’s the Veterinary Clinic with the dinosaur with the hat Now here we are on the Northern side of that Eaton’s Hill area…um, there’s our Christmas dinosaur, and the Golf ball, the leaning tree, and… there you can see the towers at the top of the hill And we’ve got a very interesting grouping here; there we can see the Djed tower; (coming into focus now), so there’s the Djed; There’s the Isis tower, the water tower, and right below, we’ve got the “All Seeing Eye” of Horus It’s a nice triangle This is the view from the side of the road, on the Northern side of Eaton’s Hill Now, this is a very cleverly done grouping…No matter which side of the hill, whether the Southern side or the Northern side, you always see these two towers, the Djed’s on the left and the water tower is on the right

And the Fire Station which represents the “Eye of Horus” So this is going along the pathway just on the Northern side of the Fire Station…on the way to Apex Grove So that’s the back wall of the Fire Station in there, and here’s the gravel pathway And there’s a path the path goes out to the road, there, it’s just…just goes to the front of the..Fire Station Not meant to be a public thoroughfare And we’re back into the circle This is the Eastern entrance of the circle There’s the Northern entrance over there, there’s a short path leading to the road The Western entrance (what’s that, a bee or something?…) and this is the bridge, so the western, sorry, the Southern entrance, the Southern entrance, is a bridge The Western entrance is twice the width of the others The Northern entrance is just a short, small, pathway gravelly path, going to the main footpath And the East…is leading back to that gravelly pathway Each of these entrances is got a threshold made of some old timber, and the timber on three of them they seem to have these little inserts, like some sort of cement material I don’t know what that is There’s one on this side Um, That’s got it There, and there Actually, it’s like clay! Eh Here we go So this is- What IS this place??? What happens here? Why is there a circle which is it’s always kept mowed, it seems to be mowed fairly recently There used to be a big patch of clover there a few weeks ago, it’s all gone Um, so they keep this place mowed, but- for what purpose? The rest of it it’s just- total- scrub! Especially in there

It’s just total scrub And, Um, yep, now we go out through the Southern bridge, across this little creek The Community Hall up there The road to Dayboro And there you have it! That’s Apex Grove And there’s, ah, even the Ambulance Station has got a round, a round window, that represents the “Eye of Horus” as well And beside the Ambulance Station, and beside this carpark, is this looks like a grove with these trees- Native-looking trees Um, there’s Fig trees, fig trees there, seems to be mostly fig trees, and some of these Araucaria pines It’s planted in rows Look at that Now, what’s the purpose of that? I suppose it would keep that place cooler in summer, but…It’s obviously not meant for the Public to be um, to feel at-home There’s nobody here on a Sunday afternoon Now there we goes…OK Now here’s an interesting thing Um I’m going up behind those two towers, um, the street, the closest street to those two towers that you can access them, is called “Minerva Court” Minerva…Minerva is a Greek goddess, I believe, who is- guess what?: Ah, an equivalent of the Egyptian Isis! So they named that street “Minerva” basically, as a coded reference to Isis So let’s go up and have a look and we’ll see the towers up close We’re coming up to the back of the towers, and this is still on Minerva Court You see the towers are around the other way, so we’re seeing them from the back There’s the Djed tower with all the microwave business at the top, and there’s One, Two, Three, Four Four sets of wires coming from the electrical tower, that is a clear reference to the Djed So, the Isis tower has also got lots of antennas and dishes on it And below, the Isis tower; you can’t actually see it from the road, there is a large reservoir, a water tank, big circular one So that’s hidden from the road You only notice it when you actually go up there That tower is very impressive up close It’s a lovely view from up here So we’ll go through this .. entrance There’s a little pathway going through these

bushes Now we can go right up to the Djed tower I’m just hoping these batteries are going to stay… good Ah, a ravine down there This is the reservoir And the tall water tower Here it is The view…you can see all the way down to the South Pine River You can even see the sea from here, it’s a bit hazy today because of all the bush fires and dust There it is The Djed tower We’ll go right up close to it Power lines, Standing underneath the tower Oh, Gawd, it’s a bee-hive! Look at that! Better not get too close to that! Is this whole thing a bee-hive? Hmmmm Actually…better get out of here! OK! Sorry, bees! But whatever you do, don’t get too close to that thing cause you’re going to get stung!

So that’s the Osiris tower -with all the bees! My gawd! I’ve never been stung yet I believe it’s very painful Incredible! It would be a nasty surprise for some graffiti-ists at night OK So that’s where the bees are