Winteride / KTM 1290 Super Adventure / @MotoGeo Adventures

Look at that! Come on hahaha we’re not cold we’re loving it! Mammoth, beautiful! For my winter adventure I would head to California Sierra Nevada mountains for a weekend of exploring the back roads and trails between Bishop and Mammoth Now this area may be more commonly known for it’s skiing and snowboarding however this is also an off highway dream as there are hundreds of miles of unpaved roads in the Inyo National Forest that will take you to incredible vistas and panoramas beyond the imagination So I kitted up in the latest Alpinestars tech air adventure gear jumped on the mighty KTM 1290 super adventure and set out to explore Leaving the cabin and riding into town and immediately the scenery was already spectacular the snow-covered mountain tops were breathtakingly beautiful and straightaway I was very excited to be here My plan was first to ride into Bishop and fill up this huge gas tank and then on to a famous smokehouse to stock up on some food while out on those trails Mahogany Smoked Meats has been going since 1922 when a man called Wally smoked hams and bacon with three hundred-year-old mountain mahogany logs his smoked meats became an instant success with the locals word spread due to passing traffic and business is still booming today So I picked up a huge breakfast burrito, a massive smoked meat sandwich and of course some jerky! one thing’s for sure I’m not gonna go hungry Now, let’s ride first on some local roads which will take us closer to these gorgeous mountains and this network of trails What a great start what a brilliant morning we rolled into Bishop went to a smoke house picked up an awesome burrito a great sandwich and of course some jerky. Now we’re heading out on the 168 towards Mammoth getting closer to these beautiful snow-capped mountains and look at this we’ve come across a frozen lake it just goes to show how cold it is out here but the sun’s out we’re not cold we’re loving it so let’s get back on this awesome KTM and click buy some more miles Riding away from the icy lake and it was soon the end of the road but where the road ends the trails start so let’s do just that and hit the dirt This is the scenic and bumpy buttermilk road which according to local legend could churn fresh milk into buttermilk when traveling from Old Joe’s dairy to Bishop on this washboard trail Nowadays this is a well-known destination to climbers who come here to take on the challenging scattered boulders but today this trail will be my

gateway to clicking by some miles on the dirt Wow can you believe the trails around here seen them all of the time I’ve been taking them all over the place it’s absolutely fantastic we’re right here with nature in gorgeous countryside this is brilliant Talk about getting away from the city and getting towards nature I mean we are just surrounded by beauty, very, very lucky having a great day on the KTM Fantastic! With all of this stunning scenery around me, it seemed like the perfect place to make my first pit stop and tuck into this meaty breakfast burrito all while enjoying the gorgeous scenery at the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains After a tasty snack it was then back in the saddle to discover more Before I hit the roads again and then went in search of more fun roads to ride As the afternoon sun dropped from the sky and as I climbed this gorgeous twisty hillside it seemed like another great place for a pit stop this time though I’d sink my teeth into a mega smoked meat sandwich again while looking out at another gorgeous vista What a great day, we started off in Bishop rode out towards Mammoth we’ve just been taking all of these awesome little roads around here, everywhere we ride vistas look fantastic the snow-capped mountains, absolutely gorgeous and look at it this evening the sky is just littered with beautiful colors Well it’s that time of day now where the sun’s gone down so we should go and hit the road find a good place to camp but definitely put the kettle on let’s get to it It’d have been a fun day exploring on the KTM the plan is now to keep warm rest up and then find more fun trails tomorrow Oh wow what a great day yesterday, but it got freezing cold last night

minus 8 degrees C as I was riding out to Bishop and I am not camping out when it’s that cold! so we stayed here at the McGee Creek Lodge great little spot thankfully they were open, today I’m gonna meet up with a friend for breakfast and then we’re gonna go riding, so let’s get to it The ride to breakfast was it chilly one and also the winter temperature made the road cold and slippy, so I made a short cut, took to the trails and now I headed to breakfast on the back roads Jamie you made it! Now Tom’s place is a local general store just outside Mammoth that serves up a hearty breakfast so this was the perfect meeting spot to see an old friend get some grub and discuss the route for today Hopping back on the bikes and now we’d both ride together as Joel would now show me some quiet local roads around McGee Canyon and then on to more of this incredible network of trails in this beautiful area Once again the scenery was just breathtaking it’s just been a joy to ride around here and soak up this natural beauty Gorgeous it may be, but look at this icy running stream it just goes to show you how cold it really is out here After a fun morning ride I then say goodbye to Joel as I now headed off for some more solo fun This trail is deserted so I opened up the KTM a bit had some fun in the dirt At the end of this trail I was then told to turn right and continue past the

green church. All the way until the pavement ends and then back onto another trail so I did just that, but man I hope I’ve done the right way as now I feel like I’m miles from anywhere Wow can you believe it look at this! Riding in snow, coming across all kinds of amazing places, structures just like this everywhere look at this it’s even got a bathtub outside it’s like going back in time to an old western, absolutely fantastic We’re just taking loads of awesome trails in around Mammoth area I mean this is fantastic I’d heard the trail riding in this area was special but I can give that a massive thumbs up and say that it is Here in winter is absolutely brilliant There’s hardly anybody out here just enjoying these trails, the KTM great bike, loving it Let’s do more! Oh with this snow storm sweeping in I kept on riding but still it was hard to ignore the beauty which winter brings It’s so beautiful here, I can barely believe where we are, so close to Mammoth, winter a totally different look It’s bare bones, it’s cold but it’s absolutely beautiful, gorgeous! It was wintry for sure, but I was well equipped with gear bike and tires to handle all conditions as I now went in search of a warm stream of flowing water Formed as the Mammoth Creek meets the geothermal hot springs and raises the temperature of the river it now becomes an is named Hot Creek I did find the creek but I only stopped for a look as in these frigid temperatures there is absolutely no way I’m taking my clothes off Having now ridden out of the snowstorm and into brighter skies it was even more beautiful, as the snow had left a sprinkle of magic across the mountain tops Wow look at this is absolutely stunning, we’ve got a sprinkle of snow earlier on in the day, now look at the sun’s come out and the mountains are just covered, it looks gorgeous this is winter wonderland amazing love it Mammoth, beautiful! Now with the afternoon winter sun quickly dropping from the sky there was only one other place I wanted to visit so once again I took to the trails and this time rode towards Crowley Lake Ending my winter adventure looking out at the beautiful lake and these gorgeous

snow-capped mountains in the background was the perfect ending So don’t let these winter months stop your exploring Gear up, pick your destination and just go for a ride!