Pink Panther And The Island Adventure | 35 Minute Compilation | Pink Panther & Pals

Good morning. Hope the day finds you

It looks like it’s going to be another scorcher

ice cream

inspired choice now finding goes out right well

approaching your final destination You have arrived pink Lemonade service. I don’t want a lace ‘ln choice That certainly brings back memories. Hi. Yes, my father was a compass, you know Where am I dear boy Ice cream. Oh, dear. No, no No, my baby deserves something much healthier now Let’s see here. What healthy smoothie would be just the thing for my natural puppet Now let’s buckle up You can never be too safe. Just look at granny’s little creams Let’s get going shall we Hello dear, I’d like to order an extra-large Razzuma, go go Omega gamma three be happy to lobby fibroblasts with extra broccoli foam to go, please Bottoms up dear, isn’t that so much better than ice. Ah What a lovely day ah, this dry does wonders for like Ice that’s a great idea brother. What are we waiting for time to push this to the man? Highway where we can go my way this is my kinda trap

I coulda somewhere I Once upon a time so very long ago in an enchanted kingdom Not the one that you know there lived many lovable characters the greatest the best But little pink Riding Hood was loved much more than the rest He was good He was kind he was oh so sweet bringing treats to his granny who was nursing sore feet He skipped quite a lot that no one really knows why little pink Riding Hood was just that kind of guy Then there’s the Piggy with house made of straw whose efforts just wore him made big bad wolf eager far Because that clever old wolf is a gardener by trade he fired up his leaf blower and Piggy’s house Though I don’t think he planned it He crashed the house made of sticks leaving three for IT pigs in a house made of bricks Well, the wolf wasn’t done. No, he was hungry and mean and he ran off to find an even bigger machine a Gigantic thing with a huge wrecking ball he fricassee that house a side of bacon for all Uh-oh was the thought I think that he had when the gigantic balls crashed down on his head Little pink Riding Hood was well on his way. Nothing could stop him from getting to granny’s this day But what wait a minute what have we here that wolf is up to something something awful I fear

Three beans for the basket. I’ll trade you he crowed But pink Riding Hood shook his head. No. No, no said bye-bye to the wolf and skipped off down the road But it’s not over yet. You should know that by now a strange man in shorts showed up with a cow But stop wait a minute those beans are possessed that stock is gigantic. I’m really impressed But given some thought and it’s only a hunch I’d rather clean up after a cow than be somebody’s lunch a quaint little cottage a Sleepy goldenhair child. I know you know this one, but bear with me a while Three bowls filled with porridge cold medium and hot that Hungry pink Riding Hood plan to devour the lot We changed up the story gave a twist to the plot there’s things going on that we kind of forgot So pay close attention the story gets thicker the wolf’s probably thinking I gotta live quicker But pink riding hood just keeps skipping along unaware that the wolf is still coming on strong He high-fives Humpty Dumpty and bids him farewell then spends just a moment with Jack and Jill by the way But Down Goes that egg. He lands with a crash The king’s horses and men want to know who will clean up this trash What’s next you might ask and you’d be right to say isn’t that crazy or you’ve done enough damage today? Well, I’ll fill you in because I’ve got this itch That the one thing we’re missing in this tale is a witch He’s not just any old wish nope She’s one of a kind and she’s really very unhappy with what the wolf left behind So she hops on her broom makes a gingerbread man And off he goes running just as fast as he can Pink’s very happy he’s finally here with his basket of goodies for his sweet. Granny, dear But there is so much colder brewing outside What’s going to happen next keep your eyes open wide because here’s where the story gets really quite hairy Granny isn’t actually a granny. She’s really a fairy That wolf better. Watch it. She’s good with that once with a flip of her stick. That work will be gone So what lesson do we learn from this story my friends If you take care of your granny you lead well in the end