Kerala to Europe | EP:12| Salalah oman / ഒമാനിലെ കേരളത്തിൽ 😍

We have shed and a TV dish along with an electric post coconut tree It feels like home Hello, welcome We reached in Salalah yesterday and I told you that we were going to see beautiful views here in Salalah Everything is pretty awesome here Look at the surroundings with coconut trees and banana plantation It is pretty windy here and that is the reason for the hissing sound We have lot to see here just like Kerala We have Siraj Bro with us He is also from Iritty just like me I am Fasil from Thrissur Let us go to the plantations and see the views there We are at a shop now We have all the items that we get in Kerala It does not look like Gulf The only difference is the vehicles This looks like Zanzibar Island When I was there I told you it feels like Kerala Aamina fans please forgive me I am in a car because we are 3 people in total I have a ride today with Omani bikers We will see that in the next episode We cant take the bike when there are 2-3 people First of all, the sound will not be that great because of the heavy wind here Here we have the betal leaves There are lot of coconut trees all around and they are abundant here We can see such dry places near Kasargod The soil in Kasargod is a bit different compared to that of other districts This is cabbage Below my feet I have coconut leaves This is exactly like Kerala This just fell from the coconut tree. It was a close call In gulf we have to take care of coconut trees only here in Salalah Here they are harvesting cabbage We have a weighing machine and we have fresh cabbage too There we have papaya harvesting Look at the soil Even it looks similar to that of Kerala I told in the last episode that some malayalis who came here from Dubai were taking soil from here

The smell of this soil feels so special We have banana Let us try to jump over the fence I am jumping into someones property The papaya plantation looks like tapioca plantation in Kerala with small dunes Arabs like papaya a lot We are now going to banana plantation Here there is a small canal for water to flow Oh god, we have a dog there There is a dog in there and it is still there I am back at the same place after running away from a dog Let us go to the other banana plantation The dog might be there for protecting the fields Why should I get a bite from Salalah What you see here is the burial ground of Cheraman Peumal who became a Muslim This is undergoing renovation We are here searching for a plantation without a dog We have lot of left out banana plants here after being harvested It looks pretty good People living here wont miss Kerala a lot because this place is just like Kerala without strikes or any other issues Here we have a drumstick tree A shed along with a TV Dish and an electric post This is a pond for pumping water into the fields. We also have fish in here Here he is cutting fish And there we have a cat Exactly like Kerala This is where they pump the water through He is a malayali and he told me there are no dogs here Papaya has fallen down It even smells like Kerala in here When you stay in India and does not go outside you wont feel the difference If it is a holiday like that of Friday we could run around here and have fun just like what we did in our childhood The specialty of Salalah

is that there is no extreme heat or cold and the temperature is medium here The only difference is the wind We have red coconuts here and that is normal coconut Now we are going to see honey comb as a person here told me This farm belongs to a Malayali. He is not here and he will be late He has been here for 40 years looking after this farm They take this land for lease and do farming in this land and sell those items after harvesting to earn a living It is more safe to do farming here and the profit here is higher than what you get in India I saw this house here while walking around and even this has a Malayali touch to it If you haven’t been here in Salalah even after living here in Oman, you should come here We have some colorful plants here yellow and red This is cow dung and they are using this as fertilizer here This is Betel My grandma used to send me to buy Betel for 1 or 2 rupee But now she stopped using them They also have papaya in between There are fish inside this We are near the bee farm and we could not find the owner They have went to find him I am here watching the fish This is Arecanut tree There are lot of such Arecanut tree I will shoe you a frame Doesn’t it look exactly like Kerala The owner of the bee farm is about to arrive Let us tell him a hi from here He is walking towards here He is showing me the bees This belongs to the “Melifra” family of bees The bees are having food here They will bite us These are the other boxes What he told is that they keep these boxes in hills Since it is not the season they have moved it here Please dont bite me This is not the paper flower which I thought it was This is actually a flower which gives honey for the bees Once it is season they will take these boxes to hills

I will show you something else too These are birds nests This tree is filled with such nests No one harms them and that is the reason all are here peacefully There will be eggs inside but no one tries to disturb them It is a good place The owner John will take me to the mountain when he go to place the bees We will meet him then This is a honey comb and it is made in this perfect shape by the bees What we have to learn from them is this small bee which does not know anything about the world is making something this perfect And it is just the skill So if a bee has that level of skillset what level of skill would each and everyone of us have This is to the young viewers, we can gain whatever we want since we all are humans with inteligence Many things that we see around is made by humans just like us We can also do those things No one is born as an engineer or a doctor Everyone works hard to become one You can become anything that you want to They deposit calcium and cow dung mix to grow banana plants I have to tell something to you Many people posted negative comments saying that I behaved badly towards someone and telling that I am someone with pride etc, You should never make a decision about someones attitude from 10 seconds in a 30 minute video It is okay if you talk to someone personally before making a assumption about someone It is not just about me. This should be the case towards everyone Many people sit comfortably at home and post negative comments You should understand that I worked really hard to reach were I am today and I travel places with lot of hardship You can see that I was in desert for two days and I edit my video between those travels I haven’t open comment box during those two days and I am checking it now becauseI didn’t had enough time between the rides And that is when I see such comments And because of that I have removed a certain part from the video so that I dont hurt anyone I never intended to hurt anyone I could remove any part from the video if I feel like I did something bad since I am the one who is editing the video Why would I upload something like that? That is because I thought I didn’t do anything bad towards anyone Please dont have any feelings against me I felt so bad seeing such comments after working so hard to create videos for you people. That is why I told this to you What are you doing there? Will it break/

These iron rods are welded together instead of tying them together like we do in our place Look at the view Where are you from? Kollam Both of you? [Yes] I have mostly seen people from Kollam here Had food? Going to Do you feel like going home? [No. This is just like Kerala] Dont you want to see your family? [They are here. That is why I am building this.] Bro let me go It is windy Let us go from here Time is around 12:30 We are going to the room now There are lot more things to see here I thought of showing you all the greenery in the first video. Later we have a bike ride with Omani bikers And we will see Souq’s in salalah and its streets We will also see why this place is full of greenery and we will also try to do a special episode We will see all these in coming episodes Subscribe and support Hope you are not angry at me. Will see you in the next episode