TU Faculty Town Hall

all right very exciting so welcome everybody to I think this is our third or fourth of the specific faculty town halls happy that you could jump in on this on what’s turning out to be a pretty lovely summer day with lower lowish humidity so if you get a chance get out there and take a stroll I hope some of you have been able to get what passes for a vacation during the coronavirus I apparently am the kiss of death of any vacation spot because anywhere I choose suddenly shuts down so I will I promise not to ruin any of your planned vacations by also planning to go there so it is really important for self-care that to take some time off if you haven’t done so yet please take some time you know go go away from other folks and have a safe vacation but it’s really important to do that as we get closer and closer to starting so we’re only a few weeks now from students starting to come back in so if you haven’t been on campus in a while you’ll see quite a changed campus at this point so there’s a lot of signage going up everywhere there’s furnitures being moved all sorts of things are being done to safely increase the student capacity in your classrooms I’ve been walking each academic building with your Dean’s and the facilities folks with a big stick that’s a seven foot long stick to measure safe distances and we’ve actually been able to increase student occupancy in quite a few rooms across campus so I would encourage any of you who were on the fence this week where you say well D if I only had three or four or five more seats in my classroom I would be able to split it in half and then I would feel comfortable doing that you might hold on and reach out as your Dean to speak with them because some of those some of those capacities have changed in the last few days so no list so there we go apparently we’re having some tech issues I just got an email that isn’t working we’re working on a solution so fred is on the phone with Jerry Jerry’s gonna send the correct closed caption link through to all faculty email lists so you should be able to get that terribly they’re working on that so my meanwhile why don’t we start with the questions okay I’m told just really quickly Maggie the link for the Town Hall isn’t working now the closed captioning is working but not the regular link so if you could have somebody address that that’d be great I’m not sure but we have all these people joining so I’m not sure I will have I will have them every contact um Molly me because everyone else has been able to join might be worth that people looking differently from zoom versus the previous one okay so will portable air purifiers be provided for departments and classrooms that is not my understanding if they are it’s not a large scale plan just to remind everybody that facilities has gone building through building modified the HVAC systems so that they are set to max control to allow the most airflow that you can to get that exchange with the outdoor air so that’s a fine-tuned process because there’s little balance there because if you have been outside there’s an awful lot of humidity in the air so there’s a there’s a little bounce that has to take place with if you bring in so much outdoor air you could have potential mold problems so a balancing act but they are they have dramatically increased that external airflow so so that’s the solution that they’re doing will zoom be integrated with blackboard so that it can be used in classes oh so I’ll do I’ll confess that I know that the technical issues about blackboard and zoom if there are any certainly zoom can be used in classes I don’t I’m not fully understanding that question I would guess I would say zoom can certainly be used in classes in the fall alright here’s another question can we please have free parking for those teaching online next semester many of us still need to come in but not all the time so so in the parking situation if

you’re just coming in periodically what I would encourage you to do is just purchase the day pass it’s five or six dollars for a day so it’s something in that range so if you’re just very very periodically coming in that would be a good choice the parking arose being reduced by 50% for for all faculty and so that’s a huge reduction and so we just have to you know the idea of just sort of making entirely free we just have to remember that parking is a self activity and there are all sorts of employees and infrastructure and things like gas that are paid out of those fees and so just completely wiping out any parking fees that all would have significant consequences to an already challenging budget so part of what we were trying to do is really commit to as much as we possibly can to no layoffs and no furloughs and so having those modest charges is really helpful to hitting that that bottom line so if it’s if you’re super periodic that day pass is definitely the way to go but again everybody’s being reduced by 50% which i think is a nice a nice cut from it from the partnering folks next question in testing be available before I come to campus so we do have a pop-up testing center that’s open right now on campus it’s right in front of the health center so if you drive by you’ll see a tent white tent out there right now the hours are relatively limited because just not that many people on campus but as we get closer to the opening and people start returning to campus my expectation is those hours will increase and so you could go over today but well during it to open hours which are Monday and Wednesday I think 9:00 to noon but don’t quote me on those hours you can find that online and the return to tu website you’ll find the specific hours there’s also mechanism to make an appointment to get tested so they will handle walk ups to to the degree that they can but it’s far preferred if you make an appointment because then they are prepared for you to come and we can make sure that we don’t have 500 people congregated at the same time so it’s a long way of saying yes you’ll be able to get tested and you’re also welcome to start doing that now will there be thrown video tutorial a simulation for the ingress egress plans the building’s classroom etc available prior to campus opening so I don’t know if there’s a specific one because each building has sort of it has a different plan so I don’t know what a video tutorial certainly the signage is pretty clear where to go in so you’ll see arrows that indicate this is that where you enter and you’ll see X’s and that means don’t obviously don’t use this door don’t come in this door and so where that traffic flow is one way it’s very clearly indicated not only on the external part of the building but as you flow through the building there are arrows it’s probably every three or four feet and so you know I’ve been in pretty much every building at this point again they’re still working on getting that signage that thousands and thousands of signs are putting up but in the buildings where it’s done I think it’s quite clear I think it’s pretty easy to see where to go but but you know if there are some areas where you you come in and you see the this is unclear you know feel free to shoot us a note and we’ll try to clarify but so far everything I’ve seen seems very clear when will people soft be updated and can we tell students or course or online yet so it’s being updated right now and you are welcome to tell your students at this point so let me say why we tried to dial people back and not say anything last week or the week before and I fully understand that fact II had good motivations that you wanted to share that information with students as quickly as possible and their families but what ended up happening is it actually ended up raising the anxiety of many students because they would see well this class has been announced to be online but my other three I don’t know about those classes and so they were sort of ramping up and getting extra anxious about it so that’s why we ask people to please go back and wait until this week so it people’s off is being updated right now and you certainly are free to discuss with your students and anybody else what that format what the modality is of your course so the goal will be to have all courses identified by the end of this week well face-to-face teaching will face shields be allowed instead of masks for

the instructor a distance maintained so that students can better understand instructor and also for those student to me to read lips so we’ve said all along that we’ll follow CDC guidance here and while I was highly hopeful that a face shield would be sufficient the CDC says it isn’t and that even with the face shield you do still need to wear masks so we’ve purchased I think it’s ten thousand or more face masks that are clear so that students who do need to lip-read their faculty in fact all of their classmates they’re disposable can be outfitted with those particular face masks to make that that easier I would encourage everybody to come in and and try out your room speak for a little bit have somebody in the back I’ve done it a lot in the last few weeks and in all honesty I haven’t had any clarity problems that’s not to say that there won’t be some and where those exist we may be able to assist the microphone or different technologies like that so again and then in the next few weeks as you think about your room and the space what your comfort level is with projecting there’s all sorts of ways we can assist with OTS has purchased a bunch of microphones to be able to do this so I think the solution will be very individual to each faculty member but but coming in and testing out the technology would be a good idea well the tip your profs process pay raises continue as usual this full tent so so you’re you’re you’re paying increase for getting an increase in rank is that if that’s a question yes you will get that that increase in pay those will continue our schedule if a student says they have a medical reason for not wearing a mask can they be referred to the office of accessibility for verification so if a student cannot may wear a mask they cannot be indoors in a tu facility and so that’s our bottom line is that if you’re indoors you will be wearing a mask and so that student will then be their accommodation will be that then you do need to take the course online so so what we’re doing with all that technology to have the course be delivered remotely simultaneously that will be their their option but we were you know we’re holding pretty strict on the mask because everything that the science is indicating is that’s the number one thing that we can do that and physical distancing to protect our entire community and so we’ve we’ve done the physical distancing with the rooms as I said you’ll see that the layout of rooms in some case is quite different and the second thing we need to do to protect everyone is to really enforce that mask policy so that that would be the solution for that as well as a staff member or a faculty member could you share what you know about the state budget cuts to USM if you know anything yet that is so you know I hate that kid a little bit you know pretty transparent person but we don’t have a final number yet so we’ve all seen of course what the state cut to the system is you know we have a pretty good idea of what our cut is going to be and we are confident that right now we’re in a good budgetary position so there may be more in the budget on Thursdays faculty/staff Town Hall but but I will say that the hard work that’s been done in the past to save money the hard work that everybody here has done this year just to knock down some basic expenses it’s really paying off for tu in ways that you aren’t seeing at other universities so we’re feeling in a strong budgetary position we’re hopeful that our enrollments will continue to increase you know we’re it’s we’re all in a bit of a mystery as to how the students will react to seeing the modality of their courses but if we have strong enrollment we feel that our budget is in a really good place and and so I would say that of all the universities in America this is a pretty darn good one to be budgetarily thank you would you describe the could you describe the plan to have staff return to campus I heard that they will begin returning the campus in August but and unclear so you’ll be getting a communication later today we’ll go out to the entire campus that is going to lay out the timeline major events in the upcoming timeline and including when people should start

coming back to campus the basic principle is this our students are starting to come back August 13th and so we have said as a general target date the campus itself needs to be fully prepared on August 10th all right so that’s right that’s kind of a target day and then in each area for staff or faculty there’ll be sort of a backing away from that August 10th date to see sort of a variable start date based on what your work is so if your area needs to be fully prepared by August 10th and to do that you think it’s gonna you and your supervisor believe that’s a two-week ramp-up period then that’s how you’ll figure out the start date to come back to campus again always keeping in mind that teleworking where possible is the preferred methodology because we really want to keep that that low density but there are positions that do need to be here we’re welcome our students they need to have an open campus and have have people here so that’s that conversation that will happen happen with supervisor or chair and the fact that your staff and sort of roll back targeting that August 10th to be fully ready to go thank you when will we know of class CDC capacity for face-to-face professors this is needed to accurately plan or lecture rotation so you should have you’ll you’ll have it you should have now what cut the classroom capacities are although as I I started if you were here at the beginning as we’ve been walking through the academic building and moving some furniture around we’re actually finding a higher capacity in many many rooms so many rooms are going up by three four or five students in a couple places some of the classrooms have actually gone up by as high as 10 students so so the deans will get the the final final version of these capacities this week so then what’s gonna happen after that is there’s going to be more swapping of classrooms that people traditionally have had so what we’re going to do is to match your classroom your enrollment with class capacities and of course to the best of our abilities keep them so yeah and this is your chair doing this it’s not it’s not me so chairs will be working with Dean’s and working with faculty directly to figure out okay this section of history 202 really needs a room with the capacity of 18 students but this section of history 301 the room with capacity is fine with 12 so now we searched it where we might shift people into the proper room to hit those capacities so there maybe for the next couple of weeks a little bit of movement around where you you know you were originally assigned to this particular room but maybe you’re three doors down later just because that will better increase the capacity and as enrollment changes some of these flaps will have to happen additionally we have the large non-traditional areas that we are going to use for classrooms so West Village comments the pavilion the theaters potentially one of the gyms over in verdict so we have a number of these areas that can take some high capacity classes so the deans have all been asked to send me the list of those high enrollment courses that people want to do face to face we’re going to prioritize highly enrolled freshman courses first so you know we want to prioritize their face to face experience so the deans are sending that in and those are the only courses are the only classrooms rather that the Provost office will sort of control will be working together with the deans to schedule those areas really to get the biggest bang for our buck so that we that we know it’s the highly enrolled freshman courses that are in those larger spaces so that that will all be happening in the next few weeks a little bit little more swapping around than usual if you want faculty to come in and practice when will the guidance to stay off-campus be relaxed so just to recall everybody that faculty have always had the opportunity to come back there has not been a restriction on faculty what we would suggest is that we don’t want to result where 50 faculty suddenly just descend upon you know one end of a department hall so my suggestion is to work with your department chair and just indicate listen I’d really my plan is to come on Tuesday at 10 o’clock and I try out the technology or see what my room looks like or understand what the building

is more is it courtesy than anything else and so that we again we can avoid a massive contraction of people but I just let your chair know ie you have access make sure you bring your swipe card because all the buildings are still locked down and you can get in access to the effect card though there be support for faculty you need to upgrade internet purchase webcams and headset etc for working from home there there is no plan currently to do that B you know there’s a lot lots of folks that are in that position I will say that if you find this a significant hardship and it could be there is the faculty/staff fund that was created and there’s I don’t remember how much money tens of thousands of dollars in this fund and I think that’s far only two people have accessed it so if having that technology is is a significant hardship to you that certainly is a resource that you could look to what is the percentage of courses that will be online versus hybrid so right now the results of the faculty survey the the last one I saw is is roughly I would say about 70% of courses will be online and about 30% will be face to face give or take a little bit in there so some some folks we’re still trying to hunt down but that’s roughly where it was breaking about about 70/30 well students receive any workshops online training or resources for best practices as learners in remote environments it’s no desperate be engaged etcetera will also be helpful for us and the class more broadly yeah it’s a really great point and and they will they will get that training through both facet and it’s and Student Affairs we’re working on some partnerships there but it’s a great point because we’ve been working really hard you’ve been working really hard all summer on creating these online environments and you know the students also have a whole challenge in front of them and how best to learn how to avoid some of the challenges we had in the spring and so educating the students on a proper sort of online education techniques is going to be a critical piece of this whole puzzle so we will work to do that is there any danger that our international students will lose their visas when we return to fully online classes at Thanksgiving or a case of a covin 19 search so we will not allow students our international students to fall victim to this policy you have our commitment on that you know we are there’s creative ways that we can address this so we’re still waiting on some word and interpretations about what this regulation means not surprisingly there was a heck of a lot of detail with this new announcement of this regulation it came out of nowhere and so everybody was sort of scrambling to figure out about what it meant so at a very superficial level what the regulation says is that if your university or your program has gone all online you must leave the country but if it’s hybrid that’s okay and thus far there’s no definition of hybrid we’ve announced that we’re a hybrid university that so that helps us quite a bit and so we will make every commitment using every piece of our power and every bit of our creativity to create a one on one schedule if we need to for all of our international students because we simply are not going to allow this to happen period some public school systems are basing in-person activities on the positivity rate of Kovach testing staying below 5% says t who or Baltimore County have a similar approach so we so tu isn’t going to establish a specific positivity ratio or anything like that our decision to either shift sis or face to face or to go return to an all online environment is based strictly on what Baltimore County and the state of Maryland determined so if they return if they make that decision the determination that people must go home shelter in place again then we will

comply with those orders but we aren’t going to make as an institution an individual decision on that ratio how can I get my students to specialized software and/or loan or hardware they need to take my class that sounds like an OT s type question I would say work through your department chair and have the department chair either themselves contact OTS or perhaps the Dean but you know OTS were rock stars when we quit and when we quickly moved away they handed out you know Chromebooks and software and all sorts of things for our students to be able to go home and continue their classwork successfully and so I’m certain that they will be great partners in doing the same thing for the Fall what does faculty professional development support for academic conference participation look like in this new world order travel not allowed but can conference registration be covered if attending or presenting yes so that’s a great question so as everybody knows they are our travel is being pretty much curtail local travel is located in the state of Maryland into DC so but you know the there’s lots of professional development opportunities that are outside of that so your departments will still have budgets they will be reduced but those budgets certainly can be used to support online registration participation and those sorts of things and you know we really encourage people to take advantage of those online opportunities so so yes well we get extra cleaning material for lab instrumentation the material these instruments have to be clean between classes and I guess the faculty will have to clean it so sure you can put in the request because I you know we have general wipes in and hand sanitizer I mean it’s just dispersed everywhere on campus right now but I understand that there are instruments that that would actually destroy the instrument so we don’t want that but in fact they are best positioned to know those specific types of cleaning requirements so again that’s a reach out to your department chair let them know what the needs are all of the requests for those sorts of cleaning materials are going over through Joe herring and he’s sort of organizing all of them and sending it over so things like our like PPE specialized PPE and all that are going that direction and he could put it out to where it needs to be to get over to your particular lab well we still have mandatory advising this fall we can do this remotely but it would be good for planning purposes to know yes absolutely so we advising is probably more critical now than it ever was and we already know that advising was super important so so certainly doing it remotely is a is a good option but we do we absolutely need to do advising and you quantify what highly enrolled freshmen classes means 25 50 100 that’s a good question it’s just you know honestly it’s going to it’s going to vary somewhat by discipline right so so like a biology lab like an intro biology might typically enroll say 125 people and then it’s you know it’s really critical now and and of that 100 500 of them might be freshmen that’s the kind of course that’s gonna jump out right away for okay that’s one that we really want to get face-to-face at and prioritize but there’ll be other ones where it’s equally critical even though the numbers might be smaller so if there’s a super critical music class that’s really important for first-year students that have and it’s really important that they have it face-to-face well that’s going to rise into priority for us so it’s going to be a balancing actors we don’t there’s not a so as much an art as a science and your Dean’s trust me are going to be very strong advocates for all of your programs and so yeah I think with with some good arm wrestling and some collegiality working together we’ll be able to do the best that we can to get as many freshman classes face to face and it’s just going to be dispersed so I was pleasantly surprised at the number of rooms that we

were able to get on this walk through to a capacity of 30 or 40 students because that starts to get into a significant number if you split the class in half so that that covers a lot of our intro courses so so I think that the opportunity I’m far more optimistic today about being able to schedule those classes in a reasonable way so that you’re not stuck seeing students every three or four weeks which really I mean that’s just not a really great format but I do think having you know half comes Monday half comes Wednesday or you hydrate it and say half comes Monday this Monday and half comes next Monday those are reasonable solutions and I’m much more optimistic today about our ability to find significant numbers of classrooms to handle that this enrollment consistent with previous years or has it dropped this year due to coronavirus so our enrollment is down a little bit right now it’s a little bit it’s a little bit difficulty point the point comparison because we’ve shifted transfer registration to next week when we had already done it by this time last year but right now we’re we’re about eight percent down I’m hopeful that we can close that gap through the transfer enrollment and also just pushing really hard with our graduate program directors to really work to to get students enrolled as as early as possible graduate enrollments in particular tend to break late in the summer and you know normally that doesn’t make you too nervous because you know graduate enrollment rates late in the summer this would be a really good summer to not let that happen and to push hard to get students enrolled now today so that we so that we can see what our actual enrollment is going to be look nobody knows how students are going to react when they see their modality this is true at tossing University it’s true at every institution across the country we may have students who simply say law you know three of my four classes are online I don’t want to do it I’m gonna go to the Community College or I’m gonna just sit the semester out we we hope that doesn’t happen because we’re confident that the courses that you deliver are going to be far superior to what they’re gonna find elsewhere and so we’re going to try to make that case to our students so that anybody here withdraws we will reach out and contact and try to determine why they withdrew and see if we can get them back in the fold but you know we want our tu students to stay it to you I continue in the fall and continue on track to graduate and their best bet to do that is to stay enrolled at Tufts in Towson classes so anything that you all can do to help spread that message and build that confidence in our students is certainly helpful one little mini mister well mini master be fully online my expectation is that it would be but we you know we don’t know will follow what the science so what happens with the virus yeah I’ve read all sorts of scary negative articles right before this forum I just read one where a respected scientist claims and we’re gonna have a vaccine in October no I don’t know right lots of respected people are coming out lots of different deadlines and expectations but you know that’s the beauty and the challenge of science isn’t it you try you work hard I you know but sometimes what seems a clear answer on Monday changes on Friday but it’s because you follow this it’s a scientific process and so the hope of course is that by meeting us there maybe we will have a vaccine and that’s what I’m gonna hope for since the virus does not seem to be under control under what conditions would in person instruction be discontinued and the campus pervert – entirely on an instruction for the remainder of the term so again that goes to the Baltimore County or the state of Maryland guidelines we won’t independently be making that decision so we will look to those health authorities if they or you know order do another stay at home water that’s when we would make that decision I have heard that there is some sort of symptom tracker but I have to complete if I come to campus can you tell me more about this great question there is a symptom tracker we’re still working out the kinks on it so many of your colleagues who have already been back to do

research are doing this daily as am i so what it is you just you’re going to get an email each day and it will say you know here’s your empty enter your symptom tracker you go in and it asks just a few quick questions so it asks it asks you to take your temperature you know what’s your temperature and what’s your temperature are you displaying any of the following symptoms and it lists the symptoms associated with eye Koby 19 have you been around anybody who’s been either suspected of having Kovan 19 or has been diagnosed have you been in close contact for more than 15 minutes so forth yes no if you answer no to the series I think it’s four questions you get a message it says great you can come back to campus if you say yes I am displaying this symptom or hey my temperature is 101 it tells you stop don’t come back to campus and here’s some resources for some basic resources for you including what we’re doing is we’re participating in what’s called an ask a nurse hotline so it’s a you can call this number and speak to a medical professional and they’ll ask further questions to assess you know what well gee maybe this really sounds like allergies or this really maybe this is a thing or maybe you really ought to go to the doctor right now and so using that sort of professional assistance to to help help out and so so that’s if the tracker is up we’re just again we’re working on some kinks all faculty and staff will be loaded into it in the next couple of weeks and so you’ll start to see that roll out so faculty and staff will be getting it’s being sent out the first load goes out Saturday so you can expect next week you’re going to get in the mail to your home address a care package from tu that will have a reusable mask a digital thermometer a refillable hand sanitizer and a cookie thing to poke there’s got to be a technical term for it I like to call it the pokey thing so that you don’t the touch elevator buttons or things like that and so the digital thermometer is a key part of symptom monitoring right and so we figured we ought to send those out so faculty and staff will get this package starting next week and then students will also get the same package and they will also be asked to do the symptom monitoring when they come back if we live with a healthcare worker who has daily exposure to Kovac patients with PPE he was there after health care worker using PPE we indicate on the symptom tractor that we’ve been in close contact with someone that’s an outstanding question and I’m gonna defer that question out I will find out whoever asks if you’re comfortable sending me that email I will answer you personally I’ll find out the answer but I will take this note and we’ll try to answer it on Thursdays affecting staff Town Hall because that’s a great question I hadn’t ever thought of it you stumped me okay you ready I’m ready all right okay well students be required to complete the same daily health forms as the faculty they will yes okay may I take digital temperatures as a condition of students entering my classroom I don’t trust self reporting oh I you know what I got stumped twice so to me look I would love to answer that I’m not trying to deflect but it feels like that might be a legal question so let me check that one let me take that outside of this this chat it’s a it’s a good question I just don’t I don’t want to go astray on this one so I’ll find out for you okay and it’s breaking news on CNN Trump administration drops restrictions on an online-only instruction for foreign students yay I feel like to you standing up did it we tip the ballot so congratulations sometimes the good people win that’s great news whoever shared that thank you so much I think a couple of people have and I just was able to get to

you’re selling high-five to all of you high-five high-five well done um I think this might go into stump um stuff what’s gonna make ya’ll stuffing me today it’s a but but these are really good ones they’re not a good question I mean how about those of us who are health care workers and are working with possible patients but also teach and in the classroom you know I mean at some level I guess this goes down to so this one I’m gonna take a shot at this goes down to you’re a healthcare professional who understands the risks and exposures and takes sort of the extra precautions and and what I would say is we’re gonna rely on you to use your professional judgment so if you were in the course of your day working in health care if something happened if you were in direct line with somebody if you feel that day was a vulnerable day you’re probably the best that is to teach online for that next session and so having that flexibility and using your best professional judgment to think about that the health and safety not yours but also your students and so that that’s gonna be a real challenge for sure but we know you know we we know that you know how to take the precautions and the and you understand the level of risk better than any of us and so I would say that that’s where we have to land on that okay if a student test positive what will be the protocol for your class well class be required to quarantine so we are working with Baltimore County on the contact tracing protocols so we have a whole protocol I think it it may be up on the return to tu website at this point if it’s not up today it will be up very very shortly so there’s a very specific protocol that’s followed as soon as somebody is diagnosed with kovat and so that contact tracing protocol we again the assessment would would go out and they would we would again follow that that medical advice whether that class needs to be quarantined or not so what you know in exposure right now is defined as that the 15 minutes or more of close contact right and so sometimes so if you’re passing in the hall if it was just a quick thing somebody went and you know grabbed a doughnut next to you or something that would not qualify the son wouldn’t mean like oh no the whole building needs to be shut down but if that student we’re sitting in a classroom for two hours on a Wednesday or something like that that would be a different story so but the health professionals come in and they will make that determination and we will we will do as they suggest if we need to record a class do we have to worry about privacy issues for our students so you do and that’s a really good question so FAFSA is working on a sort of statement that can be used on your syllabi and certainly we would ask you to discuss this with your students on the during the first class virtually all of our classes are going to be that’s the plan for most of us right is to record the classes and simulcasted it out so letting the students know that it’s being recorded in and of itself is is and if they could choose to stay in the class then that gives you that legal cover so for zoom I don’t know if this works for WebEx but for zoom so this meeting right now right at the beginning when Maggie hit record and the announcement went out that said you know this meeting is being recorded and I had to choose to stay in the meeting and so if you use oome if you know that’s the mechanism and I think my back’s has something similar but that will give you that will remind students and you that this is being recorded and you can choose to stay in or not staying one will be allowed in CLA if your faculty you’re allowed in ceiling right now right your you’ve always been able to go in so you’re welcome to do so again I just asked let your chair know so that we don’t have a situation where accidentally 20 people show up at the same time remember that we are officially a mask on campus at this point so if you are in any building you have to wear a mask and if you’re

outside and can’t physically distance you also need to wear a mask so if you can stay away six feet outside your you don’t have to have the mask on one of the neat changes you’ll see is a lot more outdoor furniture scattered throughout the campus that’s the idea here is it’s not to hold an entire class outside we because you be hoarding all of the outdoor furniture but it is a nice respite from being indoors you can grab a chair sit outside take the mask off I get a break and then go back into your you know into your classroom so there’s a lot of that going on right now and more is on its way apparently there’s a massive shortage of outdoor furniture all over the country because everybody’s doing the same thing but we hope that we’ll have some more out out and about for everybody to use and we require students to have their cameras turned on and microphones turned on while teaching online syncro online yes yeah you can so the thing is you need to make sure that the students have a camera all right and so if you have I mean 99% of laptops now and everyone’s phone has a camera on it but please make sure that students do have a camera if students don’t have access to technology then we have a lot of technology that we can either lend out or give them and there’s also the student emergency fund that is a great resource for them to be able to get their technology up to the speed for it for the class but again all these require it just requires you to notify the students that this is a condition of the course so we so just as you would say I need you must purchase this textbook to be in this course you can’t say well you need a webcam to do this to do our this course and so it just needs to be clearly identified and then I would ask people of course we’re always concerned about affordability so you know just be wise with it you know that the choices if if you do require technology let’s try to to be reasonable about that and understand that many of our students are in a financial challenge right now so we would just be cognizant of that is a higher increase still on the table or were searches beyond this year so we are still in a hiring freeze but even in a hiring freeze there are some hires that are happening the president’s been very clear that you know our job is to educate students and and you can’t educate if you don’t have faculty and also some key staff positions so even in a hiring freeze if you know we’ve had quite a few fact they have retired or faculty have moved across the country and so in those cases we’re you know it’s a case-by-case basis we’re looking and are doing hiring right now so we are delaying the so normally right now would be in the height of sending out ads for tenure-track positions and and in the case of business preparing to interview folks in in just a few weeks but we are gonna hold off on advertising tenure-track positions until we see you know what happens with enrollment so we’ll take a look so for fiscal 21 we’ll look to see where we stand in the fall so so we won’t be authorizing new tenure-track positions with some exception until we see how things play out a little bit here but we are hiring people are being hired day if a student is coughing in class what do you suggest we do well alright so certainly a hopefully their coughing into their ass to start with but I certainly think that it would be appropriate to you know a1 I don’t know what your what your personal limit is a1 cough might be an allergy or something but certainly I if I a student is repeatedly coughing I might turn and say hey Jeff huh how about you yeah yeah head on out we’ll see you next time or something like that you know ideally a lot of this is socialization and the students will be given all sorts of information about what this is about it’s about caring for others and so ideally if if somebody’s starting to feel symptoms or demonstrate some of these symptoms they will of their own accord leave the space but certainly

gently asking might not be a bad idea I’m just getting here so I apologize if this has been asked or answered I’m an adjunct who decides how my class will be delivered we are scheduled to meet once a week uh you’re a faculty member so you just you determine how your class is delivered so faculty have control over the modality of their class and so you should work with your department chair and choose a modality that you’re comfortable with and that works for the type of course your teaching has any decision been made concerning the timing of moving instruction research to the new science building means so just like the moving in or any so the new science building is on track right so so I guess the larger question is about where we are in the science building so furniture is coming in in October we’re on track for it for pretty much an on-time start there are fine Sandhya’s there are some maybe some labs and things like that that might be better to wait and do over the summer so I don’t I I think that the building won’t be a hundred percent open in the spring but it certainly will be it will be an active building in the spring there will be people using that building this brand completely confident that the contractor got back on on track here and if you haven’t been to campus lately you can you can now walk right next to this building it’s beautiful I’ve seen pictures of the interior where they are right now and it’s it looks like an actual building now with actual walls and it’s just really inspiring so I you know you’re getting a tremendous building and I’m really looking forward to opening it academic integrity has been a serious concern for all of us involved in distance learning as t you have any plans to purchase or produce a training video with associated quiz but all students all students would need to complete before the drop and add period ends in the fall so I don’t know what the exact determination what the product will be but all students will be educated they already are on academic integrity but we do it’s clear from what happened in the spring that we need to reinforce some behaviors and and talk about the specific challenges about academic integrity in an online environment so well I can’t say it’s a video with a quiz I don’t know what it is but there will be education for students very specifically about academic integrity and Fassett is also putting together training for faculty on how to create assessments that are less likely to elicit cheating so this is some of the work that’s come out of the return to TU task forces and those various subcommittees so one of the the subcommittees has been looking at this very question and so they’ve made some recommendations to facet about that and you know fast it is responding and we’ll put together that training both for faculty and then we’ll also work with our partners and Student Affairs to help educate students and really reinforce the the idea of you know what it means that the act with integrity there’s a question about submission of tenure materials would you like me to answer that Provost sure that’s your baby Maggie so let’s go for it all right so um we’ve been working a small group has been working with the with the deans and the colleges to finalize the the folder as the establishment of folders per college how that each college once the folders structured in a SharePoint site sharepoint site will be the process that’s used in OTS once we get these lists of folders to OTS OTS will be setting up folders for each faculty who is going to be reviewed for tenure or a five-year review so the deadline for the me receiving the folders is this Friday and we’re hopeful that OTS will have all the folder structures in place by the end of July and if it happens earlier we will let you know but you can also get updates um at your chairs and Dean’s okay lots more questions I’m trying to find one set or different because there’s some that are repeats okay I here’s one I just got a question from a student or if it going to be areas at

Towson where we can piss it where we can participate in class if we commute I have a very large gap in between classes and I’m not sure where to go what to do about this that’s a great question so so it sounds like so so they have gaps in their schedule and they would want to go somewhere to work online so we were just discussing this today so one obvious place is the library right but like any every other academic building on campus that will also have a reduced capacity but the library is going to be I imagine quite a popular spot for that but the other thing that we’re going to do is as we started walking around and thinking about how to tackle this particular challenge is once we understand how many classrooms are open so so there’s not a lot of these classrooms that can accommodate 40 students but there’s a ton of classrooms that can safely accommodate say 8 what I would like to look at doing is identifying some of those classes that are completely unused and make those into spaces where students couldn’t go retreat and and you know bring you their laptop or whatever into that space and work on class work so so library will be number one you know there’s obviously some space pockets here and there and many of the academic buildings but we’re going to try to increase that capacity in the next couple of weeks what is the plan for shared office space the adjunct faculty so like anything so you you know there’s going to be there’s capacities are being established for every space on campus and so clearly there’s no way you know in a shared office for the most part you can’t occupy the same space at the same time so working with your department chair the idea would be to figure out shifts like so I might use it Monday you might use it Wednesday however that sort of works but it’s just really important for for us to maintain that that physical distance and that safety again since seventy percent roughly of classes we think will be online the density itself is going to be dramatically reduced so my expectation is that other places like conference rooms places where you normally would hold department meetings my expectation is that for the most part department meetings will be online so some of those spaces could be redeployed into temporary offices four faculties so that we can again keep that spacing as much as possible will there be a torn for students who test positive for kovat who are convalescing and will there be any staff faculty monitoring these students yes so there is one of the residents Towers has been set aside and it is to be used entirely as quarantine space for students so it’s it’s all been it’s all set up it’s all it’s ready to go that Health Center is prepared to work with those students and yes monitor assists do do all that it’s a yeah they’ve done a really remarkable job so they’ve got it all figured out from food delivery to medicine and everything so they’ve done a tremendous job once their vaccine will it be required for all students staff and faculty so you know that’s what those things I gonna have to defer to some legal experts I think that I mean there’s there’s variance depending on your role and I don’t want to misspeak and it’s a there I think I will say there are some vaccines that we do require students to have there’s always a religious exception and also a health exception of course so they’re those exceptions will exist it’s murkier to me about faculty staff to tell you the truth at the very least we will strongly encourage and I’ll be first in line I have a graduate student who wants to come on campus to use the Wi-Fi at to you for an academic project she’s completing with me well she’d be able to come on campus even if all our classes are online absolutely in fact that’s one of the things we’re really trying to sell our students is that even if your classes go all online there’s an awful lot of value still to coming to campus for the Wi-Fi for the library for you know the Counseling Center all the support services that happen to be here those support services of course also haven’t

option for everybody but there’s also there will be value coming to campus and using the facilities and just in all honesty raise your hand I can’t see any of you but raise your hand if you kind of like to get out of the house for a couple hours yes but this that’s important you know I joke about it but getting away focusing on your work you know having that opportunity without dogs barking in your ear or somebody grabbing you and asking about what’s for lunch those are little important and so even if and I’ll say that to you also faculty even if you’ve chosen to go online look if you want to come to campus on any given day because you you you want to break and you feel safe about that the density went down or something like that come back in use your office right just make sure that you use that symptom monitor and let people know you’re coming and but we certainly want students in fact is that to be on campus as much as possible as safely as possible there is a question about swipe cards if we need to access our offices do not have a swipe card where we can access where can we access one well you all your your tyd is your swipe card you just need to be in contact with your Department administrative assistant and it can have that card activated for your building and your needs Provos it’s 402 do you want to keep going we’ve got a hundred and nine open questions a lot of them over some of them are repeats five more minutes to it and then and then if you all have some you good ones you can shoot right over let me give you so sometimes they go you I think they have it there’s an office of the provost Dropbox the Nestle sort of a general but my personal email is M Perot you don’t forget the second year yeah when I suppose my name at towson.edu so feel free to shoot me an email directly if there’s something that’s really important that didn’t get answered today just because that you know there’s an awful lot of folks on here it’s kind of hard to answer all of them and I’ll do the best of my ability to answer your questions and if I don’t know the answer like a cell I’ll put it off to someone else so let’s go five more minutes and well we’ll call it a day okay can you clarify if the faculty is responsible for cleaning a room if they teach back-to-back sections in a given room that has a minute break between the classes also in general who is responsible for cleaning rooms in between classes so the in between classroom cleaning is so when you come in into your academic building what you’re gonna see is every stairwell just about every elevator multiple places on every single floor you’re gonna see a cleaning station and there’s a giant jug of hand sanitizer and there’s a giant bucket of wipes what we are asking students to do and this is going to be sort of what would socialize over time you walk into the building grab a white wipe off your you know your your desk surface and and anything that you were doing going to be touching so that the expectation is that not that fact they have to run around and clean the desk that this is part of what we do you you clean your little area so and the science indicates that this is that that’s not a real common way for the list to be transmitted and but having that wipe gives you that extra security and so so that so that’s how it’s going to be done now and then they’ll be cleaning of course by the professionals in the evenings once classes are done but there’s no way to get in between the classes but there’s also based on again CDC guidance there’s not a need to do more than wipe down these services between and so we think that that is a is a way to do that safely faculty you are interesting taking classes outside on nice days who do we have to clear that area we would like to use so what’s the process of getting permission or sort of reserving space I don’t think we have reserved outdoor space I thought I can think of so it’s kind of like a first-come first-served scenario right I don’t think we have any outdoor reserved space so so so that’s what I would expect it to happen you

just see an opportunity and go like I said we don’t want a scenario people start kind of hoarding furniture or displacing students all right so so imagine that you go outside and gee you really want to have your class over in this area but darn it there’s three students sitting there enjoying a picnic or something it’s not really appropriate to go over and just kick those students on the island my class but if you see a spot and it looks nice and it’s shady and people can be six feet apart and I you want to do that that’s certainly something you’re able to do but there’s no reserving you just need to go out and just sort of be careful about it well we have a protocol for faculty to follow when a student isn’t responding to emails or posting on blackboard oh they’re not a protocol that’s simply it’s it’s your classroom and you have authority over how you grade or how you’re interact with your students I certainly hope that if you see a student kind of drop off out of your class and they disappear just as we would in any of the class either face-to-face or online I would strongly encourage reaching out to the student shoot them a personal email and ask about their their whereabouts and their well-being again I think that is what a good faculty never would do under any circumstances face-to-face or online in the fall of 2020 or back the spring of 1998 so so it’s even more important now I think to follow up and and see where students are because sometimes small things can suddenly loom large in the eyes of a 20 year old and having a faculty member to come in and express care express that they care about the student express them you know give that perspective and work with them express empathy I think can be life-changing for students and I mean that very seriously by hearing that their faculty members care about them as human beings is life-changing students will talk about it 20 years from now about that moment and so those are the moments where we can rise above the challenge the very real challenges that we’re all facing and you can transform students life in five minutes and so encourage that sort of thing but if we do two more and and then we close up our details or processes the same on tuned campus as it is on main main tu campus yes thanks for that question that’s a great question so our policies will be followed at all of our team facilities so any of the other places even if the local policy for some reason we’re not to wear a mask you will wear a mask in a tu class anywhere so all the same policies and protocols exist and the last ones about emergency systems test or fire test or is there any plan to prevent panic situations such as the emergency system tests or fire tests that require everyone to leave the beat building immediately so well at least my experience with roses they’re announced in advance I would certainly hope that under any of these kind of circumstances we demonstrate leadership as faculty and staff and sort of people are starting can I just try to try to chill them out a little bit remember that a.m. we’re at a we’re at a low density model so in most of these so what you would have seen in the past in terms of a like a fire girl or something like that that images in your head of crowded hallways remember that there’ll be far fewer people in those hallways moving at the same time and the other thing to remember is that the science says it’s you know for 15 minutes or more exposure to a person today I understand it look we’re all gonna feel super uncomfortable the first time whenever people come within six feet we’re all gonna feel nervous about that probably for the next decade even after vaccine comes because this has been such a stressful thing for everybody but the science would indicate that that that brief exposure exposure moving through the hallway to get out of doors is not a high-risk activity so so we would certainly just you know using

verbal cues that tell folks hey that’s that calmly move and and head out the door it’s a I’m glad you asked that question for another reason so in a couple of the academic buildings there’s a clear ingress and egress because of the narrow hallways so Smith is one of those but if there’s a fire or the alarms go off you need to go out whatever door is closed so don’t worry about oh no I’m supposed to go all the way down to the end of the hall to leave the building you see a door go out the door and director students accordingly that we’re gonna end with the fire drill on it that seems like an appropriate way to end let me think everybody really put first thanks Maggie for helping out here and fielding these questions again feel free folks that shoot me a direct email if you want or to the office that the Provost email drop and we’ll try our very best to answer our questions you know take care of yourselves if you get a chance to have something that resembles a vacation please take it the students are coming four or five weeks from now it’s like the countdown is coming and really looking forward to to seeing all of you and a bunch of students back here safely so take care I’ll see you all in a few weeks thank you we had over 200 questions submitted so thank you for all those questions sorry we could not get to them all bye