GVSU Incoming Students Town Hall June 16, 2020

>> Welcome to the grand valley family Welcome to our family, loved ones and other supporters, just again, welcome Lakers and welcome Laker family We are so excited to be joined by over 5,000 of our incoming students in two virtual town hall panel sessions we will hold this weeks I am Jessie bernal Iíll be helping to moderate our time together Today is one of 50 planned engagements, 25 hosted since this march and 25 more scheduled through the end of the fall Opportunities led by president mantella Each year, we are really excited to well how many our newest class of Lakers, so we are excited to be with you tonight You are a special class You have overcome so much and demonstrated leadership beyond your years, each of you are who we need at going this fall We received many questions In fact we received over a thousand questions during the registration process We will be answering as many as we can with some broad themes through our panelist of experts and in some opening comments by our president for those questions we do not get to or were specific to individual circumstances, rest assured we will provide individual responses and a follow up group email to all admitted students to you are specifically respond to ensure any additional questions you might have are answered We are here to provide as much information as we possibly can to you now and in the future This session is being recorded and it will be provided in that follow up message to all of you while we will not be taking live questions today given the number received already and the large participants that we have joining us this evening, we do have a chat box open where our panelists will be sharing additional information, important contact information, and web links that youíre able to search to find additional answers to questions as you prepare to arrive to grand valley in the fall Iíd like to intro do you say our university leadership who have joined us >> Dr. Malt bolkins, professor of mathematics

Associate provost for academic affairs, also a professor of mathematics Our vice provost for student affairs Our senior director of health A really great addition to our panel today, Krista Fernando, recently graduated from grand valley >> I want to tell you that video is true, we are a family I am going address all of my colleagues by first name to make it more conversationalist as we go through our town hall It has been quite a year I want to begin by acknowledging the stress in our world Itís unprecedented, itís an unprecedented level of suffering from the global pandemic, from racial injustice and from one of the most profound economic recessions, so I understand that this is a time of uncertainty in so many weighs and so many different dimensions for our students and families but as Jesse said in his opening, you have already persisted through the end of a high school experience, with things that were first for this generation of students, and youíll come into college and youíll make your mark here at our university in ways that will be consistent with the times and the things we must consider, but also will be helping all of us grow in the work that we do together as one community All of these areas in which we are struggling really call us to lift ourselves to a higher level They call us to remember that youíre our next generation of leaders what an awesome responsibility, and I draw inspiration often from dr Martin Luther kingís work, and he, I want to quote one of his many, many often quoted phrases that lifeís most persistent and urgent question is what we are doing for others, and when you saw the video that opened it up, you see a lot about grand valleyís true character, true essence, that we think about certainly the journey for ourselves as we experience relationships and growth but also we think about each other and one of the things that all three of these viruses really that are upon us have in common is they call us to care for others and thatís what Lakers are about Thatís our community, and I am a newcomer, Iím a new Laker I joined this university 11 months wag a very long career in higher education, mostly on the east coast, and I can tell you I couldnít be prouder to be among a community of people that care for one another, care about the quality of what weíre doing, care about communicating on things with a great deal of uncertainty to try to be as authentic and honest as we can about the journey ahead thatís really what weíre here to do today, share with you who we are, how we are thinking about the challenges ahead and reassure you through this conversation about some of the questions and there must be numerous oneís for you, your family, your loved ones as you think about your journey of going offer to college this year I will just introduce the conversation a little further to say that weíre going to really focus on certainly the experience of being a Laker and we have students and faculty members among us who can share their individual experiences, but also weíre going to talk about the

>>> around public health, covid, how weíre mitigating risk for students, faculty and staff as we return to more face-to-face interaction, in the state of Michigan With that, Iíll just turn it back to our host, Jesse bernal to lead us through the conversation >> Thank you, president mantella So letís just get right into this Over the hundreds of you posed questions related to academic planning and youíre scheduled for the fall Questions like what if I can only take on line courses for various reasons What if I get sick during the fall and need to return home? President Mantella will you frame our flexibility and weíll have other colleagues weigh in, as well? >> Yes I think one of the things I would want to share with you are is we have a very strong structure for our planning and that really includes networks are faculty staff that are at work each and every day, the readiness questions and providing the flexibility for the level of uncertainty that those questions inspire We also are working through all of our networks to be sure that weíre getting the best information to our university as we do our plan I can, so I am working with other presidents across the country around planning one of the things that happen in a moment like this is people are much more open with sharing and we are sharing with one another what the best practices are, what the emergent science is suggesting in order to do whatís necessary for you as you come into grand valley with our academic planning, the basic premise is that we need to move into the fall, reducing density, and providing adequate space and room for people to socially distance and follow the guidance around ppe, support of classroom environments, and hallways and residence halls that provide strong cleaning, strong sanitation, strong ability to social distance, et cetera That has led us to do a few things One is to look across the academic calendar and be sure weíre using every inch of the week in terms of lowering the density by increasing class lots where person happens we have had fewer than 100% utilization in the past Weíre fortunate that we teach in small class sizes regularly Our average class size is 26 and only 1% of our classes in a typical term is over 100 students The ability to bring down density for us is really high and our capability to do that across a very broad physical plant and a lot of acreage in a safe west Michigan community is also very high we have approached that by asking our faculty who are the experts to really step in and help us to think about their program, and how we think about providing some more on line opportunities both with them, the face-to-face environment of his blended on line and face-to-face and on line alternatives for schedules should someone want to start their journey fully on line instead of face-to-face and emerge into a face-to-face experience We need to be able to scale up or scale down, so weíll be watching contact tracing and testing and doing a number of things that will tell us itís time to put more of a heavy emphasis on on-line versus face-to-face Thatís sort of a broad framing about flexibility Itís using the best of on line, the best of face-to-face in environment that is lower density Iím going to turn to our provost office to talk about the planning and Iíd love for one of our faculty members to speak about how heís thinking about it within his classroom >> Thank you, president mantella Let me provide a few passengers of planning we’ve been doing One of the programs the president mentioned has to do to capacity in the classrooms For example, in mackinaw hall, one of our main buildings, many of the classrooms normally seat students

We went into those rooms as mathematicians, seats are six feet apart at least It sets the tone in terms of what we needed to do in terms of revising our classrooms and such For some courses, of course that maybe normally has 35 students, weíre going to break those into two groups and maybe one group meets in that room on Tuesday, the other group on Thursday Thatís >> Thank you, Ed, youíre starting to break up a little >> Iím ok, I can see you >> We canít hear you >> Oh, no. all right, well Iíll pass, then, back to you >> Ok, thank you So Felix, would you mind sharing just how one faculty member is thinking about the experience and creating that kind of flexibility and lowering of density >> Certainly, president mantella I think key is that we want to make sure that we focus on the safety and the health of our faculty, students and staff, and so take an example of my class, we are trying to make sure we are flexible, making sure we have multiple options for face-to-face, hybrid or on line depending the need of the students and also depending on, you know, how do we reduce density and make sure that we are able to, you know, practice all the guidelines from the cdc >> Great Thank you Calista, would you share the perspective of a student in terms of you were in a semester that moved from fully face-to-face to on line What was that experience like four and did you find your footing and find your support? >> yeah, thanks, philly, it definitely was wild but Iím sure students walking right now know what that was like when you were in high school Definitely I was — I felt safe when the university stopped classes when it did and I was really glad that they made that wise move we had a couple of days off, I think, which kind of felt like vacation, and then when we got back to it, it was definitely rocky as professors were learning to use videos for lectures, but professors were super reasonable, they understood that everything was thrown off for students, and they were super willing to find alternate ways for me to get to a lecture or like hear a lecture, if I, you know, my internet wasn’t working, I could contact other students of mine for help, group projects were very much refrained or consolidated so that there wasnít kind of the stress of trying to do a group project completely virtually I was really glad with how it turned out I felt that my semester was still really strong and being my last the summer of college and Iím sure for a lot of you watchings, it was your last semester of high school, you want it to be memorable and I felt like my last semester really was, that the university was empathetic to people who wanted, to seniors about to leave college and thatís once in a lifetime thing that happens I still enjoyed my friendships when we did work together in group projects, my professors still got in touch with us We did office hours virtually and they would ask me how I was doing, so it did feel like a robust end to the year and Iím really thankful for that because it was under such dire circumstances >> Thank you, Krista I really want to credit our faculty for the wonderful ways that they reach our students and personalize the education Covid-19 affected all of us differently, you know, what were our circumstances at home, what were our circumstances educationally, where were we on this journey I think the most important part of being at in institution is do they have the capacity to respond to your individual circumstances as they arise, because we could go through any permutation of what might need to happen and the question is will the faculty member be able to respond with care, is the university watching the macro conditions to provide safe

environment, and can they respond if they see a situation that requires a broader based response, and thatís the way weíre thinking about it and I think that nobody can give you certainty, but what we can share with you is our approach and confidence as a community and being able to address what might come up for you Jessie >> Thank you, president mantella Weíll certainly come back to talking more about our community expectations for health and safety Letís stick briefly on classroom safety a little bit more Greg, this question is for you, asked by 120 folks Ed has already shared some about our move to a 19 seat classroom to promote social distancing What other classroom health and safety measures are we taking as we prepare for students this fall and can you show me broadly the top notch well rounded comprehensive plan you have in place for colleague, air quality controls in all of our facilities >> Sure thing With respect to our classrooms, we will be using a special hospital grade sanitizer that we’ve been testing for the last several weeks, and weíll be sanitizing the classrooms fully once each day In the past, hour already high standards are cleaning, we would clean classrooms once a day but now weíll be sanitizing them This new treatment weíll be applying to the classrooms and flat surfaces around the campus is essentially a germ side and anti-virus side, hospital grade that advertises works for up to a full year Even if we donít get a full year out of it, we get a month out of it, this is a graham changer for our cleaning crew in classrooms creating that safe classroom environment, there is a number of legs to that stool, the social distancing being incorporated, the cleaning that I talked about and then in addition, weíre very fortunate in that almost of our buildings on campus are relatively new, have advanced heating ventilation and air control systems Weíll be building flushes of the air, recirculating the air based on relative humidity and the temperature at the time Overnight, advanced reas I rememberlation again to keep the air as fresh as possible in the classrooms to provide that health and safe environment that we can throughout our classrooms To the broader campus, weíre doing much the same things to keep the campus as safe and as clean as we can for our faculty and staff Again, the advance cleaning, we normally in the past have done most of our cleaning in the evening Weíre going to shift to multiple shifts during the day so we can provide that almost continuous presence when the buildings are in use in those high traffic areas Additional, weíll be doing things with a lot of markers on the floor to keep traffic patterns to minimize that random interaction, random contact as we move through our buildings Iíll be using, you know, markers on the floor for areas where you might have to stand in line to create the six-foot distancing In addition, weíre doing a number of things with Plexiglas dividers especially for forward face I can or customer oriented spaces to provide that kind of barrier protection for our faculty and staff and also for anybody thatís interacting in the areas like that so weíre doing a number of things across the campus to make it the healthiest and saves place that we can give the challenges that weíre facing with the pandemic and then lastly, all of our faculty and staff yes coming to work each day are expected to do this self-check at home, to look for symptoms of covid-19, temperature, and, you know, loss of smell or taste, things like that Theyíre supposed to do the self-check If they have any on there, they are supposed to stay at home We donít want anybody that could potentially be I will come to our campus We are working to find contracts to get those team tested as quickly as we can Itís a multi-dimensional problem All these efforts need to work to 12 the spacing, the heating, the ventilation, and the markers on the floor and just, weíre really doing our best Itís been an all hands on deck effort by the facilities crew and weíre going to be

ready for everyone when we go back to face to pace >> Thank you, Craig So philly, you know that my nephew is moving here in the fall from Texas to go to school here My mom, his grandma asked this question that another 100 parents have also asked The basic question was from her a little more direct, how you keep 4,000 18-year-olds wearing masks My question to you, you talked to the campus about the importance of shared responsibility What are your expectations as we enter this next normal of in-person lurk, still facing serious health challenges? >> Iím not sure you used the problem active of the chair, the microphone to get your question out there Happy to answer that In an equally personal way, let me tell you that I have three sons They were interesting during their childhood and high school years and when they went off to college I remember the set of things we all talked about I remember talking about the fact that nobody was going to be getting them out of bed in the morning that they had to own that responsibility and get ready to go even when the weather was bad and they wanted to stay under the warm covers I remember the responsibility of being a bystander when youíre seeing something wrong, and speaking up This is simply another public health responsibility that we have As families, we need to be talking about responsibilities Thereís nowhere we can hide from this pandemic Thereís nowhere We have to create safe environments wherever we are Iíll be a very out front and vocal spokesperson for each of you taking on the personal responsibility to care for ourselves and one another so we can get through this period in the safest possible way That means really campaigns for people to watch out for one another, to speak up in moments where they see someone that should be wearing a mask or should be walking down the stairwell the right way Iíve never professed before pandemic, nor will I after, that I can predict the behavior of an 18-year-old, nor can I control the behavior of an 18-year-old entirely, but weíre he a student centered institution and weíre ready to support and entrust to our students an attitude that they will take on that responsibility, and we create an expectation and we create an accountability with one another, and thatís what weíll do as we face the pandemic, just as we have faced other social challenges >> Thank you, president mantella Krista, youíre a long time Laker You heard what the president had to say As youíve come to know grand valley, what would you say to your fellow Lakers about the environment we strive to create, around our culture of care for one another What does that like for you and what should it look like moving forward? >> Yeah, thanks Jessie I agree with the president and what she said I didnít know about all of the steps gvsu has taken to make the campus safe for the fall Thank you for that Iím honored to having to a university that takes this so seriously Congrats to all you have guys that got accepted to such a great university This is such a great step Maybe it doesnít have all the fanfare that it would have had, but really, really well done and the idea of still going to college, itís still going to be an amazing experience Gvsu has always wanted to offer an avenue for students to explore the things that they want to there are so many student organizations and if there isn’t one, people make one, I have a friend whoís the president of the genetic counseling, genetic therapy counsel club, itís him and a couple of friends I think the idea that students can start whatever they want when they have this synergy with other friends is a part of what makes the culture and atmosphere of the campus really interdependent, people know that if something starts, they can join in and that thereís a place that you can go and belong if youíre interested in something that you think is weird, I guarantee you, you can make a club out of it and other people will join in this idea that grand valley is close knit even though it seems large based on numbers,

the campus and its location is really close knit and tight, itís like a family you come to learn very quickly that oh, I donít know who said this, that our survival, I think it was mlk, our survival and our freedom is tied up in other peopleís surviving and freedom and thatís definitely coming to play in the pandemic and itís come to play in a lot of past issues, including campus safety, you know, our grand valley police are making sure thatís a safe place to be Mental health has been a huge thing at grand valley I had concerns with that and I came and found a ton of support, so those are a few of things, Iíll stop talking now that grand valleys within doing If anybody has any questions for me specifically and want to throw them out to me at email to the together at gvsu address, those will be passed on to me >> Thank you itís so wonderful because we live and breathe around such pride in our students and what happens here at grand valley and we would be happy to have you carry the rest of the conversation and the rest of us Willis to you, crista, you do a lovely job and exemplify the quality of the grand valley values, the education and just the personal responsibility, so thank you for what youíre doing Jessie, back to you >> Thanks, crista, thank you, president mantella You just heard from Christa about her great experience lots of parents are interested in our student life and student engagement and in particular, the opportunities that they will be able to enjoy this fall, but specifically will any of those look different and how are we planning around some of the needed changes so that we have a robust student life but also a healthy and safe one >> Great question Like our academic enterprise, it will be different but it will be of high quality, so we are still making plans We have lots of staff working on this I can mention a few examples was things already decided We will have paternity and so routes but it will be virtual When you arrive for orientation in the fall, weíre trying to spread out orientation so youíll have a little bit of it prearrival Once you arrive on campus, we will have typical orientation and welcome to university life, some virtual, some in small groups in socially distanced environments A student organization fair will be virtual We want to conduct the engagement opportunities Christa alluded to We will move classes to larger spaces when needed Our staff are creating guidance for student organizations, clubs, sports, intramural teams and because so much is student led, we are creating guidance to help student leaders and advisers to know how to implement safe and healthy engagement opportunities There will be difference this is fall, but like our classes, weíre trying to make sure they are of high quality and really thoughtful going into the fall >> Thanks Greg, similar for you, a lot of families and students interested in Laker athletics How are things going to look different this fall and what are we doing to ensure safety for student athletes? >> We are planning for athletics in the fall of course, we need to get a lot more guidance from the ncaa and great lakes interathletic conference but we are moving forward, the first batch of fall athletes, football players started working out this week Weíre gearing up for that The NCAA has directed reduced levels of competition We are managing that, but we expect to have fall sports With regards to, you know, spectators and things like that, we are still awaiting guidance from the NCAA, from the conference and obviously from the local health department We expect to have a full slate of sports in the fall and we are gearing up for that >> Great if I can just add in, because I think that what youíre hearing from Greg and others,

it is what we know to date and weíre going to keep having more and more information available, and there is a website that we have created around if the campus which is Lakers together I urge you to take a look there, because there will be categories of health and safety, life on campus, athletics, return to work, guests on campus, all of that information will be presented and weíll keep — we add to it every week, so that weíre keeping it thoroughly up to date with what we know in the moment I wanted to share that, as well >> Great So thereís lots of at that website that president mantella mentioned, lots of information about housing We received over 300 questions about housing, so dean, Iím going to ask to you give us an update as you can a housing many of our students and parents are interested in housing and specifically can you share our plans for how we will keep our students safe living on campus and maybe one of the most important out there for them, when will they find out where theyíre going to live and who theyíre going to live with >> That is the big question right now, I know it is June Let me mention a couple of things globally before I get to move-ins and assignments We are fortunate that about 80% of our 6,000 campus beds are sweetion and apartments We already have physical configuration that limits the number of people in spaces and assigned to bathrooms, for example We have semi private bathrooms with those arrangements the other 20% of our inventory, weíre going to like our classes reduce density, so we will do single occupancy assignments in those buildings so that like our suits and apartments, we can achieve a limited number of people per bathroom in effect creating semi private bathroom facilities in those traditional buildings, as well Students will receive their assignments by June We will be making those assignments by the end of this month when you get the assignment, I think by the end of June, Iíll have to check with my staff, but you will get an assignment for a specific time and day to mooch in we want to achieve social distancing and keep everybody safe, so weíre going to stagger that kind of movement over a longer period of days Roommates will not be moving at the same time, so youíll have a chance to meet roommates but it will not be at move-in, we want ting make sure they are safe for social distancing You can give a call or email the housing and theyíll be flexible and make arrangements for you You can expect to see in the fall instructions about personal safety, about cleaning schedules, agreeing mentioned the superior cleaning crews that we have Itís the same crew that cleans in our housing facility We will increase cleaning there, as well We will make sure that programming for residential connection and students that are wanting to meet each other occurs in smaller scale living areas, again, to create smaller numbers of gatherings Move-in itself we are still working out, but we expect to have a system, if you will, that allows people to report how theyíre feeling for the day You can get a keep at pickup We will probably try to not have lots of people around you when youíre moving in so that again, we can achieve safety and distancing objectives More of that will work out We feel confident Weíve been working with county health and public health authorities and weíll have more when we issue assignments later on this month >>> Thank you Tina is our senior director of health She also weeds our technical hem advisory group with help groups You work with this group on training and education to ensure all of our community members of the best and most up to date information Can you share more about that effort and the practices for the use of face covering, social distancing, signage and a lot of the great work you’ve led in this area for our campus? >> Sure Thanks, Jessie I want to welcome everyone on the call to our Laker family As everybody has attested to, itís a wonderful community to be a part of clearly, as we look at covid, itís a respiratory illness that spreads from person to person

so we have worked hard to develop a number of processes, and we are asking our entire Laker community, faculty, staff, as well as our students to help us to reduce the risk by accepting the personal responsibility as president mantella referred to earlier and following the guidance from the cdc and our local public health department sops 24 we can ruse the risk for covid the stuff that weíre all hearing about, maintaining that social distancing, itís wearing face coverings, you know, whenever theyíre around people, certainly inside of a building, but outside, if they canít maintain that social distancing, if people are outside and, you know, theyíre not really close to a bunch of people, masks certainly aren’t necessary Washing hands Donít touch your face and certainly its stay in your dorm room and if youíre starting to feel sick, because even mild symptoms can be contagious Thereís a mechanism we have where you can kind of let us know that youíre not feeling well, somebody will follow up with you We will assess whether we need to call a health care provider That you will of that weíre working on developing or itís already in place These do not just reduce the risk four, but all of those around you This is very much that caring for other people because what you do affects your friends and family members, as well The other thing that we are working on, because this is such a new way to look at things, we know weíre all going to need reminders Itís easy to forget to stay six feet away from people the Lakers standing apart but together campaign is signage to help us remember when we should be wearing face coverings, wash our hands, social distance, when a hallway might be a one way hallway. where do we stand with the lines, all that have helps reduce our risk and weíre very fortunate that we have close relationship witness our local health departments as well as our health systems, so theyíve been great resources for us as we felt our plans and as we continue to build plans to make sure we are doing the best we can to recognition the risk as best as we can >> So president mantella, several parents and families, you know in the winter we were hit by an unexpected crisis, we had to move 24,000 students to remote learning, hundreds of offices, and thousands of employees to remote fully active service to support our students Panels wonder how we are planning for multiple scenarios, that theyíre hearing in the news if one student tests positive or something for substantial causes the need to go to remote learning even temporarily, what does that look like for us as a campus? >> The key is a word you used that weíre practicing multiple scenarios Weíve been tracking the curve of the virus for some time, learning how to flatten that curve Weíve been learning more about testing capability with ppe Weíre learning as a nation that we could be able to calibrate effectively as long as weíre watching the patterns Itís no longer a light switch on and light switch off, thatís not the way weíre thinking about it We are thinking about ways that we reduced the personal contact if any if we start to see cases, we can cut over to remote learning We can cut over for the end of the term reading through some of the questions, there was a question about some of the institutions have announced not returning back after thanksgiving and pushing the start earlier, itís very hard to predict this curve Thatís what weaver learned, right, as we’ve gone through this together What weíre focusing on is the capacity to just We have largely retail population We are not struggling trying to move students across the globe We have a small international population We are focused on watching our very large footprint in the Midwest and cab brateing

as quickly as necessary Whatís important to me and what I think we all would like to see is legs talk about covid and more about the college experience, right? This will come and go and there is going to be an amazing experience for you here at grand valley state university and what you want of your university is for us to calibrate responsibility in the interest of you and the others We are extremely student centered, weíre practicing, plan I can, learning and weíre exercising our muscles so that we can react and respond appropriate, as we go forward >> Letís jump to talking about the student experience a little bit more In order to become part of our Laker family one have to register Professor Bulkins What advice and direction would you give them? >> Well, overall, echo the comments of my colleagues here that grand valleyís a great place to be I’ve been fortunate to work over the university for 20 years Two of my kids are alumni and my third child is going to be a guest For those of you who registered, thank you for doing that We devised a new program where we moved from small group experience meeting on campus, and as of today, we’ve registered almost 2500 new students as part of our first year class We have one more registration tomorrow before we take our annual summer break to let everybody take their breath and recoup In July, we expect to register something on the order of 15-0 additional students more If you signed up for one of those dates, we are already marching for you I have talked to student advisers Youíll start to get communication out of our admissions office and two to three business days before your appointment, youíll get correspondence from our advisor directly and have an appointment with one of his our fine faculty advisers If youíre a perspective student, I would urge you to sign up soon We still have space for you and we would love to have be a part of our incoming freshman class All indications are that although the circumstances this summer have been different, theyíve been really good Many students and their families expressed they appreciate the one-on-one appointments we’ve been able to offer lots of positive feedback in terms of how thatís gone and on a very personal level, one day earlier this summer when I was sitting at my desk, my daughter registered for her classes with one of my colleagues on the wall opposite me When I went to din their night, I heard it went well Weíre looking forward to having you as part of our classroom Making sure finances arenít barrier to students having the wonderful experience Our families are facing changing financial situations How do you recommend that they access support from you and your team? >> Thanks, Jessie for the question We have been actively working, you know, already with incoming students and current students and we have a lot of, I mean, you know, weíre ready to answer any questions that you might have For those already filled out some financial aid forms or supplied for collar ships, you may have communicated with us and thatís great If you have questions about your financial aid order, your scholarships, please reach out to us We are all working remotely We are ready to help you In fall, we will be back on campus and ready and willing to help you there, as well We understand that some circumstances maybe different from information you’ve already provided to us You may have faced income lossar changing income and we are prepared to help you with that we have a couple of different processes, our website is the best place to send you a few different things called special circumstances where we know your income might have changed and we can make changes to make you eligible for more federal grants and institutional

grants Sometimes itís simply a hard request We want to help you if you have questions or concerns about finances Itís our goal to support you and make sure you can attend in the fall with that we understand each situation is different ant unique Please reach out to us and we will respond in a timely manner The other thing I want to mention that we did receive some questions about is student employment, so we are planning to have jobs for students There are some posted right now Once your student registers they can use their grand valley credentials and start planning for the fall There are at least 50 different offices hiring Many will post jobs later in June and July yet We tell students to keep checking every few weeks if you want a job on campus in the fall and weíll work with you on that Thatís a common question this time of year many offices are hiring to start work in august before it starts, and we have some virtual opportunities available and other things available, so if that is something youíre interested in, please check that out, as well >> Thank you For students out there who might be nervous going to a financial aid office, when I was a student, I was It was scary, I felt embarrassed, any of those things Michelle and her team are tremendous and care for each of our students Thanks, Michelle Jody, director of admissions You know more about this class than anyone here What are the top two things you are hearing from families that we want to address tonight? >> thank you, Jessie, one of the more common questions weíre getting in addition to what you received a lot of information about today is visiting campus You didnít get the opportunity to do that this spring The admissions offers is planning campus visits and tours while following the CDC guidance Many of you asked if you could come on campus on your tone get a feeling for campus In July we are launching a website allowing you to use a mobile advice to walk from building to building on campus At each location, youíll find audio If youíre interested, youíll find a link to this website in July from the admissions web pages, so weep keep you informed about those opportunities If we can answer any questions for you through the admissions office, please let us now If you havenít sent your high school transcripts or college transcripts, get those as quickly as possible We do need to complete your files Thank you >>> Great, thank you, Jody, as the last question and I think we turn this one over to Krista and maybe a couple of faculty members We have a lot of incoming students coming and how will they become part of this Laker family? Krista? >> I would say donít think that you need to try everything I came in and that was a piece of advice that was given to me You will probably go to potentially a virtual campus night and everybody organization there be there I put down my email — maybe 20 different organizations I picked and choose and I found community in some of them and didnít enter some of the other ones That was really great for me I was with a lot of foundations I have lifelong friends through those Definitely pushing yourself out, maybe being involved isnít the best for you I know that that might be a reality, but I think if you put in a little bit of effort for just a couple of things, that will reap a lot of His mitts I also encourage it, I did it, after we went virtual, my work, I was a chemistry tutor, it also went virtual and it was very helpful a note to the financial aid office, I applied for a hashed ship grant during that muster and they were amazing, really understanding when it was just tight with the money and you couldnít really provide hard like my dad says kin jump didnít necessarily change but I was very affected and I got a lot of helpful funds to help finish up my med schooling

applications and plan for those Yeah Stuff any other questions, feel free to ask >> Last words from a faculty member and weíll turn it over to our president Advice for incoming students >> Thanks, Jessie, donít be afraid to get out of your comfort zone Make sure go to class, get to know your professors and please do not procrastinate Christa was one of my students and Iím proud of her Thank you, crista >>> This has been a great conversation We canít wait to be interacting Because of your diligence and putting into questions everything that was on your mind, I think in this time of uncertainty, you want to know the people, want to know what we think of the work you want to know that we have you at the center of our minds and hearts and that weíre a place that deeply cares not only about your wellbeing, certainly thatís where it begins, but quality of vacation and ability to flex with you Itís a phenomenal community Youíre going to enjoy being a Laker and weíre going to hold you to a high standard of excellence, the kind of commitments and deep engagement with our university and good care of each other when you come here, so thank you so much Itís been a pleasure talking with you and thanks to my colleagues and most of all, congratulations