YouTube GOLD – "PAY DAY" (s2 e18) | RC ADVENTURES

– Get these guys out of bed We’ve been living on site since TTC Boys Get out of bed, it’s time to go mining! YouTube GOLD, baby, let’s go – [Rookie] I’m so hungover – [SluiceBox Steve] Can I finish my beer? – Morning, boys – Morning – [RCSparks] Time for YouTube GOLD! I see that Joe wasn’t able to make it today – No Joe – We’re gonna have to pick up where he’s slacking off But don’t worry, I think I got a machine that might help us up production – What’s in the box? – [RCSparks] Well exactly, man You know that we’ve been going for more gold than ever this season, and I figured why not spend it all before we have it and get ourselves a new machine, right? – Yeah – So bro, if you wanna go ahead I should’ve given you a completely more adequate tool, but this will take a very long time, this is perfect – Woo! – Oh, nice – Watch your fingers – I like the color – It’s orange – Okay, watch this styrofoam, I hate this stuff It sticks to you like for years – [Steve] It gets everywhere – It’s okay, it’s not my place (laughing) (vacuum whirring) – Move the box – [RCSparks] Yeah, get the box out Should’ve used the crane for that – Should’ve – Should’ve – Could’ve – [RCSparks] Put it back in the box! (laughing) It’s a small barrel, hey? – It is – Yeah, I know, but remember when Wyatt and I built the trailer, and I wanted to have a mobile sluice plant You’ll see here, or a screener plant, three axles Yes, it’s a trailer – We need to back load it here – [RCSparks] For sure Hello (vacuum whirring) Steve, you should ask it before you do that Get consent! (vacuum whirring) (wood creaking) – [Rookie] More styrofoam – [Steve] Conveyors, more conveyors – [RCSparks] People on Instagram were right It was more conveyors, kind of – [Rookie] Some little gear head motors – [Steve] They’re short ones – [Rookie] Yeah, tiny little guys – [Steve] Perfect – [RCSparks] So you’ll see that these actually move, so these will be able to fold up on the trailer, so it’s completely a mobile set up – [Rookie] That is wild – [RCSparks] There’s one on either side, so one will branch out on the front, one will branch out on the back Okay so, on the RC model design page there is the white one they have on display so we can see cause there are no instructions Real minors don’t need instructions though, so you– – [Steve] Real minors would like instructions though (laughing) So that’s all folded up, hey? – [RCSparks] Yeah, exactly, so this way we can see how it’s tied up, yep, so this is totally for mobile transport, and like Mike says, this one swings Yeah, it’s like the size of my finger – [Rookie] That’s wild – [RCSparks] So conveyor underneath, that’s styrofoam everywhere – [Rookie] All leaf-sprung – [RCSparks] All leaf-sprung, yep, heavy duty too, that’s crazy Good, cause we’re gonna take this to the river, then we’re gonna need something good to haul, you know? Oh yeah, how– – [Rookie] So this’ll sit, it’ll keep the dirt in the center – [RCSparks] Correct, instead of pouring out the sides – [Rookie] That is worth the hurt, man It’s beautiful, I like it a lot – I don’t wanna get the belt, but– – [Rookie] Maintenance already? – [RCSparks] All of these are squeaky, well you’re darn right, it’s gonna go out in the field right away, I wanna make sure everything’s– – [Rookie] That’s not gonna collect dirt though, is it? – It should dry, it should dry dry – [Rookie] Should dry dry? – Dry dry? This is why you have a professional mechanic on staff at all times – Hey tires are apprentice work, where’s my apprentice? I have a license, I’m not supposed to be doing tires – [RCSparks] But your name is Rookie, aren’t you your own apprentice? – That’s, yeah, fair enough – [Steve] Well there’s a little cam in here that swings the conveyor on the front so you can swing it – On the pin? – left or right On this pin here, yep – [RCSparks] And it’s run by a servo? – [Steve] It’s run by a servo, yep – [RCSparks] Just that arm is a little awkward – [Steve] It’s pretty awkward getting in there, yeah – [RCSparks] Yikes, look at that – [Steve] It is on a plug though – [Rookie] Yeah, we’ll have to take a– – [RCSparks] It got ripped off – [Rookie] and solder it back together

– [RCSparks] Always something in shipping, hey? Well at least we get to see– – At least we noticed it now – [RCSparks] Yeah, and we get to see what’s under the plate here It’s obviously gonna, is it a direct? Yeah, direct, yeah – [Rookie] Those are some gears – [RCSparks] It’s good though, they’re all metal – So there’s actually four conveyors, plus the trommel on this, there’s actually a lot going on – [RCSparks] Yep, there is So we can strip this down with the wire cutter, yeah? – Yeah, we got enough there to work with – [RCSparks] Try to leave most of the wire there – [Rookie] That’s a stubby little bit coming out – [RCSparks] I’ve never heard that before No, like, I’ve never heard that before (laughing) – So turns out that I can’t have gluten anymore Found out the whole time that, you know when I was at my mom’s place the other day having dinner, I couldn’t have it – [RCSparks] So here goes the throttle, that controls the conveyor Now I can run that backward or forward, and you’d be wondering to yourself, “What, is he gonna stand there hold the trigger all day?” and the answer is yes, of course I would Or I can just adjust my trim level to keep it on a constant forward or on a constant backwards to make the conveyors go backward and forward – We just need to assign somebody to do that, stand here! – [RCSparks] That’s right, just stand here and hold that There’s the front swing arm This is the entire length of my table almost, guys how long is this? – That’s giant is what that is – [RCSparks] That’s something I’m used to hearing all the time, by the way (laughing) – [Rookie] These ones that are just sticking out ever so slightly – [RCSparks] Perfect, and they clear the belt no problem So this is how it would be transported There it is That is amazing (laughing) – That is weird (truck whirring) – [Rookie] Oh that’s so close – That back axle is off the ground – [Rookie] I see that, two of them – Two of them, yeah Whoa! – [Rookie] Who left that cord here? – Are you guys no help at all? Geez – [Mikal] I’m waiting for boss to scratch it – [Rookie] He already did (mumbles) – [RCSparks] Such an amazing looking machine, I handed it off to Rook there, he’s a good pilot at this as well So this is my Ford Aeromax, made by Tamiya Tamiya, Tamiya, Tamiya, however you want to pronounce it It’s got a Tekin ROC412 in it Plenty of pulling power with those lock diffs, but hard to turn sharply – [Rookie] She’s doing pretty good so far – [RCSparks] Yeah, very well – [Rookie] Still worried about this hill I know we’re going the long way, but, – [RCSparks] You wanna try it? – [Rookie] man that’s a lot of weight – [RCSparks] I think you should try to pull it up the hill – [Rookie] I think you’re crazy – [RCSparks] Okay – [Rookie] I’m worried about the long lead Let’s find out – [RCSparks] Beautiful, over the terrain no problem It’s got all that weight planted on the back axles of the truck Ooh, careful brother – [Rookie] Ooh, that’s tippy – [RCSparks] Yeah Well done, Rook Ooh, traction problem (truck revving) Nice! All uphill – [Rookie] Have we checked our height on this bridge? – No – Oh hey, there’s a boulder in the way, somebody wanna deal with that? There’s gotta be a more efficient way of– – [RCSparks] Yeah, yeah (truck whirring) Takes a long time to move 63 pounds

(truck whirring) – [Rookie] I’m already past that one The big rock that’s in my way – [RCSparks] Come on, man, you’re holding up production! (truck whirring) Nice job Mike All uphill, oh, there’s way too many boulders in his way You gotta go, no, Rook, Rook, no You’re gonna get him stuck (sighs) Let him clear a path Nice flat path, Mike Rook you’re probably gonna have to take a run at it, let him take one more pass – [Rookie] Give her all she’s got – Yeah – That’s a big rock – Good job – Thanks – [RCSparks] He needs momentum for sure, to go up Yeah, ah Okay, chain up Just chain to the back of the dozer Careful, that’s a lot of weight – [Rookie] All right, as soon as I bounce– I’m done – Too soft, yeah – [Rookie] Who’s our chain up guy? – [RCSparks] That, no wait, wait, wait Don’t put that on the front of the bumper That’s not gonna work, that’s gotta go straight under to the axle, man – The axle? – You’re gonna rip the bumper right off, you ever done any rigging before? – No – Out of the way You ever done any rigging before? – Yeah, a little – [RCSparks] It said on your resume you were a rigger! – That’s what I said, a little rigging (sighs) – [RCSparks] Maybe rigor mortis at your age brother, come on – [Steve] I feel like it’s setting in – [Rookie] Probably just pull it up the hill – [RCSparks] Coulda pulled it Here, get out of the way, get outta there Three guys to hook up one chain – [Rookie] Well I feel I’ve been– – [Steve] This is the hardest part – [RCSparks] It’s right around this, right there – [Steve] There you go – [RCSparks] Let’s keep it short – Connect to itself, yeah? Yep, right there – You good? – Yep – In position? – Good! – Go, pull – Nice and slow You powering? More power, more power, don’t be pulling that front axle out – [Rookie] My tires are spinning – [RCSparks] I see, yeah, steer a little over, you’re gonna hit the rock, there it is – [Rookie] Don’t have a lot of steering going on right now – I see that, It’s lifting, oh, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa – What happened? – Crap – [RCSparks] It’s okay, we’re just gonna reposition Mikal Spin around, Mike, get your tail over there – Every time the dozer’s pulling me, I have zero steering, I have no authority whatsoever, it’s, I go where it goes, so it’s all up to Mikal – [RCSparks] Okay Mike, shorter chain Try to steer him around the rock Good, are you going forward? – [Mikal] Going forward Yeah, start turning Mike – [Rookie] (mumbles) up ahead, dig it in – [RCSparks] There it is, there it is Nice job! Power down, Rook, start coming towards me – [Rookie] I’ve got no steering, I’m just following a dozer There we go! – There you go – You’re clear now – We’re clear – [RCSparks] Keep going, keep going, let him come up There, yeah, cause he’s gonna get stuck there A little more, bring it right over here You’re good, you’re good, let’s unhook – [Steve] Nicely done, guys – [RCSparks] Yeah, well done Okay, pumps in the water Firing up the top pumps Yeah, ah, I got one sluice that’s a little bit uneven

– [Steve] Yeah, I’ll fix that in a second So shake her, just need to change this just a little bit here, even that out Yeah, there, that’s almost perfect Good flow today 100% 3D printed, the Spiker Cat continues to roll on years after it was made Not just for snow (machine whirring) Yeah, that one’s nice and heavy Probably weighs as much as the dozer itself Like a boss, Mike (machine whirring) Moving out full of pay This Spiker Cat can move so much, I’ve had this on my channel for the longest time He’s coming around the pond so he can come deliver pay so we can get it up into the trailer (machine whirring) Steve coming back to the controls of the loader, it’s been a little while for him It’s a little bit like riding a bike – A little bit – A little bit, but nothing at all – [Steve] I’ve never forgotten how to ride a bike (laughing) – [RCSparks] Again, storm clouds in the background, these super hot days always threatening with thunderstorms – Almost looks like a repeat of last week – [RCSparks] I know, its like last episode We don’t want to lose any gold his time The gold, the gold! Dude, the gold flew away! (beep) holy– Here we go guys, first bucket full! – A lot of first – Yeah! Onto the conveyor belts and away it goes Oh, sorry brother, totally in your way Holding up the pay 3D printed tracks, up to the trailer This is going to make mobile gold mining so much easier now Gonna dump it for Rook, he’s gonna run the hoe, start feeding it Huge bucket on the back of that truck Well done – [Rookie] It’s about time! – [RCSparks] Back down to get another, brother – [Rookie] I got the pay, finally – [RCSparks] First scoop for the new trailer – [Rookie] Who’s working the trailer? – [RCSparks] I’ve got it in my hand bro, good to go! You can pretty much fill that hopper right up Processing through Yeah! Trommel doing it’s job, here comes the first bit of pay on that side, it’s gonna make a nice pile for Sluicebox to run through his plant Look at this! So easy! – [Steve] Wow, that looks pretty good, hey? – That is beautiful, ain’t it? – That’s awesome

– [RCSparks] Absolutely fantastic It just keeps feeding it, I love it! Slowing her down to a crawl What a spectacle (machine whirring) Right down to the inside Everything is getting screened coming out (machine whirring) Nice driving, Rook (machine whirring) – [Steve] Whoa! – [RCSparks] Are you falling? Bring your bucket lower – [Steve] Trying to get my bucket curled here – [RCSparks] Other way bro, pay all over the ground – [Steve] I know, man – [RCSparks] What’s up with that? – [Rookie] If you wouldn’t take so many holidays, Sluice, you’d remember how to do it – [RCSparks] That’s a good point man, start coming by – I only got one holiday the whole year, what do you mean? (machine whirring) – [Steve] Is that the auger over there? – [RCSparks] No, we got a squeaking wheel It’s this one, we’ll shut this down, we’ll lube it up That’s on the power box over there, Rook Shut her down! – Shut it down! That’s all we ever say around here is shut it down (laughing) – [RCSparks] Okay, the hoppers full Let’s start this up Look at this, immediately those conveyors start moving that material, look how fast it starts to process a full hopper Keep her going, bring her through No matter what just keep the dirt, oh, look at this! Oh, I moved the, ah, I moved the swing arm! That’s cool though! (laughing) – [Rookie] Yeah that’s cool, stop wasting pay! – [RCSparks] Sorry I wasted the pay! Pay keeps coming, we keep processing That’s all we gotta do is keep washing the dirt (machine whirring) – [Rookie] Come on Sluice, watch out for the back of that, it’s a high center of gravity There you go (machine whirring) – I’m trying not to put too big of bucket fulls in cause they end up going over the top of the screener – [RCSparks] So everyone always tells us to just back up the Volvo dump truck, right? – Yeah – And dump it right into the hopper, but, – Well most of it would go right over the hopper – It would go over it, doesn’t have enough chance to sift through You could say bigger grizzly bars, but then you’d get all these boulders in there – [Steve] We gotta spoonfeed it – [RCSparks] Round and round goes the trommel, screening everything that comes in Straight down to the Spiker Cat More and more pay keeps coming down It’s 30 degrees Celsius plus right now, might even be 35 Hot on the prairie, lots of humidity today

I know everybody love the Volvo, but we got one of the ESCs down today, so we gotta swap them out, but man this thing is a true beast, all hydraulic You can see the pressure gauge right here, the receiver, the Brussels motor up front, takes the 3s LiPo, using a branch to hold it up on site Excellent work, gentleman – Absolutely! – (laughing) Hey! (machine whirring) – [RCSparks] YouTube GOLD baby! – [Steve] YouTube GOLD! – [RCSparks] Run it through, washing the pay all day! Hoping for big chunks of gold today! (machine whirring) Hold on, this whole joint came undone! Watch out, if there’s any, watch out, if there’s any gold in the pan it’ll wash out Shut it, here, shut it down Shut the pump right off That’s what happens, I was cleaning out the spray bars, came right out off the joint We should’ve glued it! – [Rookie] Shoulda glued it! – [RCSparks] What I like about this plant not running all the time is we’re not really wasting any battery, we don’t have to worry about any charges for a recharge, anything like that, like no actual financial expense It just can basically sit there idle until that hopper is full (machine whirring) These conveyors are moving at full speed right now A bug just crawled across the screen. (laughing) This conveyor can hold much more pay, as you can see, but it has to move slower because this plant can only process so much micro yardage at one time That’s why we break it across several plants It’s become quite the operation since episode one, hey Sluice? – [Steve] It’s way huger now, man (machine whirring) – [RCSparks] Okay boys, shut her down! Let’s get this all washed up and processed What’d you just say? – [Steve] I can’t believe the size of this (beep) nugget, man – [RCSparks] Didn’t hear ya – [Steve] Said I can’t believe the size of this nugget, you could make a necklace out of it by itself – [RCSparks] This one, yeah, nice! Yeah, right there, now that that trommel is out of the way you can see without any of that shadow, that’s quite a bit of gold in there – [Steve] There is – [RCSparks] Good, good, good, good, good, good, good Yep, I love it Good, same here There’s a line of gold, and two pieces up there – [Rookie] That’s where it was two weeks ago too – [RCSparks] Well it comes straight down and gets stuck – [Rookie] Stays in the same spot – [RCSparks] Yeah, I love the gleam of the sun – Look at that though – Well where’d it go? – [Rookie] Just as you said that – [RCSparks] (laughing) Everything is clouded over again – [Rookie] Here’s another big piece – [RCSparks] I know, it’s huge – [Steve] Yeah there’s a good one – [RCSparks] That’s the one we’ve been looking at (wind blowing) Nice! – That’s sweet – [RCSparks] Here comes the wind again, I wanna get this gold off the table Got this from my chow kit – Great All right – Looks like we beat the rain – [RCSparks] Now the serious gold! – [Rookie] This is the real gold – The real gold! – It’s not that play gold over there

(laughing) – [RCSparks] There, you got this on here, you gotta move this a little And the processing has begun – [Rookie] Gold! – Lots of gold – I hope so A lot less drama without Joe and Kevin here, I’ve noticed (laughing) Huh? More gold getting – [Rookie] There’s nobody to antagonize (laughing) – [RCSparks] Two pieces, oh, nice! One, – Giant nuggets – [RCSparks] Two, three! – [Rookie] Just lining themselves up – Oh, I like that – Gram and a half right there, three nuggets – [RCSparks] Very good We grab all that black sand, now you know why Oh, nice, gold, gold, gold, gold, gold, gold, gold – It’s all the way up – [RCSparks] Gold, gold, oh my god, gold! – It’s all gold – It’s all gold! Beautiful! – Tiny, tiny amount – [RCSparks] Okay, wheel of gold boys! – [Rookie] Wheel of gold! – [RCSparks] Show me some actual gold – [Rookie] I will show you some real gold – [RCSparks] That’s all we had for today? – Yep – That’s it? – [Steve] That’s it – [RCSparks] That’s not very good We didn’t move a lot of dirt I guess – [Steve] There’s a high percentage of gold in that – [Rookie] We were efficient, it’s very– – Oh, whoa! – Whoa! – [RCSparks] Nice, ker-chunk, ker-chunk – [Rookie] Why don’t you call it – That was one – fool’s gold again? Maybe it’ll blow away – Don’t, don’t Don’t – Don’t say that, man! – [RCSparks] This whole table will collapse – [Rookie] It’ll just, yeah it will too – [RCSparks] That’s it! Flakes of gold Oh! – Those ain’t flakes! – [RCSparks] Those aren’t flakes – [Mikal] Ker-chunk – [RCSparks] Dude, and it was double clean out last time – [Rookie] Yeah, we gotta, that’s gonna be a tough one to live up to – [RCSparks] Yeah, you can’t beat nine grams, that was a decent clean up – [Steve] I wish I was here for that – [RCSparks] And I’m short-handed again today We did it though, we got everything there I’m surprised we got Payday, the trommel trailer, up to the site, right? – That was awesome – Took a lot of work – [RCSparks] Hopefully that is what we can see reflected in the amount of gold today – [Steve] Thank god we had a bulldozer – [RCSparks] Yeah we almost weren’t able to get it up there Typical for guys our age, well your age – [Steve] (laughing) We are you talking about? – [RCSparks] It’s fighting – [Rookie] Too big to fit in the trough – [RCSparks] I like that (laughing) Round and round she goes, swirling out, let’s see how much gold we got! – Holy– – Holy– – [RCSparks] Oh, nice! – Wow! – Nice! – [Steve] Look at that – [RCSparks] Oh my god, nice guys, another beautiful clean out It’s just gotten better and better – It has – That is beautiful – That’s amazing, man – [RCSparks] That is amazing, all with RCs We processed everything through those machine, that, I’m speechless already Let’s dry it up (dryer whirring) Nice, tare it out There you go – And that grams, yep – Look at that – Already in grams – Sweet – Again – [Steve] 3.6 is my guess – [Rookie] It’s almost like we’re good at this, almost – [RCSparks] That’s a small amount, hey? Spread right, that’s a ton of gold guys – [Steve] Big chunkies in there man, wow, that’s more than 3.6– – [RCSparks] Oh, whoa, party foul – [Steve] Let me get my gold magnet (laughing) – [RCSparks] Okay, guys, here someone else do that for me, will ya? Holding the camera Yeah Zero One gram right away! Keep it going, 1.5, 1.8, 1.9, – Two! – [RCSparks] Two, 2.6, 3.7! – [Rookie] Oh! – [RCSparks] 3.9! – [Rookie] There’s still a big chunk in there – [RCSparks] 4.2, five! – [Rookie] Five, five! – [RCSparks] Yeah! – Wow – 5.8 grams! – Best one day clean up ever – [RCSparks] Holy cow, 5.8 Sweet, good job guys, short-handed! We can officially call it pay day! – [Rookie] We actually need another vile of– – [RCSparks] Yeah it’s like I’ve run out of room, right? – [Steve] It only holds one ounce, right? – [RCSparks] Shall we load it right up and see? 5.8, seven – 7.7! – [RCSparks] You call it out, Rook – [Rookie] Nine, 10, 11, 16, 17, 18, 19 – I’m starting to feel like Tony Beets here – 21, 23 – I’m gonna need– – It’s stuck, – Oh! I’m spilling gold, there’s so much – [Rookie] It’s all over the place, ah! – [RCSparks] Yeah, I can’t control the flow, gentleman – 39.1 – Yeah, beautiful Almost 40 grams of gold, one gram short – [Steve] Wow – [All] 1.26 ounces!

– [Rookie] Woo! – Dude – That’s nuts – [RCSparks] We’re killing it Bring it in on three guys, one, two, three! – YouTube GOLD! – YouTube GOLD! – [RCSparks] You weren’t wearing a hat – [Rookie] I wasn’t wearing a hat, no, I’m, it’s the end of the day, I’m not a hat person