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Hello, Asssalam o alaikum and nihao I hope you people are fine and amazing And if you are watching some people behind me, don’t watch them :p Today we have made a new plan today we are going to a place where not only kids and youngsters but the old people also can enjoy Let’s go to trampoline I actually had started making vlog from university but some problem occurred and I have to….. [interruption] have to format the sd card come come hello [Malaysian song] we have reached now In the first look, I think we have come to kids play land This is full of kids and here we come, the old people and here is small children and the big children enjoying This trampoline does not have so many activities but we are still enjoying and these people are pushing themselves to slide do the best turn around push him, push him This man is diving into swimming pool, holding his nose this was pretty smooth and again he is holding his nose may be he cares too much about his nose

ans she, every time takes a whole round like a clock go go go is he mad? he is jumpig above you people and here is the entry of hero Ranndy Orton with an RKO, comming outa nowhere and this is Malaysian flip go pro battery is end and I am using mobile to vlog watch till end we are enjoying here a lot fast fast fast it hurts on feet i am coming it will broke dude playing childhood play on trampoline We have enjoyed it a lot and it’s snowing outside now So this was today’s vlog, I hope you people had enjoyed with us do watch my previous vlog there’s a lot of fun indeed