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I’m so tired Have a seat Let me fetch you something Luoluo paintings Don’t forget to take it with you when you are back Ok! I go to wash up What’s up? In such a hurry you called me here Pencil boy I have asked him several times He always refuses to come out I haven’t seen him for days Have you asked him what happened? He said he was busing at work and that his mother was ill After all, so many reasons Then it’s because his mother’s illness? What does this bother you? His mother is uncomfortable But it’s unnecessary for him to not to answer my messages And I gave lots of gifts to his mother, but all were returned I have a presentiment that if such condition continues, we are over Maybe it’s just Miss Tian watches him tightly and he couldn’t find a chance to go out to see with No, I don’t think so He isn’t controlled by his mother It’s the first time for me to see you so disturbed for men making myself like this I do not know either What happened to me? In the past I always thought he wouldn’t leave me After all he loves me so much When I miss him, he would appear When I feel annoyed by him he would disappear obediently Now I am really afraid that he would disappear from my life Don’t worry He won’t do that He is responsible I also know that he isn’t that kind of people But I used to like Jiang Yan so much I wasn’t like this Tell me Am I doomed to die this time? Doomed to die? Then what to do? Don’t you want to see pencil boy? That’s easy Not easy! I can’t handle Miss Tian, really! You can’t handle her alone I can help you with it Tonight I will cook your favorite dish Green Bean with Stewed Noodles Mum, let me do it Just taste my cooking and father’s cooking which one is better Hello, Mr. Song

Hello, Zuo I am going to discuss an investment project You can go with me Then send me this address I am going for you No Send me your address I will take you to go together OK, no problem What? Do you have anything? Mom I have something to deal with now in company to meet with a client Then I can’t have dinner with you Alright Go, I’m fine Companies’ business is more important Ok, Mom, I am leaving I am leaving, mom Dude Who are we going to meet today? I’m ready to prepare Yes, you should We are going to meet Miss Zhou and Mr. Qin Ah? What’s that? I haven’t thought of it You can do such things? Do you think I’m willing to do that? Good watch It looks great, isn’t it? Qin Qing and Miss Fang went to Italy before She bought me this Did Miss Fang bought you gift too? Yes, yes What did she buy for you? Does it have any business with you? Don’t make any nonsense Let me compare it Just compare it? Buy me a house? Darling, I’m sorry I should explain to you about this thing I make you worry for me I’m fine It’s not your fault Then you are not angry now? What’s my position to get angry? It’s me who didn’t make a thorough concern I have responsibility to tell you this thing But don’t worry I have an idea about how to handle my mother But I need time For this time I have also reflect on myself about why my mother reject on our relationship The main reason is on me Because my mother definitely regard me as a child with no judgement So she became so eagerly to make judgement for me And I will prove to her that I am no longer a child And our relationship is not because of passion for a short time I will do my best on my business and be responsible on the feelings I can thus tell her that I will definitely be with you with an independent and equal gesture as early as I can It’s my announcement, rather than request Is it fun in Italy? Did you go shopping? Yes Did you buy something you like? Of course What are they? Clothes, bags, shoes, jewels, make up So many! Did you have a look of men’s wear? No, I didn’t see any men’s wear, only women’s wear Yes Why do you bother seeing men’s wearing What’s your problem? Why do you look like that? What’s your expression? Nothing. Just chatting I have always been thinking that how to prove myself to my mother And I haven’t given you a feeling of safety Sorry, sorry Pencil boy Qin Qing You don’t need to say anything I just want to tell you No matter what happens now But in my heart, it is becoming more and more clear My life won’t be complete without Qin Qing Don’t worry

I will try hard It’s all my fault I behaved too badly when I was a child making you so tired now It all blames to my behaving too good when I was a child making you so upset now Let me have a look at you Without seeing you for several days, you don’t eat well again and turn thinner again I will cook you something delicious Pencil boy Hug again! Hug, hug Darling! Promise me to take good care of yourself I will Eat on time and sleep well, OK? You too Eat well Come on, you two! Then I will go first Behave well And after you coming back, listen to your mother and don’t go against her If she wants you to have marriage interview Just go I know you have me in your heart That’s enough Don’t worry about me Zuo What time is it? Half past nine Half past nine Good watch, where did you get it? Italy Italy! Qin Qing bought for you I’m so happy Do you still go back? No I will stay here tonight Alright You will indeed I can’t I leave now Then I leave now Pencil boy Behave well Bye Drive carefully I know I tell you that he cares so much That watch OK Dude Will you in the future If you let me see your confession your love again I won’t consider about it again In the future, such things I am only responsible for calling and letting Chen Chen to save you Yes, Mr. Lin Young people! You’re so happy Of course I met my pencil boy I’m so happy! Song Lin still asked me why I didn’t prepare gifts for him Why? Didn’t you buy some for him? Didn’t you give them to him? I haven’t prepared it well What did you make? With such efforts? I don’t tell you I don’t want to listen! Go find your pencil boy Go shopping at early morning What do you want? Do you want to cook for me? I have been busy and working extra time this period And I haven’t cooked for you for a long time Didn’t you say you want little Lobster for a long time? I have learned it on the Internet I will cook for you at night So good Alright By the way, call Ling Xi here tonight to have dinner together, OK? Why do you want to invite her to have dinner at home? Don’t we agree to invite her for dinner together? But I never had time So this little Lobster isn’t treated for me only? Er You see, at the difficult time of my company, the fund chain was broken, and our stocks can’t be sold out Then after that it’s all Ling Xi helped us a whole way and sold them out Then we said we would treat her But we haven’t treated her Don’t I want to have dinner at home to show our sincerity? No matter. If you are not pleased, we will have it ourselves without her OK, just call her If not, I would seem very mean Nice Come on. Plates! Yes Come on Have a taste So delicious

Put it onto the plate Hot? Yes, it’s hot Hot Delicious? Delicious Quite good What else do you want? I will cook for you Saute Spicy Chicken I will go to open the door Welcome First time to be your home, I don’t know what to bring Just two bottles of red wine You’re welcome Yes, it must be good to drink Come here So delicious Almost well done Ling Xi’s here Have a seat please. Dishes are well OK I have cooked for a morning So hearty! Tell me You don’t come here frequently How can’t I cook more dishes Dishes are all here All cooked well Have a taste Great! Great! Have a taste Really delicious I tell you Zhou Fang and I spent a whole day on cooking. We did nothing else Thank you so much for your efforts Cheers Welcome to visit our home! At the same time, I must thank Ling Xi Without her helping me sell the stocks and bringing in funds, we would even lose this house I didn’t really promise to live with you Then do you prepare when to agree to move here? I will see your performance My performance I have to behave well Having your romance makes me really embarrassed It’s OK. Enjoy the soup Really delicious Your cooking skill develops greatly Come on Thanks for your warm treatment Then All of us should keep on trying. Come on! Cheers Come on! Come on! Zhou Fang Mr. Su Our APP is going to get prepared ahead You can take a few more design drawing? Yes, I can But will this affect Song Lin Frankly to say Yes I know you are Song Lin’s girlfriend But the first day you chose WanFeng Group you are doomed to be his competitor forever In our industry, if you want to succeed, you must be the first Or it’s all failure I will continuously support you, and look high upon you Today Su Yushan came for me Don’t feel embarrassed. It’s OK After all, now it is the key period in the competition of us two sides We should escape from each other Is there anything I can help you? Help me? Let me have a look Then you just make efforts to be my strongest competitor After all I become stronger when I meet strong competitors But I have no other ways But Fine I have been tired for so long After a time I will become more tired when the new product comes out But holding you in my arms will make me better It’s OK Just go back Now I don’t dare to escape from work Your home or my home? My home? Mr. Song

Mr. Song Welcome back Mr. Song Is it a surprise? Is it beyond your expectation? Most of employees of WanFeng Group came back Thanks a lot for choosing me again and willing to do business with me Thank you Thank you Let me introduce to you This is our new stockholder of our company also our outward agent Ling Xi, Miss Li This time, thanks to Miss Ling Our company could make it to today Hello, Miss Ling Hello, everyone With so many years in this industry my view never get wrong I believe for this time you will not disappoint me Don’t worry, Miss Ling Though our company in the online high-end customization industry, we just start But in the industry of technology Zuo and Fei has already made quite great results So now you just need to follow me for the further road Do you have confidence? Yes! Come on Mr. Song WanFeng Group’s APP get online today Su Yushan chose a good date on purpose and surprise us Nothing, do your things first Drawing drafts again? Aren’t you very busy? Why do you still have time to come? Aren’t I requested by others to send meals for you? Don’t keep busy, workaholic girl Have something Thanks for daily food You have had a good deal? This diamond, it must be ten carats? Five carats Can I open it? Of course, be careful Ok! very expensive You! Very expensive Good looking! There is a rich guy wanting to buy it for marriage proposal Such a sincerity What a sincerity! He has a good view to let me design for him People inviting you to design drawing can be simply rich? Also with high taste! If one day, you get married Will you let me help you design you diamond ring? Of course Then have you ever thought about what will your diamond ring look like? It should be like this Do you think on the basis of this should there be any amendment? I think it has already been perfect No amendment is required If someday someone makes a marriage proposal with this ring, I believe I will take it immediately Why are you smiling? I didn’t smile You smiled What did you smile for? I’m hungry. I want to have meal Say it clear, what are you smiling for? No, I didn’t This security system must have close eyes on Yes, sir Have a look at here Did it go well? Quite well, Mr. Song Especially on the security system After updating, there’s no any bugs The pressure now is also motivation now You know Holding this energy on clients’ privacy and security We mustn’t be sloppy on it I know After the internal testing is over, we can make online testing Continue on it All of us have paid a lot of efforts I would award you well after we finished Thank you, Mr. Song Hurry up Don’t worry Our APP will be launched as soon as possible Ok, bye The investor leave pressure on you again? I am responsible for them You just responsible for the software development Don’t mind anything else Now we have already lost the first chance

Do you know what’s the key for our negotiation in USA What? Isn’t that because you put all your assets in it? So finally they could agree The success or failure of this company doesn’t belong to your own The success or failure is also mine You are always so confident Have you ever feel quite especially for helpless? Quite hopeless? In fact I have my own dream But I can’t realize it But I am quite clear in my heart I may never get it all my life By the way Tonight, Su Yushan invites us to dinner What does he want? My instincts tell me that we must go tonight No matter what We can’t show our weakness Zhou Fang Mr. Su This time we can launch our APP successfully on time You have made great contribution Tonight let me treat you a meal Just for celebrate Tonight I still have something to do It’s time for you to have a break Then we have made on this I will have my assistant to send you the dinner’s address Miss Ling and Mr. Song Come on Sorry, Mr Su Keep you waiting for so long It’s OK You don’t need to be so polite I should be What’s up? It’s just a simple meal to treat you to express thankfulness Today our APP was launched It all thanks to the solid foundation that Mr. Song made for WanFeng Group Of course with Miss Ling’s evaluation in the past providing us rich funds reserve You are so moderate In fact, I’m very happy that with your leadership, WanFeng Group made great achievements WanFeng was developed by me from zero It’s like my own child Come on, let me give a toast Sorry, I’m late Come on, have a seat Calling my girlfriend to come without letting me know I also don’t know you are coming Hello Ling Xi Mr. Su Mr Su didn’t inform anyone but he gathered us all together Do you have something to say? I mean today the APP of our WanFeng Group can be launched successfully That’s all thanks to Zhou Fang’s design drawing With her design drawing, our registered population developed so quickly But at the same time making your APP a copy for us I feel regretted especially You don’t need to apologize We are in this industry, we must be clear about it Who launched first who will seize larger market I can understand that Never mind I can see it now Today it’s not simply treating us a meal Your main purpose is for our congratulations for you Then, Congratulations for your successful launch of software I also hope that your software can develop better in the future Come on! Sorry Excuse me Me too Is it necessary? Yes Are you alright? What are you going to do? We will definitely not give up so easily Song Lin and I

will try our best to make our company away from its influence and keep on going I originally just want to do my own job well However, I didn’t think to bring such great burden and pressure to you I’m sorry Doing your own job is of course right But have you ever thought of Song Lin’s feelings? Yes, I do admire Song Lin I don’t feel quite well I will go back first If you don’t have other things I will go to accompany my girlfriend I am leaving Mr. Su You go against us with such great efforts in fact this is a bit boring For seize market share first you put your app into service ahead But I think in your APP those bugs aren’t solved in time? It isn’t a clever manager with such reasoning attitude Miss Ling Thank you so much for your early remind I want to remind you to admit the reality and accept failure, you need courage If you stop earlier maybe you could lose less Time would prove everything But I believe There’s much time for your happiness Doing your own job Of Course But have you ever thought of Song Lin’s feelings? That’s right I admire Song Lin What’s wrong? Why don’t you ask me to go with you What happened? I feel a bit sorry For what? Just now on the dinner table In fact I understand what Su Yushan said mean But I can’t help you As your girlfriend I don’t have a way to stand with you like Ling Xi On the same side of battlefield and strive with you So I feel a bit sorry Why should you feel sorry? What happens to you today? What’s going on? Just for the launch of his software In fact, this new that his software being launched I have known it before But for it is a business secret I can’t tell you Sometimes I feel myself an outsider I even stand opposite to you Will you hate me? Why should I hate you? Though now you are working in Su Yushan’s company But it’s just work You are still with me here Your work there won’t affect our fight side by side I always thought that we could fight together in the past I thought we could make our own efforts and our own success But now the competition in business are so intense I haven’t thought that the condition would become this Song Lin I am extremely afraid that One day I would be more and more away from you I am afraid that we would have nothing to say I am afraid that I can’t catch you Don’t think too much, OK? I have told you no matter what will happen to us, we would make it till the end Right? You promised, didn’t you? What do you mean now? I can’t be like you So reasonable I can’t be like Ling Xi with her capability to assist you again and again Give you funds and also professional advice Is she more proper to you than I Zhou Fang, I tell you You are the most proper to me No one is more proper to me than you And I will not give chance to anyone Understand? Remember? Don’t cry. Hug Don’t cry, OK Miss Qing, you are here Yes Yes

I know you need me So I’m here I know you don’t feel happy Tell me I feel I feel sorry for him on the software You are sorry Sorry to him for what? You are fighting for your career What’s wrong with that I don’t want to be his competitor I didn’t want to come to this place What’s wrong with being his competitor Zhou Fang Can you separate love from your career Don’t always think for others Why is love so hard It’s too hard What do you think I’m comforting you I’m confused myself Miss Tian doesn’t accept me at all What are you going to do I made this according to the size of Miss Tian in her photo I don’t know if this fits You take it to her If it doesn’t fit Just take it back I’ll adjust it Then you can send her one of your accessories so that she will see your ability and you can show her that you are no longer the rebellious girl of high school but a reliable and capable jewelry designer My god you are you always so good to me You feel like my mom Dear Qin Qing I’ve prepared the present for you Can’t you come here yourself I’m so busy Why do you have to drag me here Dear Zhou Fang I feel safe with you here Besides, you are already here You talk too much Where There Please come in Miss Tian Why did you I Hello Miss Tian, after graduation I haven’t come back for a long time I came here to see you Just say it Don’t beat around the bush Miss Tian Hello I’m Zhou Fang a friend of Zuo Yulin and Qin Qing Qin Qing wanted to come here to see you a long time ago She didn’t know what to bring you This is a dress I designed and this is a fine jewelry designed by Qin Qing I hope you will like it It’s too expensive! I can’t take it It’s not expensive It’s our present for you I understand your concern but this I will not take it Please take it back and give it to your elders You are my elder Thank you Thanks for dropping by You’ve graduated for almost ten years As a teacher I extend my expectations and wishes to you I wish you will have a better life and that you will find the person you love But and that person is definitely not my Linlin Sorry Slow down What can you solve by drinking You tell me How can I solve this I just want to get drunk and forget about myself Do you know how embarrassing that was Were you embarrassed? I didn’t think so It wasn’t I have always felt confident in myself But today

just now I feel that I’m worthless I was despised like a fly Don’t think too much I don’t think that was embarrassing Maybe she has even forgotten this You are thinking here alone She can look down on me but she treated you the same she was not even nice to you I didn’t think she wasn’t nice to me I tell you It’s just a try At least Miss Tian has seen the new you And she has seen your work So what? She won’t even look at it In her eyes I was a bad student and now I am a bad woman Forget it What? Forget what? I want to give up Why Let me ask you If now the person sitting opposite of her was pencil boy What do you think he will do He will stick to this without hesitation Who told me before that how’s men and how’s women Let me tell you something today Drink this first You said that you always run into bad guys and unreliable guys Why? That’s because you never try to solve the problem If you don’t solve it it will always be there I said no man is reliable I think I am unreliable Who said that Tell me I will beat him I think you are reliable And you are getting more reliable Tell me Before meeting Miss Tian you and pencil boy You would quarrel every day You had problems every once in a while but now You are still passionate in love what does that mean This means motivation comes from obstacles, breakthrough comes from challenges, right? You have to thank Miss Tian The sweetness between you If I didn’t see that day I wouldn’t believe that you would become like this Qin Qing You are talkative Don’t just quit easily She didn’t even attack yet and you are gonna quit It’s unfair to pencil boy I believe we can find a breakthrough in Miss Tian Do you believe me I believe with you here I will be here for you