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(upbeat music) (upbeat music continues) – Hi, welcome to room nine Our region’s largest classroom I’m Mrs. Williams I teach first grade in the Windsor C-1 School District, that’s in Imperial, Missouri This is, – Mrs. Forth, hi everybody I’m from the Rockwood School District excited to be here with you today, as we learn a little bit about reading and, – Math – Before we start, we really wanna know, – Where are you? Are you near the airport, top golf? Are you out at six flags? – That’s where I live – Yeah, are you near the magic house? Closer to the zoo? Maybe you are close to the St. Louis fire arch or the Mississippi river, it’s where I’m at I’m a little bit South of St. Louis in Herculaneum near the Mississippi river – It looks like we have friends from all over St Louis joining us today – Thanks for joining us guys – Very exciting Let’s go ahead and start with our welcome poem I’m gonna point to the words, feel free to join along with me, as I say them, ready Welcome, welcome everyone, how are you today? We are so glad to be with you learning math and reading too – And speaking of how are you today We need to do a zone check Before we get ready to learn, each day we check in on our body and brain Really smart scientists that study brains, know that happy, calm brains, do the best learning If you are in the green zone, that means that you are calm You are happy and you’re ready to complete your work, help others and reach your daily goals, and this is the hand signals If you are in green zone, show me your green and good to go If you are in the blue zone, you might be feeling a little slow and low today You might need to draw a picture, get a hug, or think some happy thoughts to be ready to learn Your hand signal will look like this If you are in the yellow zone, you maybe a little frustrated, anxious, or maybe just really excited in a good way, but not ready to learn yet You need to take some deep breaths, get a hug or talk to an adult that can help you be ready If you were in the red zone, you have flipped your lid, your hand signal looks like this, and you’re probably not learning with this right now You’re very angry or upset about something, you need to stop, get help from an adult, take some deep breaths and check the size of your problem Show me your hand signal Are you green zone and good to go? I hope you are If you are blue, yellow, or red, choose one of our strategies to help you get ready to learn – You guys ready to get started today All right, before we start, let’s do our room nine chant Can you read this along with us? Okay I am smart – I am smart – I am kind – I am kind – I am brave – I am brave – I am – I am me – Ready for some reading fun? The other day we played a fun game called the robot game You were with me, do you remember how fun it was to slow down and think about the sounds in a word, and talk like a robot Yeah, in the robot game, I said a word and you guys turned it into robot language, didn’t you? Like I said, bat, and you guys said bat Yeah Because slowing down and listening to all the sounds we hear in a word is going to make our reading and writing brain stronger We’re exercising our reading and writing muscles I thought maybe we could exercise those muscles a little bit more today This time I have a new way for us to slow down and hear all the sounds in the word We are gonna practice saying a word, and as you say each sound, I’m going to push my Lego counter into a box, okay I have three boxes here, which means there’s gonna be three sounds in the words that we’re going to practice with today, okay Are you ready to try it? Okay, the very first word I want you to say is rat Say rat Okay, now let’s slow it down You can talk like a robot ready? Rat Did you get all three sounds in rat?

Good job, let’s try another word Hey, the next word is mad Say mad Let’s see if we can hear three sounds in mad, ready? Mad Good job, okay let’s try another one How about can? Like our friends from can land They can, hey, what do I do? What’s the first one Can Can thanks, good work guys I think you’re ready for another one How about tap? Say tap Tap, ready? Tap Okay, how about one more? How about cash, can you say cash? cash You guys are really exercising your reading and writing muscles by practicing listening closely, to all the sounds that you hear in a word, because that’s also going to help you read and write those words, yeah Good work Okay, the next activity I wanna do is with our sight words, remember sight words are words that we hear in a snap You’ve got it We’ve been working on eight words together so far That’s a lot of words, isn’t it? But what I love about it is these eight words are gonna really help us read more words in our books and write more words in the stories that we’re writing Okay, I’m gonna show you the word, we are gonna do something a little different, instead of just saying the word, we’re gonna say it, we’re gonna spell it and we’re gonna write it If you have paper and pencil with you, go ahead and get that If you don’t that’s okay, we can write it on our hand, or in the air I’m gonna actually do that with you this time, so you can see what I mean that, we can practice writing words, even if we don’t have a piece of paper or pencil or something to write with Okay, ready for the very first word? The first word is at, say at Now let’s spell at, ready A-T at Now we’re gonna write it, okay I’m gonna use my hand, let’s make an A and then a T, you try that Make your A and your T what’s the word again friends? At, okay Next word, A say it, A, and how do we spell the word A? A, now this one’s a fun one because it’s just one letter Hey, are you ready to write it? Hey, if you have something to write on, go ahead and write it, if not, write it in the air, or write it on your hand The word is, A Next word See Say the word See, let’s spell the word, S-E-E Are you ready to write it? Hey, S-E-E here I go S-E-E Did you get both of those ee’s? Good job Hey, next word The next word is the, say the, let’s spell it T-H-E the, okay time to write it, get your pencil or your paper or your finger in your hand ready? T-H-E The word is the, great Right, ready for another one? Look, say the word, look Let’s spell it L-O-O-K, the word is look Time to write it L oh yeah that’s a tall letter make sure you make it tall O-O-K, remember you can do it in the air too, if you don’t have something to write with Get those hands moving Look How about this one? Me, being me Now let’s spell the word M-E, me Write the word M-E, good job Next word can, say the word, I can’t hear you

Can, spell the word C-A-N Now write the word, C-A-N Last word I, what’s the word? I, spell the word, I, now write the word Nice and tall, cross on top, a cross on the bottom Good work I know that you guys are gonna see these words in books and you’re gonna know them in a (finger snapping) snap Okay, the next thing I wanna do, is practice building some words We know that our friends from can land, really were able to feed the feed me monster because of you, because you were paying attention to how those words that he was eating had a certain sound in the middle Do you remember the sounds, those of you that were with me? Yeah, it was the a, sound, the short vowel A sound, when we say a Yeah, all of those words had a, in the middle, didn’t it? Okay, what I have now are some letters, that we’re gonna use to build some words, okay So I have the letter A, I have the letter D, I have the letter N, I have the letter S and the letter T Really quick, let’s say the letter and the sound that it makes Aa, Dd, Nn, Ss, Tt perfect We’re gonna use all that we know about those letters and the sounds that they make, to spell some words Are you ready to build words with me? Okay the very first word that I wanna build is at, do you remember at, it is one of our sight, where did you write at, what do I need to build at? A, what else, T, let’s check our work ready, at, at good job Okay, if I have at, I wanna change one letter, to make it say an Can you figure that out? Say at, now say an, what’s different about those? Yeah the beginning is the same Isn’t it? They both have a, but the end changes at, an I’m using my robot language to help me figure this out I told you that would come in handy An, what letters should this be? Yeah, it should be an n, an Okay, how about and, can you say and? And, use your robot language And, I heard something different at the end, did you? Yeah, and, and, d, d, what letter? A D, let’s check our work Okay, ready? And, and, and you did it Okay, next word I’m gonna put all of them back How about tan? Say tan, now use your robot language, tan What am I gonna need, yell it out to me T your T, an, an A, tan, and an N Let’s check tan, tan, you did it Thanks for your hard work Okay, let’s try another one, ready? Sat, sat What am I gonna need for sat? Say it like a robot What do you hear first? Right sat, an A, do you hear the end sat, sat, a T, good work Guess what, all of these letters actually spell one word, If I put them all together, do you wanna see? It’s like a magic trick, close your eyes Close your eyes, keep them closed (humming) Open them Look at how I used all five letters, and I spelled a word

Do you wanna see what the word is? Let’s say it slowly stand, well, I remember the and part from before, and, let’s see if we can add the beginning St, stand, stand, stand, stand you guys, we just built the word stand, good word Thank you so much for joining me, I think it’s time for you to exercise your math muscles too Are you ready to head off to Ms. Williams, have so much fun see you next time (thudding) – Thanks miss Fourth, and thanks for teaching our friends All right guys, well, it’s time for us to get moving on a little bit of math today, we’ll do some quick counting Let’s see how we’re going to count today Ooh looks like we’re spin counting, I hope we don’t get too dizzy Here we go, one, two, three, oh boy we’ve gotta go all the way to 20, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19 20 Oh boy, I don’t know about you, but I’m a little dizzy I think we should just stay put to count backwards, ready? Here we go, 20 19, 18, 17, 16, 15, 14, 13, 12, 11, 10, nine, eight, seven, six, five four three, two, one and zero Whew, good job guys Maybe not so much on the spinning next time, huh? All right well today, by the time we’re done learning together, we’ll be able to say I can, you say it, compare numbers, you say it, to 20 Whew Yes, you will We’ve got this guys So compare, what does that word mean? When we say we’re going to compare numbers to 20, means that we’re gonna kind of check and see if their value is more, or less, or the same Our word is compare and that just means we’re gonna see which number is bigger or greater, which number is less, or if they’re equal, speaking of equals, there’s a word for equals, but there’s also a symbol for equal And this is what the equal sign looks like We use it in our addition and subtraction problems too We’ll be seeing an equal sign today maybe as well, equal means that our two numbers are the same Everybody equal, the same, same thing Those are two words that mean the same thing Now I happen to know that every time I teach kiddos, how to compare numbers, that my friend, the greater gator shows up at some points Don’t be alarmed, if you see an alligator moving on in, he only eats numbers And let me tell you this about that, he only eats the greater number Greater gator is an alligator that can only get by, eating the biggest number I don’t know why it is, but that’s all he ever eats He won’t eat you, he won’t eat me, he’ll only eat the greater number Do you remember what greater means? Greater means that it’s the most, it’s the biggest, it’s the highest number Let’s get to comparing some numbers We have our friend zero, the hero Now, if we are comparing our friend zero to the number seven, which number is greater, is zero or is seven more? Let’s think about that, which one would be bigger? Which one would be more jelly beans Would you rather have zero or would you rather have (sighing) I told you our greater gator would show Greater gator, what are you doing here?

He always comes by, he just can’t help it When he sees a bigger number, he has to eat it, and you notice that the greater gator’s mouth always points to the bigger number So that means that seven is greater than zero, or we could say zero is less than seven, you try it Zero is less than seven Good job Let’s go ahead and move these guys out of the way and compare some other numbers Now your job is going to be to write the greatest number I want you to write down the greatest number and then write down the smaller number, and I want you put a greeter gator on your paper Our next number, do you recognize this guy? What number is it guys, say it in your best pirate voice (groaning) It’s 11 meaty How about this one? Oh yeah, it’s six Right now write the greater number, then put in the smaller number, then add your greater gator Ready? (booming) Does yours look like this? Is your greater gator getting ready to chomp that number 11? Get your hands ready and do your gator chomp Yup, 11 is the greater number here (flipping) If 11 was the greater number, what was six? Six is less than 11 All right, do you recognize that number from all of our number practice? Yup, that one’s number 13, and who is this? That’s our friend 15, write the greater number, then write the number that is less Then put in your greater gator, oh, here he comes Did you make your greater gator chomp 15? Yes Because you would rather have 15 Skittles than 13 Skittles If your brother is 15 and you were 13, he is older, 15 is greater than 13 We could also say 13 is less than 15 Let’s get these guys on out of the way (flipping) What’s that number? And this guy? Go ahead and write the greater number Write the smaller number or the number that is less, and put in your greater gator Which number did you your gator chomp? Did you say 10? Yeah, greater gator would be chomping 10, because 10 is greater than one We know that 10 is way up here on our number line, and one is way back there, little old one all by itself So 10 is the greater number, one is less or one is less than 10 All right, let’s get our one and our 10 on outta there (flipping) Let’s try our next number (tapping) All right, did you write your greater number? Did you write the number that is less? And go ahead and put in your greater gator, which number did your greater gator chomp? Was it 18? Yeah Great job guys, 18 is greater than 14,

but we could say it the other way Do you remember how to do it? 14 is less than 18 Great job Now I wanna show you a little something funny, that happens to greater gator, when he sees two numbers that are the same Let’s just say that my numbers happened to be twins, I was five years old and so was my best friend Do you know what happens to greater gator, when he sees two numbers that are exactly the same? He swims left, he swims right, and then he just gets confused, he doesn’t know what to do He closes his mouth and it makes what symbol, it makes an equal sign He doesn’t know what to do, he can only eat the greeter number So greeter gator presses his lips together and they look just like an equal sign It’s so funny, we can confuse him Remember that if you have two numbers that are twins, they are equal, greater gator can’t chomp either one, ’cause he only eats the biggest numbers Good job guys, thumbs up and a wiggle if you like hanging out with greater gator So do I, he such a silly guy That’s about all the time we have to learn together today, but I want you to remember to use our rules, during your day today to have a happy green zone day Remember rule number one is be safe, wash up those hands, and keep your hands feet and things to yourself so that you and everybody else feels safe and happy Rule number two, is be respectful Use nice words in a nice voice no matter who you’re talking to Rule number three is be responsible That means that you’re gonna take care of yourself, and your things, you’re gonna do your work, your schoolwork, and do your chores around the house to help out Make great choices and that will make you proud and happy inside today Hope you have a fantastic day, and Ms.Fourth and I can’t wait to see you again tomorrow Bye (upbeat music) – [Announcer] Teaching in room nine is made possible with support of Bank of America, Dana Brown charitable trust, Emerson, and viewers like you (upbeat music)