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– Over 50,000 amazing people have applied to be married at first sight, but most of them are still single [upbeat music] Now we scientifically selected 16 singles who have applied to be married at first sight and invited them to the only island where you can have your honeymoon before your wedding On “Married at First Sight,” we make the matches However, we never know whether there’s going to be chemistry So now we are here to help you match yourselves [cheering] During this three-week process, we’ll be there to apply the exact same principles that we use on “Married at First Sight,” as we help each couple figure out whether they’re meant to be married Previously on “Honeymoon Island” – Everybody say hey – Hey! – Hi – Hey! – Katie and Eric – I feel most secure when I’m validated with physical touch – Yeah, get me a couple– couple drinks in me, I’m definitely good at it – Kimber and Shannon – I love tacos, I mean, you know, I’m hungry – Yeah, I love tacos too – That’s funny That’s so us though – Jada and Chris – I don’t just open up myself intimately, especially in, like, a bedroom setting – Taking our time with it – Yeah – Isabella and Tyler – There’s, like, nothing that we can’t get through – Love is in the air, 100% in the Caribbean – Ah! – But it wasn’t easy for everyone Brandin and Jona – Have you ever done anything like this before? – No. I know that that’s why I’m here, but, like, I would rather just go home Like, I hate it – [gasps] – No way – Mom! – Whoa – I’m definitely glad that I got to talk to you and spend this little bit of time – Like, I needed this This is my sign, like, I’m meant to be here – And tonight on “Honeymoon Island” Go! – Ahh! – For a few couples, a promising future becomes more clear – I think my friends are hoping that I find someone that’s more my equal You definitely fit the bill ♪ ♪ – What’s been going on? – I don’t really want kids – Really? – 100%, I want kids – This could be a deal-breaker for us – Dude, honestly, I felt myself, like, falling in love with this chick, and now I’m, like, really second-guessing a lot of different things – Like, I can’t be happy, I can’t act happy, because I’m not You should be taking this seriously You’re just arguing with me like a child ♪ ♪ I’m done – Yeah – At the end of their stay on Honeymoon Island, each couple will have to decide for themselves– will they leave heartbroken, or will they fall in love and propose to their partners? – ♪ Together ♪ ♪ ♪ [upbeat music] ♪ ♪ – Tyler gave me a flower He–he loves to give me flowers – It’s day ten on Honeymoon Island Our five couples, who initially matched themselves based on chemistry, are halfway through their honeymoons and are working towards marriage We’ve been using the exact same principles applied on “Married at First Sight” to try and help get them there – Look at you, looking all cute – Look at you, looking all cute I’m not even looking at the camera I’m looking at your face on the screen – No, I’m looking at your face on the screen – But there are many factors that can ultimately make or break a couple [laughter] Are they on the same page about where to live, whether or not to have children, religion, or gender roles? And are they able to communicate to one another their expectations when it comes to potential deal-breakers? – We have been having so much fun on Honeymoon Island I’ve been loving, like, all of the activities, the quality time spending with this one – Yes – He’s hilarious – While we want our couples to enjoy each other, this is an accelerated process They’ve matched themselves based on chemistry, and they’ve chosen to go on this honeymoon together Now they’ve begun to apply the “Married at First Sight” principles to see if they’re a good match for marriage They’ve already dug in on psychology Now they need to address sociology [upbeat music] ♪ ♪ – You’ve gotta steer it – I am steering it [laughing] – Like, are you doing this on purpose? – [laughing] A little bit, yeah Are we going this way? – You’re steering I’m not steering – All right – This little paddle boating is harder than I thought it would be – Jona is really affectionate towards Brandin and attentive to her needs However, Brandin hasn’t really reciprocated this attention in any way He held her hand, and then she dropped it – It’s gonna be a problem – Yeah Brandin and Jona still have 11 days before the end of Honeymoon Island, so they still have a lot of time to figure out all their intimacy issues However, for now, the focus is on sociology and social relationships, which should be easier to talk about now that Brandin’s mom has been here

– So I’ve really been enjoying the last few days I think your mom coming really made a big difference – You know, with everything that was going on in the beginning, I was so stressed out, but, like, really having my mom here and kind of getting, like, her, like, stamp of approval was good – Mom approved? – Mom approved – I’ve just noticed since your mom’s been gone that we’re just kind of– stopped thinking about everything a little bit more I feel like you’re just being you, and I feel more comfortable I feel like I understand you a little bit more, so it’s just kind of easy to just go with the flow with things instead of having the pressure that I was feeling in the beginning, and I think you were feeling as well – Even though it’s, like, this accelerated experiment, like, I want things to be natural, and I want to feel comfortable, and I don’t want to show affection that isn’t real Like, I want it to mean something when I do so show affection, and I feel like letting that happen is more important than, like, doing it because that’s what other people are doing – I love the pace we’re going at, and I don’t feel like I’m not getting what I need in any means, so when we’re just doing this, I feel really a sense of calm; I feel good about everything – I feel like, in any relationship, most important is to establish a friendship first Because if it’s someone that I’m gonna be with forever, I don’t feel like it’s something that needs to be rushed I want to be able to remember, like, when our first kiss happens or whatever Like, I want it to be real, and I feel like I have the friendship aspect with Jona, and we are building a relationship together [groans] [both chuckle] I thought you were gonna pick me up and carry me across the sand – Yeah, well– – You can carry me like a princess, ’cause I am one [chuckles] You’ve got my fat roll Okay, better – [chuckles] ♪ ♪ – What do you think about this? – It’s nice – It is really nice, isn’t it? – Nice and quiet and romantic I think we’re both falling for each other We’re on the same page, and we’re just, like, ready to continue, you know, this journey together and see where it goes, but I think we all know where it’s going – Come here and exfoliate me You always want to hurt me – [laughing] – Actually, I think that our favorite qualities that we have about each other is we live in the moment, a childlike life I don’t think that, like, we’re at the, like, the “love” word yet Come here and give me a big old mud kiss [spits] – [laughs] – But the love is there, and, like, we’re falling in love with each other every single day Like, we have such good energy together that it’s unreal Now–see, now your hair’s all – Just having fun and laughing it up, and I just don’t want to be anywhere else right now Just here Whoo! ♪ ♪ – Scientifically, Tyler and Isabella are a good match because of their similar family values However, at 25 years of age, they are the youngest of the group, so I’m not so sure they know what kind of social structures they want in their lives Even though they believe they’ve experienced love at first sight with each other, I wonder whether they know themselves well enough to be able to communicate what they even need or expect out of a partner or a marriage ♪ ♪ – All muddy and everything [blows raspberry] – [laughing] Oh, just ruin it – [laughs] [upbeat music] ♪ ♪ – Ooh. [chuckles] – Let’s see what this is all about – Sociology is all about the culture of everyday life, and nothing’s more important to these couples’ future lives than the decision as to whether or not you want to have a family – My niece loves snow globes – This one is the Diamond Falls – We went there We actually saw that – That makes it really dope – Yeah – What’s your best price? – How about 35? – 30 – All right – All right. Cool – Nice – I’m super excited to give my niece a snow globe She really loves ’em You know, that’s really fun for me Uncle Shannon is probably like the best uncle in the world I think so, and then I’ll be the same type of dad Like, it kind of excites me, but Kimber’s so against motherhood and having kids So are you sure you don’t wanted to get nobody anything at all, whatsoever? – I just didn’t see anything else that seemed like something someone would really want – Yeah, so no nieces, no nephews? So you haven’t been around, like, little kids too often like that? – Well, like, so I was engaged before, and I didn’t really want kids when I met him either – Mm-hmm – But he already had one, and I loved him, and I fell in love with her, and, like, my plan was to adopt her once we got married She doesn’t know her real mom, she’s never met her, so I was–I was with it at that point, like, but it was really hard – Yeah – The stay-at-home mom thing And then obviously, like, devastating when me and him broke up and I, like, lost her for the most part It just kind of, like, re-solidified after it all ended that I was back to– I don’t want kids – I just think you should be open-minded, ’cause you never know – I don’t know

– I’m–you acting like today I’m, “Yo, let me get you pregnant right now,” like I’m not saying right now – During time of stress, Shannon tends to use humor as a defense mechanism This type of reaction can signal the possible downfall of an otherwise healthy relationship – I see a lot of my friends having kids, and I know that there are good parts, too, and it makes a lot of people really happy, but I’ve never had the desire – The fact that Kimber is so opposed to having kids, it makes me realize how much I want kids So it kind of scares me and, like, worries me, ’cause it could be a potential deal-breaker It makes me sad because, like, we have so much in common, except for this one thing, but it’s a big thing, though, and I’m getting nervous because I don’t know what’s gonna be on the other side of us trying to work through it I think we should talk about it with, like, the pastor and, um, Dr. Jessica So…I mean, just to have a discussion and have other people hear our ideas and our thoughts about, you know, having kids, not having kids, and I think we should talk about it – I mean–I don’t know – I just want an open discussion You know, that’s it At the end of the day, you decide you don’t want to have kids and I do, I just have to deal with it or not You know? [dramatic music] – First of all, look, you look so good in white – Oh, thank you – It’s–it’s so hot – Yes, you are – Um ♪ ♪ – This is so pretty – It really is – See, I told you, biking is fun This is how you know you– like, you know how to ride, when you can, like, ride, like, standing up – Really? – Yeah – ‘Cause I feel like that’s the simplest thing ever [both laugh] – Instant chemistry can create a powerful bond at the beginning of a relationship, but couples need to be sure they have enough in common to create a successful marriage This is especially true with sociology Chris already has a daughter, so he and Jada need to communicate about the type of family they imagine having in the future so they can be sure they’re in sync – You think we can make a kiss happen? – We can try before we run over a speed bump – Me and Jada, it’s actually awesome, ’cause it feels natural, everything feels comfortable I really do like being in a relationship with her – Okay, ready? [both laugh] Chris makes me laugh, he makes me feel comfortable So far, things are just exceeding my expectations, and I’m just enjoying what God is naturally bringing my way – I think we’re definitely, like, going in the right direction – I agree – I think it’ll be something, like, long-lasting – Me too – ‘Cause, like, I want you– I want to get to a point with you where eventually I want you to meet my daughter and– – I would love that, but I also want to meet her once we know, like, you know, it’s, like, long-term – I agree ‘Cause I’ve never introduced any girls to my daughter yet, and I think that Jada’s 100% wife material So I’m hoping we’ll take it to that level – So do you want more children? – It would be selfish of me not to want more children – Yeah – Because at the end of the day, you know, the person that I’m with may not have kids – Right – Do you want kids? – Of course. Like, I do– – A boy or a girl? – I just want whatever I’m supposed to have You know? So – I mean, it’s definitely, like, a lot having a kid, which is a blessing It changes everything – Yeah Chris and I get along so well I definitely see a future together beyond this He’s the first guy that I really feel and see myself being with forever Your little smile It’s so cute – Thank you, thank you So are you – Thank you [upbeat music] ♪ ♪ – Ready to get on a boat? – Yeah – Again? – Again – [chuckles] I’ve been looking forward to this moment for so long We get to do something really fun We get to go on our own private cruise The view of the ocean from the Saint James’s Club Morgan Bay is stunning, it’s spectacular, and I’m really excited for it For us? – Oh, I know, right? – They shouldn’t have [cork pops] Whoo! Love that sound – Katie and Eric are scientifically a great match because they are both geographically located in the same place, Colorado, and they also have similar social circles However, this is the halfway point on “Honeymoon Island,” and their conversations still remain surface-level If they’re going to develop their relationship into love, they’re going to have to learn to communicate on a much deeper level – Have you decided where you’re going back to? – Uh, I have, you know, and I– and I really do need to go back to Denver – ‘Cause I know you have, like, home bases in several different countries – I do I–I had really contemplated about finding an apartment in Colombia Uh, I was torn between Medellín and Bogotá, and – “Bogotá.” – Yeah [imitates accent] Colombia Spanish accent– it’s very attractive Say it again – Argentina – A– – Argentina

– Argentina He’s hot [laughs] – So, now that, you know, we’re– we’ve chosen each other, how would your day-to-day friends find–you know, I guess What would they– what would they think of me? – Would they like you? – Yeah I guess that’s a good way to put it, yeah – Yeah. They’re fun They would definitely like you – Okay. Cool – Would your friends like me? – They would; they really would actually like you You’d be a breath of fresh air, to be honest Um – How so? – I think my friends are, uh, are very much, like, hoping that I find someone that’s more my equal, and you definitely fit the bill, if not exceed it So that’s really awesome – That’s good – It is a good match It’s a good match so far – Yeah, it’s a great match – I really like it – I’m very optimistic about what the future may hold for Eric and I because we keep discovering more about each other Whoo! – ♪ Oh ♪ – And the more I learn about him, the more excited I am, and I kind of think he feels the same way, so I’m pretty excited – ♪ Go for the stars ♪ [upbeat music] ♪ ♪ – Five next Look at that Got in there– what number was that? – That’s a two So how was your date today, buddy? – Me? My dates are just getting better and better I am a happy guy It’s all working out So here we are at Saint James’s Club Morgan Bay We’re just chilling out and playing pool, but it’s nice to just have this guy time ♪ ♪ I finally feel comfortable, like, where I’m at That whole affection thing’s put to rest Like, we’re reaching for each other, we’re grabbing each other, I’m giving her piggyback rides, I’m carrying her around– you know, like, all that natural stuff is just there now that we’re just letting it be there – So the physical things are starting to come into play now – Yeah, man, and I’m like– and I’m really attracted to her that way – Mm – And her mom coming was huge You know, like, she’s a completely different girl since her mom was here – Question So I don’t want to be, like, that guy, but I just want to ask you a serious question, like– – Here it comes Give it to me, Shannon – No, but seriously, so what is she doing to make you feel comfortable? Like, every time I talk to you, it’s like, “You know what? I want her to be comfortable.” And this and this, but like, bro, you a good guy She should, like– you’re a catch too – Our date today was totally different It’s–it’s weird having– – Okay. I mean not– I mean, I’m not trying to, like, grill you You know what I mean? – You are You are, but you’re asking the right questions, and I actually know where you’re coming from, and I appreciate it, and I’m not trying to just make it sound like all, you know, roses and sunny days, but that’s kind of how I feel right now – I haven’t seen anything that agrees with what he’s saying He said, like, everything happened behind closed doors Everything changed If it did, great, but I don’t see it Do you think Brandin is really feeling you, or are you just trying to convince her to? – I’m trying to show her who I am – The things that you do for her to make her feel good but she should be doing the same things to make you feel good ♪ ♪ At this point, I think Jona just needs to be smart about his decisions and make sure that he’s receiving at least the same effort that he’s putting out, and it’s a 50/50 effort between him and Brandin – I hear what you guys are saying – Like, you can’t give 100%, and somebody give you, like, a little bit Man, I–I want her to go hard for you ’cause you a good guy – Well, I mean, that’s your way; I can – [sighs] – Like, I don’t feel weird falling on my face, if that’s what happens– – But to me–to me, like– – It doesn’t shake me – [sighs] I–I guess – I’m not trying to defend her right now – It looks like that to me, on the outside ♪ ♪ – If you said today, “I’m about to wal ♪ ♪ – If you said today, “I’m about to walk out and go home,” would she chase after you? ♪ ♪ – I don’t think either one of us would chase; I think– – Would she come after you to try to stop you? It’s important for me to have this conversation with Jona because I don’t want to see my boy getting played He came here looking for love He’s a genuine guy I don’t want him putting himself out there and making himself vulnerable for a girl that’s really not interested in him – I think she’d want to know why, yeah I don’t think she’d just be like, “Oh, cool. No big deal.” I think she’d be like, “We need to talk You need to let me know why.” Like – You 100% sure in that? ♪ ♪ [upbeat music] ♪ ♪ – Things are so much more good than bad, though That’s why, like – Yeah – I feel like we should focus on that for a second – But we do need to talk to him about this, though – Obviously, but, like Shannon and I have such strong feelings for each other, but honestly and unfortunately, I feel like we’re seeing evidence of a much bigger problem that could be a deal-breaker for us It’s been a deal-breaker in the past So we decided to have a meeting with the experts We just wanted to check in with you guys We’ve got one thing we want to talk about with you – What’s been going on? [dramatic music] – Kids – Kids? – I don’t really want kids – Really? That surprises me – I feel like, because of the amount of time I’ve already spent analyzing it, thinking about it, talking about it, I feel pretty, like, set – I mean, I’m not absolutely sold on kids either I love them, but I don’t know if I want some But I just don’t like the closed-mindedness Like, 100%, no kids With me, I need open-mindedness I don’t like absolutes Everything is open for discussion But, like, I don’t think I’ma get nowhere just me talking to her, so sitting in front of experts and having this open dialogue will help me and Kimber – So I’m curious, Kimber, about what–

what the reasons are What–what’s brought you to make this kind of a decision for yourself? – It’s not that I hate kids Like, I love kids I would honestly rather raise a kid that wasn’t mine – What–are you saying a–adoption? Or someone else’s children? – Like – Or what are you saying? – If he already had a kid that was part of him, and not me, but something about the idea of, like, a miniature version of myself freaks me out – What is it about you that you don’t want to see reproduced? – I guess just like I was a…not happy kid or teenager I just wasn’t comfortable, and it would be really frustrating for me to have someone come home from school and look just like me and be just like me and go through the same kind of negative feelings I just–it– I hate the thought of it – Do you struggle with depression at all? – Yeah, until my early 20s – And is that something that you’re afraid of, you know, sort of passing that down too? – Definitely – Listening to Kimber just open up and–and tell me, like, her depression and she don’t want a mini her, it’s sad It’s, like, mind-blowing to me, ’cause she’s a wonderful person, and if I had a mini Kimber, that’d be a good thing – I mean, I hear what you’re saying, but for all that you’ve gone through, you said you don’t want a–a little person that resembles you From day one– – Why not? – From day one, we’ve said, “Kimber is incredible.” – Thank you – And I don’t think– you know, in this conversation, nobody’s gonna–no one’s trying to change your mind – No! Oh, God, no – I think that it’s just great that you’re having this conversation now It’s one in which you should be empowered to make whatever choice you want to make, regardless It’s just having a space in your relationship where you can talk about it and be–and be open to, “You know what? I might change my mind I can’t promise you that right now,” just like you might change your mind Communication on key topics, like whether or not to have kids, is vital for a growing relationship I applaud Kimber and Shannon for both being willing to listen to each other’s reasons for how they feel and agreeing to keep an open dialogue on this topic But, if neither budges, this could be a huge roadblock as they work toward marriage Whatever arrangement you decide to have, it’s–it’s your family and your decisions to make – Yeah – Like, yeah I’m comfortable calling it a maybe I hope that the takeaway here is that I am who I am because of my experiences, and I do want to start fresh with you, but I–anything that you like about me is also because of my experiences – Absolutely – So I can’t just write those off – Abso–that’s fair – You know what I mean? That’s my part of it – Very fair – Very wise – That’s good Very well put – Thanks [laughs] – ♪ I never said it was love before ♪ ♪ But for you I’ll say it ♪ ♪ Girl you knock me down you do ♪ ♪ Any way you play it ♪ – Let’s see if we can find a good spot – I’ll pick us a good spot – That’s what I have you here for So I was feeling great about our relationship until I talked to Chris and Shannon, and that concerns me I now have the opportunity to talk to Brandin to see if we are really in the same place It’s so funny we have these moments that are just you and I We–we know Like, we know where we are Uh, and then I go, uh– I was playing pool with Shannon and Chris, and it’s so weird how far off everyone is about their perception of us, and I guess it’s– with how we– all the back and forth, remember, we had in the beginning And it’s taken us time to show each other, and I think it’s starting to become more evident to everyone as we keep going forward, but – The moments that we’ve had, I don’t feel like it’s been necessary to share Like, everyone moves at their own speed, and it was more important for me to have that connection with you first before I showed you affection that I didn’t feel like was genuine It did–it doesn’t matter to me that Shannon has his opinion or that whoever else said something has their opinion Like, the only person’s opinion that I care about, really, is yours, and I feel like we’re doing okay – Yeah Well said I like that about you I think that’s all that should matter right now It feels right – Yeah – We came here to be ourselves and to put it out there, and if you can’t do that, you shouldn’t be here And I’m okay–I’ve been rejected before But I’m feeling like I’m where I belong It is the time There is no more playing around Like, I want to kiss this woman, and I’m ready [uplifting music] ♪ ♪ – ♪ But these eyes won’t cry ♪ ♪ No fear ♪ – I don’t even know how it happened, but Jona and I had our first kiss I cannot even explain to you the feeling, and I’m really grateful that I found Jona He’s pretty perfect – ♪ But these eyes won’t cry ♪ ♪ No fear ♪ ♪ I’ll fight when everything feels like ♪

♪ And choose to love ♪ ♪ ♪ – ♪ I walk in like how do you do? ♪ ♪ I need a little liquor in me just to set the mood ♪ – Why did you turn this on? Did you have a reason? – No – Oh, then just to be like, “Hey.” – Diary Cam – Just laying on each other Check that– look at that profile – At least he–I know Especially when my hair parts this way; check it out – That is an amazing good side – ♪ We’re gonna get some going dumb ♪ ♪ Maybe we’ll shut it down ♪ ♪ The party like you turning 20 ♪ – What’s up? What’s up, lovebirds? – Ho-ho! – It’s day 11 of our 3-week experiment on “Honeymoon Island,” and Pastor Cal and I have invited the couples to the park for a little healthy competition Our goal is for the couples to finish the challenge with a better understanding of how they communicate with their partner – First of all, you all are here for a very specific reason As you know, one important quality of a successful and healthy relationship is the ability to listen Okay? – So think about this This is really a race for love We know that couples who do not communicate well, even during games, tend to have more conflicts in their relationships, so we’re going to be paying attention to the way in which you communicate – You know, it’s not just a game to me It’s like, how are we going to communicate about this? How are we going to strategize? You know, it’s just– I’m thinking about the bigger picture and Tyler and I doing well together as a team [tense music] – Everybody, on your marks Get set Go! – Ahh! – Right, left, right, left, right, left – Hurry up and untie your legs! [upbeat rock music] – Cooperate, cooperate ♪ ♪ – Get those blindfolds on the men, ladies – I’m sorry! – Hurry, hurry, hurry ♪ ♪ – Oh, wow, wow! They’re first – Brandin and Jona – Straight, straight – Are we winning? – I’ll tell you when there’s sand. Go straight – Tyler and Isabella look like they’re in second place – Left, left, left, left We just ran into a tree because Tyler wasn’t listening to me Straight, straight, straight – Communicate with each other! – All right, get on, get on – Go! Okay, okay – One step right. Go Go. We’re in the lead. Go – Keep going, keep going, keep going, keep going Keep going, keep going– – Right, right, right, right – Chris and Jada take the lead [overlapping chatter] – We ran into Kimber and Shannon, but I’m feeling really good about my partner right now I think we have this – Slow down, slow down, slow down! Get–get–left! Stop! Stop! – Good communication! Way to go, Jada! – Down, down, down [overlapping chatter] – Okay, go, go, go, go – Use your words, Isabella! – Left, left [laughs] – What am I doing? – You’re wrapping it around me! And guiding me to the bouquet You have to guide me to the bouquet with your voice You have to talk really, really loudly Okay, where am I going? – Go straight – Okay – Brandin jumps ahead – Right–straight up! Straight up! Yeah, right there – The first bouquet! – Follow my voice, straight back Straight back You got it! – Go–go straight Straight Straight–go straight – I am! – Right there – Brandin and Jona win it! – [groans] – Chris and Jada got second – I’m really happy about the way that Jona and I communicated through the process Whatever we did obviously worked, because we won – Where are you? – Come back, come back You hear my voice? – Oh! – Good job, babe – Left. Straight – Tyler and Isabella take third! – I feel good Like, honestly, I feel really good Like, I thought they– we actually worked pretty good together, and like, hey We didn’t come in dead last, so that’s, like, kind of something to be proud of, so – Le–le–le–left – Trust your partner! – Right, right, right – Straight – Grab it! – Straight – Now, come on. Run back – Straight. Straight, straight – Good stuff – Good job, Shannon – Take a right Take a solid right Solid right. Right – I can’t hear you! – Shannon and Kimber take fourth place – There you go, there you go Now just go straight Straight. Keep walking So the last thing I have to do and guide Katie to the bouquet, and I’m realizing that we’re dead last Right there, right there, right there Hop, hop, hop, hop [laughing] Close. To your right My voice clearly isn’t carrying over to Katie A little to your left! She’s a little lost, and there’s a lot of back noise from everybody else yelling Oh, behind you, behind you! Just a little behind you There you go, there you go Feel around, feel around, feel around There you go [overlapping chatter] [laughter, cheers] – Even though Katie and Eric are finishing last, they’re laughing together, enjoying themselves They’re having fun They’re good sports It tells me that they’re a couple that doesn’t give up and rolls with the punches, which are great qualities to have in a relationship [cheers and applause] All right, all right, all right And today’s winner is – Brandin and Jona! [cheers and applause] Nice job, guys – I don’t want to be arrogant, but we won Brandin killed it – How do you feel about the win? – Good I’m competitive, so – I’m digging it – I was really glad – I’m digging that competitive nature – Brandin and Jona are really our most improved couple in the group When they met ten days ago, they might’ve had chemistry, but they struggled with intimate communication Seeing them today is like a 180, and I am loving it – So we hope everybody had fun today all: Yeah – It was a blast [dramatic music]

– I am very frustrated right now because we lost! I hate losing – Are you happy, babe? – I’m happy I lost Yeah ♪ ♪ – Sore loser over here – I’m not a sore loser You don’t listen – I’m a really good loser, but I’m also a little bit worried that Isabella is not so happy, at the same time Because I didn’t turn left – Isabella has a history of blowing up her relationships over something small – What’s my favorite color? – Pink – Nope – Wow all: Oh! – [bleep] – Purple – No Why are you telling me what my favorite color is? Turquoise, that’s my favorite color – Hey – Ooh This is a spicy Isabella ♪ ♪ – Sorry! – I know it’s just a game, but I take it seriously, and it’s more of, like, a reflection of our relationship and what, you know, we need to work on as a couple, so I’m not happy right now – We didn’t get last – You don’t listen, and that’s why we lost ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ – It was nice to win – It was nice to win – It feels great winning the competition I’m feeling really happy that we were able to prove to each other that, when it’s time, we can count on each other You look good tonight I like what’s going on here and–and here – Thanks At Saint James’s Club Morgan Bay, there’s a place called Sunset Lounge, and we decided that we’re gonna meet up with all the other couples Hey – Hey – What’s up, good looking couple? – What’s up? It’s just gonna be a good time for us to, like, really wind down and relax and hang out with each other – Has everyone recovered from the competition? – Got those hot pants on – The competition was fierce today – [laughing] I know People got tense – We did not excel It was intense – What’s up, Tyler? – What’s up, y’all? – What’s up? – Hey! – Sit at this little table right here – Yeah, yeah. Where’s Izzy? – She’ll– she’ll come eventually We lost I don’t know how she’s taking the losing situation – We were fourth and fifth You were third At this point, I’m thinking, something else had to have happened, because there is no way that Isabella was that upset about the relay race – Cheers to the losers! – Get that out of here Get out of here – Get out of here [tense music] – So Tyler and I are on, you know, rocky terms right now – What happened? – I mean, after losing, you know, the challenge, like– – You weren’t the only ones that lost – Yeah, it’s not all about winning, and it’s not all about the game, but it’s about, like, realizing that we do have issues with communication, and that’s why – Yeah – We lost the challenge I came to Honeymoon Island in hopes of finding someone that I’m compatible with, but like, I can’t be happy, I can’t act happy ’cause of Tyler’s lack of listening skills I’m disappointed in the progress of our communication – It’s–it’s saddening, because you just think that everything is gonna go great, but sometimes, this is what helps, like, the relationship grow, and you’ll have a chance to maybe talk to him here, while we’re having drinks – He can come to me, and if he doesn’t, then – Yeah. Honestly– – You’re sleeping on the couch tonight – Yeah, I feel you – Like, I don’t care – Yeah. Yeah – So – Isabella is really upset [scoffs] She’s just being stupid, and it’s crazy [all cheering] – I wanted to grab my boo Jada and bring her up on stage – Aww, Jada! – Jada! – Hey, Chris! – I’m talking with Isabella, and then Chris calls me up on the stage, and I’m like, “What is happening right now?” – So, like, this song is something I wrote when my daughter was born, like – Aww! – How much it, like, changed me as a man When I look at Jada, I think that she will be the perfect woman to introduce to my daughter, and eventually, you know, I hope that she can be my queen [slow emotional music] ♪ Oh, yeah ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ Ooh ♪ ♪ I was broken ♪ ♪ Now I’m open ♪ ♪ ‘Cause I met an angel ♪ ♪ I met an angel with long, dark hair ♪ ♪ Yes, I met an angel ♪ – You’re so sweet – Singing is a huge part of me, and it’s important for Jada to know that side of me, and it’s important for her to know that I think she’s special enough to sing to I wanted to communicate that and–and make her feel just…good while she was on the stage, and I wanted it to be a moment about her ♪ Yeah ♪ [cheers and applause] ♪ ♪ – So good – Thank you, everybody ♪ ♪ – Holy [bleep] [cheers and applause] – Wasn’t he adorable? He was the cutest [overlapping chatter] – I know Isabella is furious with me right now, and I just don’t know how I’m gonna handle that I know that I have to say something to Isabella if I want to save my relationship

Would you want to come talk to me around the other side of the bar? – Okay [mischievous music] ♪ ♪ – I want to know why you’re so mad at me on this whole thing, over a little–little game that we played And you’re so mad, and– – It’s not about that He still thinks that I’m upset over a little race, and that’s not the point, at all, and he’s not getting my point, and it’s only frustrating me even more It’s about our communication skills in the relationship It’s about you trusting me and listening to me and working together as a team Like–and I wish you would understand that – I felt like I did listen to you Like, we got second place– third place You didn’t say, “Take one giant step left.” I don’t know what I look like– I was blindfolded [laughs] I don’t– – Okay And when–when I was the one that was blindfolded, and you weren’t, and I went to go get the bouquet– – Did I–okay, did I not lead you to that tree perfectly? – Yeah, but once I got it, like, you– I didn’t hear you, you weren’t guiding me, and I’m just like, “Where are you?” – I was excited you got the damn thing! I do not think that you should be this upset with me over that Not one of those other couples over there is taking it this seriously ♪ ♪ That girl is so mad at me that it is unreal I don’t understand it I don’t She’s a different person, and I–I–I don’t know what to do at this point I don’t know, like, where Isabella’s and I’s relationship is right now – You should be taking this seriously, because it’s a relationship – I am taking this seriously – If I bring something to your attention, like, “Hey, we need to work on this,” why don’t you just say, “Yes, what can we do to work on it? What can we do to work on it together?” Instead, you’re just arguing with me like a child ♪ ♪ And I won’t have that ♪ ♪ Do you understand that? – I understand that – Okay. I’m done [dramatic music] ♪ ♪ I’m hurt, I’m frustrated, and he obviously doesn’t understand I’m just so upset right now, and I don’t want to talk to him – Did you talk to him at the bar? – Yeah That didn’t go very well – Literally, dude, there’s no winning with that woman No winning It’s either she is right or I am completely [bleep] wrong And she just– she belittles me, and, like, this is so dumb, like, why are we even fighting about this? Like, this should not be this big I know that something like this happened when she was on “Second Chances.” [tense music] – If it was your loofah, I would’ve picked it up – Well, I don’t use a loofah – I’m just saying Well, if you did, I would’ve picked it up, so you should have the same courtesy for me That’s just–that’s that – Do you feel like he is understanding the fact that you’re upset about this? – Who, Tyler? – Yeah, Tyler – Not at all. Not at all He’s like, “I don’t understand why you…” Like, this, this, and that, and I’m just like, “This is why.” Like, I’m spelling it out for you as best as I can, and I don’t know– I don’t know what to do – And I’m, like, kind of really sick of it – Tell her, like, how you feel about it – And then I’m the– I’m the bad guy And then, like, she just, like, makes, like, literally just like, “Okay, and I’m done with this,” and walks away Just ’cause you don’t think I’m listening, that, like– How–how am I not listening? – I’m gonna be honest Like, I just think she’s so, like, set in her ways And, like, give her some time, give her some space, and she’ll come around If you’re communicating these things with her and telling her how you feel and she’s still tripping, that’s something that she’s gotta change That’s not your fault This is Tyler and Isabella’s first big argument, so it’s a little bit of a downer, but at the same time, Tyler’s my boy, so I’m gonna look out for him, and hopefully, you know, him and Isabella end up okay That’s not your fault, bro I’ma keep it real You guys probably have one of the strongest connections here – Dude, honestly, like, I found myself, like, falling in love with this chick, and now I’m, like, really second-guessing a lot of different things. Like – Like, for real? – I am – Or are you just having a moment? – I’m having a moment, but I’m also kind of second-guessing a lot of things, man. Like – If you move too– – And honestly, I’m kind of scared to see her because I feel like I’m gonna be in the doghouse on that aspect too – But at the end of the day, it’s 50/50 It’s not all about her It’s about you too It’s about your feelings too It’s not just about her feelings It’s about how you feel And I know, as much as you care about her, if she can’t understand that it’s 50/50, then you might just have to fall back a little bit until she understands that, bro, ’cause that’s what it is – Done deal; that was the best advice you can get, dude – All right, bro – Hey, brother Let’s hug this thing out – You’re my bro – He’s like, “Why are you upset? I don’t understand why you’re upset I’m just like, “This is why I’m upset,” and he’s like, “Well, you shouldn’t be.” I’m like, “Don’t tell me how I should”–you know? – Right Isabella was upset, but it was just so crazy I don’t necessarily understand why she was so full of negative energy [indistinct chatter] Oh – All right I’m gonna call it a night, all right? [dramatic music] Good night, everybody – Tomorrow is a new day, all right? – Yeah, tomorrow’s always a new day Tonight we just [mumbles indistinctly] – At this point, I am so ready to go back to my room I want to call it a night I don’t want to be here – What in the [bleep] is your deal right now? I came here to find love, and I thought I found it,

instantly, but now I’m just not sure if he is the one I need my space ♪ ♪ [knocking] ♪ ♪ – Yep Well, that’s how that’s gonna go – Maybe I should choose someone else, like Shannon, Jona, or even Chris ♪ ♪ – Next time on “Honeymoon Island” Our couples turn up the heat with sexology – I don’t think there’s any way that you can touch me that I won’t like ♪ ♪ – How does that feel? – It’s a little light – Are you serious? – Yeah You don’t have to be worried You can break me – You can move into my room, if you want [giggles] – You’re inviting me into the big bed? – There’s an invisible line, and don’t cross it – Sex is super important to me – I don’t take it for granted and just have it with anybody – I told you I was falling in love with you Is that why you freaked out so much? – Do you feel the same way? – [sighs] – I haven’t cried this much since I was born Can we wrap this up? I’m gonna go home