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– The nation’s most controversial experiment is back – Oh, my God This is about to happen – Friends and family, you are about to witness history in the making – And for the first time, we’ve selected four couples who will be marrying a complete stranger – This is the biggest season in “Married at First Sight” history ♪ It’s all or nothing ♪ – This is “Married at First Sight.” – ♪ There’s no other way ♪ ♪ It’s all or nothing ♪ – ♪ Your love ♪ ♪ Your love ♪ ♪ Your love this time ♪ – Did you see the ring yet? – I haven’t. I want to see it – Here – Oh, I love it – It’s from Steven Singer Jewelers in Philly – It’s nice and heavy – Yeah I wanted the big one that screams “I’m married.” Bigger’s better – Yeah [laughter] – If this doesn’t work out, I’ll feel devastated My parents have been married 38 years, and they set the bar for what I see in marriage and what I want I want this to last forever ♪ ♪ – Now it got real Like, I’m about to get married I’m about to have a ring on The emotions are starting to rev up a little bit I got three hours of sleep last night I’m taking a gigantic leap of faith I mean, marrying someone you have no idea who they are, what they look like? I mean, it’s crazy Oh, man – You’re about to get really comfortable with that phrase – Having a wife in theory would be a dream come true if it’s the correct person Marriage to me means a lifelong commitment I mean, it’s forever What if our personalities don’t mesh? I’m definitely gonna be shaken a little bit once I see her family and everything ♪ ♪ – Right now, I am extremely on edge because I have not heard from my parents I’m just thinking about all the what-ifs What if just everything goes wrong today? – So is your dad coming? – I’m hoping that he’s coming, but I don’t know Me and my dad are very close, so if he doesn’t show up and walk me down the aisle today, I would feel heartbroken ♪ ♪ I cannot do this without him ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ Hi – Well, well, well Hey, cutie – Hi, Dad – How are you? – My family coming today means the world to me, so I was overjoyed when they came through the door Hi, Mom -Hey – Ain’t that something else – Air kiss – All right – Hi, Grandmom. How are you? – Not so good – She’s just– – Hi, George It’s definitely an emotional roller coaster for them, but family does mean everything to me, and I am really hoping and wishing one day to have my own family, so I needed them here I can’t cry. [chuckles] – What time you want me to start getting proper? – I think we want to do that now – Okay – Hi, Kimberly – Hi – You look really pretty – Hi! – Do I kill you? – No! I hope not – Do I kill you? – No, no. It wasn’t my idea – I’m shocked This is not something that we wanted her to do like this, you know? Definitely very traditional We’d like to know the young man she’s getting married to and, you know, what kind of family he comes from and all those good things that you want for your child, so today is gonna be a hard day for me – We’re gonna get dressed Come on, love – Walking my daughter down the aisle, it’s gonna be very hard today We just have to suck it up and persevere through, so that’s what we’ll do [sniffs] It’s very hard [exhales] Hope they just find happiness together ♪ ♪ – These couples have been matched by us, the experts, and they are taking a huge leap of faith as they enter into marriage with these complete strangers This is a monumental decision, and some will question their own judgment The stakes have never been higher The risk has never been greater They’re about to meet someone

and marry someone they’ve never met – This is crazy This is crazy – Should we look? – Don’t look – Oh, I can–I can see people Oh – Don’t look – I got nervous Overwhelming optimism is where we’re at, right? – Yup – That’s what I’m saying – Yup – We’re good – Yeah – I’m about to get married On a nervous scale, right now I’m at about a six Probably when I get up to the altar it’ll be around an eight, and then once I hear the music and she starts walking down the aisle, it’ll be, like, 12 1/2, 13, off the chart – I need my wine – How are you feeling, Kate? – Kind of in a daze Kind of feel like I’m in a dream right now I just have, like, a million things running through my mind Fear of rejection, that would be my biggest fear Is it weird that I don’t get to see what I look like? I don’t think there’s, like, a full-length mirror in here I never thought that I would just, like, go up and just say, like, “All right, someone pick my husband for me,” but I did, I don’t know – Get ready for this next big adventure, okay? – Be excited, all right? – Love you – Love you too ♪ ♪ – I’ll see you all out there – All right – [sighs] I’m scared I got bad nerves [sighs] I woke up single this morning I’m minutes away from meeting my wife for the very first time I’m just ready Let’s get it over with ♪ ♪ – You with your little cap It’s so cute – Are you ready? – Are you ready? – Yes Oh, my God I can’t believe I’m about to get married to a complete stranger – Are you nervous? – Mm, a little bit – Yeah, I suppose – You know, I’ve been happy this entire time, and now the nerves are finally setting in This could be the biggest mistake or the biggest reward – No looking back – I just don’t know I don’t know what’s gonna happen ♪ ♪ – [exhales] I’m scared ♪ ♪ I’m everything Right now my feelings are all over the board I go from smiling to concerned I feel like there’s emotions that I’m feeling that probably don’t even have a name for them yet I’m not ready My mind is going crazy [laughing] I’m feeling a little cry-y I mean, I’m feeling–God, I don’t get emotional This isn’t me Somebody talk to me Anybody? I mean, for her to bring this out in me before we even meet, it’s either an absolutely amazing thing or it’s an absolutely horrible thing ♪ ♪ – This doesn’t feel like it fits – Is it too tight, or what does it not feel? – I don’t know – I mean, it’s not going anywhere – It doesn’t feel like it did in the store My dress malfunction is the worst thing that could happen at the worst time I wish the dress lady was here I would feel more comfortable – It’s okay We’re gonna fix it Don’t worry – It’s very stressful – I can’t hold it anymore My hands are getting tired [bleep]. Hang on It came back out – I just feel horrible I feel weird all over, so let’s just [bleep] get the show on the road – All right – Everyone’s waiting Let’s just [bleep] do this ♪ ♪ – This is probably the craziest thing I’ve ever done in my life – This is without a doubt the craziest thing I’ve ever done in my life, like – And we’re not even getting married, and it’s the craziest thing – I’m almost nervous for him – I’m just nervous that she’s gonna come down and not be his cup of tea, and that’d be awful Hey, the man – The eagle has landed [laughter] This is a wild and crazy thing to do I’m kind of minutes away from seeing people I never knew who is about to be family now I’ll see you out there, fellas – See you at the wedding – I’m nervous – All right. It’s show time – Love you – Love you too I am very nervous I’m freaking out I am risking everything to do this I’m risking my family, so I hope that this is worth it If not, it will be turmoil because this is me putting everything on the line – I’m freaking out Oh, my God, this is about to happen What am I doing? This is insane – I don’t want to be, like, let down – We don’t know anything about each other – Good luck – [bleep] – I’m so nervous I’m, like, 110% sicker than I thought I was gonna be – I just really hope that it isn’t the biggest mistake that I’ve made in my life – I feel like I’m taking a gigantic leap of faith – What if he doesn’t like me? What if I don’t like him?

♪ ♪ – I’m minutes away from meeting my wife for the very first time – What are you doing? What are you doing? – This is the biggest day of our four couples’ lives, and now the idea that they’re going to meet and marry someone they don’t know is starting to sink in These are legally binding marriages, and for many of them it’s only normal to wonder if they’re making the right decision – [exhales] – The first couple to get married at first sight is Jasmine and Will – All right. It’s show time – Love you – Love you too – We don’t know who the gentleman is We don’t know his character We don’t know his background We don’t know his family We don’t know anything, and so as a parent, I’m used to controlling my environment, and so I’m not able to do that right now, so it’s very hard – You ready to go? Okay – Yes – It means so much to me that my dad is willing to walk me down the aisle I just really hope that the man that I am about to marry will live up to my dad’s expectations because I am risking everything to do this I’m risking my family, so I hope that this is worth it and this will be the start of the rest of my life If not, it will be turmoil because this is me putting everything on the line [indistinct chatter] ♪ ♪ – I really believe this is definitely the craziest thing to ever do for love I think it’s a huge risk, but it’s worth the reward I’m really excited for him ♪ ♪ – Now we’re, I guess, about to find out if the experts hit a home run and made it happen ♪ ♪ – Mother? – Yes. Oh, okay – How are you? – Hi, okay. All right Thank you Will actually did come over to actually give me a hug, so I feel less anxiety – I’m pleasantly surprised It was really nice – This is–this is interesting – He nervous. He nervous ♪ ♪ – I think now it’s settling in, like, “What the heck did I sign up for?” It’s blazing hot as I stand at the altar, and I feel like I’m taking a gigantic leap of faith I mean, marrying someone you have no idea who they are, what they look like, who they are as a person ♪ ♪ – I think you look really nice He’s tall and handsome ♪ ♪ – So I was like, “Okay, Jasmine’s gonna be okay when she comes down the aisle.” [tense music] ♪ ♪ – It’s hitting me now that it’s here My hands are shaking I think my body is shaking I’m just very nervous and just thinking about turning away, if I can run away This is crazy – I agree – I’m crazy – But I love you – Okay What if we aren’t initially attracted to one another? What if everything goes wrong today? – Oh, what you put me through ♪ ♪ – Dear friends and family, you are about to witness history in the making Please rise ♪ ♪ [soft piano music] all: Oh! – When I see my wife, my first thought is she looks beautiful in her dress Wow A smile went on my face and eyes kind of lit up like, “Hey, yeah We got something here.” – First impressions [laughs] he is tall, dark, and handsome, and I believe that’s what I asked for I definitely don’t recognize his face from any, like, sites, so that’s a good thing – Welcome – Thank you. Thank you – Welcome, brother – Thank you You look beautiful – Oh, thank you – Well, meet–for the very first time–Jasmine – Hi – How are you? – Good [both laugh] – Will’s family and friends would like you to know that Will – Is as genuine as they come – This genuineness makes him easy to be around

as well as to talk to Will is an introvert – Oh – Fear not, dear – Mm-hmm – Here is the antidote to combat this Meet his energy – See? – Meet his efforts – Mm-hmm – Peeling back the layers will be well worth it Oh, and one more thing – Will can’t dance [laughter] – So – I’ll teach him some – Will, Jasmine’s family and friends would like you to know Jasmine is loving and slow to anger but won’t hesitate to give you the classic look if you make her angry [laughter] – I get that look from my mother already, so – Will and Jasmine, you have also written your own vows – Through this journey we were brave enough to take, I vow to make you smile, to always give you the benefit of the doubt, and to always be patient, considerate, and caring – Okay. Short and sweet, okay – Yeah, to the point – Jasmine, recite your vows – I will be honest with you I will stand by you I will embrace your family, and most importantly, I will stay committed to our marriage and to fight to see this through I will vow to grow in love with you No one knows what the future holds, but if we’re resilient, we will find our happy place – Aww – Aww. What a lovely bride – May you please place the ring on Jasmine’s finger and hold your hand there? With this ring – With this ring – I wed you, Will – I wed you, Jasmine – For today – For tomorrow – And for all the years to come – Please wear it as a sign – Of my commitment – And a notice – To the entire world – That I am your husband – That I am wifey [laughter] – Thank you And now by the authority vested in me, I now pronounce you married Will, you may kiss your bride – All right – Oh – Oh, there you go – For the very first time as husband and wife, Will and Jasmine [“Every Time” by Richard Maklin] – ♪ You’ve got me so I don’t what to do ♪ ♪ And I don’t want to fall but if I have to ♪ ♪ I’ll fall with you ♪ – It’s surreal It’s a surreal moment I keep, like, glancing at my ring – Go, Jasmine! – I am happy to finally meet him after such a long process, and I am attracted to him at first sight I cannot wait to start this journey Are you happy now? – Are you happy? – Yes – I was worried you was gonna come down that aisle like, “What the hell did I get myself into?” I’m feeling great right now I finally got to put a face to her, and even more importantly, I think her personality is even better than she looks I mean, just from the moment she got to the altar, I mean, it was, like, kind of joking, just spoke volumes – I didn’t want to touch your suit, but you look nice – Thank you. Thank you You look beautiful – Thank you This is crazy How’s your–is your family here? – Yeah – I’m happy about that So my family was not really feeling this at all They were stressed– Well, not everyone– – Yeah, and I thought about that. I’m just like, “Yo, her dad’s gonna be just giving her away to a stranger.” It’s like, “What?” – I told him to say something I was like, “You could tell him, like, don’t get crazy with my daughter,” but yeah But he didn’t say nothing – I knew just as a man, I mean, you’re gonna have some apprehension about just handing your daughter over to a stranger – So was your dad, like, apprehensive all the way up– – To the moment we walked out? Yes – That means he was in the barn like, “You sure?” – Mm-hmm – I was nervous about that That could be a problem – Are you actually from Philly? – I am, from West Philly – I spent half my life in West Philly – What school you go to? Or when did you go– – Lincoln – No – Yeah – I went to Lincoln – No you–stop it. [laughs] – And my dad He got on orange and blue He went to Lincoln too He’s, like, Lincoln-head Yeah – [laughs] Wow – In talking to my husband, he graduated from Lincoln University I also graduated from Lincoln My dad is a die-hard Lincoln fan Hopefully he will be put at ease once he knows my husband graduated from Lincoln That’s hilarious – Maybe the experts do know something – I know, like – Jasmine and Will have been married at first sight, but there are six more singles waiting to walk down the aisle and marry a complete stranger Stephanie and AJ are about to say “I do.”

– I mean, I’m kind of afraid that you guys are gonna make fun of me for the rest of my life because I am gonna get choked up over this – We can do that anyways – God, I hope you bawl – You’ve seen me get choked up over girls I just met – God, I hope you cry – You guys–yeah, I’m going to I’m so going to – This is crazy, you know? Who does this? I always have some worries with AJ He’s a stubborn boy I mean, I’m happy for him, though, you know? I’m supportive no matter what choices he makes, but it’s still crazy – We’ll see how this turns out – And laugh when Jen cries [laughter] – Don’t worry. I’ll cry enough for the both of us – Yeah – It’s a good theory Then you’ll be laughing a lot – Hey – Aww [laughter] – I think this is gonna be an amazing day – Yup. Me too Can we start it already? – I know – I know Stephanie was a little concerned about not being married before the youngest sister, so I, as the older sister, am so excited that she gets her turn She’s a very strong-willed, strong woman, so hopefully he can deal with that ♪ ♪ – Hello – Hi – My name is Kay, and I’m the mother of the bride – Oh, hi – Hi, nice to meet you, and you are? – Oh, it’s so nice to meet you – Wanda – Wanda, hi – Wanda? And you are? – Arnold. Yeah – Arnold? Nice to meet you – Oh, you must be nervous – We’re all hoping for the best here – Yes, we are – And it’s really exciting for both So we’re just so happy to meet you and – Oh, I’m very happy you came over. Thank you – We’ll talk during the reception – Yes, you will. Thank you – We will – Nice meeting you – Okay – That was nice – How nice I feel so much better – His mother and father seem very warm and welcoming and very down to earth, so my first impression is he comes from a good family, but only time will tell ♪ ♪ – I almost landed flat on my face! – Oh – He looks happy He looks nervous, handsome – Are you my bride’s mother? – I am – I don’t know how to address you. I’m so sorry – Oh, it’s so ni– my name is Kay It’s so nice to meet you – You too – Y–I’m s–I’m so thrilled with this – Are you really? – Yes, I am – ‘Cause that was the biggest–that–like, I want you to be thrilled, and – I am thrilled – Like, having family approve- – You have a wonderful–I met your mother I love your mother – Oh, thank God. So do I! So do I! We have something in common already! ♪ ♪ – So far Stephanie looks really happy while I am very nervous and terrified ’cause I’m a little worried about her getting hurt, so I just really hope that he truly is her perfect match and will treat her well – Are you nervous? – I’m already emotional, and it sucks Right now at the altar I’m scared – Who’s that lady in the white dress running away? – Exit altar to the left It’s hard to pinpoint one specific emotion ’cause I feel like the rest of my mind is going crazy ’cause I have no idea what to expect I’m walking into the unknown This is a huge gamble, but at the same time I’m ready to meet my wife yesterday Let’s do this – Yes You can go a little slower, Jen You’re good [both laugh] – [breathing rhythmically] ♪ ♪ Whoo! ♪ ♪ – My first impression of AJ, he’s very joyful, very energetic He’s definitely different than what Stephanie has dated in the past That’s probably a good thing ’cause clearly it hasn’t worked out for her in the past, but we don’t know anything, you know, about him, and, you know, of course that’s scary You just really hope that he’s, you know, gonna be good to her That’s my big concern right now – Oh, my God – Are you nervous? How do you feel? – I’m ready to go – You look calm and collected – I’m about to marry a stranger, and it is scary, but I don’t want to be alone anymore, and I don’t want to date anymore, so if this is what I have to do to find the love of my life, it’s what I’m gonna do I’ve been waiting for this a long time, so at this point I don’t care I just want to see him – I swear, I’m so proud of you, always have been – Thanks, Dad – I love you – Love you back – Never thought I’d be the guy standing here – Holy [bleep] – Ladies and gentlemen, please rise ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ – As I’m standing there watching my wife walk down

the aisle, my eyes, I could not take them off of her From everything from her dress to her face to her hair to every inch of her was just drop-dead gorgeous Before I knew anything about her, I already could tell that we were connected ♪ ♪ – As I’m walking down the aisle, I see him, and he looks cute, and he’s got a very handsome little gray action going on that I’m digging ♪ ♪ [laughs] ♪ ♪ – Hi – Wow – Give you my daughter’s hand – I’m AJ – AJ? – I thank you – I’m Stan – I’ll earn your approval of giving me your daughter’s hand in marriage in the future I promise you that – Stephanie, I’d like for you to meet for the very first time AJ – I don’t even know what to say “Hi, I’m AJ”? I mean, this is a blind date at the altar – Please be seated Stephanie, there are a few things that AJ’s friends and family would like for you to know about AJ He is one of the most genuine people that there is Everything he does is with his whole heart He’ll never let you leave home with a hair out of place – I promise – And when you want an honest opinion, you’ll always receive one from him AJ, Stephanie’s family and friends would like for you to know a few things about Stephanie Stephanie puts 110% in everything that she does Stephanie enjoys traveling, going around the world for a good sour beer [laughter] – AJ and Stephanie, you have also written your own vows AJ? – As we enter this–into this unknown journey together, I want you to know that from this very point on I promise you to support your dreams, ease your fears, listen to you with an open mind, ear, and heart, communicate with you always, and to make you laugh as much as possible both with me and, I promise you, a lot of times at me – I’m standing here today in hopes to find the love of my life I promise to never give up and to always put us first I promise to be open and honest and confide in you I promise to bring us joy and happiness and lots of vacations – Yes! – I vow to be your partner through this wild but brave journey and vow that you can always count on me – AJ, take Stephanie’s hands and repeat after me With this ring – With this ring – I wed you, AJ – I wed you, Stephanie – For today – For tomorrow – And for all the years to come – Please wear it as a sign of my ultimate commitment – And a notice – To the entire world – That I am your wife – That I am your husband! – Whoo! – And now, by the authority vested in me, I pronounce you husband and wife – Wifey – AJ, you may kiss your bride [cheers and applause] – It’s not just a first date kiss It’s a kiss at the altar, and there is passion and that emotion behind it, but at the same time she’s a stranger that I just met It’s a very confusing feeling, but at the same time it feels right doing it with her ♪ ♪ – Ladies and gentlemen, it is my pleasure to introduce for the very first time as husband and wife, Stephanie and AJ [“The World Is Ours” by Rupert Pope] – ♪ Tonight ♪ ♪ Tonight, tonight, tonight ♪ ♪ The world is our tonight ♪ ♪ Tonight, tonight ♪ – Hearing the officiant say, “I now pronounce you husband and wife,” I feel like finally this has happened I’ve been waiting for this for so long, so it’s a dream come true to start a new life together with someone That’s what I’ve always wanted – I’m an emotional guy to begin with, just to let you know – Aww – It put me over the edge I just got married Wha–I’m ecstatic I’m no longer nervous Like, I’m–thank you just for being you I don’t even know you yet, but thank you for being you Like, I’m happy already – Aww, relax. It’s okay Whoo! Best sound ever – Yes, it is That’s the sound of marriage right there That’s a relatively full glass – That’s–thank you – I’m always being funny Like, that’s just me I’m serious during work Once that time’s off, I’m goofy I’m funny. I’m dorky, cheesy That’s just me I hope you’re okay with that – Oh, yeah. I have definitely my dorky moments – Perfect

– I have an app that keeps track of all the beers that I drink, and it rates them one through five AJ’s enthusiasm’s really cute It shows that he’s excited and he likes me, so I can’t wait to figure out how we’re gonna fit into each other’s lives – I’m a little bit more sentimental than most, and I know that, so I was really hoping that you weren’t too overly reserved, like, you know, a girl that goes out for a glass of wine and a charcuterie plate and calls that a fun night – Oh – That’s not my style – Okay, good – We’re on the same level, believe me – I haven’t been with anyone that has as big of a personality as AJ before, so it’s gonna be different Hopefully this works out – I’m excited. I’ve been single for five years Have you been single for a while? – Yeah, it’s–well, it’s been, like, a year – Okay – Yeah – Ready to jump in? – Oh, yeah – Please say yeah – I’m so ready – If you say no, I’m would’ve be like, “Ah.” – I’ve been so ready So I’m 35. How old are you? – 37 – Okay – That’s right We don’t know– what’s your last name? – Sersen – Sersen? – What’s yours? – Vollmoeller – Vollmoeller? – I might want to take yours We’ll discuss that later – Okay – Okay, we’re good. Cheers I feel like cheers is gonna be the big option– or the theme of our marriage – Oh, yeah – He went to Lincoln – Really? – Yeah – No way, you went to Lincoln? – I went to Lincoln – Right? – He went to Lincoln – Jasmine and Will and Stephanie and AJ have just been married at first sight Now each couple will meet each other’s family for the first time, while at the same time, they’re just getting to know one another – I graduated 2010 – Aldin went to Lincoln He went to Lincoln as well – Yeah, I went to Lincoln So you’re a Lincoln graduate? – Yes, yes, yes – Damn Man, you can’t mess up, bro – Hey, sis – How are you? – Listen here, man, that’s my baby – I heard. I know – I love Lincoln I love my baby, and Will, I’m going to find time to love you too, bro – Thank you, thank you – I already know Thank you, thank you, man – Finding out that Will was an alum of Lincoln University is superb for me Unbelievable As I am a Lincoln alum, we now have a commonality other than my child Isn’t that crazy but awesome? So I’m very happy – He said he went to Lincoln I’m like, “What? You went to Lincoln?” – You got two more points, bro [laughter] Man [cheers and applause] – The wedding photo shoot is the first opportunity for our couples to be in close proximity with one another It’s a situation that could be highly uncomfortable since they’ve only met a few moments ago – They’re gonna kiss on three One, two, three [cheering] – Hold it, hold it, hold it, hold it! – Did you close your eyes during the kiss? – No – You got to sell the kiss You got to sell it – During the ceremony the woman said that he was introverted, but he’s been cracking jokes and stuff, and it seems like we’re easy to talk to each other, so it doesn’t–he doesn’t seem so introverted – Romance – What’s romance mean? – Like, talk sweet, loving things towards each other – We gonna talk about dinner I’m pretty sure you love hearing about that – What you think they gonna have? The salmon? – Our personalities vibe We click I mean, we kind of whispering in each other’s ears while taking pictures, cracking jokes – Closer. Go on – [laughs] – Lean in more – If everything just continues to go uphill, I could see myself falling in love with Jasmine – You’re giving the “I’m hot” smile Don’t be making my pictures look crazy – [laughs] – Kiss and hold I promise this is the last one Hold it ♪ ♪ Okay – One, two, three, kiss and hold Drama! – Ow! – Oh, yeah. Yeah [laughter] All right. Okay. Okay – Cut, cut! [laughter] – You had to stop that? Really? In the middle? – Okay. Oh – There’s more where that came from – Cheers to that I feel extremely natural kissing this brand-new woman which I call my wife, and I’m looking forward to kissing my wife without anybody around and then kissing her again and again and again and again – You’re gonna bring it in and kiss – We’re gonna do it natural, and you’re gonna catch it, and we’re gonna call it a wrap – I like kissing AJ It’s very natural, and it’s easy to kiss AJ because he’s so sweet, and I can tell that he already cares about me, so it just makes it much easier to show affection He can kiss me more – Okay, we’re gonna have you go up and sit in the seat – Me? – Yes, you – All right, me – Oh, my gosh, that’s a little scary ♪ ♪ – Take your time Take your time – Oh, no! – Oh, no, no, no! – I knew that was a bad idea His poor ass is soaked right now – [bleep] – Oh, no

Yeah, now he can’t touch me – Oh, God Of course this happens to me on my wedding day What am I gonna do? I got a wet ass I got black hands – I think it’s now on your nose – [bleep]. Oh, boy My day can only get better from here – One, two, three [cheering] – Stephanie and AJ and Jasmine and Will have now tied the knot, and now four singles remain to take a giant leap of faith Kate and Luke are about to meet for the first time at the altar ♪ ♪ – I am a mom, so I can’t help but worry and have fears about everything – Marriage is a beautiful thing, and the important thing is to just try to get through it together – Mm-hmm – I’m really, really nervous The main fear for me is that he will be standing at the altar and just say, “I’m gonna do this,” even though he feels in his heart it’s not the right thing to do That’s my biggest fear for both of them – All right, let’s do this – Oh, here we go, here we go, here we go – Marrying a stranger is definitely scary, but I’m taking this leap of faith because I think everyone wants that fairy-tale ending – He looks older – I just feel like I’m overcome with emotions – This is really happening now, isn’t it? It does upset me to think about my father not being at my wedding because of the divorce, but I’m not gonna let it ruin everything, so my brother is going to walk me down the aisle, and I just hope that my marriage does last for the rest of my life because then I’ll just feel, like, this missing piece, this love that I was searching for, and I’ll just feel like I don’t have to search anymore – It’s crazy, but I’m, like, not surprised that you’re doing this now – Nobody’s surprised that I’m marrying a stranger? What does that say about me? This is the biggest, craziest thing that I’ve ever done, and I just really hope that it isn’t the biggest mistake that I’ve made in my life ’cause it might–it might be ♪ ♪ – The anticipation is rising, and I’m just trying to keep it down – I was happy that he had compassion and the understanding what I was going through – There was a young lady that I had met three weeks ago I have a speed dating business, and she came out to one of the events with one of her friends Really small world – This is your last single hug, girl I love you – I love you too ♪ ♪ He may be a stranger, but we’re in this together I took the risk for him He’s taking the risk for me, so I’m ready to do this Let’s go [tense music] ♪ ♪ – Luke’s mom came over just to talk with me and seems like a wonderful, loving, kind, great mom, great mom, so if she’s that way, he’s probably that way also ♪ ♪ – Hey – Hey – Let’s do this – I am so excited to finally meet my wife ♪ ♪ – I hope when he first sees her, he sees what I see: a beautiful young woman ♪ ♪ Oh, my God I’ve met this girl before ♪ ♪ – Next time on