BPOG: Amnesia (Part 7: hiding in plain sight edition)

Okay, I am back with part 7 I believe I’m recording a bunch of these in the same day So if I get the number wrong, I’m wrong Okay, so we’re exactly where we left off last time Lighting up this hallway. After I blew some shit up I wish I found some oil or something. That’d be nice There’s a lot of dark down here Oh I hear flies. It’s quite good. Can I just…I’m gonna put this away and see how a fare Yep, no. That’s gross. That’s gross. Let’s not do that Right now I am looking for oil but also some rods for the elevator There’s some more tinderbox. That’s great. Thank you. I appreciate Appreciate I’m going to light a candle in the rooms that I’ve been in There is a candle just to tell me I’ve already been there and searched it Because you haven’t seen my previous episodes I have Missed items before Can I just… oh that’s bread. Okay that’s rotted stuff. Oh, here’s a door that I don’t like. *monster growl* Oh SHIT! *monster growls* I’m gonna hide behind the door *crying in the background* Is this gonna work? *monster noises* Oh nope nope nope *door breaking sound* *monster noises* *mumbles* We’re still running baby! Woman: Oh god no! Please! Help me! *stabbing noises* Oh….*woman screaming* Oh shit! What is that?! What? *confused noises* oh god damn Oh I touched fire Oh my god I am so Oh holy crap. Crap I am just….uhh We’re great. We’re gonna be walking around in the dark y’all. If only…oh wait the rods Aahh *monster yell* Oh man, he’s back Is he back? Was he just screaming? I can never tell Yeah, it’s just something about missing rod Another part of the room? Oh Wait, what? What the fuck was that? What is it? Oh my god. I think it was bread Shit on a fucking stick. Why are you here? You don’t live here? Don’t go come in here. Don’t come in here *monster growls* Oh heeelllppppp He can’t see me. *laughs* Oh my god. He can’t see me *me, laughing like a lunatic* I hate this game. Oh my god Did you see that? Oh my god Oh….like…oh I’m just gonna crawl away Aahh I should learn to shut doors Up and…I ran down this hallway without lighting a single thing So this is gonna be fun Oh god, I’m lost I got the rods Oh wait he’s standing right there…isn’t he? You see he’s right there Oh! FUCK! Fuck what do I do? Ahh *monster growls* This is not gonna work, this is not gonna work. Well I’m too scared to move Shit should I run? No No. I’m not gonna run Aahh

*monster growls* Oh shit he can see me. AAhhhhh You can’t see me! Oh I can’t see. I’m kneeling? Oh shit. What is going on? Oh god that’s a mess Move careful. Oh god. Welcome to the start of this video. Oh man It spawns near where this closed door is Ahhhh. *monster noise* Oh shit on a fuckin stick. We know where to hide. Hide in this corner I should have shut that door. God I hate this. I’m like stuck. I don’t remember being stuck on this part before I have died a lot in the last two episodes Is he in here? Is he gone? I don’t hear him anymore Just kind of like…okay I was… I’m thinking I’m just being callous Oh god. *chains clanking* Wait is he in this room? But he was just here, wasn’t he? Oh He’s right there Maybe he only came this way cuz he had seen me Maybe I’m supposed to wait longer to make him go away It’s like he was standing at the end of that staircase. It’s kinda… or am I supposed to run? Like he’s not…there right now….is he? In this room? Whoa, go away I’m just running out of the room Yeah, he was just in here and now he’s gone. I don’t want to find out We got some mother fucking rods, we got the key Let’s go. I’m not I’m done with this shit *loud monster wailing* Aah don’t like it *monster growl* I don’t know what’s going on. I don’t know where it’s coming from Oh Oh! AHHH! Damn it! I’m stuck on the rock! Help! He’s going crazy. Oh no I’m running into a book shelf! *screaming* How long will it take me for him to stop chasing me? Oh wait it won’t let me move anymore He caught me again I though I was already dead *sighing* Darkness, I was…. I lit that entire area up. You know me and this guy are clashing a lot. I don’t Think we agree with each other *monster growl* Okay So if I just go down the staircase? like What if I just like Like… oh there’s tinderbox. They’re like just kind of chilled out here for a few minutes Is this like the spot where he can’t see me? If he doesn’t see me, will he not come down the staircase? I think we’re good. I don’t wanna wait. I’m impatient I’ve never had this many problems Before with this the monster. Feel like The game is overcompensating because it glitched out with the water monster And if you can hear that like sawing noise that is not the game it is my neighbor cutting down some bushes Also, I think in one of the, I don’t member which video was, but there’s like a lot of meowing noises Yeah, this game is not meowing. It is my cat. So you hear that at all that’s what it is. Okay, to the back hall! Okay! *monster screaming* Oookkkay. Id don’t like it so we are leaving. Bye Okay, let’s go let’s go See this place is….oh, I can’t go back down there. Oh

It’s full of crap. Oh, oh this lovely piece is well there’s a dead guy in it now And whatever that is. Oh Something tells me it’s not safe in here Oh gross. Ew. Nasty And I learned you do not that stuff. So I think we got everything for the machine room. I could be wrong It’s locked. Oh We’ve got a key though Unlock Hopefully the monster is not in here Machine room Okay, I can go up or I can go down Let’s well not up but like forward. Okay there’s a lot of lighting in here and I don’t know why you’re freaking out dude I mean, I’ve only killed you like five or six times I feel like that last part last, few parts, were little harder than I expected So there’s flies in here. Wait there’s flies… like around… wait, yeah, they’re like around this book area July (ok) 1839 today I went to the university looking for answers I was able to sneak into Herbert’s office and pick up an address book along with some relevant text alerts Professor Taylor at the Faculty of history was very helpful And I managed to approach the subject of the orbs The most interesting aspect was the prevalent trace they had left in our culture The mythic orbs may in fact have inspired the globus crucita Which so many royal regalia holds to this day In ancient times the orbs were held by priests as a symbol of the Sun in its power as I was leaving I overheard a disturbing conversation Yeah, yeah, the William Smith. The geologist was killed last night. (What you killed Will Smith!) asked for his expertise I know it’s silly but I can’t help feeling responsible some how So dark in here Can’t…I don’t have any oil so I can’t like Oh there is God, I don’t know with that. I’m pretty sure it wasn’t…. wait was it in my notes? Wait So listen… rods regarding…*muttering* Instructions just lowers…at the rate… up eight and down eight I believe that’s what that is, the pressure. Okay, um I can’t really read the numbers off of this This what if I just did this? That’s not right What are these numbers? I can barely see them. I think I don’t… I can’t…oh I hate reading roman numerals *steam blows* Oh! Well I’ll be damned that must be 8 because That works And that was a mistake, so hey Nothing else I need for up here. I can’t really freaking see Anything right now again? Oh, I’m just running into this lantern. No wonder I can’t frickin see Well, here’s a door Yeah, if you oh, yeah, I’ve heard…if you heard any background noises my fiance was Playing a youtube video very very loudly. Oh, I think I need this. I think I need this cuz it’s like

it’s slightly blue tinted. *monster screams* Yeah, I think I need that and yeah, she’s like a YouTube video extremely loud for some reason I’m not sure why Well, I’m going downstairs and I’m gonna throw this down here Because I’m pretty sure I need it… Oh look! This is slightly blue tinted too. Is it just me or do they…like I don’t know. They aren’t blue tinted, they are in blue tinted light, so I’m assuming I need these Go down there For some reason my computer is lagging Frame rate drop *me, muttering, as usual* Oh Wait, yeah. Okay. This probably tells me how to do that Machine Room Yeah, this is in case I didn’t get the key Oh, there’s another note over here 14 July 1830 knowing I’ve read every book I can find on the subject while rich in legend and hearsay My knowledge is lack for the entire I’ve sent letters to many in Herbert’s address book and received answers of varying importance Today, I got one which differed greatly from the others From a baron in prussia. He said nothing about the quaint stories of priests in underground temples It didn’t even mention them. He simply wrote. I know I can protect you come to brennenburg (No he gonna fuck your shit up. Mmmhhhmm) Signed Alexander. What am I do make of this? Protect from what? Is someone after me? I looked up brennenburg and traced it to the Prussian woods near the Baltic Sea while being the least informative letter I’ve received it causes me greatest distress and interest as I write my thoughts are drawn to my nightmares in which a most disturbing sound calls to me a Sound defying description a voice from the void The last few weeks have been awful with so many sleepless nights dreading a repeat of those horrid dreams Tomorrow Oh visit my physician. Dr. Tate in hope that he can provide me with sedatives to help me sleep Sounds like an issue that you’re having dude By meddling with like mummy movie…. oh wait there’s like a light up here That be so much more helpful. Wonder if there’s one last time. Okay, so we have a circle a triangle and a square Okay. Hmm how do I know which is which Flow cycle….trinity…. Oh wait Trinity Four. This has four corners This is a…I guess it has flow Okay while I hear pressure All right, this is a staircase that I threw everything down I think I think I need these because the game freaked out when I picked them up Oh, where am I? Machine, machine, machine…wait I can’t even play. *mutters* Oh, these are the cogs, okay. If only I could freakin see There’s a note here 17th of July 1839 How has this escaped me? They’re all dead They’re scattered and head split down the middle their skin flayed as well. I feel like I’m falling into myself What’s happening? So William Smith professor Taylor now. Dr. Tate. Look, is he following me? (Yes) How can it not be?

It’s the damn thing. I brought from Africa. Something is after me. I Have no choice but to trust the Baron he better know what he claims if he is wrong I suspect he’ll regret it as well Hmmm okay Is there like anything in here that will like Hey, there’s this other one. This is so dark. Oh ah…there’s no light right there Hey there’s a thing over here I put something in there? I guess so. *a lot of muttering* What the hell is that? Oh-oh-oh I going crazy. Hi y’all. Oh, there’s….got off my face ooh clunck clunck Okay, there’s that There lever is right here Where?Where? Was there a lever? Wasn’t there a lever over here? I’m so confused right now. Like there’s a lever. Oh, it’s right there. Kinda close Machinery needs… that’s right. There was like that thing over here that I needed I didn’t to put shit in Yeah, I can get on the elevator now Bye bitches! I gotta go! Also….*monster screaming* Oh no. Oh no I’m stuck on the stairs *more monster screaming* It spawned in front of me Oh god. This is more aggravating now Ah stop. Oh god damn. Seriously? That pisses me off a little bit Oh god damn it Not gonna live. Wait the doors right next to me. God damn Oh um… *monster screaming* I don’t want to avoid all this bullshit Elevators this way I don’t want to go. I’m not still like partially dying

A couple cuts and bruises, it’s just already red Okay, so this should work even though I don’t want to go in here Oh that was aggressive Goin down I bet some fuckery it’s about to happen How many floors are there in this place? And….and there’s the fuckery Actually this is one of my greatest fears. Getting stuck in an elevator. And have shit like this happen And ya. ooohh Daniel I think you have more then one concussion. Especially after I’ve killed you, like, ten times We’re getting back up off the floor for the billion time Here we go again. Okay, so I am going to cut off…I believe this is part Seven? Yes, seven I’m gonna cut this one off now. I’m actually splitting this video up into two parts. That’s why it stops pretty suddenly Or else this would be, like, 45 to 50 minutes video and Yeah, nobody asked for that So I’m gonna end here. Everyone stay, safe stay as healthy as you can and I’ll see you in the next part Whoo?