The Extrovert's Guide to COVID-19 Episode 1: Embracing Your Extrovert Side

and we are going to go live all right oh i need to do my watch party too all right are we live we are almost there okay i’m gonna talk have you been to mike’s pound classes you know i haven’t mainly because my physical body has a lot of struggles right now i’m doing physical therapy for my shoulders um so i’m trying to be really really careful that i don’t overdo it and i know me all right i’m gonna tell this adventures of jen and jen episode one and we i’m pushing the go live button are we officially live on facebook we are officially live on facebook awesome welcome everybody yeah thanks for tuning in for the adventures of jen and jen so we can share kind of how this got started as i’m starting my watch party for my facebook friends um share this right now for anyone who wants to join on my facebook great yeah so this kind of got started with uh jen and i both um shared some presentations over in the music therapy leaders page and um right at the start of my presentation somebody had made a comment about having the second extroverted gen of the day um as i got to follow this lovely lady um in terms of presenting stuff and so from there um we kind of started talking about the extroverted gens and so um i reached out to jen and said hey we should do something together and she um started creating ideas in terms of you know having a facebook live and doing this type of things and we started meeting and just realized how much time that we enjoy just spending together and how this fills both of our cups and so here we are as the adventures of jen and jen so anybody no adventures of pete pete um so here we are so and we are grateful to be with you all today whether you are an extrovert or an introvert or an ambivert or just because you would like to connect with us jen and i have realized how important these meaningful connections are for us even in planning this and putting this together and then sharing this with you and hope that it can be maybe a little bit of a push to create some other meaningful engagements and interactions in your life that will help to fill your cup that will help to support you and jen and i presented a lot of what we talked about was being mindful of what we need during this challenging time and really caring for ourselves um and integrating that in our lives i talked about that through self-care jen talked about that in a beautiful way about creating harmony and our different roles and the different parts of our life right now and a big piece of that is self-awareness knowing ourselves and i know for me i know that being an extrovert i get my energy from meaningful connections with others i need that that is really important to me and um i don’t know about you and maybe you can add this in the comments if you want where do you get your energy what motivates you what keeps you going what is that um what fills you up right now jen how would you answer that for you for me um i have to kind of elaborate on what you said like meaningful connections is probably the biggest thing that builds me up right now and so i really have to take that time and really feel what is meaningful connections and so for for me i think that’s the biggest thing that fills me up and so that comes from um you know big meaningful connections for me is just even reaching out to my friends and having conversations with my friends and trying to make a point um to reach out to my friends a little bit more frequently and just even connecting with a new friend by just sending a message and saying hey how are you um and then also i’m really diving deeper with my friends that um that i i do see or talk to on a more regular basis and so getting to um connect with them playing board games online or doing other things has really been something that’s been very meaningful for me in this time is keeping those connections and i know you and i um had talked about too that as

extroverts it’s kind of i don’t want to say it’s on us but i think it it is it is something that is easier for us to reach out to our friends and so i really try to be mindful and i’ve had even some of my um friends that are introverted have made comments before that have said um you know that they they like the fact that i make our friendship easy by by doing so i know jen when we’ve been talking you’ve been sharing so much about your family zooms um can you tell i would love to hear about those um again and i know our listeners would love to hear about it too absolutely and it’s that piece of intentionality that jen was talking about of not being afraid to reach out and really knowing what a valuable gift that can be in our relationships and it was something i learned from a mentor a long time ago when i was transitioning between jobs and realizing that not all of the colleague relationships that i’d had would be coming with me and realizing that i could be intentional about who are those people i want to stay connected with and so that’s been really important to me during this time and one of the ways is with my family family is incredibly important to me um i love being an auntie it’s one of my favorite jobs um and i’m close to my sisters and my parents and so we have a daily zoom call and um literally every day after school my sister steph is an awesome fifth grade teacher and so we do this at four o’clock at the end of our day just like we used to as kids when we gather around and have little debbies um we all bring our did you ever have little debbies as a kid yeah i love it oh yeah all the time as an adult too so we bring our snacks my four-year-old niece always has a peanut butter sandwich with honey um steph is usually eating toast i will almost always have my tea we’ll bring our snacks whatever they are we check in we do puzzles together um on wednesdays um my niece who is 16 and a half and i do debbie allen’s live instagram dance class together and yesterday actually was a highlight we actually wrote family theme songs i love it so we now have three different family theme songs for the fam jam as we call it and we have one for the opening one for the closing and then one for the awkward moments of silence that sometimes happen when you’re on a zoom call with people um and it’s been awesome i’ve already completed one whole puzzle during the fam jams and it’s just been you know it’s that place having those again those people that we can trust to be ourselves with right so we can share the tough stuff we can laugh we can congratulate each other on the little wins um you know we’re getting to share generations of information we played the expert game um and my dad got to be the expert on outhouses which he actually is i’ve been the expert on cardigans in case you don’t know me that’s one of my strengths um but just you know those pieces of sharing our lives sharing the things that are important to us um has been really really meaningful for all of us and even if it’s just being able to hop on for a few minutes i know it’s something that each of us looks forward to what are some of those other ways you’re doing this in your personal life jen so i um some of our comments we got somebody uh sarah maxwell tells us that she does some exercising on skype which made me think about some of my exercises that i’ve been doing so there’s a music therapist out in minnesota um mike i’m gonna butcher his last name he’s watching right now so we’ll get it right mike lim bible is with us hey mike we love you i have been loving his pound and somehow i ended up um into some of the minnesota stuff where i came and got to watch all kinds of pound teachers in minnesota which was amazing and so now i’m like connected with some other pound instructors in minnesota i’m like the indiana groupie in minnesota thank you i love it i love it i am loving my minnesota group being a groupie of the minnesota um but i have been really enjoying that um and it’s my first introduction to pound so what a great time in this like you know this global crisis and this crisis time to be introduced to something new that has become so meaningful for me and something that i even was like i could do this i could become a proud instructor and i could you know do pound more often and all this other stuff and then the crazy entrepreneur and me just keeps going you know and but i just i’ve really enjoyed it and i um you know i i’m really looking forward to his class tonight i’m looking forward to his class on saturday um in this year one of my biggest goals was to kind of lose weight and to um not kind of lose to lose weight and um to become a little bit more healthy in terms of like eating and consistent exercise and stuff and so it really helped me to be able to kind of reconnect with my 2020 goal um because i didn’t meet my last goal in march and i just finally met my march

goal like a couple days ago and so i’ve been having to give myself a little bit of grace of that and um and so it’s been really helpful to do that and it’s awesome because there’s other colleagues there and so there’s music therapists from all over the country that are going to his classes and so it’s this great time of getting to connect um in that personal and professional way but um i have to nerd out just a little bit jen because i know that you um share this nerd love with me of your love for board games so i have a friend and before you go i’m going to pause you right there for just a second since mike is watching mike go ahead and put that link in our comments if you want to have people be able to join you for the pound classes you’re doing by all means use this as a platform to share that and i just want to note jen cause i think it’s important too the way that we can embrace being an extrovert and connect that with those other goals so like when you’re looking at trying to be healthier whether that’s with exercise or eating when we can do it in a way that also involves that meaningful connection with other people that can really completely write our our success with it increase our motivation with it um for me it’s those dance classes on wednesday right actually doing that oh no worries mike we were just um rocking and talking about your pound class so pop the link in there if you’d like um he just said he was doing daddy duty for a moment yeah he’s back now but yeah this is i think that’s just a beautiful example of really combining what gives us energy this connection with others with our other goals and with our other self-care goals too so i just wanted to highlight that talk about board games because you know i’m right there with you yeah but i mean just to even continue with what you were just saying for me it’s been good because there’s a day and a time and so like before uh mike invited me to this class i was kind of open-endedly doing like zumba videos on youtube and it was like oh well i’ll do it here or i’ll do it here and it wasn’t as meaningful even though i tried to do it in the middle of my day because so i could have like a pick-me-up um you know in the middle of the day and it wasn’t until he like scheduled these classes and then i saw the other classes and things like that and i’m committed to being there so i’m telling someone i’m going to be there and for me when i tell someone i’m going to do something i do it and so it’s kind of added this extra level of being able to kind of do that and it’s it’s and it’s created new connections because right after the class i got to talk to beth who i know beth is joining us today too so i talked to beth and i engaged with sharon boyle online and there was you know um extra love i did too and so there was extra level of engagement that happened afterwards that really filled my extroverted cup that it was like i knew that they were there and so i got to share that with other people but absolutely yeah so my board game thing that i’ve been doing is i have a really good friend that i’ve been able to share my screen on or like share on zoom and so i tilt my computer down to where he’s able to see our board game and we are um we’re playing um cooperative games so we’ve played manchester founders which i know you know and i just bought um one of the pandemic and so i got the um yeah exactly right perfect i knew i wanted it and so i couldn’t find the regular pandemic so i ended up getting the um iberia one and so uh so i’ve been able to like share my screen or like share the not even share my screen but been able to like the tilt the computer down to where he’s able to see the board and then i just move both of our pieces and do all of it and that we should we strategize together about what we want to do and it has been probably the um one of the most fun things that i’ve done through the pandemic in terms of like getting to um fill my cup because i love board games and i think one of the biggest reasons i love board games is it brings people together and so it’s extremely social yeah and so it’s like it’s i think that’s one of the reasons why i like board games and like cards versus like video games online because it it’s not the same um but it’s been really filling that cup for me yeah and so those meaningful connections and the hobbies that we love and the other things that fill us up and motivate us and keep us going i had a couple of recommendations given in another group i was a part of this week and i haven’t tried these out yet but if you also love games and you’re looking um for ways to do those with your family and your friends um there is of course the way that you can share your screen on zoom and have a whiteboard and that’s awesome i’ve also had some of my friends share that there’s a house party app and also i just bought jack box did you have you tried it yep i played it over the weekend with a bunch of college friends and i’m setting up a new one for this friday too so i’ve been trying to play friday nights with jack box games and so jack box is super easy it’s like it’s like word games truth and lies um trivia i would be happy to host one for some music therapist maybe we could get like a music therapist game night with jack box and so um let’s do it so basically i just share my screen and

everybody can engage with it from their phones and so it’s perfect for the setting um so we do have some comments on my end so sarah maxwell says that she and her son play pandymic and then um beth asked me if uh if i like the iberia and i do um i’ve only played the um original pandemic version one time and so i don’t have much to compare it to but i love the gameplay for iberia and i think it works out well nice and my friend michael just commented too that he loves jack box as well um and mike limbible is popping in the links so those of you who are now intrigued by a pound you’ve got the opportunity to check that out and join jen i’m working on i’ve been doing my physical therapy for my shoulders every day mike so i’m getting strong enough um to hopefully be able to join you one of these days soon yeah i love it i don’t think i don’t think i’ve ever had um a thigh workout the way that i do in pound and so like i’ve never ever had that much of a thigh workout and so it’s it’s great i love it it’s uh it’s like strength building it’s got some ab stuff in it with some great cardio and so i’m like all for it i love it so nice i’m getting some more comments here too um actually my niece has done jack box with her youth group and so that’s one too sarah stoneback oh yay sarah hi the triplets um is also looking forward to trying that so again if you’re just joining us we’re really embracing our extra extrovert side here today and that desire we have to make meaningful connections and talking about ways that we can really maximize this during this time and connect it with the things that we love with our hobbies with the people who are important to us with our other self-care goals like working out all of these different things if you have ideas please feel free to drop them in the comments either on my page or on jen’s watch party um and we’re sharing those as we go along too oh yay and sarah does pound too okay sarah and mike do you know each other because if you don’t you should just saying we’re going to connect right here right now so sarah on my page asked about jack box if there’s a kid version so when i’ve been playing jack box i have seen um a way that you can click a kid’s version on it i have not played the kids version as my kids are four and two so they probably aren’t going to play jack box regardless but um but there are it’s i think it’s referred to as family friendly um and so are something along those lines and so i would imagine that that’s a a little bit more age-appropriate um for for kiddos and so i think it would be a great way um for um families so maybe jen that’s something you and your family can do but jack box is doing a discount right now on the computer version and so i got it for like half off and so i got um i think it came with 10 games all in all and it was like i think i ended up paying like between 20 and 30 dollars so it’s pretty affordable in terms for what you get you’ve already heard jen and i talk a little bit too about creating some of these connections with other music therapists and before we went live today we were talking about how for us a piece of the harmony is that often our personal and professional overlap and one of the intentional connections that’s been important to me is i have a couple of colleagues a dance movement therapist and a yoga teacher that i have normally in my usual schedule pre covered 19 have off contract time with every friday and we always love that time together and so we again have been intentionally creating those get-togethers every couple of weeks or so and really needing those and one of the pieces jen talked about earlier if you’re just joining us is that sometimes it takes us the extrovert to reach out and make those happen and so that has been my role um they’re both introverts um and they really value that and so not being afraid to make those meaningful connections to reach out to the people who are important to you right now and to find ways to connect to get together in ways that are important to you um yeah and i just have to laugh my friend michael said meaningful connections i find meaning doing the inaud at the grocery store to the people shopping with me you take what you can get absolutely it’s so true and you’re in he and he’s absolutely right though too like the nods and being able to just to you know and that kind of brings up you know another point that jen and i had talked about um about being you know aware of our needs too and like um you know physical touch versus you know we jen and i have talked a lot um about love languages and um one of the things in my life journey um through um i’m recently divorced is i learned that my love language has kind of shifted and changed from when i was uh married to when i’m single and what i you know feel like my needs are um as a sing as a single mom what i feel like my needs are and then even now in this like in this crisis i feel like my needs have shifted and stuff in terms of what i i need from the relationships around me and like my friendships and like what how how i need that to be kind of filled and so i think it’s really important too as we’re not having that physical

contact with people to figure out ways you know even that head not that smiling and things like that because people all around us are lacking that you know because we’re we’re not made to to not have those hugs we’re not made to have that not have that physical connection and so finding the ways that we can do that even with strangers and so i love that i love that comment i don’t know if you meant it as seriously as i just took it but i think it can go both ways so i would say go for it yeah and it is and it’s i have uh some of my extra friends who are alone during covet 19. and so being able right right and so don’t be surprised if you have those needs that are showing up that you need more of the physical touch whether that’s some of you know i love butterfly breaths partially because it’s like giving yourself a hug while you do it i love that we’re gonna have to do that yeah they’re great ones and then it’s um from emdr from my therapist big fan of having your own therapist by the way um but just finding those ways pets for people um you know weighted blankets all of these different pieces because our needs are going to change and evolve and being aware of that and being aware that different people are going to have different needs um the enneagram is is one of my personal inventories that’s been important for me and understanding how that is manifesting right now and noticing when i am needing um when i am needing to be more mindful of caring for myself and i know for me as an extrovert one of the signs for me is when i start to isolate and jen and i have talked about this that i know if i’m like feeling the need to isolate sometimes that’s a healthy need that i need alone time too sometimes though it means that i’m starting to pull away and that i might need to take that extra step to reach out to stay healthy and also the other piece i’d add as we’re thinking just about being mindful of our needs is being mindful that the others if you are cohabitating with others during this time that their needs might be different than yours just because you’re feeling your need for something going up theirs might not be um and you know i’m an extrovert cohabitating with an introvert during this time and so it’s really important that we both honor what the other needs and that we give each other space and that we listen to each other and communicate well so being able to know ourselves to know our needs and also be able to share those with each other is i think really important and to be able to ask that whether that’s someone you’re living with or whether that’s a friend or a counselor or a supervisor or whatever it is to be able to express those needs too is incredibly important jen anything else on that no i feel like you like really covered that and stuff too and i i agree and i i think even for somebody who um you know i’m not living with a significant other that you know i i really try to be aware of the needs of my friends and the people around me and also like really um you know being aware of everyone’s struggle through this everyone’s struggle is different and so you know as i’ve had friends that have you know lost their jobs or don’t have um income you know their needs are going to be different than those of us that are you know essential workers and having to go to work or small business owners and things like that i think everyone’s needs are so different so even when we are checking in with our friends um i try to be really mindful of how i’m checking in because of what their situations are and so i think that this is a time right now that we really need to be presenting with a lot of extra grace and a lot of extra sensitivity and then also just realizing that every everything kind of you know that the way that we need to connect is different than the way that we connected before um just because of that sensitivity that giving each other grace and realizing that you know some of us are living in grief right now um and not coping the same way and so you know i one of the things that for me that you know and this is something um i’ve had to really work on my productivity because i am in a situation where i need to be working i’ve got employees who are relying on the business for their income and we’ve had to shift from um you know um from in-person sessions to tele-services and so for me i’ve had to like really be mindful of that but not everybody is in a situation where they need to be working on productivity not everyone is in a situation where they have things that they have to be doing and so realizing that all of our friends and all of the people around us even extroverts and introverts we all have a different i don’t necessarily want to say goal but we all have a different way of being currently yes and honoring that yeah um some of you know my my motto during this time has been grief gratitude grace occasionally i add in the fourth one which is grump ass but thankfully i haven’t had to add that one in too often i maybe should have worn before i swore okay the four g’s i like it seriously many of us are holding a lot of grief right now for a variety of things and people and jobs and loved ones and

also and hopes and dreams and whether that’s a graduation day or a person or a job you know i love how rachelle morgan talks about it it’s it’s not the what does she say that it’s not the loss olympics or grief olympics or um we’re not trying to win here right um being able to hold that space for wherever wherever you’re at and i think a big part of that that you talk a lot about jen and i really appreciate is within that having boundaries for ourselves too that just because i get my energy from meaningful connection does not mean that i’m gonna go go go go and hit that brick wall we need to be really mindful of those boundaries do you want to talk a little bit more about that absolutely so i feel like uh grow go go go go brick wall used to be like the syndrome i lived in and so and i i actually used to refer to it as brick wall syndrome and that’s the life i lived for so long where i just like kept giving and giving and giving and giving and giving and giving that i finally would and i i talk uh i’ve talked several times about the fact that when i first started my career i felt like that my career was part of self-care god was i was so wrong but i loved what i did so much that it made it feel like that it was a part of taking care of myself that i had this passion-filled career and don’t get me wrong i still am very very passionate about what i do and i love it but i also understand that it’s not necessarily a part of filling my cup that it’s a part of you know what i do for life but it’s not necessarily how i’m engaging in self-care so um so actually in the last couple of years i’ve done a lot of work on boundaries and setting boundaries and being aware of my own needs and um you know the other thing that um i’ve read a book called the happiness trap that talks about that we love this this world that we’re um everything has a happy ending movies to have happy endings and everything has this like everything has to feel happy um and i also have bat syndrome where i didn’t like to show um you know my emotions and i didn’t like to show you know what it was and it was you know kind of like what you talked about where um you know if you’re isolating that’s a sign for you it’s also a sign for me as well in some sense but i also just i don’t really like to show that part of me i don’t like to show that vulnerability side that vulnerable side so i’ve been trying to do that a little bit more and trying to open myself up to the people that make me feel safe and the people that i feel like i can be truly vulnerable with and be truly you know show my needs and stuff and not to get into that happiness trap but then also to really set boundaries into in terms of relationships and stuff and so i’ve done a ton of work on boundaries and sometimes boundaries mean saying no to something and you know the big underlying thing that i think you and i have talked about is that meaningful connection and so realizing that every connection and everything that i do isn’t necessarily meaningful and that means that sometimes that means that um you know i don’t necessarily get um fulfillment out of sitting in board meetings all day long you know even though i’m a group of people and i enjoy being around those people it doesn’t necessarily fill my cup and so realizing what i can do what i can’t and how that how that comes you know what i mean yes absolutely we were talking earlier that um we’ve realized and i think it’s important for us even as extroverts not every encounter is going to increase our energy it’s those meaningful encounters it’s those meaningful connections and there are a lot of relationships i don’t know about all y’all listening right now that are draining of energy even for extroverts and so i think it’s really important to be mindful of what engagements what connections you have that fill your cup which one’s drain ya and be able to work within that again and being mindful of what works for us and sarah had a great question she asked do you have any good methods in processing and being more mindful of what you might need or how to accommodate those constant changes and i know for me part of that is building into my daily routine a mindfulness practice and it’s just something that i’ve had to practice and practice over time it’s why i love using that word practice with mindfulness techniques that it’s not something we ever get perfectly no one is ever mindful all the time and it’s something you know i start every day with meditation and prayer that’s how i start my days um it means that i have breath work that i do it means that i have moments and and cues throughout my days when i pause to breathe and check in with myself that i’ve built into my routine over time so that i can be mindful it also means and part of why i’ve loved the enneagram and and some of the information that we’ve talked about the love languages and all these different personality inventories is knowing ourselves and then knowing when we see a certain part of our personality start to come up or when we see something like i was talking about isolating of being able to go oh i may need to check in with myself it doesn’t mean it’s unhealthy but it might be a good point for me to check in and just make sure that i’m doing okay what do you do to be mindful especially during this time of change so i you know i was actually just thinking about the fact that you know

the last couple days i’ve had just some hard personal things going on and last night i found myself like really needing to just sit with my gratitude journal um and really go through all of the things that like i was grateful for in the last couple days and honestly if i hadn’t done that i’m not sure that i could have you know 100 been emotionally present in even this interaction with jen um because i had so many emotions coming and and going and stuff as i’ve just got some personal things as we’re uh i’m a family member kind of heading towards end of life right now and it’s it it’s been very it’s been very challenging but i was able to just sit really in the gratitude of what i felt um in the last few days and the gratitude that i feel about you know embracing my my family and being with me being able to be with some of my family and the gratitude and the joys that i felt being able to spend the last 34 years with this individual and so it has really helped me um just to be able to kind of still be gracious and and have that and so for for me um the the big things that i think have helped me in this change is holding to holding strong gratitude and i love when jen talks about um that still being able to have gratitude in grief yeah um and that has been something that like i have taken from jen and have just really really loved and embraced because i think you know sometimes too when we think about gratitude it’s that shift of always having to be happy with gratitude i don’t think that’s true yeah and yeah you can have gratitude yeah it’s the most powerful word my therapist taught me a long long time ago is the power of and sure and for me that’s why i prefer it’s why my business is joyful noises and why i prefer joy to happiness because happiness is conditional i love that um and joy isn’t joy is something that we can hold within us and for me and and as jen was talking gratitude is a huge practice it’s a daily practice for me it’s something that i’ve really worked to integrate and live out in my life and i know jen that you have too um and so for me being able to hold that gratitude is one of the places that my joy comes from for me if you look at my core values on my personal side gratitude and faith are the two things that keep me feeling joy in the midst of the grief and the struggle and the changes and it doesn’t mean that it’s not hard and it doesn’t mean that i don’t have grump ass days or sad days um you know we have a pure supervision group thanks to rachelle morgan um shout out to our mt insider friends um amy thompson stanbridge is on right now with us um yeah yeah we have a pure supervision group that meets once a week and i one of the sessions a couple weeks so i just cried the whole thing and it was a day when the grief you know there was a lot of grief i still had a lot of gratitude they were both still there the grief was just more prevalent and being able to hold the space for that and again because i know i need the meaningful connections to express it i’ve been holding that a lot in as an extrovert i need to be able to share it um and so to have people that you trust that you can go to when you need to express all the emotions right now is incredibly important um and i’m grateful for that community that we have amy also helped me out it’s the hardship olympics so don’t feel the need to play in the hardship olympics that’s not happening um yeah yeah yes and many of us in that peer supervision group have had a big cry so we need groups that allow us and we need like jen said to have places that we can be vulnerable um and to have boundaries around who those people are that doesn’t mean that we share that with everybody about knowing it’s true that right who that group is that we can trust to have those meaningful connections with um and to share this time and to really embrace what that means to be an extrovert and what that means about knowing who we are and those of you who are introverts or ambiverts watching or however again this goes back to whether you’re looking at your love languages or your enneagram or myers-brigg or your birth order i know my sisters are on here and i am the oldest one of them may have referred to me as bossy at one point i call that being a leader um but again knowing shift in words shifting reframing i love that or as i told evan eastwood like me and we talk about it like our superhero capes right we all have these parts of our personality that can be our strengths and they can also be our challenges and so we know that right now if you’re an extrovert that there’s a lot of ways that we can embrace it we also know that it can be really challenging right now and so if you’re feeling that struggle know that you’re not alone and we hope that by doing this we can provide some ideas and some space so that you can also embrace it and use the powers that you have as an extrovert um to help meet some of those needs that you have right now it’s so true yeah i um so kind of going going back a little bit into gratitude i feel like uh for me um attitude wasn’t something that i practiced very mindfully until like maybe in the last year and i actually talk about a lot that i think gratitude and um being very mindful of the things that i was grateful for and

i i picked up a uh a gratitude journal that actually has like specific prompts about you know like some of the prompts will be like take a walk and notice things in your neighborhood that you’ve never noticed before and really become grateful for those things and so i really think that you know um that gratitude um has really changed and shifted me as an individual that has just made me more positive and more able to um you know kind of enjo i think enjoy life a little bit more yeah yeah um and we are grateful for all y’all joining us i know we’ve kind of hit that half hour mark um jen anything last that you would like to cover during this time together today as we said this is our episode one just trying this out um feel free to use the comments to let us know what’s helpful for you um we’re hoping to do this again and so when we do what else do you want us to address what do you want us to cover maybe are there areas you want us to go more in depth into we love this opportunity to connect with each other um and to connect with all y’all too and so we would appreciate any feedback any thoughts you all have jen any last words of wisdom thoughts i want to share a comment from sarah maxwell that said that when she becomes a grump ass her family and kids do too it is contagious right i just love i love the the grumpas um i i love it yes i can’t claim that um that actually goes out to michelle um one of our other music therapy friends who started the grump ass on twitter and i now if you haven’t seen it i actually have an official warning alert signal um meme that i can use to spread the word when i’m having my grumpas days and it does help to have language around it right and i think that’s part of even this conversation of being able to have language to say i’m struggling right now with whatever that is whether you’re struggling with grief or just feeling grump assy on a day or whether you’re um you know just needing to connect whether you’re feeling lonely to be able to have trusted people that you can share that with and to be able to maybe make that first move as we’re talking you know the gifts of the extrovert to make that move to connect with someone um and to not be afraid to reach out it’s so important and we’re in mental health awareness month and as a clinician that’s where my heart is i love working with adults with mental health and substance use disorders and know that our mental health for each one of us is critical right now um and so we hope that you will really embrace who you are that you will be mindful of what you need right now and not be afraid to reach out um that’s incredibly important anything else chad nope i just want to reiterate please let us know things that you would love to hear us cover um and sarah maxwell says let’s do this again so we will for sure do it again um as we just made sure that you guys all knew this is episode one of the adventures of jen and jen so we both we both feel like this fills our cup and so it’s fun for us and so we will definitely be um doing this again um hopefully sooner rather than later sounds great thank you all for joining us we’re going to head off hopefully jen i won’t lose you i think we’ll be back on zoom here in a moment this is our first try last time i accidentally lost the live on facebook and i’m still not sure how so as we continue to learn and grow together thank you for joining us and being a part of the adventures of jen and jen today see you soon yeah thank you all right bye yay yay i think we’re off the live stream oh that was so fabulous i think so too so um uh sarah maxwell also says that she thinks that we should start oh my gosh the the cover picture is me taking a drink of my water yeah i think that went really well me too um but yeah so she um so i had always actually thought about when rachel rambach had her introverted group i thought about creating a music therapy extrovert group and so and sarah maxwell just asked if we would do that because i think that she brings up a lot of good points and stuff and i still think that there’s so many things that we could talk about like um for instance one of the things that just came to my mind with that is thinking about shy extroverts oh you know and what what that looks like and so i think there’s hundreds of things that we could still talk about and i think even as we continue with this i think that there’s um just so much in terms of self-care and gratitude and grace and everything so yeah i am in yay yeah i am too um i mean i just absolutely love this i think this was exactly what i needed today and so i appreciate i appreciate you being

you and that i can spend some time with you yeah it ditto this i i appreciate you and our friendship um and being able to take it on the road and have this conversation because these are the conversations i love to have like i just it’s they really are the important ones to me and i i think that i just think it’s so important that people don’t feel alone and so if there are people that can listen to bits and pieces of these and go like oh other people are feeling this too and i’m not alone with this i just yeah that’s really important and know that i’m just going to be continuing to hold your family and my thoughts and prayers i my last grandma hung on for a while and it was really hard um i was there in person for that so i i just my my heart feels for you with that because i feel like every day’s i feel like every day i feel like it’s the day it’s the day it’s the day and it’s like i just i it it hurts so much to like think about all the struggles that she’s feeling and all the all the pain that she’s you know going through like she’s doing this thing right now where she’s like coughing and when she’s like coughing it’s like her whole body like jolts and her eyes open and it’s like you can just see the discomfort and it’s just it’s so painful to see and it’s like ugh i just i want to unsee those things and i don’t that’s not the way i want to remember her and so it’s i mean i think i’m going to go up there and see her today because i don’t want to live with a regret of not oh and so and yeah i’m just going to stop recording we’ll remember to cut off the end of this