Hi Viajeros! Welcome back to our channel so first all I want to thank all of the [almost] 500 subscribers that we have now! Thank you..just continue watching our videos and if you are new to our channel please don’t forget to click on subscribe button and also the bell icon for notifications of new upload so today, [ahh] I want to share uhm this is a personal vlog so I’m going to share information about on how is the Visa process of Highly Skilled Migrant here in the Netherlands also the ones who are relocating with their family from the Philippines to the Netherlands I will share our experience on how we got, processed the Visa, all the requirements, and also the links on where we applied the Visa and stuff; scheduling of appointments and also the procedures, I will share it here So I hope this will be helpful to Filipinos [or anyone] who are Highly Skilled Migrant who are going here, who are planning to come here [with their family] If you have plans to come here or you knew someone, please kindly share this video and hopefully you will click on the SUBSCRIBE button so that in case my future uploads [I will be making another video about the tips [related to this] Let’s go and let’s start it INTRO What is a Highly Skilled Worker or Migrant? So Highly Skilled Migrants are sometimes called “Knowledge Workers.”They are foreign nationals who are deemed to make contribution to the knowledge based economy of the Netherlands For instance, a Dutch employer is in need of an employee with a specific competencies but they cant find any perfect candidate in the Netherlands or in the European labor market They will find perfect candidate for that specific position outside Netherlands and/or the EU labor market They will try to find in the Philippines or in some parts of Asia or in USA The ones who they hired are what they called Highly Skilled Migrant and also in the condition that they [employers] are IND recognised sponsor I will tell you the 3 conditions that apply to [FIlipino] Highly Skilled Migrants First, You must have an employment contract with an employer or research institution in the Netherlands which is a recognised sponsor I will be putting the link in the description box below so that you’ll check on the IND recognised sponsors here in the Netherlands 2 You will earn a sufficient income 3 The agreed wage is in accordance with the market conditions For the Highly Skilled Migrants they have a limit or [minimum] in which your salary must not be lowered Usually Highly Skilled Migrants they relocate here with their family , your income should be good to 1 family The cost of living here is different from your main country You have to have an agreed wage in accordance with the market conditions and also a sufficient income My advice to other Filipinos you have to have proper research about cost of living here and also proper research on the average income of your profession and your age today There’s a link I will be putting below and showing here In this link, you will see whats the starting salary of this age, profession So I will put it here and also in the desc box Also I have another link where you can

see the estimated income They will give you an estimated income based on your years of experience, profession, age There are certain questions in the boxes that you’ll need to fill out Then it will show the suggested income based on the info you provided So that’s it I’ll put the links in the desc box below Lets go to the to-do list that I’ve written in the past when we applied for Dutch Visa for Highly Skilled Migrants relocating with family This procedure applies to the whole family 1 You should have a copy of your passports will all the stamped pages If you’ve been to a lot of places, you’ll have to provide all of the stamped pages and the copy of your passport Then Copy of Birth Certificates Next, Employment Contract, you should print it Then Antecedents Document You should fill that out and also sign it by pen The antecedents document states that you did not commit any crime or you don’t have criminal records Please make sure your signature is all the same and accurate as with your passport and all documents The immigration will check and compare all your signatures Type of Visa that your employer will apply for you for the fast-track procedure of the residence permit application: For the entry Visa it is the MVV Visa Then, you will apply for the residence permit You will not have a working visa because residence permit is already valid if you’re a highly skilled and also with your partner/spouse What applies on you, in your residence permit it will also be the same as with your spouse and children For the MVV Visa, you will be given [Entry VIsa] valid for 90 days This is the entry visa to come to the Netherlands It will be checked by immigration at the airport Then the category will be under the Highly Skilled Migrants This is the combined procedure for entry and residence stay or what they call the TEV [procedure] So that’s the type of Visa that will be applied for you by your employer These are the information that I will be showing here Your employer will confirm and also the IND here in NL so you will need to provide these because they will check on it These are: Birth City and Country, Civil Status, Address, Tel # and/or Cellphone # then Date Date planning to travel to the Netherlands So thats the information then your employer will apply the Visa to the IND then it will take up to 2 weeks for the review because they will be doing a background check on you Then it will take up to 2 weeks and also Good to know, if you’re a highly skilled migrant you will not need to take the Dutch Civic Integration Exam and also you will not have any Medical Exam or Clearance in the Philippines If you are a direct hired by the Dutch company and not an agency in the Philippines, you

will not do any medical clearance You will not pay for any medical clearance fee and also the Visa It will be your employer will be paying for it Also the ONLY medical exam that you will be doing is the TB Test It is a mandatory test and it will be done here in the Netherlands You will have to set up an appointment online and I will also include the link below for the appointment Good to know also that once the process has started for the Highly Skilled Visa it will take up to 3 weeks, a month or 2 The procedure is fast and if you’re a highly skilled migrant then understand that you are needed asap for the position or work Thats why it needs to be in fast-track procedure so that you can start asap. and also it depends on you when do you want to start and your employer also knows when is the good start date for you You can communicate about that on when is the perfect time you can start Usually it would take 3 weeks-2 months process It’s fast and easy Once you receive the MVV Sticker for the entry then your employer can readily buy your plane ticket and fly here asap here in the Netherlands So once Visa is approved, you need to set an appointment with the Dutch Consulate/Embassy in Makati in Manila Just a Tip, If you are far from Makati or you are in Manila but still far because the traffic is really heavy along the way [to Dutch Consulate] So I would suggest or recommend that you rent or book for an overnight stay in a hotel near the Dutch consulate in Makati so that you won’t be late because they are strict You should follow your scheduled appointment because they are really strict make sure that you will get there on time What we did is that we booked a hotel near the Embassy, just a walking distance to the Our appointment was 8:50am and we are from De Castro Pasig So if anyone knows how traffic it is in Ortigas Extension, it is super heavy It might be possible that we can depart at 5am and arrive there on time There’s a high chance that we will get late so we better not risk and we might get pressured and haggard when we arrive there in the consulate What we did is that we rent or book nearest hotel The good thing is that we have time in the afternoon because we went there check in time the day before so we went to Ayala triangle we went walking there So I suggest to anyone who hasnt been to Makati to roam around there The process is really short when submitting your passports They will get all of your passports and it will take one or two weeks to arrive Actually your passport will be delivered to your house with the MVV Visa Sticker already During your appointment at the Dutch consulate they will be getting your fingerprints, both of you, your partner or spouse but your child not needed I think 10 yrs old below not needed but Im not sure but for babies [toddlers] like my son is 2 years old they didnt take his fingerprints Also we paid the shipping fee of the passports [via COD] Once you receive your passports [with MVV sticker] then you can now go as soon as possible po and travel here in the Netherlands Also make sure that you will communicate with your employer once you receive the approval of your Visa and the copy of the MVV sticker, you will send it to your employer so that they will know prior to traveling They need to know your arrival date so it will coincide with the letter of your employer to the immigration Immigration will check you upon entering Netherlands they will check if it matches so you won’t have any problems entering Netherlands Upon arrival your employer will discuss and set an appointment for you in IND for the BSN and also your residence permit What happened to us is that when we arrived here since there are a lot of expats here and getting appointments, after a week we were given appointment In our case my husband was given first and we [me and my son] so my husband will start

asap because BSN is needed for the bank and also the Residence permit He was given a BSN number but the place where you can get the Residence permit is not in the same place it is in different IND branch I would suggest that your employer may set schedule for one place for the BSN and residence permit We get the BSN in IND Zuid then we will have to set another appointment for the residence permit in IND Loketten That’s what happened to us But it’s okay coz we just did one appointment for all of us in IND Loketten so we got our residence permit together at the same time Then when it’s me, the spouse who will have appointment for BSN [the company set the appointment] it was almost 2 weeks that I waited . Oops! He’s mad? So I waited for 2 weeks for my BSN number when I received it as well as my son’s BSN Then I also registered our marriage here in Amsterdam What is need for the marriage registered here are: Marriage Contract then Marriage Form that your employer will give you Just fill it out and also your husband will sign there Just submit to them they will be the ones who will record your Marriage here in Amsterdam So i got my BSN then together we get our Residence permit in IND Loketten branch Once you got your BSN and register your Marriage if spouses after that you need to set appointment for the TB Test Within 3 months you will need to take TB Test after having your residence permit That is mandatory You will also need to get health insurance within 4 months upon arrival Also I would suggest that you will get asap when you arrive here You can ask your employer on what are the affiliated health insurance companies here so in case there will be a company discount We may never know or expect we need to get health insurance so we dont get to the point that we will have to pay for more coz it is Euro currency here and you are still starting with your family here The hospital bills is costly here so you should get your health insurance as soon as possible Then another tip! if you are still in the Philippines before going here one month or two please once you’re hired as highly skilled migrant, find an apartment to stay here because your employer wont look or provide for you They may provide an apartment good for a month or two then you will be the one who will find for your own place after that also make sure you have savings [your employer may also let you borrow money] which you can pay monthly You may talk to your employer about that You need to have savings because the deposit is 1 month advance and 1 month deposit so usually it will take 2,500 euros and

it is like …141,800 something.. soo 150, 000 that’s what you need before renting a house or apartment here Another tip make sure the apartment is registration possible for two or 3 Here in Amsterdam theres a scarcity of apartments or house because overpopulated so sometimes registration isnt possible Make sure that the apartment is registration possible so you wont have any problems with Gemeente or government Also I would suggest if your company is here in Amsterdam or if not here in Amsterdam I would suggest that you find [place] outside Amsterdam because there’s no problem with their transportation here and it is organized and fast You wont have any problems with transportation and no heavy traffic here I would suggest that you rent outside because you may have travel allowance from your company and not good if you’re not going to use it Also the rent is much higher here in Amsterdam it ranges not lower than 1000 euros up to 1800 for a house/apartment with 1 bedroom Your income make sure to budget for the cost/expenses so before going here you have an idea on how or what are the expenses I will also be making another video about the expenses and make sure to subscribe [then click bell icon] so you will be notified of the video related to this topic about experience,

tips on how we settle here and also about family and kids I think that’s all I also have a separate video about the Top 5 Things that you need to bring here before moving, you can watch it here or click on the link below If you have questions, kindly comment it on the comment box below I will try to answer it asap Also please continue watching our videos and like this video! Thank you and share it to everyone Have a nice day! Bye!