Remnant: From The Ashes – New Player's Guide 2020 Edition Part 3

What is up people – Van from Vaniverse Gaming Channel here bringing you another episode of Remnant From The Ashes. In the previous episode we got an SMG and in this episode we’re actually gonna start cranking through earth, kind of give you my tips and stuff as we go through depending on which events we get and also which dungeon and world boss we might get. So basically for this game once you come into the hideout here which we did before you’re just gonna head out you can see it on the mini-map and now you’re gonna be in earth. So earth is the first world you can go to When you come in here if you look on the map there’ll be different sections you can go to that have different diamonds on them and depending on the diamond is where you need to go. If you see a blinking orange diamond that is a dungeon or an event – basically it’s a dungeon that you can go to and you’re either gonna get a dungeon boss an event or you’re just gonna clear through an area to get to another area some areas of the map are actually not available unless you go through one of those dungeon locations. All of these buildings you can easily go into to find scrap and other things, but it’s just really up to you on how detailed you want to be. Once you go through the world and you loot everything that is on the ground it will not re-spawn until you re-roll the campaign so just keep that in mind if you already go through and you loot everything then there’s no point going into the buildings a second time if you happen to come back to this area now creatures will continue to drop different stuff scrap and whatnot so you can keep killing them over and over and when you farm them you can get their scrap and whatnot but the stuff you actually pick out from these shells these will not be here once you pick it up until you re-roll the entire campaign so you can actually if you want you can always go to that check point where the founders location was and under world settings you can actually click on the campaign and there’s an option to re-roll it and you don’t really want to do that because it resets all of your progress until you get through the whole campaign we start re-rolling when we get into adventure mode. So we’re gonna vault through the window here switch to the SMG I hear things but I don’t know where they are, pick up some chests so you can see how good the SMG is for up close and personal fighting the hunting rifle is great for a long range it does decent damage decent range decent accuracy etc, but up close the SMG is pretty nice. You don’t want to shoot the SMG at long range it’s just not gonna do very well. So you can see right here we’re coming up to a red diamond on the map. That red diamond is pulsating that’s a checkpoint we haven’t seen yet. We can’t get to that checkpoint we have to actually go around another direction. So anything that’s made of wood for the most part; chairs, all this stuff, you can break and get lots of scrap from, and like I said in a previous video early on scrap is pretty important because you don’t have a lot of it, but as you play the game you’re gonna have so much scrap you’re not gonna know what to do with it Alright so this is a gate that gets over there but you can’t open it from this side it’s one of those where you have to lift the latch so you can open it to come back to this area once you make it there, but you can’t open it to get to that area. Alright so you got our first boss here or elite I’m sorry not boss oh that was a terrible dodge roll on my side. We are gonna go ahead and use this Dodge roll! Wow you would think I would know how to play this game after all these hours Alright, got him down. We’ll use that advantage – hopefully this guy won’t hit us There we go. I got too cocky on those dodge rolls. Alright so that was our first

elite. They drop luminite crystals You always know when they’re coming in which I mentioned another video, you can tell by the sound, and what’s cool is the elites that you see can actually be bosses that you fight so that was Gore Fist that’s actually a dungeon boss that you can fight in the game when you go into one of the side dungeons. It could be shroud it could be a lot of others; manglers are elites that pop through well they’re not really elites I guess they’re other but it’s interesting because some of these elites actually are bosses you’re gonna end up fighting when you go into dungeons. Now there’s a difference between dungeon bosses and world bosses. Dungeon bosses are always going to be in the side dungeons and they only drop mods. So anytime you kill a dungeon boss you’re gonna get an item to craft a mod for a weapon. Anytime you kill a world boss you’re gonna get an actual item like a weapon for killing a world boss – when you get the item; it’ll allow you to make a weapon. So sometimes malee, sometimes a gun, and every world boss has two different types of kill options where dungeon bosses do not. So keep that in mind. When you go to fight a world boss there’s two different ways to kill them and depending on which way you choose is dependent on which item you get and if we get to a world boss in this episode I’ll explain that to you if we don’t get to it until another episode I’ll explain to you in the other episode. Let’s just see what’s in here I knew I saw him. You will notice that the hit box is off when you fire your weapon in this game, so you’ll notice that when you actually are on their head you don’t get the critical weak spot hit; you almost have to be a little bit above it it’s like your crosshair has to be right above their head – your reticle or whatever you want to call it. So you can see if I go to the map here this is a blinking, this is one of the dungeons. I have to go here I could have gone south I believe but I don’t think there’s anything in this area you actually have to go through the doorway here so this is something I have to do in order to get to the rest of the map. So there’s a good chance that this area is just going to be a dungeon that I’m clearing there might be an event or there might not be and then every now and again you get a boss fight this early but it just solely depends because the map is procedurally generated so the different areas will generate every time you roll the campaign so it’s different. So every time I re-roll the campaign or I re-roll adventure mode this area I zoned into can be completely different Those heart guys you definitely want to shoot so they don’t explode in your face and cause – lots of annoyance – these guys you can melee usually can one shot ’em Just keep that in mind; if you get overwhelmed with them it can be a pain and if you are trying to melee them and one of those heart guys comes and you can’t really see him in order to shoot him then they might explode in your face, so just be careful, you don’t want to run out of ammo but at the same time you also want to make sure that you don’t get one of those guys to blow up in your face, alright…So when we get through a corridor where we don’t know what’s on the other side we switch to the SMG; and we know what’s coming we switch to the to the hunterIIrifle like this guy Alright..always make sure to kill those heart guys first they are real pain. Okay we’re gonna reload, pick up this chest right here – these things are so hard to see sometimes. They will blink if you look at them for long enough but they’re really hard to see Alright there is more coming for sure. So at this point when you get all these guys you may not want to malee; you may want to shoot them with your SMG I just all depends cuz you might take some damage. Switched to SMG since we’re up close and personal, get this chest We are gonna come around through here get the hunting rifle in case it’s a boss Great okay So this elite is pretty interesting you’ve got to dodge roll to get him to put down

his guard and then once his guards down you can shoot him It is really annoying when you’re trying to do that and have a melee guy on your face there’s a actually an another trick which I can show you here in a little bit Dodge roll! They dropped a luminite crystal. I took more damage than I wanted to Come on – get some. Early on when you don’t have a lot of gear and a lot of weapons and a lot of traits some of these bosses are a lot harder than they need to be; or elites, I keep calling them bosses but they’re just elites Okay there’s nothing there. So we’re gonna crank through this area and then we’re gonna pop out on the other side and I think we’re gonna pop out on the side where the door was there’s a good chance while those heart guys is gonna come right here so I’m gonna switch to the hunting rifle. You can hear them as they scream on their way usually – but they always like to come when you’re not ready. Okay come around here pick up the consumable. Pick up that iron; now the one thing about what drops you can see I’m getting iron – the reason I’m getting iron is because of my gear score. So because iron gets you from level 1 to level 5 on a gear score, iron is gonna drop if your gear score is between 1 and 5 – occasionally the next tier will drop but not nearly as much as iron will, so just keep that in mind that if you are leveling up your gear score the items that are gonna drop for crafting and upgrading your weapons is also gonna level up with you so if I was level 5 a lot of the stuff that would be dropping would be the level 5 to 6 you know the higher level crafting materials because there’s four different tiers so the first tier gets you 1 to 5 that’s iron the next tier gets you 6 to 10 and that’s I believe ——$$ The next tier gets you 11 to 15 and that’s galvanized and then you get hardened which is 16 to 19 and then you get the final item which is a simulacrum which I said in another video. So, the elite that is shooting at me has a machine gun and you really can’t dodge him, you just have to do enough damage to him to stop him from continuously shooting. When you’re low level it’s almost impossible to do that so you got to kind of hide….so you don’t get hit Gotta wait until he is done shooting And he’s dead. Alright so..we killed that boss and now we’re gonna keep moving. So we’re pretty much to the end here Keep cranking through. Got our SMG out for the up close and personal. These guys will be okay We are at a trade point which is gonna be nice Come on boys — come get some And the there’s this guy again – he is not an elite, I mean he is not a boss that

you’ll fight eventually – he is just an annoying elite for sure Ready He’s down! Alright, more luminite; boss weapons. Probably not gonna use anything cuz I think we’re almost to the end of this dungeon so I’m not gonna waste my mod or my dragon arts I mean I get my dragon arts back, but I think we’re okay I don’t foresee anything gonna kill us between now and the end of the dungeon so there you go you can see the blinking diamond picked up another trade point – fantastic. And this will probably put us out on the main map So there’s a main map and then there’s these branches off; the ones that have a dead end are usually like events and then the ones that don’t have a dead end are basically just little parts of the map you go to get to the next section So we’re still underground so there’s a good chance that this is gonna take us to a boss fight and usually when you go if you don’t come back out of the dungeon into the main map outside then you’re probably going to be entering the boss fight so we’re gonna find that out here – yeah – so just like in good old dark souls you’ve got a fog door and I already know which boss this is just by the map itself this is gonna be so the guy that swings his big sword at you and runs at you that’s the guy we’re gonna be fighting against here Those hearts that explode in your face are also gonna be in this fight so I’m gonna kind of show you what I do to help get through this – we do have a heal – Okay so apparently my computer glitched when I entered the fog gate and locked up my home machine and I forgot to turn on the record button when I killed but when I did kill him; if you go under materials you get this flesh barb this is one of the items I was talking about when you get out of a dungeon boss it’s an item that you will hand in to McCabe back at Ward 13 that will give you a mod for a weapon which will show you at the end here. So I apologize for losing that footage – we will probably fight him again So now we’re on the other side of the map here so you can see this is where we entered we couldn’t get to this checkpoint we had to go all the way around we went through this dungeon we popped out on this side and now we can get to this checkpoint. Now also on this checkpoint you’ll see there’s a helicopter right here; this is a random event. These random events happen in the game sometimes it’s a helicopter sometimes it’s a twisted tree sometimes it’s not here at all it just truly depends on each time you roll the campaign what you get and the adventure so once you roll like if you go to adventure mode you will also have a chance of getting these special events. Now this is the door that I was telling you about that we couldn’t open so we have to come to this side and open it. Once we open it on this campaign this door will remain open and then that way if we ever have to come through here quicker – we can. So this particular event is actually pretty cool it’s an old dude he does sell you some consumables but if you talk to him and you allow him to keep talking he gives you a pretty cool trinket I’m sorry amulet that is also used in another event on earth So I’m just gonna click through this so keep asking him what kind of stories he has eventually he will give us an item here Tell me more man

So Brabus is the one who’s in another event that I was telling you about So you gotta keep doing this and eventually he’s gonna say “thanks for sitting here so long and talking to me.” There that’s what we’re looking for the pocket watch and then we can also get into his store and basically he sells some 60-minute buffs you might want to buy some later on when you have enough scrap when you first start the game you don’t but when you see him later in an adventure mode you might want to buy a couple of each of these. This increases stamina by 25 and this increases health by 25 it lasts for an hour and even if you die you’ll keep it so it’s just something that you might want to think about picking up when you have more scrap later on. But this pocket watch is extremely helpful it increases stamina re-gen and reduces stamina cost by 20 this is really good for dodge rolling and all that stuff. We must have picked this band of caster up recently so we don’t want this on so I’m gonna unequip this because it slows my fire rate and the last thing I want to do is slow my fire rate so that’s basically maybe was hindering me in the previous fight I didn’t realize that was the the ring I picked up. But now that we’ve got this pocket watch we can head on to the next area here Alright So we’re gonna go I believe this is the only way yep this is the only way we got to go here and then we’re gonna kill our way to the next area so this is Shroud that’s also elite that can be a dungeon boss Goodbye. He’s down. That’s a dead end I believe or there could be actually this is a dungeon this way and then I think there’s a dungeon the other way so let’s go this way and see what we find Break stuff for extra scrap. Scrap is pretty important early on but after that it’s not so much. Let’s see what’s in Dungeon number two so we already fought a dungeon boss. So usually when you do campaign mode you usually get like one dungeon boss, one event, which is usually where you get an item out of it and then you usually get a world boss at the end so let’s see yeah so this is an event I can tell by the explosion So you can hear the explosions basically we’re gonna talk to this gal here, and what this is she’s gonna give us a key and we have to get through this area and not get blown up kind of like the area we were in before and in this area basically once we get to the end there’s gonna be an item for us. So this actual if you did not choose the hunter when you first picked the game you’re also gonna get the trait that the hunter gets along with the hunter pistol here so Oops we went the wrong way…so basically this is real simple you just don’t get blown up and then you kill everything in your way so you’ll see these little things they kind of look like you can hear they’re even blowing up to them. I’m not really worried about amo I’m just shooting everything Early on when you can one-shot stuff ammo is not really a huge problem and I know there’s not gonna be a boss at the end of this – so I don’t really have to worry about it and even if there was you’d get a checkpoint That’s a bomb right there. So it looks like they’ve cleaned out most of them by running into them but that’s what they look like There’s probably gonna be elites in here so definitely want to make sure you

don’t use up all of your ammo and I’ll always look for those bombs because if you step on one they do some pretty decent damage There’s another one someone just blew up another bomb Okay there should be more coming through here. More..Bomb Chest Alright doing pretty good alright so we got our boss again this guy who’s really annoying Until he’s done shooting Out of here because of these morons He is up top now Hopefully we can stagger him – yeah he’s staggering…yeah we got him You can stagger him and he’ll stop shooting long enough More luminite for our mod weapon that we just got – our weapon mod, I’m sorry – that we got off of the boss fight that you didn’t see because my stupid thing sucks I’m still looking for bombs anywhere I can I think they blew up a lot of them just I heard of them all up so there’s not a lot on the ground it seems. They don’t always have to be on the ground too they can be up on a shelf and they can be in the water so you just be careful that you don’t step on one I may even step on one by accident Still don’t see any so that’s a good sign – see they keep blowing them up that’s great Okay so far so far so good So this is one of those dungeons where there is no exit so once you get to the end you just basically leave the dungeon it’ll kick you right back out at the front of the dungeon or the other option is you can return to ward 13 which is what we’re going to do. They’re just blowing them all up for me that’s fantastic Alright, get some more chests. So what’s great about this game is that yes you have to replay a lot of these areas over and over again in order to unlock everything but I have noticed that for the most part it’s always usually always see something new, like when you do adventure mode or even campaign mode, you always see something you didn’t see before Alright, that elite’s dead Alright, see any bombs on the ground that’s gonna blow me up when I run on the water here. Okay…pick up all the scrap delicious all right so we’re almost to the end. Okay, so right here these you got to shoot and destroy And that’s our checkpoint we’re gonna leave from but we’re not gonna go there first we got to use the key to get in here, and this is gonna get us to right there so that was the hunter trait so if you didn’t check take the hunter as your

class when you first started an archetype then basically you had to do this particular event in order to unlock the hunters trait which is the awareness issue where basically it reduces your enemy awareness so enemies are less aware of you so that you can actually sneak up on them so to speak And then at the end here we should actually see the purple which is the hunting pistol which is basically like a hunting rifle but in pistol form so it does a lot of damage but it’s a one shot so you have to be pretty accurate shooting them in the head but if you can do a pretty good job with it you can pretty much one-shot most things similar to the hunting rifle but it’s even I think more damage then the hunting rifle. So this is 55 and this is 115 so it’s huge damage compared to the hunting rifle. Alright so now what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna go here and we’re gonna head back to Ward 13. So as soon as you click on a checkpoint just be careful because when you click on a checkpoint you respawn the whole map that you just killed it gives you back your armor I mean your ammo and your health and all that and your dragon arts but you also re-spawn all the creatures you just killed so just be careful. So we’re gonna go this way to McCabe we’re gonna get our new mod and then we’re gonna call it a day on this one and then we’re gonna continue on through earth. So let’s see what kind of mod she gives us because we do have a mod – Okay – so she gives us Mantle of thorn; it reduces melee taken by 20% reflects 120 melee damage reduces stagger on hit and so that’s gonna cost me luminite and a flush barb so we’re gonna say Okay, craft, now we have it and now we can add that on to it’s on our hunting rifle here. So there you go so that’s it for this episode we’ll catch you in the exit next episode when we finish through earth and we will go from there I hope you guys are enjoying the series this is Van from Vaniverse Gaming Channel; cheers and peace out