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Hey all I’m Krishna Raj Today I came with some tips from Thailand where all the South Indians go usually This is a place where a lot of South Indians have gone This is not a country where no one knows much More people go to Thailand for tourism than to the Gulf Now I’m sharing some tips according to my experience At first I’m taking about the visa Thailand provides on arrival visa for Indian Passport holders They will charge 2000 Baht for the visa Sometimes it will be around 1000 Baht They also provide some offers in which the visa cost is absolutely free It was visa free at the time of my visit They also put some criteria for the visa purposes We must have to keep your photographs during the time of on-arrival There are options for taking the photographs Have a hard copy of the photograph beforehand also keep the xerox of our passport They will ask it and also the xerox of hotel confirmations and per person you’ve to keep 10,000 Baht as show money For families, you’ve to keep 20,000 Baht as show money Sometimes they won’t inquire you about the show money ans sometimes they won’t accept the credit cards So if possible try to keep dollars which is equivalent to 10,000 Baht or 10,000 Baht itself in your hand Money transferring is possible within the airport but it is possible after completing the immigration process You can get out of the airport only after taking the visa Before that, you’ve to show the required amount during immigration If possible try to collect the dollars in case of non availability of Thai Baht from anywhere Dollars are acceptable in everywhere So you can convert the dollars to Thai Baht after the immigration This is the point to note out in the case of visa Next is the case of airlines It is best to choose Air Asia while traveling from your home town There are two airports in Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport (BKK) and Don Mueang Airport (DMK) These two airports are very near to each other and they are separate airports thus interconnection is no possible with these Indigo airlines is another option from Kerala which is also available from Bangalore as well as Mumbai to Bangkok and Phuket Thus your arrival is at BKK airport From Kochi, Air Asia will land at DMK airport DMK has only this facility Metro link is available in BKK and is not available in DMK Bus service is there in DMK If you opt for Metro, you will have to take a bus from DMK and get off somewhere at the nearest MRT Taxi service are also available from both the airports The main reason to point out the metro link is that it is the journey with low cost compared with other modes because I was traveling by metro If you book the hotel near by the metro station then you can directly go to your hotel via metro within a low cost I booked a hotel in the Makkason area of ​​Bangkok I also got off at Bangkok Airport (BKK) and reached Makkasan area by metro So this is the reason to point out the metro link Other than Air Asia, one can reach Bangkok by Indigo, Sri Lankan airlines, Scoot, Silk Air and so on You can also choose Indigo Airlines which will have a layover in in Bangalore and from there to Bangkok Several airlines are there from South India The reason for the direct travel is that if you choose Malaysian airlines in which you will spend extra minutes or hours in Malaysia for a 45 minutes travel

Transfer in between flights is a huge loss Malaysia to Thailand is around a 45 minutes journey So it is better to take a direct flight to Thailand and also it won’t affect your next day trip You’ll get tired after the round trip Since it was budget airlines, rate is normal These are the tips related to airlines Next I’m detailing about the places in Thailand As you know there are many places in Thailand and the well known famous places are Bangkok and Pattaya Everyone will tell about these places at first These are well known places in Thailand Besides that there are other places in Thailand In the south part, the tourist places like Phuket, Krabi, Phi Phi Island are there The distance between Bangkok and Phuket are around 600-700 km From Bangkok it is having a whole night bus journey to Phuket Your whole Thailand trip will depends on your planning Some explore only Bangkok and Pattaya and return back Some explore only Phuket others will explore both Phuket and Krabi There are those who see all this together and come back When this happens it will increase your trip cost and the day too So you’ve to create your itinerary according to your convenience I will share my places of visit Anyway I’m going to Thailand Once I see a country, I will not go there I explore Thailand in a detailed way I’m not sure if I’ll get there again, so I saw the places in a detailed way I went directly to Phuket and from there to Phi Phi island I visited Phi Phi by ferry and through ferry I visited Krabi Arrived in Bangkok by flight from Krabi I returned home from Bangkok This is how my Thai itinerary was Due to lack of time, I avoided to visit Pattaya This is how I created my itenary According to your itenary, you’ve to book the tickets If you’re planning only to visit Bangkok, you can directly come and visit it Or else If you’re planning to visit Bangkok and Phuket, so you have to take care about the return ticket So you’re arriving at Bangkok and your return ticket is from Phuket You can also do the reverse booking ie; arriving at Phuket and the departure is from Bangkok Domestic flights within Bangkok are cheaper You can travel within the Bangkok in a rate of 2,000 to 3,000 Air Asia is there for the Domestic journey purposes Domestic airports like Krabi, Pattaya, Phuket The journey back and forth here and there is very short and it’s cheap too Night bus service is available in these places, if you’re choosing to travel by bus So you can travel the inner areas of Thailand in such a way Next I’m detailing about some places and their importance I did a detailed video about the places that I visited Links are available in the description box If needed you can check out the videos Quickly tell the way I went Phuket Places to visit in Phuket: a beach, Pa Tong beach Bangla street, it’s a walking street and also a Big Buddha and moreover Wat Chalong Temple is also there In addition we can visit old Phuket town a hill and some more places too This is the main thing to see here in Phuket There is a place named Phi Phi Island and it starts from here From the south side of Phuket you’ve to take the ferry to reach the phi phi island You can also go back to Phuket from here Or you can go straight to Krabi from Phi Phi You will get accommodation facilities in Phi Phi Phi Phi Island is the interconnection of many islands like Monkey Island, James bond Island and so on The link of the detailed video regarding this will be dropped in the description box Next is Krabi Here you can find a natural hot spring pool in which you can enjoy with hot water around 40 degrees In addition an Emerald pool is also there which constitute hot water with 50 degrees Tiger cave temple in which you have to climb approx 1200 steps Krabi walking street is there Krabi town and so on

Next destination is Bangkok It is the main area in Thailand Places like Floating market, Grand Palace, Wat Po, Metro, city train are all there in Bangkok It is a 3 hour drive from Bangkok to Pattaya You can also travel by bus which will costs approx 100 – 150 Baht If you’re staying for a couple of days in Pattaya, then you need to take separate ticket from Bangkok to Pattaya and return back from there to Bangkok by bus If you are planning to go to Pattaya for one day only From Bangkok you can seek the help of any tour agent and they will take you to Pattaya They’ll take you to Pattaya in the early morning and come back after doing one or two water activities and the beach You can also get a package by adding Tiger Zoo within that trip Such options are also available Don’t get confused Since it’s a known country, thus I’m going in a little hurry in detailing These are the things to see in Bangkok and Pattaya I can also give you an extra tip Bangkok is a crowded city It is an area that takes a lot of time to get from one place to another So it’s better to go as early as possible There in a canal in Bangkok and there is a metro station named Saphan Taksin a boat service is there beside to this metro station The boat service I traveled at that journey was Boat4u named company 1 day ticket costs 200 Baht 24 hours ticket Since boat service is available only in the morning, we can’t take the service for 24 hours So we’ll get only 12 hours If you get into the boat during morning, you can get down anywhere at anytime within these 6-7 stops This is the main peculiarity of this boat service So you won’t get hault in between the traffic If you’re staying beside the metro station, go to Saphan Taksin metro station and enjoy this boat service Thereby you can easily visit Grand Palace and the nearby places also you can visit the historical spot such as Wat Po You can also purchase from the biggest trade center in Bangkok As soon as we board the boat, they give us a map and a brochure It includes the places to visit in each stops These stops has its own tourist attractions After visiting these spots you can return back by this boat to Saphan Taksin and then to your room By going this way you can cover the major attractions in Bangkok town within a single day A floating market is also there in addition to these An old train service is also there In different areas of Thailand you can find many other activities like Pub, bar and so on You can also enjoy these activities too Next is about the safety Nothing to fear and you have the freedom to enjoy in Thailand You can walk down anywhere at any time during the night Robbery is also there You’ve to give extra care for that, otherwise it is safe to travel and there is nothing to fear about You can also get a rent a bike in Krabi, Phuket and Pattaya Take an IDP with you when you go In case of accident its necessary There is no other problem as long as the accident does not happen Rent a bike will costs around 200 Baht I’m not preferring this in Bangkok because its a crowded city But Phuket and Krabi is not that much crowded and you can also travel with this bike You can go everywhere but it is necessary to carry IDP along with you It is useful when you come across some accidents in between

Otherwise you’ve to go with it which will definitely affect your entire trip So be careful while driving I rented a bike during the journey But I drove it carefully Traveling by bike is cheaper than calling a taxi back and forth within Phuket Once the bike is taken care of and ridden, there are no major problems While renting a bike, you’ve to surrender your passport or $ 100-200 It depends upon the company that you’re renting it Most of the time you have to look at the review of the bike rental company to approach them By going so, places to are more easier and risky too So better to read the reviews before approaching There are some hotels/hostels in which they will provide the service for rent a bike If it is available from your place of stay, then try to arrange it from them It will be some more convenient than other This is the main point regarding rent a bike service and their safety Next is the case about hotel You can book the hotels accordingly through the sites, and all Please do read the reviews before booking If you’re visiting there as a bachelor group, then its better to take hostels You can book the hostel with 5-8 members for a single room Per day you can stay there in any hostels within a range of about $ 5-10 You can find such hostels everywhere And more a normal 3 * hotel may range from 700 – 800 Baht But the hostels will be around 200 – 250 Baht which may vary according to their quality You can seek the help of Google review as well and also you can also choose the hostel with 8-9 point rating in thus you’ll get such a good facility hostel over there Due to the plenty of hotels, it’s better to read the reviews before booking it So I can’t suggest which hotel is good in Thailand So many hotels are available there As I said read the Google reviews before booking the hotels Thus the range for 3* hotels will be around 600 – 800 Baht If you go for standard ones, it will costs approx 1,000 – 1,200 Baht and you’ll get a rooms with 3* facility starting price will be around 600 Baht Most of the South Indians frown when they hear that it is Thailand and look at it with a smile There is no need to look at that I do not know if there is another country in the world that welcomes so many tourists You’ve that much of freedom there because tourist are the main asset in Thailand So no need to look towards with another eye That kind of thing is happening in every country So you don’t have to look at Thailand in that one way Each and every south Indians will laugh when someone is saying about Thailand No need to see in that way Try to see everything as positive There are many things you can do in Thailand that you think you can’t walk In India, it is not possible to sit, feed or even take a photograph with a tiger in which there is no such facility available in India In Thailand there are options like you can feed a Tiger in the Zoo Here you can take a photo with the crocodile You can do so many adventurous activities during the Thailand visit If you want to take a big snake in hand it is possible over there Likewise you can do several such activities from Thailand Sea activities like Scuba diving, Paragliding are available in Thailand opens for tourists We can learn how Thailand attract tourists and how to live with tourism So we should not frown but respect them Taken in a good way, and then everything will be fine Each country has their own pros and cons We do not need to look at it In my opinion there is no need for anyone to frown in going to Thailand It’s a good country in which you can go with your family or even as bachelor No need to worry about being safe even if you are going with family It’s a good country to visit

So you can take the tickets to visit Thailand after the corona They can’t live without tourism and they don’t have any other major resources like tourism So its essential for them Apart from my detailing tips, there may be some more restrictions after this pandemic situation In the near future we’ve to take a vaccine for the Corona pandemic which is similar to the vaccine for yellow fever in African region We may have to take the corona vaccine card while travelling These are the next options and that’ll consider later So beware of these tips as I said If it opens and if it is useful, then you can easily utilize these tips accordingly If you’re planning to visit after my tips or else it anyone knows more than what I explained in this video please do comment in the chat box accordingly You can also point out the mistakes that I made Please do support and subscribe if you don’t yet will see you again with some useful tips from the countries I’ve visited so far See you then