Malmö – Göteborg – Malmö Part 1, West Coast Line in Pale Green. Train 1056 Malmö – Göteborg

Hi everyone! A new working day on Öresund trains has started for me Today I’m going to drive to Gothenburg, and I thought you could come along on the trip The train I’ll drive today will be coaches from Gothenburg, which turn round and go back as nothing is going through to Denmark during these coronavirus times Instead, all passengers have to change trains here at Malmö Central The train has 17 minutes turn-around time here at Malmö Central but they were 21 minutes late when I last checked on the Swedish Transport Administration’s website so we shall depart a little late from Malmö Central, 5 – 10 minutes I suspect But we shall try and make up the time on the way up to Gothenburg Now a Pågatåg train is coming in, and our train should go behind it so let’s hope that the carriages come in soon It is a multiple, two X31s, and they should go all the way to Gothenburg so no decoupling anywhere, and no adding either Let’s see – now they are arriving the time now is 14:19 we should have left here 11 minutes ago but sometimes that’s how it is [calling dispatcher Malmö]

[Welcome to dispatchers Malmö]

This is the driver of 11046, hello!

I just want to know whether there are any trains I will need to pass, or if I can just drive

It says minus 2 minutes in Ängelholm on my Green Speed ​​app – if I can just drive

OK, so I’ll press on as fast as I can

Fine. Bye!

[calling dispachers Gothenburg]

[Welcome to the dispatchers Gothenburg]

This is the driver of 11056, hello!

Balise information error on the Hamra – Varberg section

I don’t know if it was just a loading error, or something it detected in the track

Kilometre 81 plus approximately 800 metres

Yes I got a “balise information error type 2”, so it was with the operating brake

and 80 kph monitoring

The error code was a “flash” and “hyphen” and a “one”

The vehicle is number 4370

Thank you. Bye!

So yes, we’ve arrived in Gothenburg and it went well

A few small things along the way, but that’s perfectly normal

So till next time I say, thank you for watching

Thanks for watching, take care, and see you soon again