Shane & Ryan Explore California's Quaintest Town • Weird Wonderful World

the world is weird and or wonderful and i’m taking my curious little pal ryan bergara around to explore every last little bit of it see ya where are we we’re in solvang california what are we waiting for balthang california home of solving california that’s right it’s a hulk we’re just going to do a whole town for this episode it’s a season finale whatever this weird wonderful town was founded in 1911 by a group of danes and though it’s nestled in the supple bosom of southern california walking through its bakery riddled streets it’s easy to feel like you’re half a world away before we jump into the proceedings a special thanks to squarespace for sponsoring today’s episode you need yourself a website well go on check em out and now to kick off a very big day in town my colleague and i sat down with solving mayor ryan toussaint at the elverhaj museum of history and art are you from around here or did you move here how did you come to know this city and furthermore become the mayor of it was i was born and raised here in the valley uh-huh so i used to live in bulton when i turned 18 i bought a home here in sullivan turned out there’s a lot of unpermitted stuff that was uh done in it by the prior owners which led to me having to fix a lot of situations which then got me involved with the city were there like bodies in the walls and uh no bodies in the walls there were some interesting things in the walls and some interesting electrical work did you get very familiar with like regulations and codes is that very fast okay yeah yeah yeah so you’re like well i know it all i might as well now yep you know there’s snakes in the walls in london what what was beguiling to you about solving you know we have the old world kind of danish architecture here juxtaposed with some american or modern scandinavian type features so if i’m someone who is completely unaware of solving what what am i doing in town uh you definitely want to eat an abel skeever while you’re here that’s a real popular tell us about those it’s a it’s a pastry it’s yeah it’s it’s almost like um tastes a lot like a pancake is it local to here or is it a danish thing because i didn’t see those in copenhagen uh yeah it is subtle facts there that was good lovely to my understanding over there it’s probably more of a seasonal thing this guy loves to eat there i do love to eat i love to eat too i can’t breathe anymore it’s a problem no it’s not what’s unique is we have generally about three windmills in the downtown uh area solving and two of which you can go wine tasting in basically this guy loves wine i love to drink until i can’t breathe anymore it’s a problem it’s not another thing to do is to is definitely just uh visit you know me and around the town and just look at the the architecture and things like that we love we love me and you so you might be very entertained to rent one of our moaks and use a moat to go around town oh man two blokes on a moat that’d be good i like that it’s fun that’s good well thank you for the warm welcome to your town i think we’re gonna hit the streets and really just just start to explore yeah i can’t thank you enough mr mayor it’s been a pleasure it’s been a pleasure thank you so much the mayor can you believe it wow nice guy after poking around a museum a bit and eyeing a tiny version of the town it was time to take to the streets to see the big version of the town but first a stop by the solvang restaurant to fill up on some of those abel schevers the mayor had so gleefully recommended put her there thank you for having us here well welcome to the solvane restaurant so what’s your specialty here at the solvang restaurant here is abel’s skever and it’s a danish pancake ball and in denmark they serve them at christmas in salvaine you can have them every day how many of these bad boys do people generally put down in one sitting uh the average does three what do you think we should have how hungry are you he’s always i am always hungry let’s go until i pass out until the light leaves my eyes yeah all right how far we can get them let me get that for you thanks jeff i hope these are yummy what are you expecting out of these i’m expecting them to fill my stomach is what i’m expecting oh look at those all right these are our ables skiver and you probably wonder how we get them round how do you get them round good question so you cook it on top of the stove you pour your batter to the edge and then use the knitting needle to turn quarter turns you let it cook a little different direction and turn it four quarter turns till the round and we top it with our house made raspberry jam

and then we do a sprinkle of powdered sugar to give you that sugar rush who came up with your stuff the vikings oh when they were traveling the world they would take their shields that were all dented from the warfare and they would try to cook pancakes on it they nailed it that’s amazing they nailed it i did not expect that to come from that that’s crazy but i’m sure with all the dents and the shield that they’re able to gave her wasn’t perfectly round are they light enough that you could just shove a whole one in there or do you recommend bites be adventurous let’s shove this juicy ball in my mouth here we go all aboard okay skull i’m sorry i tortured you by making you eat it all at once that was very good what does it make me stop sounds great it’s it sounds like being trapped in a well very good pastry that’s a lot of dough i thought it was great it was very good well done you probably recommend smaller bites then i think so i think maybe no way oh my gosh honestly this gives me the fuel that i need to explore this town wow i know it was great with a cup of coffee i’ll tell you that it does i want to thank you for these bowling ball-sized pastries hey you’re welcome starting our day off right okay only i’m from here let’s do it pastries as far as i can tell are the lifeblood of solving and it is safe for you to assume that anytime we are not on camera we are eating more pastries it is simply what is done here with that in mind who better to show us around town than thomas burkholm a third generation solvanger and a third generation owner of burkholm’s bakery we heard a little bit from the mayor who is a charming man do you know him mr right yeah what a guy he’s a cool guy cool guy he was telling us a little bit about the history of the town as someone who’s third generation you got a little more uh intel for us so as he probably said in 1911 this solving is kind of established as a town or community carpenters came and started establishing all of the buildings you can see a little bit different than a regular typical southern california it’s weird when you grow up in the suburbs and most of the houses kind of look similar fun to walk around a town where every building is sort of fun to look at not mean out of corn or whatever you grew up around well we can come on now it was a you know it’s a good respectable town schaumburg illinois all that walking made me hungry for some history well i think we’re in luck this is hans christian anderson’s museum whose hands christian anderson whose hands christian anderson little mermaid my dude the little mermaid yes this guy is the scribe yeah that’s a dude well hell yeah let’s go inside what are we doing this is actually a bookstore yeah um this is the book loft it’s actually their 50th anniversary well happy birthday but so upstairs here is the hance christian anderson museum it’s quite handsy ooh now that’s here what i’m after this this the big guy that’s the guy ryan think of all the wonderful memories you have with arielle you made it sound creepy i don’t have no i mean like enjoying the vhs as a child singing along under the sea stuff like that i don’t know if he had anything to do with those melodies but no i think the actual story is quite dark dark it is is it not well a beloved man i seen the uh mermaid statue in copenhagen what’s that like surrounded by a lot of people it is and it’s quite small we actually have one here not as many people around as many people and it’s right across the street it’s like a mini trip to copenhagen without uh all that airfare so this is the lady this is actually a replica and it’s about half the size of the one sitting in copenhagen harbor in denmark but the thing is the one in the harbor is further away to begin with yes so this is basically right so it’s a little ways off it looks like the same size honestly if you take a photo from like the right angle you could probably convince people you were in copenhagen just lie about it if you were the kind of person who lies to your friends about stuff like that i don’t think you went to copenhagen so you’re you’re actually a third generation salt banger saul of anger i guess um my grandfather started um a bakery here in solving in 1951 oh my gosh and then my dad took it over kind of short story and then i’m taking it over yes since we’re over here on this side of the town we are across the street from my bakery oh there it is the donks dakir dagiri it’s dansk bagari conditory og cafe well i hope the pastries are as delightful to eat as it is to say and as your company good you’re dittering that’s a fun word to say let’s go get it

wow this is quite an establishment thank you this looks great you got delight cookies pedophores cream puffs oh carrot cake the big cream puff man i love cream puffs i love them shane all right okay thank you oh my very good that looks great so that is the traditional danish with the custard feeling they used to call it the baker’s bad eye that is a cream puff that has custard in the bottom and a little dab of raspberry and then it’s fresh whipped cream it’s not overly sweet which is nice there’s a very good cream puff glad to hear it it feels like a crime how long we’ve robbed you of your time when you’re making things like this if i had known i would never have ever asked you to walk around town with us no i appreciate you guys coming over stopping by it’s in our little town i could use a coffee after this well wouldn’t you know it as if it were planned ahead of time like some sort of meticulously scheduled shoot my colleague and i happened upon a local beanery where we took a load off for a couple minutes to sit down with local local chelsea to hear more about life and solving chelsea thank you for having us here we desperately needed this coffee yeah a nice hot cup of coffee on an 85 degree day well we have 10 pounds of pastry so oh this will wash it down really good hopefully it’s gonna be great did you actually grow up in this town i am born and raised from the salinas valley what kept you here i just like it i love it it’s quiet i’m 30 minutes from the beach 30 minutes from the mountains wine tasting beer tasting we’re toying with the idea of maybe doing a little mock tour have you seen those little little cars going around yeah i assume they’re mostly occupied by tourists my guess is actually there’s quite a few locals that are trying it out though a few locals that is good i like that cheers to that buddy i love that every now and then that’s good after this we’re planning on stopping by a local ostrich farm oh yeah any words of advice don’t turn your back to them is it a sign of disrespect no but they will get your hat well they could try they could try i think they’re going to get his hat yeah they’re pretty cool they’re very prehistoric birds did you know what an ostrich almost killed johnny cash how it clawed him and tore his chest open wow this is a true story yeah wow but he got like stitches all the way anyway um they’re scary thank you for telling us about your town hey you’re very the joe it’s incredible it’s great it’s great bean juice bean juice yes i can’t wait to tell the q grade roaster that you had some delicious bean juice i’m sure he’ll be happy he’ll be so stoked thank you let him know it’s me i will shane midday who said that shane midday and i like that one bit thank you chelsea hey you’re very welcome you guys i’m glad you stopped by always nice to chat over some hot hot joe but now we travel to the outskirts of town where beasts await it’s time to visit the gentle giants of ostrich land usa blake thank you for having us here these are really impressive creatures yeah yeah they’re unique for sure the landscape is gorgeous if i if i were an ostrich here i’d be quite happy yeah i know it’s really nice it’s actually 32 acres of prime real estate for ostriches you know i’ve heard these birds are terrifying but i already feel a kinship with them they’re beautiful i love their eyelashes feel like they’re my brethren yeah it’s because you uh you know you have food in your hand they’re waiting to feast with you all animals it’s not their fault but they might take a little nip here and there are they friendly nippers they will peck at anything and everything they do look like velociraptors they don’t make the noise that the jurassic park velociraptors make no no i know they’re hungry though you guys should i get you guys yeah any safety advice here uh no just kind of set it on the board hold on tight because they are gonna try hello hello all right oscar this is yours oh call you oscar the ostrich oscar the ostrich yeah yeah buddy you’re hungry aren’t you oh you look so happy you’re pretty happy ones yeah oh my god you really know grace to this at all such graceful birthdays it looks so appreciative very very graceful this is an all-you-can-eat buffet this is fun i can do this all day [Laughter] what are you traveling about i was doing my hat dance and this audrey stopped eating because he was like this guy’s freaking weird did you do a little half dance come on hey baby baby oh yeah you like the hat dance you know i could think of worse ways to lose my fingers give it give it a shot they’ll go for it more than likely what in the world is wrong with you blake you can handle it i definitely can’t yo what are you doing it’s kind of fun you’re insane no i actually grew up with a red lord amazon parrot and a couple of cockatiels so i understand burgers thank you for having us out here you’re

welcome guys we’re going to continue our tour of greater solvang yeah yeah yeah but i’ll tell you what i’m coming back here let’s go uh ravage that gift shop as the mayor said solvang is home to a handful of absolutely stunning windmills windmills so god damn breathtaking they’ll knock you flat on your ass and what better way to see these giant wooden buttes than in a tiny little baby car here we go whoa that is okay that’s insane that’s smooth like butter like butter so we’re gonna go on a greater windmill tour and basically we’re gonna see five windmills it’s time for two marks it’ll blow nope sorry i did that wrong time for two blokes i tell you as soon as i strapped in here i’m never getting out of this car no you’re gonna be buried in this thing you’re gonna have to yank me out of this bad boy with the jaws of life here we just saw the mayor that’s what it’s like to live in a small town i love it i love it did you see how he pretended like he didn’t know us do we get the key to the city now that we know the mayor i think that’s how it works in a small town or we have to fight him wow look at that view scenic scenic as hell i was just about to say hell dude yeah that’s good stuff that now that that’s what they should put on their town sign scenic as hell this this is the thrill of the moke is that you go off into these little quiet areas where no cars can go oh wow he’s still my beating heart it is our first windmill that’s breathtaking ain’t she a friggin beaut holy friggin moly now what is the purpose of a windmill to inspire awe well before wasn’t it to actually like uh to two yeah in the middle yeah yeah but now it’s just fun to look that’s fun to look at yeah onward well i want to sing the theme song sing it with me what’s up what’s up dude citizen of souls bank how’s it going hello hello hello evening that’s two out of five windmills blokes on uh smoke and we have another windmill win milk windmill windmill windmill win now windmill number four i could go for one more well me too do you think that’s on the docket oh i think so color me excited then shut up it’s windmill five windmill five wow i feel like a different person it truly feels like there are too many weird and or wonderful things to do here hey it’s the little mermaid good to see her again oh there’s hans again with his big hat and his big nose there’s that beautiful bakery shout out to our friend thomas and now look here those ostriches were pretty majestic they looked like dinosaur legs but sort of sexy dinosaur legs i have never frankly been the mayor of the city but i feel like this may be the one i think that brings us to the end of our journey i think we should cap this all off with a little bit of wine it’s wine time that sounds good yeah oh are you trying to wind me and dying me no i’m trying to wine and dine myself maybe oh i could get behind that and where does a day in solving and why at a windmill of course but one that also serves booze let’s raise a glass and wrap this up huh what a fun season it’s been well no better way to wrap up a day in solving than with a fat ass glass of wine i couldn’t agree with you more you got to stop doing these voices how was this weird wonderful experience for you i gotta say it was weird but and it was wonderful it’s tipping a little more toward wonderful in my book if you had to pick one experience out of solofang that says hey what a town what’s it going to be i think i got milk fever okay smoking not bad looking’s good there’s a couple mokers in the jokers i’m i’m a pastry man now that’s what you’re putting on the brochure yeah i’ll tell you my blood is mostly whipped cream at this point and i am not complaining this wine might loosen it up a little well that’s good that’s why we’re here yeah well here’s to solvang frankly the greatest town in the world as far as i’m concerned you know what i’m going to move here and i’m going to do everything i can to become mayor and right is it ryan’s right there i’m coming for you ryan you can’t say you’re going to be the mayor in front of the mayor well i just did buddy oh i saw you there i made sure you heard that one buddy i’m coming for you there could only be one ride in this town and it’s mate oh boy you know what why don’t we cheers to another adventure with my big best path how about that buddy let’s do that cheers as we said up top this episode was sponsored by squarespace

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