Sen. Rubio: Town Hall (9/8/20)

Because you know even like this kind of set up you know things along it’s live and we kind of Flocculants well it together Sounds good let me check on something real quick anywhere Okay so we’re trying to make sure that. Yes the only woman is getting the right excuse me for one second no problem. This Haters on okay everyone hi Taylor do we know when the SME members going to join us let me check if I got this. Yeah. This This A number now but really quickly- secretary I know Yeah

hello this is you start talking A lot. There I don’t think Yeah can you go you can good evening I’m senator Susan revealed thank you so much for joining us today for this virtual town hall today I’m honored to be sharing this at this event with the honourable assemblymember Blanca Rubio from the forty eight the semi district today we’re gonna be discussing two very important issues for our communities and that is the U. S. census twenty twenty and also the upcoming election I’m honored to have here a very special guest but before I introduce him I would like to turn it over to the assemblywoman just afterwards assemblywoman. Yes thank you and hello again I’m assemblywoman Blanca Rubio representing the forty assembly district and thank you everyone for joining us today and especially our special guest as secretary Padilla- for joining us with our community to talk about very important issues- that we’re all grappling with- obviously a pandemic has up ended all of our our plans for the rest of the year if I want to make sure that I’d knowledge your efforts and thank you for everything that you’ve done to make sure that that- our voting rights are are are being held and then our community can can vote and so I wanted to. To thank you for that also- you know the election is coming up on November third I it’s going to be an interesting one- we keep saying it’s B. Alexis November third but thanks to you everyone is getting Bob Allen on October third so I feel like the elections starting in only three and a half weeks old- I want to thank you but I think it’s also important that we have these parents to make sure that folks know how to do this and I really appreciate your work I’m now it’s all about educating our constituency to make sure they know how to fill out their ballots. On and to reassure them that- their vote is going to count so thank you again- and secretary bright idea thank you for being. With us on the floor is yours. If I may I want just give a little bit that Pile you know again thank you The US I mean instead of faster twenty two days to. Before the sun as a- and I’m very of that second. Just right now we’re reporting at sixty nine point nine percent. Of the state of California sixty seven point 5% so we’re doing better however the secretary’s gonna share a little bit of you know why it’s important to. Keep our we do I just wanted to share that Alex Padilla. Was sworn into California secretary of state on January fifth twenty fifteen he is committed to modernizing the office increasing voter registration. And participation which he’s already done in so many ways he previously served in the California State Senate In nineteen ninety nine at the age of twenty six Mister video was directed to the Los Angeles city council to represent. The same east Sacramento Valley where he grew up. And became the youngest member and the first Latino. Elected as council president still secretary but yet thank you. So much and the floor is yours Well thank you both. And it’s member the up for a first offer convening this right it’s a- important that Senate legislators stay in touch with their constituents and what better way Franco within. Our virtual town hall. I would join in person if this would have been an interesting. All Beth- code not allowing us but- thank you for the opportunity to share important and timely information- with everybody Before I get into the meat of both the census Andy a lectures take a moment. To right. Them thank a had a of work yesterday

Labor Day right so first foremost. Many of firefighters on the front lines throughout the state of California including in and around the same table value the greater Los Angeles area you have millions impacted by fire you might have an impact but you know quality- in so let’s just keep our heads to the women and men on the front lines Protecting our communities protecting our homes. It also is that we were talking backstage before the official program started- had software teachers. Throughout the state of California- my wife Angela and I are proud parents of three boys all still in school In so doing the home schooling juggling with the day job and everything else going on like so many families so. We respected teachers did before but- even more so now given this experience but- yeah. This is twenty twenty and up we knew coming into the year that this is gonna be a big year- as it pertains to civic engagement right not just elections as big as that is. But we acknowledge The importance of the census as well so taken to. We had a primary. That was enormous successful. Record registration record turnout in the March primary- we immediately started getting ready for the November election when we were came easily it was the culprit nineteen and so last we had to convey. Kelly officials that representatives voting rights advocates and others to talk about how we’re gonna push number and I’ll get to that in a minute. But even before we get to November with catching the knowledge the other civic responsibility that we all have also been impacted by Kobe. And that is the census you know people are little bit less familiar with the senses because doesn’t come around very often. The decennial census is just that that comes around only once every ten years. I’m sure you all have talked about its previous events but I’m going to add my two cents. The census. Results constitutionally required. And it’s hard. Population hello. A comparison to the national population council determines our level of representation in Congress right the number of electoral college votes that we have is California. And of course- yeah federal funding not just for the state of birth for each and every community For education for health care services for infrastructure- and war and so what if we haven’t undercounts- California’s gonna miss out what’s on representation and I’m finding so it’s important that we all. Participate in the census I’m sure many of you participating here today I have already done so. But you can help us by spreading the word and if you haven’t done so- you know that- first of all there’s three options for how to complete the census this time You can do with a paper form that comes to your home if you haven’t done it already. You can do it online for the first time starting at why. Twenty twenty senses dot gov. Or you could also do it by phone. That same website my twenty twenty since you’ve got that got that numbers. In the Reid the language. That tell you rest to the census for so- I wanna make sure to include a reminder because the deadline is coming up. You know initially when Colbert impacted outreach- efforts for sensors and assistance efforts for the sensitivity of. The sensor all of this. You fieldwork I did that I been. From to the end of our- October first of deadline Bob a couple weeks ago the try admin. So no we’re gonna it up to the Anderson so they’re shaving off a month that we have to respond to the census As the centre mentions California has responded to Bates- at about sixty seven almost sixty eight percent- so we’re actually ahead of the national average but- you know that means a whole third of California house. Have not responded the census yet that’s a lot of people. That’s a lot of families that’s a lot of federal funds were we risk leaving on the table if we don’t get more of our neighbors of our friends and our family members or coworkers. To respond to the census so- also leave it at that. A question or two later we can get more detail but most important thing don’t wait do it now do before the end of the month. My twenty twenty senses dot gov. And that no central we have completed the census. Then that we are in the last- you know sprints for the- November third election So Steven today’s Tuesday were eight weeks on election day or watching a replay of this image Your days. And effective Jan all the reason why it was to And vote this next because the pride. Election all the issues that we care about what it’s access to health care whether it’s- gun safety. Whether it’s

climate change or comprehensive immigration reform all the things that we- value as Californians- you know I’m gonna have to be here it’s called the nineteen and that makes has not really impacted A lot of communities from a health perspective and an economic perspective. It’s also highlighted. Disparities in society right by some. Are inside more. Than and of course the way of code and demonstrations this summer calling out other- inequities in society including a lot of systemic racism that we continue to try to tackle so My payments only added to this Of number. In why it’s important for M. because- to register. And to vote. And so we are going to. The election little differently this November because of the covert nineteen pandemic starting with. Every active registered voters gonna receive a ballot in the mail in advance of the November election. It’ll go by numbers been pretty popular in California it’s been in other states for a long time. What is your even the folks who haven’t signed up for both by mail will automatically receive a valid because we think it’s probably The most convenient and the safest way to vote. During the pandemic. Lotus have options for how to return their ballots either by mail. Thanks to the legislature and the governor we Richard postage prepaid Skinner have to worry about stamps. I know the post office is been in the news lately so yeah I think it’s the reliable way to return your ballot but if you’re a little uneasy. You have the option of returning your ballot any ballot drop box in the county convenient to you. In the weeks leading up to the election. Or you have the option of walking it it’s going to drop your dog off at the county elections office. Or any in person voting location. You have that option as well. Now California and of course your districts have a large and very diverse electorates. And we know that there’s a lot of people who need the in person options about whether it’s- an accessibility concerns or language assistance or a replacement ballot maybe. Or to participate in same day registration. So we are working hard with the county to make sure that there’s plenty of in person opportunities to vote Both are and before election day. Voting in person is also going to be a little bit different just like we can’t go to the grocery store the same way anymore. Right think signage and physical distance saying. Bring your masks. I have sanitizer on hand gloves at cetera you **** and election workers stakes. But our biggest regret. Is to make a plan to book. But if you back. Get that ballot don’t wait to last man so it out Senate back in Richard earliest. If you vote in person don’t wait till November third. Yes that’s election day- to start thinking about it as simply the last date of the- if you can vote early. The first state interest in voting is available there we can gather keep those lines short on Tuesday November third for the people who did. Wait until the last minute so other thing until working search Different lines although prime male. When return your ballot has to be. All or- Alexa day California law allows it to arrive up to three days after election day can still be found. Right we don’t want to lose your voting rights because the post office took too long We’re extending that deadline for this November here Balcon arrival to seventeen days after the election. But it still has to be postmarked on or before election day. And it will be counted. At last year’s obey when it’s a new tool for all voters. You can sign up to track your ballots through the mail. I like tracking. Your packages when you shop online Go to vote that she A. dot G O. B. that’s what we have all of our election tools and resources. Register to vote verify your status. One of the options where’s my ballot you can sign up. To receive messages by email by text message. Or by phone call on the status of your ballot through the postal service Including the day that the county receives your valid. And the day that your ballot was counted so it’s great for transparency of vote by mail It’s great for a- Senate building right making sure that is my- on a timely basis and I think it’s great for peace of mind because we should have confidence. In both by mail despite what Sir some people are saying about a bill by mail secure it’s convenience as the safest option for voting this November so. Those are the big overviews service a lot of details we can get into but it’s a- senator and assembly Member maybe get take some of your questions. Yes thank you for this press. It’s a law of good and- that are needed need and for me in particular because we service so many Immigrant you know cities here Can you please address- the issue of. Privacy and how secure the information as it’s

something that I have. Tried as I speak to residents discussed On. That if they’re counted you know that it’s private and if you do not to dress secure of For where it goes if there’s anything she could provide I coming from you it seems comforting but- I try to express that but maybe you can help us you know make sure that people know how. How secure you know the census yes. So no absolutely and before I get to the census I may also say that’s all the elections information is available in Spanish as well for people whose. Language preference is Spanish but it’s but a registration. You know tracking your ballot where’s my ballot okay all of that can be done in Spanish that’s- your language arts. For the census. You know to be able to vote you have to be eighteen years or older and it said its- right we want people to know that respect that. When it comes to the census. The census is for everybody. Right there in the constitution says. Every ten years should be a national population counts. Not an actual student counts not a national voter counts. Not an actual adults. Countenance J Beth. And your ago. The under Pot was chill under. So everybody else but the- you children Richard the law. If I you like you know. I’m lives with us she tells lives here if you have extended. Or friends that are live with you at this time. Everybody counts in the sense regardless of citizenship status. And. You know to the center’s point. The personal M you submit to the census. Is private. And confidential by federal law it cannot be shared with any other departments or agencies for any other purpose so we want you to not just complete the sensible completed with confidence knowing that your information is going to be protected. Thank you so much for that. The Spanish to as sixteen- C. at this I realized that esta experimental the but I don’t understand your local public on the local I’m going to send so when the respondent concern for my son Ben Affleck on campus who implements John pretty rather cement demand because they see that in Quincy Bensalem correlate for that I’ll- also put a combat vehicle not just about the mental so I had just. But quite yet Okaloosa solo for- this is the Beth because Google by most what made sense again good that man a resident assistant US John I mean L. the congressional- it was the focus that if it Gaines and recycle minutes just get. Also what and the team that missed. Going quite quite a sense. Get overboard Leyva then also I wait that’s the address you don’t get the little. I complete but it sends a book in which can think. As for the I guess you know so you Bob Sapp Get old even guess that one of those. Thank you so much. For that I gonna let. I mean them One reveals if you have any Absolutely I do. At you again for this. So Mike is. I we’ve been obviously rock connect through the- about. The accusations from the administration about fraud- absentee or mail in ballots and- you know I have been an absentee ballot. A voter most of my career our most since I became a citizen in nineteen ninety four because I never know. Where I’m going to be at any given moment took a minute I always try to rush- and get the ballot filling out and be the first one. In the town needs to return at but again more so because- I don’t know where I’m going to be I’m so busy all the time but I want to make sure that Michael discounted. The administration has accused- or have suggested back bad Tom million ballots and absentee voting is- fraudulent and can you address that please because I want to make sure that our- folks hearing us. No that- it is a safe. Method of voting. So what does thank you because it’s a- to. Just like when to do the same. With comfort. You should be able to vote and voting by mail. With calm. That everything yeah sick. And all I So the attack and you’re ready Against Bill by mail but beat ministry. Sadly it it’s not about politics right. It’s look I know has proven to be secure voter fraud in America is exceedingly exceedingly rare and there’s zero evidence that’s- low by males ran. As rampant voter fraud- you know trump himself has said it. More work who vote by mail is for his chance that why you know he says thing that sets so it makes my job more difficult to have to explain that have to correct. His lives but more importantly for many of the voters of California right they deserve. Yes elections in that’s our secure. But also election better accessible we should be making it Nancy cook all eligible citizens to register to vote. You can do it

online you can do it on paper you can do it at the DMV. The same day registration with the deadlines show up in person are you know. As a young person voting. Eight zero right then and there and still. Bring you should have the are. Multiple what what is best for you is the voting in person. In again earlier the better- but all the way through Tuesday November third. We recommend voting by mail right there’s it’s- it doesn’t get any more convenience and saves during cold and flu about to come to your home. You still it out it’s your leisure right you know you’re not rushed and there’s not a big lie behind you. The next person trying to get into the voting booth. And then you have options for how to return that that we get back mails. Dropbox or delivering it in person you can track your valid Ben how wards were transparent. And accountable can it be that be able to track your ballot and get confirmation. What a C. and talents of so. A lot to rely on just remember postmarked on or before election day. And make sure you sign the envelope where ask you to sign when you return the ballot. Richard in the official envelope. On the outside you see at the site as the voter. And that’s important because when does I love to get to the county the first in the county that. If they compared the signature on the envelope With your signature on file as part of your voter registration to make sure the that’s- right they want to make sure that nobody signed us. Both stories you- if you could get to sign Or the signatures match the county will attempt to contact you. To correct last reservation for god to give me a chance to submit the signature. If they don’t match because- that’s kind of my signature that until one now. I probably first registered to vote. You know the let me update my signature. And if it wasn’t it wasn’t maybe there’s something that we need to look into before most people. It’s a matter of the forgot to sign or- distinguishes. James will get overtime. I can I also just bad for the for the- because I know that it’s very difficult find its- let’s reschedule. The fact. That spam. I’m I you know Sometimes I post op nine. Our law. And I have to get Somewhere but I wanna make sure that everybody understands the you do. Need to. It prepaid. I it can be easier than. Sitting at home. And I. In the dropping it in the mail. Or when you’re- your your male person comes you handed over to them. Because it’s already prepaid and so that was always. Kind of an in my thoughts way back when I started voting by mail like oh my god now I need to stem I thank you again. We don’t even happening right so it cannot be easier. And what it is today And cheaper because I don’t have. To buy the step or- thank right M. L. I can’t take the credit it was the- it’s- that put it. Into the- of the state except the return post. They let. Thank lot to say. Thank governor. Signing the budget that included that so. Lawyers don’t have to worry about any entering code. You know one less trip that you have to you know go to the post office or anywhere else to get stamps. Is better for everybody. Thank you and secretary but video I know you have to go through but I want to just address one more important issue I mean for a for me I used to teach government as a teacher and Josh. It was a city clerk you know I’ve met that I did your job. I know smaller scale and civic participation continues to be a challenge and so I want to make sure that everyone hears from you. I email it when is the last day to register and talk a little bit about that let you know so they have the dates in mind and- please anyone listening it is Tom Parton that. Everyone registers to vote I had a city of eighty thousand residents only thirty thousand registered to vote in only about. Eight six to eight thousand came out to vote and that’s not. Represent so we want to get everyone out to build so can you address some of that the dates that people need to have in mind. Sure I’m gonna rattle off a few key dates in addition to this in another presentation so I have it in my mind stress- the first take. Anything out is today. If you have a registered to vote yet. Bates go to a vote that C A. de. J. O. and click on Register to vote. And you can register to vote. If you’re already registered it’s a good idea to verify your registration status. Go to vote that C. A. dot GOP you may have to say that a lot. And you can Go to voter status. And just to make sure that your registration records up to date it’s currents. Especially your address thank you for the county start sending out ballots who want to make sure that it’s going to. At the property address. I should have been voted by mail. Before if you need to update your information including your address. We’re told Janet Yellen dressed with us. You can do that at the register to vote Connection as well. October read first think about. That’s the last day County the county will be sending out both by mail ballots for everybody is already registered. So that just means that first week of October start checking that

mailbox- and wait for your balance the other thing you can do today is signed up for where’s my ballot that ballot tracking system that means that we get the alerts. I went about on the way to you. And when your county received about it later- subsidized and you can do today I thought I’d C. A dot G. O. B. another key Bates Monday October nineteenth. That is- technically the voter registration deadline so you want to. Try to register before then if you haven’t already. If you missed that dates the good news is in California you can still do what’s called same day registration. But you have to show up in person you’ve got your county elections office Or any in person voting locations. You can register Ansel castor ballots. Right then and there. Finally November third you know we officially called election day I think about it is the last day. To vote. That’s also. Yes a follow up to our minute social that day. That’s also the that your Dodd has the post signature Richard it by mail postmarked on or- election day And still count so hello of dates there are a lot more information at loads that C. A dot G. O. V. and so I’m gonna make one more plug. Also both J. that you scroll all the way down. And you’ll see a special prompt for poll workers. Right the county is still trying to recruit more poll workers. You know for people who have later to person like I like to do. It a lot of the senior citizens and retirees that have helped in prior elections are not available this November because of cold. And so we need new people to sign up and help us Administer the election this November so if you or anybody you know you know healthy and willing- you can go to vote that C. eight that G. O. V sign up to be a poll worker We’ll provide the training will provide all the PPP. And would provide compensation coworkers do get paid. For their service so for folks who can use a little- extra money right now it’s not a bad way to do it so A lot of information. About that CA dot GOP. Broke quickly as- but yet can you it I’ll share it they have be read Voters reports. As for. Or you live citizen to participate as for first. So yet you do not have to be a registered voter to participate as a poll worker- and- even young people can sign up we have a robust student poll worker program. So sixteen and seventeen- secret register to vote if you’re a citizen. Sixteen and seventeen year olds with the permission of your parents and your school. You can. Be a coworker and get paid for that service so. A lot of opportunities to get involved. This is a really just held thank you so much I know that that we have to respect your time because you have to look it up. Really quickly you know we’re focusing on the census how important it is in order for us to get funding. For resources for teachers for services Anthony just express how important yes and Dodd and I also believe that you are. On the chair right now de California complete count committee correct and sell so we came to the right person die in hearing from you directly so important because as a- new member Longer review just express there’s so much misinformation on TV about the security and- fraud and all that kind of stuff and I think it’s important that we clarify with you and- and thank you so much for giving us your time- so census is important. But getting out. Also equally important guest is one of the most important lessons I think we’re ever gonna happen so please please come out to vote if you haven’t registered for had registered. I still remember is anything you want to stay no I just want to thank- you secretary could be up for this important information I’ll- zoom in that Facebook live- it’s important That that yeah we get out- and educate folks on how important it is by you know I just also wanted to stay- the- senator Mentioned that in the city of Baldwin park there’s about eighty thousand voters. And only about six to eight thousand come out to vote. If you think about that that very small population are making decisions for the whole entire city so if you think about it that way. I think it encourages more people to vote because we all complain about the laws in the policy they’re being passed but if you’re not participating then you’re left leading a really small population. Make the decisions for you so I think it’s really important That we come out and vote and again be counted please be counted we cannot get the resources that we need if you’re not counted- but again the importance of voting. You don’t want. Really small population making the big decisions for you and so we have to be active participants in our democracy so thank you secretary for coming. On with us today really appreciate your work. And actually easier. I much as I want to be in front of folks. As soon as- he gets a the ability to be wait you when you go hop on and do other things while. We you know. And being. In park with us and that Forty eight assembly district

on the twenty second Senate district. And still continue doing what we need to do is I want to thank you again for Participation I want to thank the senator. Or organizing and putting this together and allowing me to participate thank you. Senate if I can just Before we were up the thank you both I just for the opportunity but- you know for your friendship for your partnership in in this and everything else that we work together on. And for your service and I remember my days in the legislature my days on the city council. You know they are public servants is not always easy. It’s not allied to five job- but she took both do so willingly and so well and I want your constituents to hear it. You know from me. That said we have great representatives in in the book could use thank you. Thank you an insult thank you so much and I’ll say I will say I know that there’s so many out. There that perhaps have questions that we can answer this or maps by our website all three of us are there for to answer any questions you may have. Please reach out to the secretary of state assemblymember Blanca Rubio are myself. And died. You know asks questions and we’ll be happy to get back to you any information you may need. So again once again thank you all for joining us secretary but denied. An honor to have you here I know that you’re- the expert in the topic and I’m the voice of reason and authority here of course and de we welcome. Back anytime. Thank you everyone and have. A great day