Are we here yet? Is this where my aunt lives? – Yes, my child This place looks horrible – How did you know so fast? Sorry, I hate the light Ivan! Come here! Are you my aunt? Petia, is she my aunt? Yes – Yes, child This place is no better than the one we live in I thought you said it would be better for me That won`t matter to you soon, now silence yourself Why are you smoking from my cigarettes? What is it? She`s fat. She`s no good Take a look for yourself Come here She has beautiful skin. Nice hair Her teeth are alright too She`s bigger than we were told She is fifty kilos – Fifty! She has gotten her period That`s why her body`s changed a bit Do you know how much time I`ll need to make her ready for work? Do know how much money I`ll lose? – But she`s pretty, isn`t she? She`ll do She stays. Come, girl We agreed that you`d stay, Sveti – I don`t want to Don`t do this, please Go to your aunt Here, that`s for you It`s all the money, right? – Yes, it`s all in there We`re finished, right? – We`ll see Take your stuff. All`s settled – She`s not my aunt Please, take your things I`ll come back Let go of her! Let her go! – Get off me! I`ll come back for you It`s not what you think Let her go! – No, Petia, don`t go! Let her go! Petia, why are you doing this to me? Petia! No! Leave me alone! – Move!

Let me go! – Go into your room! Get in your room, right away! Get in, you little whore! You can cry and scream how much you like. No one will hear you here Petia! This one has spirit It will be fun breaking her She`ll have to lose weight and be disciplined Oh, that will begin tonight You take such pleasure in these new girls Their innocence is like a drug Then I`m sure you`ll get your dose I`m afraid to go to sleep in this place I don`t think I can anyway This place… Those people They`re so scary I don`t know what will happen to me here, but it won`t be good I will never trust a grown-up again Mom said the orphanage would take care of me, they said Petia and Dimitar would keep me safe Grown-ups don`t know anything You`ve stopped crying I see Do you know why you`re here? Oh, oh, rude girl Don`t worry, we`ll fix that Believe me, you all fight when you get here, every one of you You cry, you scream and scratch until one beautiful day you forget what and who you are All you will know from now on is work, and you will

If you want to live, you will work – I won`t do anything for you! Let me go! No! That`s right, fight. It`s better That`s right – Leave me alone! I will show you now A lot of money No! I have so much to tell you Yesterday he told me he loved me Of course I`m serious. Wait No, I`m talking to my sister Yeah Take this Take it! – Leave me alone Swallow it. I said swallow it! The more you fight, the harder your life will be here This will be your only meal for the day Why did Petia do this to me? She told me Dimitar was mad at me because I didn`t steal and beg like the other kids in the house But they were afraid of him, I wasn`t Petia and Dimitar were supposed to take care of me I thought there was nothing worse than the beatings Dimitar gave me, but now I know I was wrong If they didn`t want me anymore they could`ve sent me back to the orphanage Maybe… they never cared about me, maybe they took me just to do this to me They`re always giving me pills but I`m trying not to take them I hate pills The doctors gave my mom pills but her cancer never got better She even got more sick They made her go crazy Maybe they want me to go crazy too and not be myself anymore But after what that fat pig, that monster, did to me, I will never be the same I heard stories in the orphanage about girls, who were taken by people like this, and the bad things that happened to them I`m scared I want somebody to help me but nobody knows I`m here I`m alone Get up! – What are you doing? You`re wasting my time, you pig! – What are you doing? Come on! Go to the bathroom! Get on! Where`s the scale? Get on! Look how much you weigh! Look! That`s impossible I can`t get any money out of you! You`re no good! Come here, you dirty pig I`ll show you You`ve been on bread and water for two weeks

and you`ve lost only one kilo You must have eaten something else Where`s the food? Where`s the food? I`ll show you You think I`m stupid or something? You nasty pig! Is that it? What`s this? Is this chips? Biscuits! What`s this? Sandwiches! Come here, you damn bitch! – No! I won`t! – Come here! Now you start working You start working You little whore I`ll show you You will work! Stay still! I`ll show you a thing or two I`ll show you You deserve it! – I`ll kill you! God! I`ll kill you! Dirty bitch You`re going to play games with me, huh? Where do you think you are? You little slut! I`ll show you who the boss is Nobody can lie to me I`ll show you who the boss is – No! I`ll show you, bitch Stay still! – No! Shut up! I don`t want to hear a sound Get up! Get up! Move! Come with me I`ll show you, slut. Come here I`ll show you who`s in charge Sit down! Sit down, right now! Little whore I`ll show you who`s in charge I`ll show you Just wait and you`ll see who`s in charge Now You`ll do what I say from now on Tomorrow you start working You won`t say anything about who you are and where you`ve come from You`ll say your name is Valeria, and you won`t ask anyone questions You will earn 400 euro every day If you don`t, you`ll have to deal with Ivan Believe me, kid, he`s much worse than me Maybe you think I`m a witch, but trust me, I can be your friend I can make your life easier You will stay with me Ivan runs many houses like this one If you treat me with respect, Ivan won`t have to punish you When your time is up, he will let you go, but you`ll have nothing No family, no one who would take care of you, or be interested in you If you like, you could stay here and continue working for Ivan He`ll share the profit with you In three years time you will have full control over your life Here you can become a real woman But it`s up to you This is who you are now

Drink this, it will settle your stomach What do you think you`re doing? This is the third morning you`ve been like this I`m losing money because of you – I need a doctor A doctor? No way! Forget it! This will be your last free morning Believe me, I`ll drug you up to get you better if I have to But tomorrow you will work! Look at me What`s wrong with me? – When was your last period? I don`t know How many times have you had it since you`ve been here? Five – And you haven`t had since? I don`t know She`s pregnant – What did you say? She`s pregnant I`m not sure but it`s more than likely Great! Haven`t you been giving her birth control? I have, maybe she has been spitting them out Maybe there is a mistake I don`t have time for this She`s only been here for 8 months Maybe I am wrong I`ll give her a pregnancy test Maybe, maybe, maybe! Maybe you should think about what will happen to you! Give her a test, and if she`s pregnant, get rid of the baby Get rid of this baby! If you don`t, I will make up for every lost dollar using that baby in a way even your cold heart can`t handle Don`t even think about drinking my liquor What does this mean? What will happen to it? I think you should be more concerned about what will happen to you I can`t believe there`s something inside me Well, there is And it makes it all different for you now Violeta, you won`t keep me here anymore, right?

Ivan won`t let you go, he hasn`t made up for the money he`d spent on you to get you here I`m not going to have my baby here Do you hear me? What makes you think you`ll have the baby? What? Are you saying you`re going to kill my baby? Are you? Or maybe you want me to do it? To kill my own child? Is that what you`re trying to say? No way. Do you hear me, Violeta? I will not kill my baby! My baby Look at me I said look at me! Look at me! Bitch! Where are you going? – Get off me! Where are you going! – Get off me! Please! – Stop it! This is ridiculous! You can`t have this child You are a child yourself You can`t raise a child and you don`t know how This baby is the only thing that I`ll have and be able to love You can`t tell me what to do with my baby! You`re right. I can`t tell you what to do with your child But Ivan This happened before to another girl here No one could tell she was pregnant until the 4th month But then, it was too late I couldn`t stop her pregnancy Ivan went crazy I told him it`d be better to let her go He wouldn`t listen One night I unlocked the door so she can escape I told her this was the only thing I could do for her I don`t know how but Ivan found out what I had done Ivan, no! That`s how I got this scar on my face Please, leave me alone! Tell me what happened to her Tell me When I came too, there was blood everywhere Ivan stood over her and her baby was no more My God I was taking care of her until she recovered But one night she tried to kill him She never saw the next morning He is a monster but I`m going to escape Yeah, I`ll get out of here, and you can leave too What am I going to do then? What do you think I am? I`m a memory of the woman I used to be My life is here, with Ivan or I might as well be dead Either way, he`ll find both of us, and he`ll kill us I`m not afraid of him. That`s it I`m not afraid Please, forget about this unborn child Serve your time here and leave You will have other chances Go to sleep You have to work tomorrow See you next week

Come on Come on Help! Help me! What do you think you`re doing? I see, you want to scream Go ahead Even if you try who`s going to hear you? And if someone does, do you think anyone cares about you? I said move away from the window! You can`t tell me what to do with my life anymore You can`t No! No! Why? Why didn`t you listen to me?

I will never forget this prison I have been dead for so long Now i’m free I’m not scared I’m not afraid to die, I’m afraid to live I won’t let you do to my baby what you did to me I have something alive inside of me, and I won’t let you take this feeling away Not you, Ivan and not you, Violeta