Owls in Flight: Life Abroad in Lockdown, ep. 2

hello good morning good afternoon good evening this is our first small group meeting of our owls in flight virtual conversation series where we discuss matters relating to the C0VID19 pandemic I am Jana Brady I’m a geography lecturer at Southern Connecticut State University I will act as moderator for this series I’m very interested in hearing your perspectives on the pandemic and how this massive world event has shaped your lives over the past few months I think I’d like to start by getting a feel for what the pandemic response looked like in in other countries Maria can you go first and tell us how Armenia has dealt with COVID19 yes so everything here probably started like in the mid of March honestly like initially no one believed that it could reach Armenia I don’t know why it was like people who are just living their lives you know like we can’t imagine our days with out daily hugging and kissing and stuff and then actually everything started when a woman came if I’m not mistaken from Italy and she went to this like a major event and after that everything started like she was infected and then all the other participants of that wedding got infected and then the rest of the country after that case when we discovered that we went to a complete lockdown like we couldn’t go outside and if there was a need we should write a special like papers with our names last names and what is the reason that we are going out and the reasons were – it’s either grocery store or hospitals and this lasted I guess for two or more months we just finished the lockdown now we can go out of course we mmm some measure some restrictions that we should wear masks and I don’t know keep the social distancing there are still some places that are not working like cinemas I don’t know theaters but mostly we are back to our lives and despite the fact that like the number is – mmm a lot like we have 400 people per day getting infected and the whole population is like around 2 million that’s why it’s kind of a lot for us but III think that mmm we will get through this soon um I have a question sure how did your on the government like did the government give out any type of fun like money for people who able to go to work oh okay this is a great question actually the first help was to students because they couldn’t pay their tuitions and like here most of their tuition was like getting from their parents so if parents cannot work they cannot pay their tuition and all the state universities were being paid by the government especially to those students who have high GPAs but like overall like old people were getting help but like yes the problem like they couldn’t support everyone of course but students were safe can you remind us what university you’re at I’m sorry I forgot to tell you guys to tell us your name today I’m from American University of Armenia this is like both American and we are also supported by the Armenian government you have other questions yes so I’m very curious about the papers that

you had to like write what you wanted to do so where would you send them and how long would it take to get a response back yeah okay so when this just this idea just came we were just writing like we could write papers like these and go out there are just criterias that we should include and that’s it you can just take a paper and go out then there was another thing that you can print the paper this is like an advanced thing and after that I guess in a week we had the electronic version so you can just electronically write everything type and then go out and just show your phone if the police stopped you oh okay so it’s you didn’t need like approval it was kind of like you know in the United States who you have a Hall Pass or something kind of like that no I mean no you just write and go but I mean If police stop you and see that it’s not the right place that you’re going or something like that they’re like go home quickly that make sense thank you did your country provide like what is it called like you know how do you not like not really survival packs but like you know like for people who can’t go to the grocery store and stuff like that cuz we had of course we had like delivery that was free and also we had like volunteers just volunteers who were helping the government and other people to help those who cannot physically go out so probably this is it actually the online system was another problem because like a lot of universities were not physically ready to this transition from face-to-face to online classes that’s why like I education was also suffered a little bit at this point but I guess we’re planning to have another online semester for the fall that’s it I mean we are we are getting back as much as we can Tamara can you tell us what’s going on at southern or in the United States definitely so we actually went on lockdown around March like again I guess around like a around Spring Break it wasn’t like right then it was around Spring Break and what happened is we just received an email and you were just told hey you know this is spreading so we guys it’s a you know probably go home and but we were put on it was like a sort of kind of like it started as like okay it’s you you know stay home social distance and then after that it became we can’t like began come becoming more I guess firm as in like everything started shutting down like everything was on lockdown like it was no only essential workers could go outside if you were a non-essential worker you were advised to stay home the hospitals were very overwhelmed they were I don’t think that our hospitals were prepared for the magnitude of this pandemic especially in like the hot spots around the country so we saw a lot of we didn’t have enough like PPE to like protect ourselves so it was it was pretty pretty bad that way and I’m trying like recap it’s been so long I’ve lost track of time like it’s just I can also add in whatever please okay so basically from my end of things well first of all I think we were more prepared than other countries because we saw this coming and so in New York City they had the nurse ship coming from the military and they actually didn’t really need it they did have a few patients but it it was more intended to separate people in the hospitals who were there for different

reasons from COVID patients and so it did help in that regard with spread to people who might have been immunocompromised and then my sister’s girlfriend is an essential worker she’s an EMT so she was definitely coming into contact with quite a few patients we actually had her isolate at my apartment so I moved back with my family which I was actually very excited to do and you know she definitely saw quite a few cases in the hospitals you know I think there is still a pretty steady stream but I do believe we did a pretty good job of kind of flattening the curve and we didn’t need anything official to go outside like I was going on hikes and runs and like anything in nature I could do you know we were also able to go to the grocery store but in my town there were two grocery stores that were doing there were a few that we’re doing delivery but there were also some that did curbside pickup and that like I don’t think anyone in my family even went to a grocery store for maybe like three months and even still we hardly go you definitely have to wear masks still it is interesting because I think a few people take that a bit more as a suggestion which is not awesome but you know in stores they’ll have arrows on the floor with tape that point the direction you’re supposed to go and that can be very confusing so I try to stick to it as best as possible but you’ll see me like go down an aisle and like turn around and try to go a different way and I they also you know have a lot of hand sanitizer available and I remember in that first week so that was two days before our Spring Break I definitely thought that we were gonna stay in until spring break so those like two days and then I think in that time basically my family was trying to do everything we could to prepare for things shutting down and maybe not being able to go into the grocery store or something like that so basically like I got my hair cut that like Friday before we went into lockdown I haven’t gotten my hair cut since though I like I don’t know if I like fully agree that like we did a good job like I feel like that we could have done better like I could have done better in the sense of like providing the essential workers with the necessary you know protective gear and stuff like that and even with like our government gave us like one stimulus package like it was basically like everyone I guess who paid their taxes got like a $1,200 depending on your I guess it fluctuated the amount fluctuated depending on your how much you got paid and stuff so on and so forth so it was like a one-time thing and then that honestly finished with in it like I don’t know and we got that from like what March April it it everyone got it at a different time so like I think my parents only just got theirs a few weeks ago and then some people got them a lot earlier and then same with unemployment as well a lot of people were going on unemployment and like my boyfriend had applied in March and had to reapply like last Friday because they just never like contacted him put anything through like you know it’s it’s definitely a tricky system sorry I have a question yeah well I’ve seen like in the TV here that for example in United States it’s like region well I don’t know exactly the name it’s government like have different measures on different things I mean not the whole country like did the same thing what do you think about this do you think it would be better if all the country I mean did the same measures or like the way it was done or I don’t know if I explain myself yeah so you’re talking about like if America like everybody like all the

different states in America had done the same thing yes okay do you think it would have been better or I don’t know in my opinion I feel like it would have been better if we all were on one page because like there were some states that implemented a stay-at-home order but then there were some states that didn’t so you would have people who would travel from let’s say New York and then travel to another state to like go get a drink or something to go out to like you know do something so in that case in my opinion like okay that’s basically just spreading it across state lines you know what I mean like if you had a stay at home order set for every in every state but president Trump was saying that the issue with that is there are some states that are like I guess some people in certain states that they aren’t exposed to it you know like if they’re in a rural area they’re not in contact with any of anybody outside of their place so why put them on a stay at home order but which I understand his view but I do feel like it’s like I sort of kind of like I heard immunity if you protect everybody else like you also be protecting that small community you know what I mean and I feel like Connecticut New York and I think New Jersey we did it was three states that like we all work together so we did the same social distancing measures was like put across whole country but we did those same stay at home orders at home order that was given to all those those three states because they’re so close to each other and it was fair that people would be traveling from one place to another to go to a bar or something so all the bars were closed every like movie theaters everything was just closed but yes I do say if things were if everyone was on the same page I do feel like you know we could have gotten this under control a little bit faster yeah I believe the same as you because for example in Europe they haven’t like worked together like the European Union and said okay it’s country I can do like what the country feels it’s better okay yeah that’s great but for example we are really close together and I mean most countries in Europe well like lock down like with restrictive measures but maybe now like when we are starting the summer it is really complicated like in terms of travel tourists and the European Union doesn’t have like common measures like to say okay we can open a boundary stay all the countries no they are saying maybe there are some countries who open it a day and others not and I think it’s very complicated and I don’t know because we have never been or seen something like this before yeah it’s so difficult to assess the issue in the best way possible because it has never been seen before like corona corona virus is so different than every other virus I guess that we’ve seen so it’s like there’s times where you might that we hear okay if you get it once you know you’re immune to it but then it’s like there’s so many different strains now you know what I mean like it has changed so many times because we’re just learning that basically the strength the strain that came to New York which basically they wreak havoc was from Italy was a strain that came over from Italy and the strain that came from from Wuhan to Italy is it totally changed itself so it’s like this thing has like it has the capability to change so quickly how can we get it under control it’s it’s very difficult it’s very difficult and like for me for example I I was trying to protect myself so like listen I took every measures I made sure I wore a mask everything but one day I was a couple days I and I had to go to the hospital to get a physical done and I forgot my mask I forgot my hand sanitizer for that everything and in that same vicinity that I was in they were testing COVID

patients so I’m in that environment and I kid you not within a week or so my my like I had a fever that was beyond like it was beyond me I never had a fever like that before and I felt like I wanted to die it was literally like I was so scared I started thinking like okay am I gonna die like is this what death feels like and like I’m I’m Jamaican so we believe a lot in like herbal medicine so I was drinking a lot of like garlic tea and ginger tea and all these different types of teas and I can say that I had probably had symptoms for about a good two weeks and then after that I just totally completely lost my sense of smell and taste it just disappeared like I couldn’t taste food I couldn’t smell anything I was literally making something one time and it was burning I was in the living room when it was burning and I’m just like sitting there not knowing that is burning and my family just like you’re burning something like no I’m not nothing is burning and they’re like you don’t smell that I’m like smell what like I can’t smell anything but it’s I can say that it’s the worst thing it is the worst thing like I was the only thing I didn’t get thank God was the pneumonia because I wasn’t doing much I was quarantined to my room and my family would just come and bring food and leave it at the door and knock and like I’ll go and get the food it was like a prison literally it was like living in a prison like to me this pandemic came and shifted my whole life because it happened around my birthday like everything wait the whole wave coming to America happened around my birthday I had a whole plan to go to Puerto Rico and literally the day before leaving to go to Puerto Rico Puerto Rico shut down they basically locked off all travel to the country they said nobody from outside can come inside and if you come in in the country you cannot leave like it’s you won’t be able to do anything because they locked everything down it was yeah I I just hate this I honestly hate this but hey if there aren’t any more questions maybe we can see I know Baaquir maybe you can tell us about the lockdown in South Africa I think I recall so I’ve ever had some of the most extreme lockdown measure hi yes I think that the president acted swiftly at the beginning we he we went into complete lockdown the initial plan was 21 days and as predicted that didn’t solve the problem obviously and then eventually after 21 days he extended lockdown by the way it was for the entire country and then you know that you reach a point where you have to decide or you have to balance certain interests and I think the the most challenging one was for us was the fact that you know the economic interests were safety and all of that so then eventually there was a plan set out said we could lock down could be I don’t know how should I say this now basically we were locked down we were we had levels now of lockdown so level 5 was the strictest then we moved on to level 4 and level 3 allowing certain people to go back to work and certain stores to open for example in level 5 um which was which started at the end of March they I think it was only obviously essential services and we can only purchase groceries but I remember I had I had this problem with with the what what essential items actually are because we had to do our examinations okay I’m sorry I now meeting the academic topic now but just slightly uh basically I needed to purchase a laptop and laptops weren’t essential items at the time and obviously I needed it to work so then it was that I remember sending

an email complaining about it but to no avail but yeah we’re on level three now group meetings are still prohibited but I think almost everyone is allowed to go back to work but with strict measures in place obviously we open little exercise I think in level four you can only exercise I think there was a I don’t remember sorry I don’t really by the way I don’t read a lot of the news because propaganda yeah so I don’t easily believe a lot of the things that I read I prefer to do my own research or experiments let’s put it like that but of course there are certain things that you can’t avoid so level three yes so now we can exercise and we can purchase clothes winter clothing but yeah that’s but a lot of things are still limited but yeah it’s I think it’s mainly because they were the fact that they are it’s not that our cases have decreased that we are moving to more lenient levels in terms of lock down it’s more that that like I said about the balancing of interests I remember reading some people saying that we are going to die of hunger before we die of the coronavirus those are obviously topics for debate which I won’t go into now but yeah yeah I want to give my opinion on it but that there’s all the factors I don’t know if you guys have any questions oh I’m from the University of the Western Cape by the way I apologize yeah um I actually I thought it was funny that you mentioned that you don’t read a whole lot because like you know before we started this I Googled like what are the COVID measures for Connecticut this because I you know I hear a lot from my family and you know they’re reading up on stuff but I think from the beginning of all of this I kind of had that the best thing to do for myself was you know focus more on what was going on in my own life rather than reading a bunch of the news so you’re not alone and not quite knowing I was worried that all of you would know the exact details and I was just wondering so you said you couldn’t purchase a laptop like were you guys not able to do online orders of unessential items no we were allowed to do online orders and that was the that was the weird part because we’re allowed to do online things but we couldn’t purchase the laptops during the lockdown but I know that when the when when it was announced that we were going to be able to put into lockdown then we were given two days to two days before it actually took place so then I would assume that those two days were to purchase such things but it didn’t make sense I also because what if for example your laptop had broken during the lockdown and you still need to purchase one so yeah those are the things but okay I think we can purchase now ones now but it’s just that because I remember looking on take a lot just to see if I could purchase one and then I couldn’t so I don’t know that which is weird but okay I’m not a part actually I have a question so what is the situation now how are you doing what what are you doing now is there are you done with coronavirus or it still going on oh no it’s definitely going on I think our cases are still increasing on a daily I’m not exactly sure the statistics are but but we do have a lot it’s quite a bit actually and it’s it doesn’t like I said I haven’t been reading I don’t read a lot of the news but I’ll occasionally check and it looks like it’s still increasing the cases and our deaths I think a guy I don’t want to I’m not gonna speak about the statistics because that I want to get my numbers wrong but no it’s still bad definitely going to jump in and help you lock down measure five level five

if I don’t know if you recall but you weren’t allowed to restaurants were completely closed all shops were completely closed except for grocery stores and non-essential items in the grocery stores were blocked off you were not allowed to purchase two big items cigarettes and alcohol were banned that was a big deal there you weren’t allowed to leave your homes for any exercise for any purpose whatsoever you weren’t allowed to leave so they they really took level five point seriously and and now they’re phasing that out a little bit but you guys had to had to go through some some really difficult times there but I think maybe somebody else has a question yeah I have a question so you just stated that the non-essential items within the grocery store were like but was it barred off or like you couldn’t purchase those yeah wait so like if you’re in the I don’t get that because like if you’re in already in the grocery store and the item is there like why can’t you purchase it do you know what was the reasoning behind that yeah that’s what I think the whole idea of it was to I think they they wanted to if for example in an ideal world I think they would have closed if they even was possible I think they would have closed all stores but obviously people need essential items so but the more items you have the more customers you’re gonna have which means they are going to be more people want to shop I know in my area or district whatever you want to say I at the grocery store they were queues which extend which which went all outside of the mall and it extended it will it was long lines stand that we had to stand in so you can only imagine that if you had non-essential items in the store as well in the lines would be longer because some people would come unnecessary things whereas other they would make the keys longer for those who actually wanted the essential items you understand yeah Neus can you share from Spain yes I can um well in Spain the Corona virus was like ineffective – lots of population so we really had a lot of restrictive measures and for example we just could go to the shops to get essential items and then in same as in South Africa and we had long queues and for example in my town not in the cities but in the small towns you couldn’t get inside the shop for example and they put like a crystal thing and just as you just said ok I want these this and this and they made like they shopping for you and they give it to you and you went home and then we also had the papers like in Armenia and you couldn’t write them but you asked like for the people in the factories or like where you want to work and they give it to you and you show it to the police if they stop you and then if we talk about like now that we are getting again into like normal life and we have like four levels from one to four and four it’s like normality and one it’s like confinement and then it’s like they are opening prayer surrounds they are opening things and people can’t go out at the moment in my tongue we are in number two and we are allowed to have meetings until like ten people and then you can go and do a sport go to a restaurant and things like that yeah so if you have any questions did your government like give out any like money to the like to their residents or

something no not yet but they have like a like in the government and they have like it’s like I don’t know how to say like it’s like in a bowl that it is okay millions of euros to go to families whom who need the money or maybe two factories or to buy essential items and like when the lockdown will be like Oh like open again the government will give the money to the people who is like in bad conditions but it’s strange because there is a lot there are a lot of people who is like in bad conditions so I don’t know if we’ll be like enough money to all the people who needs the money I don’t know yeah and one last question from me at least is for you so if you were in a governmental position like what would you have done differently for your country pertaining to me well I think that the government has done like good things but also bad things maybe when the they spread like the virus got in China like at the beginning we were like oh no the virus won’t come to Spain or Europe or is there it one came out so at that moment the government should have thought oh maybe the virus can come maybe we can buy masks and things because dividers came and we didn’t have anything and we got like really in a lot of infected people because they didn’t prevent like what this could have done well I don’t know I was actually wondering how available were masks or other protective equipment cuz like I know my family we were like sewing masks so what was that like for you guys okay yeah the beginning we didn’t really have masks because you went to the chemist and you say oh can I get a mask and you’re like no no I don’t have masks so and the the doctors and all of that stuff they were like covering with the same mask like the same day and I don’t know they should have bought more masks but it was complicated because all was closed and I don’t know they should have like thought about masks and all of that but now we have loads so but may I ask a question so what were the measure is done to those who like didn’t obey the law where there yeah they had penalties like the police was okay while you are not here and like folds of money and things like that but I think that there was some of the population who has been really conscious okay we are we have a virus we should stay at home but there was another part who was like yeah but this one gets me you know things like that but I don’t know Jonathan hello hi can you can you share your University and what the lockdown measures look like in a Chile okay sorry my English is not good so I speaking for the best for you okay my name is Jonathan I live in Chile my University’s Santiago of Chile University so I study altitude so a situation Chile is I don’t know it’s normal but live obviously the most store important is close so only open do the necessary store for do for the people boy boy the food so I don’t know it’s

weird but the people staying in the street so they were governing no know how to explain the the necessary risks necessary or aguar for the people so actually actually Chile very a very very effective um well while Jonathan is sorting that out he is a member of an indigenous community and I hope he can come back and talk to us a little bit about that because I know I’m very interested in hearing how the virus and lockdown measures were received by indigenous people in Chile and and how it affected them I know in the United States it’s been devastating for indigenous populations Jonathan can you tell us a little bit about the pandemic response in your your indigenous community yes but I actually I make community dinner is in north of Chile okay I actually I live in Santiago is the capital city then Chile so it’s impossible for me to travel to here but I the last month my grandma dead so they I don’t know it’s complicated for the government no hard to implement to security for the other people and the most important people is they committed indigenous people but in in general is the older people so don’t speak to Spanish the older people only speak to do language so it’s complicated for the the information for to to risk the Corona virus is only in Spanish so it’s complicated for the one you need to explain the for example for my grandparents you need to go to two straight for it’s complicated for your life but the ramp I read understand sir sorry I need to go to my animals so I go to my house but this it’s older people or understand for what is the situation I tell you but never explain for this for them I think that’s probably a big problem in multicultural multi multilingual countries in general you have to you know find a way to reach all the communities thank you for sharing Jonathan amir can you join us and tell us what university you’re from and let us know what the lockdown measures were like in Malaysia hi can you hear me yes okay finally hi my name is Amir and I’m from Malaysia I’m from okay so in Malaysia we have been quarantine since March and we have like five piece of quarantine so for each piece it’s like two weeks of testing so we for the five piece we have the the observation phase the discriminate the the recovery phase and then the sanitization phase so we have all these five phases work differently so just now in the in South Africa the maximum security for the for the phases actually in the fifth phase right but in Malaysia the tight the tightest is in the first phase the first in the second phase because our country we like

the government they shut down all the entries to Malaysia and then shut down all the movement from each states so you’re kind of like for example you’re studying in your study in in Kuala Lumpur and the years you are going to start there until the end of the the end of the quarantine so you can move away even though it’s not your house so in Asia the first study they take essentially to in a to not to discourage movement that’s the first one so by doing that they actually they had like some roadblocks so even if you’re going to do groceries you’re going to pass through roadblocks so every time you pass through roadblocks and they say that you want to go to a grocery but this is like ten kilometers away from your house you’re you’re not just going to be like the police won’t tell you something like oh just go home they’ll be fine you they will give you a compound of thousand ringgit measure those thousand ringgit session is is similar to like two hundred years older so each time like you pass through a roadblock and then you say that you want to go to the grocery but it’s like ten kilometers away from your house and then the police are gonna fine you for for lying or something and then this similar like you’re just like in the states and in south africa actually all the grocery stores are open all the restaurants are only open for take away theirs no dining and then all the stores are open for the essentials and we also provided like because a stimulant package and the stimulus package is divided through there is through the we divided this discipline section into like five categories those are like the v40 80/20 the p40 is like the most under which under which community where they didn’t have they didn’t yes every doesn’t exceed 1000 yet so they are like the poorest of the community so for them they have the difference stimulant package they have a certain amount of money and then for the middle tier part they have a system of money and then for the apathy for the extra time of money and we also have to multiplication for the ones like for university students like me I have my own stimulus package and then they also give stimulus package to the people like who is single who is a relationship who’s already married without how many kids so those kind of tests are taken into consideration before they divided the money so yeah yes getting and now right now we are in the sixth phase because like before this we couldn’t move between states but now in just on 10 June we were allowed to move between the states already so right now like if you want to go out to meet your girlfriend or you want to eat dining in a restaurant yes but we still practice social distancing and right now the current cases in Malaysia it’s very low let me see as of today we have confirmed of 8,000 cases if you didn’t know actually Malaysia is very very small so we only have a thousand eight eight thousand confirmed cases and so far we have recovered like seven thousand cases and our death was only 100 cases 118 cases that’s like one point one eight one point one eight percent of the country’s population so we have a very low death rates and yeah the government is actually it’s actually quite funny if you if you know about Malaysia political thing in Malaysia it’s kind of funny because we just had our eight Prime Minister on February and then the quarantine was commenced on March so I mean can you imagine like the hassle that the Prime Minister have to go through just to put the quarantine in place so yeah that’s the thing in Malaysia Amir can you um can you tell us if you if you happen to know what the government did to protect the indigenous people in Malaysia the orang asli okay so for the indigenous people each these people in each village they have like the chief of the village so for the Chief of the village they are they are the one because the indigenous village is quite far from from the city or from the town so they are very isolated so the first step the government it was to eat from the indigenous village the indigenous chief to shut down all the entry to the village because we know that like Jonathan said they are they

are really they had a very hard in understanding the the current situation in Spain in today mister it’s also bill be hard so the first step they did is actually just to inform the chief of village to shut down all the entries and exits of the village and then they provided some kind of it’s not it’s not the same as the stimulus package the stimulus package is like monetary monetary helps but for the initial phase we provided in some kind of for example your essentials like you want buy like some sugar some egg and stuff because they couldn’t go out to the city and then then prohibit people to come in also so there’s no there’s no movement for them to buy they’re essential to the city so we just provide them of the essentials that they need in each village so yeah um so in terms of the very like the blockades where the police would find you for you know any kind of movement to go get what you needed uh did you have delivery from restaurants where they would face similar things if they were trying to just deliver to you uh yeah and at first it was okay to just let them go through possibly but then some of the deliveries they took advantage of it because the police didn’t check them and then there’s this one time like after one month the police check one of the motorcycle and then they discover it like some drugs in it so they were using for drugs so it was because all the economies are like you can see are put on hold and so does the illegal liquor business so they use the they use the delivery but they are not the official delivery they just imitating themselves to be delivery and then they just pass through them then there’s this after after that single incident every every motorcycle rider or every driver they had to pass through the the checkout point first before they deliver their stuff so yeah I can I ask a question actually to the states because I want to ask the questions well you guys were so enthusiastic in telling stories okay can you like what’s the current issues about the COVID cases in the states like is it still rising or put on hold so actually after Memorial Day weekend which is you know generally whenever first enjoying summer I think there was an increase I saw about 21,000 cases since Memorial Day weekend in May and I know that you know like it hasn’t really been two weeks since all the protesting has started either and you know first things first like I totally support the protesting I’m personally not allowed to go because I live with my parents and my mom would kill me you know just in terms of like not wanting me to get infected so what we still have to see the fallout from that but prior to this you know we’re in the face of opening more we can go to restaurants but we only sit outside prior to that it was a pretty steady number of cases I think it might have been decreasing a little bit but my friend’s dad who works in the ER as a doctor he said that you know it was it was pretty steady there weren’t there was an increase in but there also wasn’t necessarily a decrease I saw there I saw there protesting is I was quite worried because they depended me stay on going so yeah like it is like what Danielle said basically that you know there has been a huge it has been an increase that we’ve seen since the Memorial weekend because a lot of people went to like pool parties and weren’t

following social distancing yeah yeah yeah not wearing masks and it turns out that an individual was actually infected and went to like set three about three different events yeah yeah yeah they were advising people who were who went to those events to go and get tested and like what Danielle said like we don’t know what is to come from the protesting pertaining to the coronavirus and we will just have to wait to see in the upcoming weeks honestly and I was reading something I believe it was the believe it was in New York Times I’m not sure don’t quote me on this but it was basically saying that the u.s. the u.s is projected coronavirus is supposed to go like skyrocket within the coming months and I feel like we’re gonna go right back into lockdown honestly well now we’ve heard about lockdown situations in all of our countries I think we have maybe one time for about one question so we’ve heard a lot about restrictions from our government for our businesses for ourselves for communities and and I think COVID19 can have a really has had a really negative impact on on our psyche almost what acts of kindness have you guys heard about during the corona virus can I start first please yes it can be by anyone right absolutely yeah yeah right so like um back in my new station I was quite even involving myself with their homeless people and I also live in KL so it’s very near to my house and like I could just say import my thoughts just love homeless people so the difference in the first phase for the two weeks every actually before the quarantine everyday you have you see that people going out in the middle of the night to get food then you have the soup kitchen providing food for the homeless and in the morning and stuff so there you can see that there they had something to eat every day but when the quarantine cases have happen all the NGOs all the volunteering stuff they couldn’t go out the police won’t let them and and there’s this one case where a volunteer he rushed through the checkpoint and then go through the video in the middle of laquelle just to provide food from the homeless but then he got caught for it because he wasn’t obeying the law and after that case it took into consideration and then they change it they say something like okay right now we assemble all the homeless people in one case it’s a one lock down case and then we test them for COVID and then we provide them food for the whole quarantine you see now all the homeless people in in the city all have places for shelter and food for free and after one of the Dead all those employees came to the shelter to provide them job so it’s like a one dude thing you can say that although all the homeless people fit change with a single event so right now most of them they have jobs and then they still live in the shelters and then the government are still going to provide the shelter until COVID ends because they they wouldn’t want them to wander around on the streets and then to have coffee and then to walk around to spread the COVID they don’t want that so yeah I think that’s the really cool part part about this quarantine thing because people all the attentions they were concentrated on on the homeless people like one of the events so yeah that’s really wonderful good job Malaysia does anybody else want to share well I heard a story about a teacher who had a student who whose parents were pregnant they were going to have a baby and the mother had COVID and the father had COVID and the baby was born and the baby needed some where to go that was COVID free and the teacher took the child in and has looked after the child for maybe a month or so while her parents are recovering from COVID I thought that was very heartwarming you know everybody in this time we’re all there’s especially teachers teachers have so much going on they’ve

turned their homes into classrooms they have their own children they’re trying to teach and on top of it they you know extended their open their home to a child who is in need if just temporarily so I thought that was a really wonderful wonderful thing to hear if anybody else has anything to share yeah I would like to add something from Armenia so one thing that I would like to mention was that like creating funny stories because all the jokes all day I don’t know trying to ease in this situation with happy things it really helped a lot both in social media and in like some lives and also I would like to say that our main celebrities they really did a really good job with like psychological support because they were all doing like free concerts I don’t know some interactions with people online lives and like everything to support citizens to support people with some warmth so that was really nice that sounds wonderful anyone else um so I had mentioned before that my sister’s girlfriend is an EMT and when COVID began they separated all of the firehouse calls from all of the medical calls so they put them in two separate houses and actually the EMTs and paramedics got a house that was very rundown it basically wasn’t used at all sometimes it would be used for volunteer calls and after each call where they had contact with the patient they needed to wash all of their gear and they had a few extra sets but if you’re doing a shift that’s back-to-back you know you have to do things quickly so they didn’t have a washer and dryer there and basically they would just be changing out clothes as quickly as possible and sometimes even wearing their street clothes so we reached out to Lowe’s one of the stores here and they donated a new washer and dryer completely free to the house and it was you know that’s expensive so it’s made a huge difference in their ability to stop the spread of infection that’s great Thank You Baaquir did you want to share a South African act of kindness yeah but it’s just something well small or depending on how you look at it basically our university has made a plan for this to distribute laptops to thousands of students as well as it given data to certain student the to thousands of students who don’t have access to internet so that they can do their work and I think although the event will eventually be billed for the for the the laptops of what we can pay I think it will be added to our student account which means we will be able to pay it when we start working so that I think that was nice because I me personally I think in my in my first year on university I did I didn’t I had a laptop but from second year onwards I didn’t have one I couldn’t afford one so yeah it does help us out a lot so I think yeah that’s just what I want to say just to add on to that I believe the University of the Western Cape actually I headed out over 5,000 laptops to their students and I think that was just the initial group that was able to connect online and and let the university know that they needed that support so I think that’s really wonderful okay if anybody else has anything they want to share go for it now otherwise oh Neus go ahead please yeah well they have already said everything but in Spain the the laptops we had also a possibility to get it from the University and then also connection if you didn’t have connection at home the university would provide you with connection and then there were people who you know the University or the schools paid for the meals so they

received the money to the houses just in case they couldn’t like afford food or something and also and like here I’ve heard of stories of like landlords either waiving the rents for their tenants or just completely or some people paying paying the rent for other people yeah same similar yeah seems like since we didn’t have like we couldn’t really go to work it’s like a lot of people we’re not getting any money so people were paying for other people’s rents and their light bills and utilities and stuff I think in this you know dark time or this difficult time it’s really inspiring to hear stories like this you know we can get a little bogged down with this the seriousness of what’s happening in the world now so I think it’s just really great to hear that there’s still good happening out in the world I want to thank you guys so much for joining us today I hope this conversation has helped expand your perspective on the pandemic response in your own home I think Danielle was absolutely right and Baaquir as well many of us she shied away from the news as a means of sort of self-preservation during the lockdown and quarantine period we knew what was going on in our immediate surroundings but we really lost touch with a lot of the rest of the world over the last few months but I think the really amazing thing is we can’t once we start to kind of resume our daily lives and we can reach out to our contacts around the world we’re finding out that they have experienced many of the same things that we have as well so I thank you again for joining us today and I look forward to hearing more about your experiences in our future meetings so with that we’ll see you next time