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– [Kelli] Madeline from Farr West, Utah – She needs a makeover Her hair is way too dark and her eyebrows can be reshaped – I just loved her story and loved your dancing but I think if you’re countin’ on her to take her makeover and change her face, you’re not gonna be able to do it – Glad you said that, Neal, cus I wouldn’t (laughing) She’s a outstanding dancer – [Judy] What about the fan vote, any word on that yet? – As a matter of fact we’re getting close to the end of the fan vote Would y’all like to know who the top three are? – [Man] Absolutely – Jax (man laughs) Madeline – She can dance – [Kelli] And then the third is Colby – [Man] You’re kidding – When we get upstairs, voting will be closed and it will be one of these three – Really!? – We are so excited to announce those of you who are invited into our training camp Everybody in this room has been incredible and our judges were very, very impressed (clapping) (cheering) I know this is an exciting moment, we’re about to announce something that’s going to change some lives, y’all ready? Now before we announce these names, our fans choice this year, over 200,000 fans vote online for one candidate that they wanted to see in training camp – Last time I checked I was in the top 10 I know that lots of radio stations and news channels have mentioned me, so I’m really grateful that I have the support I have at home If Kelli calls my name I will probably pee my pants – And that person is number 24, Colby, from Mount Pleasant, Texas – Our last training camp candidate (tense music) Welcome to training camp Number 29, Madeline (applauding) Ladies, may we present out 2015 training camp Congratulations, and good night Madeline, your kicks are tight, both right and left Taylor’s are tight If a girl comes in and doesn’t have flexibility or strength in her kicks, that can be a deal breaker – Okay, y’all, stop Training camp candidates come to the middle please I’m gonna try to give some of y’all some corrections Madeline, your a little tight – My tight kicks could definitely be detrimental to my place on the team if I have one – Madeline has spent her life in the dance studio, so her struggling with kicks was really surprising for me Your weight goes on your left foot – The routine we’re teaching tonight is pretty tricky – Drop one, two – It has movement on every count A lot of direction change, a lot of weight change – One, two, three, four five – Make sure y’all drag that and point your toe – This stuff is very fast-paced and we’re learning it really fast It’s definitely difficult (upbeat music) I grew up training in my mom’s dance studio and I never left, it was kind of like eat sleep drink dance Studio rat That’s what they call us (laughs) Elizabeth and I are roommates and we’re living with a family friend together – Madeline and I met right after our numbers were called for being announced that we are in training camp – Nice, girlfriend (laughing) I’m just so excited to get to do my own thing and this is the first time that I’ve been old enough to get out on my own and do what I really wanna do – Madeline prances her little feet precise (upbeat music) And then she falls far – Madeline, I think there’s something that you’re over-popping where it almost looks a little spastic – Dance comes easy to you and you’re making mistakes now and you’re letting it show all in your face – I’m not sure what happened tonight The choreography is definitely hard and then you’re just kinda thrown out there and you’re like, can you do it for you us? I know I can push through it ‘Cause I want this so bad (cries) I’m sorry, this is silly But I want this so bad and I am really disappointed in myself – Why are you crying? – ‘Cause I did not do my best tonight but that’s okay, I’m gonna come back tomorrow 110 and– – I thought you did good tonight – Sorry, I’m getting– – What did you expect the first night, though? That you would just get it perfectly? – No, I knew it would be hard, but– – Yeah! This is why I’m here, I’m here to kinda help these girls and uplift them when they feel they’ve had a bad moment It’s just a different style that you have to get in your head You need to know that and remember that – Thank you so much – Stop crying, I don’t like to see you cry on the first night! It’s the first night, we got a long way to go! – It totally breaks my heart to see a girl like this crying emotionally on the first night of training camp

(dance music) – Freeze You come from my team of two sharp, welcome to the team, you can probably be a part of it Try to find moments where you can– I mean, whatever line you have, holding that line until the very last possible second before you make that transition So this would be one of those ‘Cause you’re almost too quick on all this, yeah? Instead of boom boom and really taking your time through that line One two three four five six pivot seven eight, walk one two three four five six seven eight One, two– – My first rehearsal was rough last night A little bit emotional I went home, practiced a little bit more, I feel much better this morning (upbeat music) – Oh that pop’s is still there ♪ Baby baby baby baby baby baby baby, I’m a fireball ♪ – Madeline, lots of mistakes You need to make us enjoy watching you dance – Something just sucked the life outta you on that one – Last night I didn’t do my best and I wanted to come back better and tonight I still didn’t do my best I’m gonna go home and practice my butt off – In any other year, some of y’all that are struggling would have been fine, but unfortunately this year is a really competitive year There’s no room for making the same mistake again (upbeat music) – Now last time I saw you you were in tears Why are you crying? – I did not do my best tonight but that’s okay, I’m gonna come back tomorrow But I’ll tell you, keep your smile Just keep this presence – I really enjoy having Melissa here I really value her opinion – [Melissa] You got it, you got the smile! – Now that she’s got the experience she has with Dancing with the Stars, I think she can give these girls great advice and hope – Done! Nail it tonight, girl, okay? – Thank you (upbeat music) – I like that wow (applauding) (tense music) Madeline, I thought you were kinda rigid But Melissa did well in telling you to smile and stop making all those faces ’cause that helped you – It did help! That’s why we brought you here, huh? – Smile coach! – You did good! Smile coach – Smile coach – Smiles! (laughing) – Okay, everybody is dismissed I need to see Taylor, Madeline, and Emily – Madeline? – Hi! – Hi – How are you? – Good, how are you? – Good! It appears, I mean, we’ve talked about the style You’re over-popping and if we were doing a hiphop competition routine, you’d probably be front and center, but we’re not We do these big huge performances on a huge stage and we hit country, pop, rock, and they’re all different styles and they’re big and happy and smiley Not, you know, that kinda stuff It’s not an easy journey and you’ve found your first challenge – Yes ma’am, and I will go home and work my tail off if you give me the chance – I hope you can continue to kinda smooth those edges a little bit (light acoustic music) I think Melissa gave you good advice on just smiling throughout the whole dance, that kinda softened your delivery – I love the critiques so thank you so much for everything – Okay, you’re welcome – [Madeline] Have a good night – Goodnight, you too – She’s good – Yeah – I almost got the wow feeling again – I saw her wow at prelims and then she’s lost it until that last routine – I do feel like they’re definitely watching me If there’s one thing that they see that is not fixable, I think it could be a cut night ♪ The front seat’s broken and the axle’s draggin’ ♪ – What do you think about Madeline? ♪ You can’t step to this backyard swagger ♪ – I think she’s bottom too ♪ Raised you better ♪ ♪ Gotta keep it together ♪ – I can’t watch Madeline’s expressions ♪ Even when you fall apart ♪ ♪ This ain’t my mama’s broken heart ♪ – Madeline, you’re kinda over-expressing and sometimes your expressions are closed-mouth Hm hm hm hm hm Just a pretty, pleasant, fun smiles Madeline needs a makeover, this is important for her – I don’t know what Kelli wants done with my hair I know she doesn’t want this – Since auditions we said if we change her hair and we change her makeup, she might could make it because she’s a good dancer – Well I’d hate for her to go home just because of her look, ’cause that can be changed – It’s in your hands – Let’s do it – Okay Right now she looks like a little girl in a bad black wig

– When I show you that, does, I mean– Do you know that that’s on your head? Does it look darker when it’s not on your head – It does look darker – Wow! – [Hairstylist] It is too hard, it’s almost goth – Well hell, go ahead and take her blue, we’ll call her cowboy (laughs) – I did not realize how far away from the DCC look I was – If the makeover isn’t successful for Madeline, it could be the stop sign for this training camp – [Hairstylist] There’s your new hair – Holy cow! – Nice! – Love it – A successful makeover like this definitely gives us hope where there was doubt and can buy a girl more time I love the tones with her eyes – [Hairstyle] Yeah – [Kelli] What a difference a hair color makes – I told you – Now that I’ve got the DCC look, I feel like I could bring the DCC style into my dancing a little bit more and I think that will definitely help going into training camp again – Okay, here’s who I need to see in my office tonight Rose (tense music) Madeline And Megan B We’re through for the night and we’ll see everybody Monday – Madeline? – Kelli called me into the office tonight It could be they’re sending me home, they could be concerned about my kicks again, or that I’m not necessarily getting the style yet Whatever happens is gonna happen for a reason – Hey, Madeline – Hey – All right Well, we are making decisions tonight, and we think back at auditions, you were a great soloist You are an articulate dancer with very good control in your body So training camp is designed for us to see how you can grow and develop as a performer And we don’t think that your style is for this team We do want you to know we think you’re a strong performer – Yes ma’am I do want you to know that I am so willing to work, though I– I believe that and I’ve read your recommendations and we’ve seen that We have very limited time and we have to make these decisions and our decision’s final – Yes ma’am – And that’s what we’ve decided is that tonight will be your last night – It has seriously been a whirlwind and I’m so grateful that I even got to be a little part of this incredible organization Thank you – Thank you so much – Goodnight – Have a good night – Thank you We are now, Madeline and Rose, 42 – Unfortunately I am not gonna be a Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader this year I learned so much I’m just grateful for the opportunity that I got to be here at all – Number 29, Madeline (applauding) – I got to be a part of such an incredible thing It was a good ride but unfortunately I’ve gotta drive on home now I just wanted to say thank you for being such incredible role models And there’s a reason why people look up to you and you’re America’s sweethearts, so thank you so much, each and every one of you (talking over each other) – Hi, my name is Madeline and I’m so excited to be back in Texas I don’t even know if I can put that into words how bad I wanna be a Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader (Madeline sighs) I promised myself I wasn’t gonna cry this season – I’m ready for this one It better be all I think it’s gonna be! – Last year at training camp, Kitty didn’t love me – It just depends on how bad you want this gig So either you do it or you don’t – I took all of the criticism she gave me last year and I turned that around and made it into a positive ♪ I feel so close to you right now ♪ ♪ It’s a force field ♪ ♪ I wear my heart up on my sleeve like a big deal ♪ (cheering) (clapping) – I’m just so excited for you this year Yes! Because I beat you up really bad last year, and damn for you that you took it and you’re back again! High five, yes – I’m so relieved I love making eye contact with Charlotte anytime I dance because she just lights up It kinda reminds me while I’m dancing to lift my chest a little bit higher and smile a little bit bigger ♪ The best of me ♪ – Madeline gets my comeback award We talked the talk and now she’s walking the walk I’m proud that she’s back and she is better (applause) – Drop the mic (laughing) – 58, Madeline (laughing) – I think she personifies everything this tryout is about Don’t give up, keep comin’ back, and get better

– I think she’s very pleasant to watch You just wonder where’s the wow – And I think that’s what she was missing today – It’s better – No, not for her – My heart is beating a million miles an hour and my palms are sweaty, super nervous Fingers crossed that Kelli calls my name – Welcome back to training camp, number 58, Madeline, from Farr West, Utah In watching your routines at auditions, this is the best group of soloists I’ve ever seen in the history of the cheerleaders So we don’t have trophies but the biggest thing I could give anybody is one of our Barbies – [Girls] Aw! – Our Barbie’s kinda become our own little Emmy or Oscar And I’m gonna start with Madeline You’ve just nailed it this year (applauding) – In my whole life I’ve never had a Barbie so that was really exciting for me We are here today to get some last minute tips from Melissa Rycroft to go back into day two of training camp, which is super exciting A lot better than last year’s for sure (laughing) Last year I definitely had a tough training camp and Melissa was such a good mentor to me I’m really disappointed in myself – You did good tonight It’s just a different style that you have to get in your head You need to know that and remember that – Thank you so much – Stop crying, I don’t like to see girls crying on the first night! – She always had really positive, encouraging things to say and it was definitely very helpful – Tonight was pretty tough and it’s been taxing and we recognize that Tomorrow night it’s going to be very important Because tomorrow night is the first night you all will be rehearsing as a team (excited screaming) ♪ Let’s go crazy, crazy, crazy, crazy ♪ – Congratulations, you’ve made the 2016 squad! ♪ But tonight let’s get some and live while we’re young ♪ – I told myself I wasn’t gonna cry the rest of training camp but training camp’s over now so I guess this is okay, right? – We would like you guys to see one routine from our show group Now our show group is made of 17 members of our team They will do our television appearances, they will do our corporate and concert shows, and they also will do our USO tours Please give it up for the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Show Group (exciting music) ♪ Get ugly ♪ (vocalizing) ♪ Get ugly ♪ ♪ Get ugly ♪ ♪ You’re too sexy to me ♪ ♪ You’re too sexy to me ♪ – Kelli looks great in her costume Maggie looks clean – Maggie looks really pretty ♪ Bet ya heard that, bet ya heard that ♪ ♪ He’s about to get down ♪ ♪ Oh my, oh my, oh my god ♪ – The girls love that step, you can tell – I’m really excited how the girls are performing and I think they’re gelling into a world-class team right now ♪ La la la ♪ (cheering) – Our big moment, are we ready for the big moment? (cheering) We have a big surprise for the ladies We’re going to reveal their team photo on our big board to them and their families for the first time ever (cheering) We have one more little treat and we are ready, ladies, if you’re ready, to dash in and see your new locker room ♪ Stand by you ♪ (excited screaming) (exciting music) – I’m starting to get shaky and there’s a pit in my stomach Last year the whole process of going through training camp and getting cut, it was super hard – Tonight will be your last night – I took a little while to kind of get back on my feet, but as soon as I did I used it as motivation to get me back here – Welcome back to training camp, number 58, Madeline – This year going into training camp, I just wanted to go in there and do my very best – That reverse! Yes, girl! ♪ Sink in the river the lessons I’ve learned ♪ – It means so much to me to have this uniform on I’m so glad I didn’t give up on my dream because I wouldn’t be here today if I did – [Kelli] Are we ready for our final solo of the day? – Here comes my girlfriend, everyone – Number 80, Maddie ♪ I like it like that ♪ ♪ Diamond district in the Jag ♪ ♪ I said I like it like that ♪ – Oh my god, Maddie ♪ Certified you know I’m gang gang gang ♪ – Maddie! ♪ Drop the top and blow the brains ♪ – Good I wish I could do that ♪ Oh he’s so handsome, what’s his name ♪ – I have loved her from day one and it still shocks me she didn’t make it her first year and you look at her now and she’s gonna be a star ♪ Cardi Bardi, banging body, spicy mami, hot tamale ♪

♪ Hotter than a Somali, fur coat, Ferrari ♪ ♪ Oh he’s so handsome, what’s his name ♪ ♪ I like it ♪ (cheering) – That’s what I looked like out there auditioning! – This time when y’all go to the second triangle, Maddie is going to the point And Amy is going on this side – Uh, what? Judy made it a very nonchalant formation change, wasn’t expecting it at all – This gives us a second look in the triangle (cheering) (dance music) (exciting rock music)