TEAM LINO VS TEAM MALAYSIA // an Inline Skating Grinds Game

ola youtube my name is Ricardo lino and a wheel addict this is circuits at wheellove skate shop and we are in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia where we love skate shop is located and yesterday we were at dawn she skates a blade for ya bloody slaughter Kara’s hip oh yeah we went to blade store and we made a game of koala was very powerful and in the game of koala it was me against team Malaysia but something ever with my camera and I ended up not getting the whole game I’m sorry I like off of the game field and I cannot post that so today because I like a little fall it seems like it’s nothing but I got like a double knee so I can’t really escape so we’re gonna do team lino versus team Malaysia we’re gonna call it team Malaysia because I can’t really skate so who’s you guys you gotta say who’s the simulation alright so okay let’s go there let’s go that AJ you need to present them in Sochi Malaysia we got a fake oh man in Malaysia okay my team muy mala I don’t know why I’m skating because it’s fun okay that’s it it starts okay should we do you know we do it alright yeah wait really importantly this is the rules you always need to call the trick you need to say what the trick is going to be very good because sometimes you do something else identity yeah and that’s not it so you need to call the trick and then there’s only one try you can choose one Roman Elijah and then because I don’t know you guys enough you can be the captain and then we’ll try for each trick and then in the last from the yesterday with voila today we do look poor alright ok the word looper ok ok ok so we start legality right all right yeah that’s five five letter lumpur lumpur limbo is 6l UMP you are come on it’s true that’s naked things it’s all right ok yeah let’s do that so you guys start we’re starting we’re starting from you Tim alright so my team I’m gonna give a big question ok what’s the trick yeah you need to do Roy Anne tree out Roy a tree out okay let’s see that we’re gonna do it from our team our team I thought you choose one to do the same trick all right yeah three out yeah good I’ll try okay go for it you can send them all the trick I see your technique if you like these things some that you can’t really see that this is really really sleeping okay so now from Tim we know who’s gonna do a trick which one of you guys whatever what trick you gonna do I think I’ll just do a bitch grin okay fish let me just test okay so from Tim Malaysians doing the fish brain okay fish friend maybe twist Phoenix now you got a little fish friend finally I drove it wait wait P Malaysia that’s getting Atlanta and

that’s the far side my cube right with the judge who’s the judge we need the judge now you can be the charts come on okay lady come on judge was that a fish friend or not no okay no judge shade was in the fish brain so now to Malaysia trick who’s going to do the trick what trick brain secrecy so to acid yes we got assault arrested okay huh ah yeah that was really expecting you’re like get it wait Church come on charge it didn’t do it right yeah okay okay didn’t okay so to Malaysia what’s going T Malaysia Malaysia now my team okay trick okay so transfer darkside Topsail okay do that I think okay come on Tim Malaysia who’s gonna do it wait the judge say comes up what is it but it’s the sole transfer Darkseid’s topsail okay okay you you sketch man no I’m not the judge no not yet okay so team Malaysia trick tip Malaysia okay just be nice right okay what’s going come on be hard on them don’t mean a trick you need to tell me the trick is bring two back side back side okay they got an easy man okay okay I think he’d go for it you should go for the top so she’s been sober okay he’s written back by flight no grab that was actually perfect okay Tim Malaysia what’s going okay okay are we playing koala not look worried so good okay Kay you you guys are going come on to Malaysia tree with no no Michael my guy did the trick now that we know it’s always one one one one wrong way okay come on maybe I don’t even know the rules a missile missile okay listen come on we’ll see you know in the basic words misses that was easy without a museum come on the judge is attending to speed I believe the tree guy don’t get it yeah get it

okay okay give Malaysia got another one so it’s out then so there’s another letter right no is this the one starting the treatment ready so we’re gonna get curry in Savannah Alexei yeah let’s see the ellipse of and I know my guy got it so you have a super day you gotta shake Oh yo yo yo my team come on your friend oh my turn MaxLite lu lu fisherman let’s get it my team is killing it you can see that these guys are Portuguese blood oh that’s it that’s it come on with your guy I hope you don’t you think you got it he’ll do it much better okay wait wait wait it was my guy though wait kill them trick fish winters been sold out right what is the trick which bring through spin so I didn’t say anything he chooses that was okay you know forget it think you got a judge we’ll see now is easy for you dad it was your guy with your trick good acacia hypothesis we got a little passage yeah okay what do we have I’m not good at that but try okay okay you got it I know you got this come on you gotta kill you you know Q means hats in Portuguese my guys are the best okay okay so I think it’s good yeah that top side music got it it’s actually easier gonna be he’s gonna do it I hope I hope it does it my team come on shit Malaysia no he’s my team Oh your team wait a minute ladies deliver your team that’s my team is your team so who’s making on the rules now yeah okay so that’s my team okay trick double fees toiley up double fish okay double fish – alley-oop double fish easy-peasy we’re gonna do it it’s like it’s a game yeah okay Malaysia support yeah I’m glad not playing it’s one of those that I hate I

hate to support but you should call that name it should be a pop star to say do top pop star okay the judges look at the kids okay okay we’ve got it I will try again okay look at this shit that’s it I was with my guy they should’ve good I was looking better it doesn’t I don’t know about that it’s just different taste you know okay my guys trick you might get a little bit yeah that’s right fish to true spin top size and on ice it crisp in Topsham okay fish to Topsail oh no it was real it was rolling this close next time you got it okay carry discussion I’m thinking about Erica didn’t you do it before yeah by Delaney okay 270 bikes are fine right yeah it’s a long one what do we have I’m little it’s a wide-angle I can see everyone so that’s me again hey shoes I will try enjoy as it’s a team one fall team come on I would go for him again with that piece very thoughtful okay fish brain too thoughtful yeah okay it’s playing like it’s too easy we’ll see sometimes confidence is your worst enemy sometimes you need confidence but sometimes your worst enemy let’s do it I hope it is Danny knows what is in all the regard you can’t play with all oh yeah you spin like yeah treetop acid through top acid Hey they go are you taking touch T on the way out okay do we have okay what do you think I know many that’s how you do it this dais okay come on Tim come on Tim I think you

should go with his weird stuff we can do it Mac here double fish brain – it didn’t land it it’s the truth you never know they can’t miss it see I don’t know what it is because he heard your neo let you have it this is good okay come on show me what you got your guy can do that don’t worry good guy guys no no use whatever you watch okay just want to do the trick fish bread to 180 fish bread let’s see how good you are opening your legs Betsy I told you hey hey now London you can call it boys that landed hiiiiii come on you can set the trick now will do guys okay I’m gonna get mine to do a trick it’s just getting the speed to go with the flat bike first I was first going confused but now I know what will be you completely forget it how’s it come on Tim you got it okay Sam’s gonna do it hey dude for gucci mane okay my Tim come on hurry you gotta set the trick we got to do get something gooey they ever a let’s make a conference meeting you I saw you doing something cool you know the backside to our little porn but instead of going me the back talk which is harder next I died like four point straight to Seoul Oh like from here what can you do from the other top four so yeah so yeah okay II said banks I to a live talk points that so he said banks I looked up porn to soap come on to Malaysia a little bit of confidence here it’s short damage okay you’re gonna go with curry who’s Gary a trick okay he’s too confident enough healthy does he have it I was good okay I see the van already the man is a man on a mission I know why I choose my team yeah it is though sorry they’re so good we got the K you come on we gotta kill it now or do we have I have an idea go straight for the 180 into that fish brine the native fish went like that events take you to see see out in the end yeah yeah okay he said 180 double fish brain all the way back and then 360 out in the end he said so let’s see get it

he’s Garrett he’s gonna get it soon okay let that man say why is the one for trick alright so so to make sanity so okay so to back unity let’s get it the video is already 21 minutes it’s gonna be a good one find anything that’s so good you can a little bit in the end who’s ever watching these they actually enjoy it’s like enjoy is talking shit we okay let’s see where is he okay you ready yeah what do you think about keep your letters okay well it’s from my team doing it try that that would be a good on ya get it okay I’m gonna say anything don’t go like this go straight to go like this it’s easy for you to go out of the damn it okay Tim Malaysia gonna do switched off semi style and anything just place it you need to say is it physically out or not okay no truces yeah so please feel to talk back looking at me no I was in the camera work wish me luck you got it go slow we just need to land it sit hey guys no wonder I thought let’s try fishery into- fish brain yes nothing good the negative get it it locks it is a negative so it’s hot I get it we’ll see yes yes l4 bleep oh yeah okay we could do a drink now if you won’t yeah so feet what you want to try the same trick something where you did you going on this like they John this I do it one foot oh yeah I’m gonna do that best light and hang a bit then touch the there another copy maybe they like you yeah which was like a far side mission I like a sheath like a mystery with one foot on a child like the big balls

mister who is easy I would call big balls big balls nice work let’s see our big to make way to make this more why we need it we need one trick come on Timothy committed we need one trick they have al we need one thing that you do what you do what you do just do something that they can’t and we win right you do whatever you want to do the trick I’ll try the trick that you mention it just looks like a top one point so back slide to our little point to Seoul dude we’ll see I think you’re bluffing me with a blank slide a little pointy so you got it okay yeah just being extra good okay I I so amazing it no pressure at all but I saw you missing it before okay okay okay you go for the same okay so what you want to do or what you want to do now you can just it needs to be a last trick get to you want something else okay that’s why we need to call the tricks cause otherwise zero they can see location okay yes not now we’re talking it’s not hundred percent now it’s still it’s to try the last wicket okay it’d be smarter with that sure I think tree is too long because he nice can you switch foreign but like imagine backside our little porn and then transfer to the other one the top and then traffic the other one to switch over black from here just to do this no no okay up and I know as you’re talking right or back back for a little passage and then for me to go just like that to switch no Bestwick no idea it’s like no we can do it like something like you spin so okay back back but that’s so easy that’s taking but I don’t know back back back light just been so it’s doable just keep the flow it’s Google that’s right okay the Malaysia stimulation you we keep that one next I’m coach too I’m going to top so okay I’m right spin around Topsail well I guess you can spin like the whole thing or you can just go like this come on the dance move is better let’s see the tops okay you got it bikes like you so you have to know koala now if he doesn’t landed you lose okay

come on let’s see you get some we got one more try it’s to drive don’t come on now it’s all the whole pressure is on the man you can’t do it you can’t do it damn it okay okay your trick your chick I can’t tell you I know I have a quote for the other guys front side by side it’s a good one and then the 70 makes a movie it’s like a bi let’s go thanks lied to 274 talk yeah yeah they can learn it again yeah it’s the same as the backlight all the tops all you got it thanks life to 270 foot come on it’s just like the bags like to a leaf Tom’s on to my – yes it’s like the backlight to a leaf table so you guys don’t feel far you shouldn’t eat a lot of letters it’s just three Falls you feeling the K you in Portuguese – ass come on let’s do it okay okay what’s this week what’s the trick to 70 tops in spinned oh yeah okay okay with the baby oh my gosh oh my god I’m sweating already okay I’ll let saw the table so I’m nervous I’m even losing my shoes forget it yeah no it’s just lady okay Tim Malaysia they come in close man come on we could they they’re not talking about our against me then why are you here this is no I’m just I’m not now I’m not the coach I get the cameraman and something different I do that Roy yeah that does have any tops all I have to do I like how you go like that one is no I’m not gonna let it it’s all good okay so what we got you got that one okay my team got the alley-oop dialects all to Topsail get it who do we have here boy yeah one more try one more come on you want to come with a flag call me the flake you can’t do it you can’t do it

come on anyway I hope you got the judges what did you get it was a long do don’t forget my hands for anything give me some thumbs up if you like it and you know what’s more important that anything don’t forget why we all started skating you know why because it’s fun Cheers