compared to this nature he wants to be small to make the nature bigger Cliff’s become huge when you see a normal cliff yeah but when you see a little guy like him flying over him like zebra is like an animal you know respecting his environment and living with it and skiing with it without hurting any little detail he’s really an animal in fact he’s got this mystique to him that is just kind of part of who candy it is there’s very few ways to learn about Candide it’s just this he just kind of speaks through the mountains and he speaks through his riding and through his achievements and the rest is left up to the imagination

[Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] Cody diversity Easter Christmas radical was Kinabalu unity through an abusive he was just jumping everywhere and doing from sleep everywhere and back baby never stops actually divided is this ke told you digitally did it reimbursement I remember Canyon doing backflip from a picnic table in the school I was like wow this guy is cool to share – if that you okay a phone you have never Sookie can only appreciate a

technical what could I say Tommy did not work Cornelia come on sukira premier for the widows Oh mr Michaud epigenetic busy obsolete applause County the deferred even more on this fish survey awaken particularly bugs appreciated Fuji segment seahorses in the female for one people a as there sa Amazon Dom of water candide start doing muggles and went pretty good at it a little more rapid more definite competition it transferred on a sections capable teacher rasul-allah no to fascism it isn’t if I’m alone they looked away sponsor the policy can tell on me so they fire Kenya to come on and I asked eco Casanova we had a power Heidel his name is Edgar drop your on he was Olympic gold medalist in Albertville in 1992 you know he’s from la cruz’ which is pretty much a breeding ground for freestyle bump skiers back in the day Cannes was always so proud to see it yeah one day I came to the Sports Club he stopped freestyle and he came with us and we’ll skip together so now they need a car key so much he had you know like a wide view of the mountain for him to make a turn here it’s because he wanted to make a jump of that you know like 300 meters further there is a media knows not vanilla the truth I found a group yeah they can’t find Oliver ubaidah is bossy old nail this cut more efficient it was throwing backflips and everybody was stoked by this young guy able to do tricks like that Edgar it was sort of the coach in the mentor of the candid and then there was another lovely lady Rafael mano who was also a world champion bump skier community I’m here expressed hope of my basket there’s a 215 for the freestyle comparison do so he was king well in the moguls but in the air well you could really see that he was above everybody keep the extraordinary book with imagination I suppose go to choose Kiki comas pal imagination well he’ll did was skiing at the beginning was right in front of his house in a place called barn the palm is I think pretty much the reason one of the biggest reasons of the way that candy rides every morning he opened the window he was the spacing Bulma and I’m sure he was looking what what cliff what air what rocks he could jump and and what kind of trick you could do that on each one of them Oh barmy’s it’s the the best place the best key place it’s like a big open film with lots of kicker possibilities it offers you from rollers to to steep stuff to cliffs a lot of guys that are from there you can tell that the terrain definitely dictates how they ride think about me to the part of candidio it’s pretty much the Bible for luckily that guy especially for Candida the Sun is not in the clouds working up for ourselves and given us a chance to remind everyone the water in your eyes are a try anytime

my best to sing like us first in a light of the Sun is smiling the clouds breaking up for ourselves and given us a chance to remind everyone the water in your eyes I tried and he taught my best to sing like a smurf in the light of the Sun is mine ourselves given us a chance to remind everyone the border region arrives on a try anytime my bestest – first the Sun is mine bun was perfect for for a kid like him because he wanted to push him to go further always had such a different style and I don’t know where it comes from but maybe from snowboarding he was he was skiing a lot with snowboarders he took a bit of his mogul background and like kind of loosened it up with a bit more of this new freestyle attitude that the snowboarders kind of gave us I remember that time back in 98 99 and the skiers they were looking at snowboarders a lot because that was like the big bang they wanted something new the snowboarders were definitely like grabbing their boards and and doing kind of tricks that you know as a skier we really were like wow this is amazing we wanted to try to kind of copy them in some way but bring it to a tower own our own way I think that was back in the days when the summer camps were on in Diablo ray and stuff and Candide was the only skier in that whole crew I think there was no other guy that was hitting the stuff on skis I remember him just this little nice guy that would just follow all the snowboarders and try the same stuff you know it’s still ski okay so you have to you have to turn the snowboard tricks into this key way because the grabs are different all those kind of tricks are different he just adapted everything we will do you know like he would do the same style of tricks and I remember I was always thinking like this is this is a good style of skiing this is this is the way I like it he was there really like slashing all of his turns and having definitely a different perspective than the traditional skiing and basically every year had back then he was the first gear to make all his moves really cool you know some guys were trying but I don’t know if yeah the inspiration was wrong maybe like drunk from rollerblading or stuff like that just really had this extra Flair that I think was really important to the development called skiing and the Freestyle component of where skiing has gotten today snowball was a big influence for me too but it was not the same ice candy Candida candy was my example and snowboarder was the example of candy candy came out to the scene at the time on the new Canadian Air Force boys JP

Auclair jf cusan had just you know it just really blown the the sport up and but they were a little older and Candide was this really young kid and he had he had everything those guys had and you know and then some it was not alone but for us he was the pioneer because he started so young to think his own way that he’s the pioneer Chad’s gap is a 120-foot gap in between – mine tailings up in Little Cottonwood Canyon it’s just this massive gap you have to build a huge in run to it super high speed I’ve never even fantasized that something that big was possible the day that Candide and Chad hit it Chad hit the gap twice first time you came up really short second time he was just under that was a huge thing and coming up short regardless of the conditions yes it’s just gonna shake you and it’s gonna hurt even in even a deep powder so Chad was done for the day candy very politely came up to Chad and in his broken English asked if he could hit his gap he kept a whole valley I mean and we were talking about gaps you know it was like a road gap over a pass or somewhere you know but this totally brought up new dimensions I remember he comes back to the office he’s got this the photo print someone someone took a shot it was just a print he had he don’t have a slide or anything of it and that but it was a stray tear and he’s kind of tucked out like this whoa and I kind of pissed him off because I go what candid why didn’t you spin it was pretty like car yeah Jasper I thought you’d be like wow dude why don’t you spin because he was like spinning everything so he went back out the next year he went out there and was just you know guinea pig in this thing and slammed into the wall three or four times and then on his next attempt he just went and greased the most beautiful and Big D spent seven twenty that had ever been thrown down today I was blown away I I really never thought that anything more than a 360 was gonna happen over chance gap I mean I was speechless it really was a pinnacle moment in skiing and you know I’m sure a pinnacle moment for Candide and for his career and I think as a filmer is one of the most impressive things I’ve ever seen when you see something which is just hands-down Bulls out nollie yet you respect it nothing he ever does is small you know and he’s kind of at the end of the day and he’s completely worn out he gives 110 percent no matter what he’s doing it’s very easy in life to emulate something you’ve seen before it’s very different if you’re the person who’s the creator if you’re the initiator if you’re that person who has actually broken ground and broken the barriers to say what is possible and what is not possible you need somebody to go first and this is what makes it the follower is easy it’s always easy to follow you know it’s it’s amazing to watch him go big it’s amazing to see him do something that nobody’s ever done before when something it’s big and super impressive people owe it you know and the whole idea behind super Park is to build these big massive features bring all the best riders and filmers and just have these these epic sessions that particular session was one

where Candide just really started going for it and blowing people’s mind everyone just backed off from heading it and stood on the sidelines and watched the sport progress once again and then did creating 810 to rail or corks whatever to rail the other ski is they don’t really understand what was going on I think they have never seen anything like that that was crazy at the time I was completely crazy and it’s C crazy today he just went bigger than everybody and actually people wanted to go there around to watch Candide before they did their own that was their inspiration over the years whenever you see these great Candide shots it’s always just this crazy vision you can’t even begin to fathom how he came up with it the kids on fire let’s see if he can do it today just up a big win at another event and mammoth earlier this year why is it up looking good he spent nine hundred nobody’s been sticking out like candy has blind like that seventeen years old for you know an alley or seventeen eighty-three strong first place he is the man the myth the legend from France candy tovex this little guy packs more firepower than potentially any other athlete at superpipe today he likes to go huge off this first jump that’s right and he would do it at all through practice what’s he got he is redefining the sport as we know it pull the ripcord on this is going so high he’s got one more trick [Applause] history Candido bachelor at night zero Wow towards the best scores I’ve ever seen the 2003 X Games super pipe that Candide one that was another time where Candide just came in and raised the bar way above the rest of the field it was just another sport that’s not the same thing same thing all the buzz was you would not believe what Candide and si are doing they just blew it away they were they were going so the egg out of the pipe no one had ever seen it and it was really it was a big progression for not only skiing but I think halfpipe in general you won every aspect of you getting bigger sub-state and pipe this guy could have set the mix right now that’s candy no that’s on his final run right the series of rails and Candida masks there looking like Fred Astaire’s is doing some dance in there for you then we split get into the chunks here’s a setup Julie put together perfectly and then a big table top coming up yeah candy look at smooth that’s far you see him crouching down trying to maintain his speed last time you’ve got to carry your speed smashy over jumps like that giant this is his second major jump like that sliding down the rail here comes the last chance kicker candide thovex here comes the score mark our work to be better than ninth will it

be enough to take the lead 95 95 for candy one of the highest look style scores we’ve seen in a long time I think Candide he was like he was not super into competitions I guess it was more into like just go out in ski you know and have fun and the invitational I think he just wanted to do something really big the invitational was just crazy it’s like all the top free skier in the world show up for the two or three-day session and the biggest bigger or step-up everything was completely double size every riders was just waiting for that moment of the season and as soon as we’re just getting there was just like wow it’s even bigger than last year and that was just crazy I mean I was just coming into the game at that stage and I was all of a sudden I was competing and skiing next to all these dudes I looked up to the format of the competition is really interesting because in fact there is no competition it was like the best even of the year the feeling the vibes everything was perfect that was his dream to invite a lot of people a lot of good skiers and a lot of friends and just ski and shoot on his backyard he worked prior to the event in the whole shaping the whole coast design everything I couldn’t remember finishing a meal one night the couple days before the Invitational started and I went out because I was good friends with one of the cat drivers and I went out just to see how they’re going candy was still there shovel in hand with his crew you know and I was like well man the work that they have done to shape every jump just a huge amount of work the quarter pipes were like more than 10 meters high like the step ups were huge like it’s you need so much speed to get into there that was crazy but that’s why it was so so impressive to people and so so inspiring as well because because I don’t think before that people even thought about doing as big we met so many big kickers spoiler arriving they were seeing the Big Bertha they were like no way the the infamous Big Bertha Joe that was pretty crazy I remember going up the trail of looking across as a gem like this is insane how’s anybody gonna hit this I got scared doing that job for sure I wasn’t I wasn’t ready for it as well like it was it was almost I think it was almost too big people got scared even us when we were shipping the jump was so big you I like in didn’t know where I’m gonna jump this and then you see kanji going on it and sanding it the big bathtub was really big this year and nobody ride it until the end of the Invitational he was feeling was feeling confidence or try to ride it I told him

it was like way too big you know you get to a point where sometimes like the body can handle like the size of the jump the flat was like 44 meters own thing like the middle of the hair more like 13 or 14 meters high it was really hot spring day after every lap it gets slower and slower congealed was asking girls if he was having enough speed you know if you don’t hit the jumper it’s not the guy yeah you got the right speed so after I think the third speed check he did he did not have enough speed and he just yeah I can remember he just jumped and you can see was short too short and then he just it’s just the impact where was I was shocked it just crushed in front of me I thought he was dead that was serious for sure we went down and we knew it was serious accident happening here acetate in factory holder lock it is an opinion far too expansive yeah no somos de partir de la víctima de casa milà party choco lava tabata Casey s Kieran de la faccia presence table is it mmm extraordinaire in epidemiology massacre laughs accuracy de sitio Lassiter Yahoo stomach on a gondola moi Lavinia a camel I’m afraid I’ve already caught of neurologic la nam mo e na mantras ratio chicken sister Josie Qaddafi Excalibur nowadays diakon point legate Rikke Casey Honda Civic Si O 2 u 2 kg solid obstacle opposition or metallicity energy or regular job for inevitable we know to ignore that it was frustrated that he couldn’t do anything he didn’t know if or behavioral to to go back skiing and do what you used to do I think that was the hard part of his life doctor said nope you know even you might be able to ski again one day but never the way or never the level you had before you know that was really the last we saw a Candide in competition and honey you know disappeared for a while after that he could not jump that much after his accident that’s why he went into the powder he’s just being filming an any Joey drop candycam erawan and every everyone in the world aside Wow just five minutes skiing is just like wow people loved it I mean it’s it was really really nice and something really you someone ran into my office and was like you gotta check this out can deeds back and and I watch it and you know it’s just completely blown away never talks never do nothing and then just

like he’s King talk for himself you know you could tell he still had it and then in 2010 he started to get involved in some of these big Mountain freeride competitions and sure enough he goes out and does the Red Bull line catcher well I think there’s no like perfect background to do well at this kind of event like if you’re stronger at skiing lines or if you’re stronger at freestyle it really doesn’t matter in the end it’s just the rider that’s gonna be able to combine it all in the best way possible I think this is really good for the sport this is what we need I think it’s gonna build this is really a stepping stepping up the game he was pretty stressful that time on the top of the mountain and he did the first run in crash and the second one was like the Kennedys back the wires lit up people people couldn’t believe it and here’s Candide and and now he’s in into Big Mountain I said you should go ski in the world war you know well Walter is six tops around the world it’s basically the competition of big mountain skiing and snowboarding before he came to the tour we we all knew that he would ride well we we contacted him and and just asked simple questions would that be interesting to your wife I remember people asking what do you think of candy doing the world to her and I was yeah I said it straight like yeah I think yeah there’s no way he can win the land what were the first year it was sure that he’s gonna do some good place maybe not being the the world champion but uh yeah I know it’s gonna be on the podium well sure well I had doubts because uh you know it’s totally different perspective you know all the risk all the experience you need and and plus doing that in competitions when conditions are not always good waiting to be like a super strong skier I thought there would there was no way he could adapt so quickly and first up and shown here Wow I saw his first line I was blown away

[Applause] yeah like it’s funny how you you see people riding big mountain for years and you think it’s you know that’s the standard that’s the way it’s right the mountain and then someone comes and you can write it like that after the the first contest in Germany oh yeah he’s gonna win for sure some people would was were saying that he would be surprised by environment the steepness the extreme side of big day us the final you know on the being on the top of the bag the earth like Candide in Iowa were laugh I remember him being like himself and being like always not trusting himself in a way Candida showed a new way to ride in free-riding knowing he he is using the mountain as a as a playground more than anybody else from the Freestyle Park riding to the big mountain thing that’s like amazing to see when he won the free world zone maybe no one stand up before la razón por aquí de hace que algo – god it’s a pun Fest is a wonderful idea of skill he’s definitely one of the originator of this style of skiing I mean I believe many skiers can say thank you to him it’s amazing you know you never know what is going to happen dropping no crazy yeah very good day I’m really happy our time is good when I right here with my friend I’m so happy all the time

it’s not about competitions and meadows not about trying to do things better but always in a different way skiing or comes down to creativity there are no set rules I look at it as a way out over to forget about everything else being out there keeps me grounded and reminds me how insignificant we really are and what life is all about it’s endless [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause]

waiting we’re completely iliza it’s okay where do you work for you it’s only you