【サイクリング】Japan's The MOST Beautiful Cycling Route 夫婦でしまなみ海道に挑戦(前編)Japonya'nın EN GÜZEL Bisiklet Yolu

hello i am Masaki hello i am Müge We came to the Shimanami highway a very big bridge yes where are we going today? Today we will go to Oshima, Hakatajima and Omishima We will go on a tandem bike which will be about 30 km one way we will go this road 2 times, so we will go on an average of 60 km by bicycle We will go to Omishima and see the Tatara Bridge, which is half the road that bridge is about half After that we will return the other half again, from Onomichi to Tatara bridge In other words, it will be 60 km at a time, I think it will be approximately 130 140 km We think we do it in 2 parts this time on tandem bicycle 2 wheels 4 pedals Isn’t it a couple’s dream romantic !! <3 We talked about whether we should actually walk walking, running, walking again, again on a motorcycle Anyway, if we say why we wanted to use tandem something these couples desire We wanted to try and see as a family other reason we thought tandem or wonder if the speed is 2 times muge: we think it's fast masaki: because it's fast bad part of using tandem is that it can only be rented for 1 day It can only be rented from 8 am to 8 pm Since there is no long term rental like 2−3 day The good thing is that when you rent a normal bike, 2 people get what you have to pay 2600 yen In tandem, as a single bicycle for 2 people can be rented for 1300 yen good opportunity I love the cheap one The most wonderful aspect of the Shimanami highway is of course riding a bike world-renowned pride, cycle path It is not a problem if you come to rent a bike empty-handed Helmets are rented to you free of charge when you rent a bike There are cycle terminals in every 15 regions For example you rented here before When you want to leave, you can go to any of those terminals and return the bike so when you think "a little tired" you can return it Some deposit is paid before renting, it was 1100 yen I think If you return the bike anywhere, that deposit will not be refunded so if you return it to where you bought it properly, the deposit will also return to you It's called a holy place to ride a bike right what else ? should we go now ? then come on LETS GO !!!!! it hurt what time is it? it's 5:47 ? 48 ? 6: 48 !!!! please be determined I understand! Radio Gymnastics no we didn't Have you decided which type to use? will be with tandem Have you ever ride a tandem ?

no, we will ride for the first time is it okay ? probably there is no problem we ride bicycles a lot the strongest person goes up to the Onomichi bridge and comes back in a day as expected here’s a cycling map also here’s alcohol wipes aa thank you please use thank you very much aren’t they all the same? (tandem) long !!!! shall we choose this? it’s long!! (why I had such fun with it) yes we rented tandem bicycle and came back let’s go now!!! isn’t it long ? yes long !!! wonderful!! i’m worried!!! When turning, it cannot turn like fiyuu suddenly, it has to turn slowly with a wide angle sloooowly wonder how no problem its first time for both of us we are a little worried Let’s ride and try Masaki inner ​​voice: (my leg is very short, can Masaki inner ​​voice: (my leg is very short, can’t reach it!!!!) difficult!! isn’t it so difficult ?!! a little bit hard is not it difficult I wonder how it will be Is it okay? It’s pretty hard but let’s do our best 1-2-3 okay!! why?! yes let’s see motorcycle road and bicycle road we go this way left side! money wanted !!! do we have to pay ??? (an uncertain yes) noo way!! (WE DIDN’T PAY) someone is walking butt will definitely hurt with this !! Masakı and Müge: helloo IT’S SOOOOO BEAUTIFUL!!! (with my manly voice… ) it was generally free! Payment of 200 yen or 100 yen for motorcycles with 125 cc or more it wasn’t for bicycles , it was the motorbike its nice!! here it says free until March 31, 2022 I wonder if it will be paid after that yes maybe watch out!!!! Let’s stop after landing here LET’S GO!!! I sing the DORAEMON song all of a sudden because of Masaki’s reaction you don’t need to pedal fast!!! (still singing it) is it fast? fast!! now we came here here here and here it’s okay it doesn’t matter Let’s make our own way (Masaki: where did you learn those words ?!) – Muge speaks a strange Japanese, I think I always use them- tandem is fast, isn’t it yes pretty fast! So shall we drink water and go? we came across the stone this road is also very beautiful !! I love such roads !! (because downhill HAHA) are you taking a video ? takin’ a video, takin’ a vid-vid-video!! because we’re YouTubers!!! pretending like a YouTuber but it’s fun less and less !! one two!! ok let’s stop which way shall we go? after here we turn right shall we go right what is it’s name? Rose Park the distance will be longer but Masaki: the view on the right is more beautiful Müge: coastline because it’s a coastline then, we’re going! let’s go! move your foot !!!!! okay i am sorry ehe wooow the sea is so beautiful !! I really want to swim! woaa why ?! HERE IS BEAUTIFUL!!! VERY BEAUTIFUL!!

CAN SWIM!!! AWESOME!!! (I made up a song in my own way because it is beautiful …) then, my hands are free because Masaki working so hard (hands free hehe) Masaki’s inner voice: she always does such these things Because it can’t stop suddenly we cannot stop separately Masaki must stop as well if I stop pedaling (where did the old Spice Girls song come out from ?! ) Let’s take a photo here let’s take!! ok then we go! going now!! ohh why is this heavy?! pedal it smoothly it’s heavy! what?! is it heavy?! didn’t you come ?! I said wait but..!!! Hey you come and pedal it?! I always spoke alone, I said pedal is heavy or something etc the car is coming huge!! they’re making it in here right? look it’s huge there is nothing like this in Toyooka Toyooka is a small city that’s why -Izmir also right?! – but it’s nice here no, let’s go! these are not things to look at! (reading the names of the flowers) oo! there is something here !! probably ChinChin (Chinko in Japanese)!! (The name given to the male reproductive organ in Japanese) whyyy?! The name of this poor flower is ChinChin not a poor flower. why should it be?! poor flower because of the name (while I was trolling poor because of the name) There’s something great out there !! (bridge) heey waait!!! hey waait!!!! getting angry!! continuous uphill this bicycle is still lighter one If it were a really heavy bicycle, we would die really? yes shall we go? okay? okay one two!! (10 degree angle ?! ) bad!!! bad!!! brake a little properly – 10 degree incline with tandem bicycle is scary! – There are pebbles, dangerous !!! 😵 (because of the wind I didn’t even understand what we’re talking about) hamburger!

Masaki: the hamburger we bought from the supermarket! Müge: Of course, half-price with a discount !!! 50 yen !!! super duper cheap !! and also ice cream !! is this the famous one? Yes! salty ice cream !!! I wonder if its delicious ..? Salted ice cream of the Hakata region Where are we now? we’re in Hakata!! Have we reached Hakata? Hakata Island hooray !! Ma-kun slow down seriously! it’s too fast!! change it properly (I’m talking about the pedal setting) then take your feet off the pedal No way! I can’t catch the pedal 3. bridge Hakata Bridge isn’t it Omishima? after that we go to the Omishima side today’s last bridge Hakata Island was pretty short Let’s just pass by on our way back this is today’s last bridge aaa so pretty! Waves are pretty bad here, look! isn’t it very good?! Shimanami highway is amaziiiing!!!! amazing!! ( again with my manly voice) look, there are many things Tatara Bridge how much more, Mr. Masaki? 1.2 km ! we will do our best! It was a quite short distance I want to go to this temple Oyamazumi Shrine The Bell of Happiness Yes please! one two three!! aaa it’s so noisy!!! Müge : Run away !!! Masaki : aaaaaa!!!! finally we reached our destination of today We reached half of the entire cycle path, not the destination that is the Tatara Bridge of Omi Island here From here.. What was the temple of Omi Island ? (actually Oyamazumi Temple) i forgot .. i forgot but anyway there is a famous temple we will go there After that, we think we can go back again it took a little over 30 km to here the way back will be a little longer so the way back will be a little longer so how was it to ride a bicycle with me? it was actually a lot of fun but Masaki was so annoying what was annoying ?! “be quick, be quick” when riding tandem one two one two one two one two !!!! (one or two attacks) heeey, that was the part we didn’t make the video joke joke that was so fun! It’s a little hard but when you’re climbing uphill but seriously always up and down but I’m talking right now – Müge’s face… – up and down was a little bit tiring On the way back, let’s go which’s more up and down place as a shortcut is there anything else?

nope yes we will do our best! For some reason things at the entrance to this temple looks different normal people, right? normally used devil-like sculptures Was this 2600 years old? there is an extremely good smell! Cypress tree! (these wicker-like things you see are made of cypress wood) smells like a sauna doesn’t it? is it? Oh I see, only the smell Is this new? romantic !! <3 I'm exhausted my feet my knee Müge-chan pedal smoothly look completely different, very comfortable !!! It's very easy when Müge pedals! do your best!!! We are going!! (Again in Japanese it has a meaning like one two) so funny!!! I'm tired!!! Is it up here too? a little uphill isn't it? not here but a little right? not completely flat car!! this is very cool ocean current !! awesome!! can't across to there by swimming because of these currents do you want to swim? I want but it's impossible here how is your butt? it hurts is it too much? show me no way! because I can't move!! There is one zombie here - Why are they so fast .. - Müge-chan is tired!! angry!! that face!! - why are you sitting at there?! - driving trials from Müge - 1 make the balance !!!!! Go a little more, a little more !!! practice practice!!! yes Müge-chan, soon it will over!! yes yes We're pretty tired now, aren't we? way of walking (I'm going to suicide from the bridge LOL ) "My foot hurts, my butt hurts, I'm very tired" Ma-kun, You said my butt hurts !!!! I didn't say it my knee hurts! its enough I can't see anything But now I think there are 3 km or so left here is very beautiful too!

then Mrs. Müge, let’s do our best! whaat? say something say something like let’s go let’s go – when we finished and give back the bicycle they gave cold wet wipes – ohh it’s cold Can we take the shower inside the hotel? yes yes, you can Should we take this with us? A separate payment must be to use it – You can use the hotel shower for 100 yen (◠‿◠). – thank you! Thank you very much, Mrs. Müge, we did a good job we came back safely to Sunrise Itoyama! we’re exhausted tired, so tired! it was about 70 km – over 70 km!! – not sure exactly if we went through more more!! seriously we’re exhausted! how was it? it was fun but after we went to a shrine (a famous little temple) Everything was so beautiful until that shrine but everything got worse after that shrine because it was so high and uphill continuous uphill downhill actually it was not downhill but more uphill! We said let’s go to that shrine only it was very tiring I can not speak right now my whole body is in pain In fact, there was no problem on the bicycle route, maybe it was easy, but we got tired because of that the way of shrine After that shrine, everything hit the bottom so how was tandem? it was actually good was better than i expected one time Muge tired to ride on the front side I changed to back side couldn’t be good at all, right? because after i was exhausted he said let’s try I could not find my balance because my hands were shaking I was like this two people on this bicycle same time it moves like this when someone stops backside can’t move as well and this part is should’t move Masaki tried to move it yes yes when you move it the seat moves as well that’s why it’s very dangerous müge could not make her balance in any way because I was so tired! I’m still very tired I wonder where we’ll sleep today I don’t know let’s check it first take a shower!! we stink very badly goooing to take a shower!! this video was the first part of this adventure Thank you very much for watching if you like our video don’t forget to subscribe to our channel and to like the video please again together from now on we will continue to do our best soo good bye everybody!! see you again!!