2020 Ducati Multistrada 1260 Enduro 2 Up Review | Backpack Ride Along

hey everyone I’m bill and we’re with Cali Moto TV welcome back to the channel and welcome to Lake hennessey here in Sonoma California and well look what we have behind us an absolutely gorgeous 2020 Ducati Multistrada 1260 enduro courtesy of Ducati North America first of all Ducati thank you guys so much for letting us steal this thing for a couple weeks and well we’re doing a few reviews and Bogner well we had to take it up on the – right like of course she insisted to get on the back so we’re out here on the back roads just outside of Lake Berryessa but we wanted to give you guys a perspective of a two-up ride on backroads here on the Multistrada so let’s take a look around the bike and let’s head out to Calistoga and give you guys a little to up perspective all right well we are finally off on our to up adventure I got my little backpack behind me Bogner and we’re out here on the back roads near Lake Hennessey we’re heading to breakfast this morning mountain Calistoga lunch by now I guess yeah I guess we’re gonna be having brunch on well we wanted to give you guys a little taste of a little too up twisty ride and and then give you guys a little more kind of highway style riding let les twisties but we’re on the 2020 Ducati Multistrada this is the enduro so talk a little bit about the difference of the enduro and why the enduro may not be the right choice for two up bike but on the flip side a lot of people do – who – UPS so so on this is a again 2020 it is the 1260 Multistrada and so the enduro of some of the differences in the enduro and what makes it a little bit a little bit less easier to handle out here the main reason is we have a slightly larger front wheel and the front wheel is just basically going to be reacting on how we’re doing in our turning so on the tight twisty roads this bike the inderal version isn’t going to turn quite as well as like an S or the Pikes Peak which has a 17 inch rim this is an 18 inch rim so a slightly larger tire in the front which is going to be a lot more helpful when you’re in enduro but when you’re on the back roads here less easy to to maneuver in these tight corners so but how does the how does the in the twisties babe how does it feel back there I feel like it maneuvers just like you know like I can feel it’s not as quick sorry but it’s comfortable I’m tight so she mentioned the tiger and real quick I won’t even get into it because it’s not it’s a whole different Tiger it’s a whole different animal but we do own a 2018 tiger 1200 xrt but that bike is a completely different bike that’s more of a cross between an S and a Grand Tour so getting in the enduro and writing this and writing the tiger 1200 you’re in a completely different category of bikes this is definitely going to be a lot more like the BMW 1250 adventure so some of the differences between the D enduro and the Nam endure is a massive tank on this thing I think they’ve added upwards of four gallons additional of fuel in the enduro style so that’s why you guys have this big massive tank up

here let’s kind of round it makes it look I do like I do like the look of it it is definitely a wider look but you know but but you’re also in the in the 8 gallons you’re at the additional four gallons you’re adding about 30 gallons 30 pounds of weight to the top side of this motor so so a full tank of gas is going to give you a little bit different maneuverability as well so so again a whole different animal now difference is also organ AMA quite is you’ve got higher pegs the seats a tad higher and also we have a slightly different bar height on this enduro so really what it’s designed the enduro is designed ergonomically wise is comfort sitting but really comfort standing and obviously standing with balance and ergonomics of the bike while you’re standing off-road is very very important so your little adventure yeah so if you guys haven’t I’m not sure an order in which order but I will be out in addition my good friend of mine Kari Simpson is going to be taking me out on my very first kind of enduro style ride so if you guys haven’t seen that we’ll make sure that we get it linked up above so stay tuned to look up above for that video make sure you hit that subscribe button and the ring the bell notification so when we do upload these we’re going to kind of have a whole Ducati series I’ll be out on this running solo as well as the enduro so make sure you bring that Bell notifications and see all of our test rides and this is just the beginning of our relationship with Ducati North America I got to give huge props to Alex thank you Alex with Ducati North America for being crazy enough to let us borrow this thing for a couple weeks so thank you Alex very much and we appreciate it Oh Tuesday Tuesday pin will be up ready for red it’s they’re closing out the series they’ve got three more events left and and it’ll be so we’re catching the tail end of it but following it on Instagram and and just seen the whole ready for ready vent it’s it’s going to be very nice to be able to pull up on a well red Ducati so again thanks to Ducati North America it’s gonna be a blast so some of the quick features real quick Multistrada um and I’m not going to get into too much in this video about the different features that will be more of my solo videos so stay tuned again for that but one of the things that we’re noticing right now is get a little bit win with you know sixty miles an hour so we do have the the manual lift on the windscreen and different wind screens are available a slew of different accessories are available for this so make sure when you guys are on the Ducati website you go and you configure the bike because you can configure their bike and their configure is very cool because it will actually button is fine thank you very much the configure shows like the different things so if you put the price bars on the side it’ll show you what the bike looks like with the crash bars what do you see yeah one of the things that it does not have on this bike which we would have preferred if we were in a more of a primary to up bike like the tiger 1200 one of the things that Bogner really likes is that back hard case because it gives her a kind of a little bit above a better rest and she’s not having to hold on to the grips down below or myself so it’s kind of nice to have that back case so it makes a huge difference like if you’re planning on the white to someone and I think it makes one of you up backpack oh really so smart yeah I get that get that back case and I think the Enduro comes with the side cases but the back case isn’t included so you’d have to kind of add that on but again a a lot of different accessories we’ve got a few little accessories we got our little registration pouch and stick our phone in here we are connected if you guys see up on the instrument cluster we are connected to the Ducati link app so if you guys haven’t seen the Ducati instrument cluster review that I’ve done on this make sure you will again link that up in the description above but you

know so a couple of accessories onto this but you can get you know different different bar Buster’s more of like a harder one cages different exhaust system counts are California not for you but for the rest of the country guys can get different exhaust systems and whatnot it does have a 12 12 volt plug up here so that’s nice charge your cell phone or plug into your gear if need be heated hand grips are nice here but one of the things to put that this particular model does not have which the tiger 1200 does is the heated seats which is kind of nice there’s a little chilly this morning I know it looks absolutely gorgeous here in California but was a little chilly this morning heard about let’s see don’t have a temperature up so yes sir warmed up quite a bit today how’s the weather back there that’s pretty good yeah so we’re in full textile gear so it’s nice you know breathable we can open up the breathers on our ear but again Ducati’s got you know when I was over at Sioux County North America’s headquarters they had a pretty decent amount display of some of their Ducati Gator so while you’re configuring your bike check out some of their gear because they’ve got some very nice quality gear so so one of the things I will say a pro and con – on the suspension I one of the reasons why I bought the tiger 1200 was mainly because of the suspension and how much of a difference you can feel from going from comfort or I call Cadillac mode where it’s just like super super plush – the sport mode which is basically what we’re in right now now Ducati’s a little bit different they actually give you you know helmets and riders and baggage so you can choose a single rider single rider with baggage double rider and double rider with value the problem is that I think is it really doesn’t give you a clear definition of is it harder or softer which the tiger 1200 does so right now I would like maybe more of a harder in the twisties but be able to on the highway go to the softer now if you think about different some weights and different suspension it’s obviously going loosen up the suspension if you have two riders and you put it on once as one rider suspension hope they’re following me with this where if you’re in two riders with two bags and you put it into two right at your bag it’s obviously getting stiff enough suspension up so and also the suspension setting is also preset we are in sport mode so actually let’s go ahead and kick this over to touring mode and we’re going to close the throttle down so now we’re in touring mode which is going to give us a little bit less throttle a little less throttle response but I believe this also adjusts all of your trucks control your dynamic really control your abs control and then in addition your suspension control so now they’ve you mentioned one bright small gripe about the handles in the back so this is maybe just a forewarn for the two up ryder’s tell me about the handles back there there are pointy so when you’re holding on heart when to our foot forward backwards funny acceleration yeah accelerate quite hard like in kind of post between my thumb and my index finger so like if if if it could be more round maybe if you buy the barracks you can change out the back oh shit handles that they could be a little smoother I would like that but the back seat is actually quite comfortable and you have quite a bit of room between the bags back here and the pegs this is kind of nice dude I have a little more room to like move my feet around you were like on the tiger I’m locked in and there’s no room for Tiffany yeah so on the tiger the bags are up a little bit higher enough for words more towards me which forces you closer to me and I noticed that when we did our first little maiden voyage the other day and you’re much further back from here we’re on the tiger she’s much more closer so for me as the writer sitting here in the

position I am right now I don’t feel her at all me on the back and not me on back you feel much difference you know the twisties because of kind of where we generally come from as a sport bike rider and how nimble that tiger is compared to this one where this one is a little bit longer wheelbase on this bike and that wheel in the front is larger it’s not as comfortable to be in the twisties on this bike than the tiger so to compare this fight to the tiger with the two up on the twisties is a bit harder yeah but what I will say is with you back there I kind of like you closer so I mean the twisties because I kind of get that feel of the weight so yeah so you know so all around so the to up writing of it is it’s it’s fine it’s it’s really a good option I don’t think the Enduro would be a very good long-term to up just FYI so if you guys are looking for a to UPIKE I would definitely look at something more like the Grand Tour if you’re going to be more on the highway or if you are going to be more in the twisties you’re going to probably be looking more at the s opposed to the enduro which is really designed for the dirt so just kind of my my two cents here on the on the to up on the Enduro kind of buzzing I mean if we’ve got it longer sweepers so like I said it’s you know it’s this this really isn’t where I’m more affected by it’s more of that tighter tighter twisty stuff that I have more issues so that’s really the long sweeper stuff that’s the easy stuff but in that you know that first kind of section it’s definitely a slowdown kick it down a gear I used some of the engine braking and really that lower end torque kind of like where we’re at right now where we’re in that kind of low-end I’m in a fourth gear and I’m kind of using that low-end torque to kind of just balance the the bike out with my formal control feel free it’s so the DBT system that Multistrada is developed for this fight and I’ll get into it a little bit more on the solo ride but you know amazing and the rpm torque to the high rpm horsepower it’s one of the reasons why Ducati does so well on the big long straights is because of these these the variable timing and how are the valves and how the valves work on the Ducatis it’s not like a VTEC and Alex is explaining this to me the other day you know VTEC is like BAM that’s on right that’s kind of got that VTEC kick style that variable timing but when in this one it’s it’s a lot of different aspects to the valve timings and the valve opening to closing and sometimes valves they open slightly longer on an intake and out taken so there’s a whole science to it and I really encourage you guys to head over to the county’s website because they’ve got a whole little thing about the DB T but it’s it’s it’s very nice it’s you know fifth fifth year five thousand to roll on it just pulls right out of that torque engine gives us where it gets us right into that higher rpm for the very nice so coming in to Calistoga so timewise you guys will see this fairly fairly soon too when we’re releasing this video but if you guys catch this video after some time and want to know when we are weather wise we are in towards the end of February we haven’t had any rain in February in California which is very rare usually in California it rains all of February this week we are in going to be mid to high

70s all week so absolutely gorgeous weather I mean we’ve been riding the last two weeks we’ve ridden five six times I mean it’s just we’ve just been riding like crazy so got to kind of catch up but but you guys can see the trees are not leaved yet and a lot of blooms of blossoms are going on right now so we’re into February’s where we are right now so but the weather’s gorgeous absolutely gorgeous I’m diggin it I need some vitamin D out of that Sun real breakfast so we have this little spot we always go to it’s a wait how do you say it Sarah for Nia yeah something like that Cal so yeah certain point yes sorry in California or college don’t go or something yeah so we’ve got we’ve got our little spot up here so we’re gonna be wrapping this video up so thanks for coming along with us guys like I said we really would just want to give you a good perspective of what it’s like perspective wise me and Bogner to you on a two-up bike Sarah for Nia there we go so there we are downtown’s Calistoga so thanks for sticking around make sure you guys hit that like button please it’s it’s definitely very very very important that you guys hit that for the new algorithms in the YouTube land but also make sure you hit that subscribe button and of course leave us a comment down below what do you guys think how did you guys like the ducati was it enjoyable and if it wasn’t enjoyable with the two up I’m sure I got something up my sleeve to make it a little more enjoyable on the solo ride so thank you guys for sticking around we’ll see you next video bye bye