Diddy Kong Racing #2 – Derrotando Tricky

Today we continue the second part of Diddy Kong Racing! The guy is already challenging me? Let’s Go He challenge me? I have to win now! Lets go Doing here the drift and doing some spin to finish with style! The genie is not good enough for us! Going out is worth a lap too Lets pass the finish line and What reward? One more balloon. Let’s go back to the first world to finish it Lets go to the first race… That is Ancient Lake We got to take the 8 silver coins first and win Have one here Oh! Shit! I never got that one in the first time! Another turbo… Uoww! Ok. When you hear “Go for it!” you have to make ir first! Shit! That guy took my balloon! First place! We got our balloon Second race is Anc…. Fossil Canyon! Ancient lake was the last one I was bad… Shit! Get out of my way! I took it? Its not right This… THIS!!! Have one here I got to take one more… Ow! I got off the race Its not worth you win and not take the eight coins, you just have to try again Ok, now we can step up the accelerator! My plan to step up the accelerator is not working Now this last lap we gonna take it hard! Ow! I passed up the stink! Not matter, We got first place! Lets go to Jungle Falls

I sincerely I like to get all the silver coins possible in the first lap If possible, get in the first lap Because the other laps you focus on win I least only ones that are on the bridge Lets take right here… Ah! It was just one! I though it was more We got fourth place. We got passed right now the others We passed… first place. Now its just mantain Third race finished! Lets go to the fourth This one in from volcano These stages with airplanes to get the coins are more hard because the coin maybe is on top or near ground! You will see that the first coin from this race is on the back of the rock You have to search the coins Oh shit, I crashed in that part I though it have some around here I took one… i don’t remind… Ops. I got it! Yeah Not a problem… not a problem We have to get two more coins One is right here And the other one is in the middle Right, we now got to be in first place Watch out because we got into flames! Shit… I passed right though If you want tips about how to play better Diddy Kong Racing, I give several tips in the first video, watch out that you find out! These two turbos really, like I said, are huge advantage And now we got the four races and he asked for us to come back, so we came back The second race against the boss are a lot more hard What special prize it can be? Ah… lets go He got off before you You! STOP! Come back here! The hope is done when he finishes the race Another shoot, finally He got a little stop We have to try to get passed over him in the shortcut

Nice… It haven’t the turbo that have in another race Ah, brother I do not believe it! I think that have not turbo… Ah, it have! Ah… I crashed into coconut tree Come back… come back… Lets go Oh shit, he got it all! Let him passed, otherwise You are crushed And other…. ah! Lets go go go go go go Oh man… I didn’t use properly the turbo Run! I use the turbo when he got near of us No! Nooooooooooooooo! Like I explain in another video, third time is the charm You see, i started with a turbo, and crushed you see? sure I think its better get the lesser turbo in the beginning Like I take it here And here No! We got a chance, we got a chance This time we will use properly the turbo! Nooooo! I do not believe it! GET OUT OF THE WAY! RUN!!! YEAH!!! Lets see what he have to say to us now (Reading the message) Well… ham Lets continue here, lets win the trophy race You will race the four race again And the only concern that you have to be is to win the races Not have coins to take The IA, the enemys play a little better in this challenge And you got points and staying on first, second, third places And you gain the trophy that you gain, really If you got third place, you gain the bronze trophy, if you got second the silve one and first the gold one And we go the four races again here Try to finish the fastest as possible To train the races, because later we have to make little times in these races

First place gain 9 points, second makes 7, third gains 5, now so on Lets go To finish 100% this game you should have to know how to play these races How to play these races properly and as fastest as possible Taking shortcuts, turbos, using the skills you are learning the game Later we have to make fast time in these races, in all the races in fact We are good in here, lets see You can see that when i run with the other time, I passed though the last place since I was very fast And they were a lot of slow You can see that I cannot the even a soul in front of me! You see that they are better Ops, right in the wall Good on second race, I am with 18 points Take this turbo And another Here is dangerous to passed without itens! Ok, we got one lap Lets go, again! Oh shit! In my own trap! I will not use no more! Oh, i forgot to use the turbo! Ow!! Hahah! Really nice this Now I got to pass that last place For the last race, I am already in first place Ah… now they do not shoot me with the stalker bullet! I think its better this way That I got a turbo Ah, almost I got straight ahead! Ah, Ish, Oww! I got three at least! Now I leave these three to use, I like the effect very much! I will leave to use right over there I think the effect is very nice Ah, the second place is near… Lets go!!! Uaaa! Now the second place is far away Ok… First place And we won the trophy race! And this is it people!

We won the race collecting the 8 coins, won the second part of the boss and won the trophy race! And you can see right here, with our friend little clock, and you can see that all for the first part is taken Next video, we gonna start the second world, the Ice World! Ok? See you later, see other videos, if you like click on the like button, subscribe my channel to see more videos and follow my Diddy Kong Racing videos Thanks!