[CTR Crash Team Racing – PS1] My Favorite Kart Racing Game!

my game still running perfect today we’re going to be playing a pretty chilled game today you might hear a little background noise from the videogame that’s because I don’t have my headset plugged in yet sorry about that but we are going to be playing a pretty chill game today it’s going to be a nice little kart racer one of the best kart races at that in my opinion is going to be Crash Team Racing on the ps1 all right my controller might disconnect that points I’m using an Xbox one controller smart name using an Xbox one controller with for a PlayStation 1 game it’s got a funny you know it happens I can’t get my ps3 controller connected to my PC without it not working a little later down the line like I know how to get to work you know you just have to go like straight into like the settings of the fucking computer change a few things and then boom they’ll work it’s just too much work to do that multiple times you know what I mean know what I mean guys you know what’s that come to see if my volume is all good you might hear a little background noise from the screen that’s alright yeah my controller I’m sorry but we don’t know want to be here not lee side all right so playstation whatever later secret world legends to five but even though port1 it’s all good the thing is my control is gonna be disconnecting so that’s going to be a bitch all right but if it keeps I’m just going to reconnect all the memory crack reprogram all the buttons do everything for it to work with my keyboard if I have that’s all good if my game volume is too loud just let me know start this off here all right yeah all right guys give me just one second you re gonna work I’m just going to reprogram it to where it works on my keyboard one second guys actually I don’t know the buttons do crash bandicoot so this controller ah please word I’m gonna get up accord one sec I’m I’m taking forever this control should work all right I believe we have everything fucking situation now this controller shooting through this connect on fasten your seatbelts hopefully we have situated I think we are good I just got to be careful adventure okay all right sweet where your fucking good weird Andy and everything everyone call it let’s see who we want she has nice deceleration I believe her speech the same as crash actually how was their turning alright as long as we can use that power slide really just fine you’re alright I think we might just use crash actually I’m thinking more what’s her neocortex is same speed so we should answer no we’re going to use okay yes because her acceleration is incredibly bad us answer my name okay all right I feel good about that all right save complete here we go welcome to the adventure arena you can travel around this area and practice your driving skills the dots and stars on the map represent more pads which nah man I am so sorry I already know what you guys say alright let’s learn all of our controls here ok so ok so we just say backwards to back up ok and you can even hold back so even used to break okay let’s go we can either hold back to back up or just hold be I believe our one is to jump into the power slide so we’ll be will be fine I know if we get it to where the black smoke comes out as soon as we hit that green we will have a boost just like what neocortex had ours would be better though how do we use that okay let’s go to pool all right and also you always jump after you hit like a ramp because you will also get a good boosts after that boost hey check that out sorry crash hate somebody miss Adam how was even my TNT almost hit there – how about that I should hold held back and shot it cuz I can shoot it backwards you never know you could a you could hit somebody who all right after this race I need to go grab my charger put all my phone so yeah I don’t know why I started play this game I don’t know I just felt like

streaming crash but I was like you know what I wanted to stream Crash Team Racing first oh man these games are awesome kart racers are like the best but they were the best back on PlayStation 1 and 2 pretty much and also GameCube and whatnot and original Xbox had a few I had the crash it was alright yeah but these were at this time Melissa unlike those kart racers not the best but everybody was doing ok what you got say the more wampa fruit you collect the faster your cord will go if you collect and hold tin WAPA fruit you’ll be juiced up juice tower up will become more potent alright oh I hated this mission oh I can watch that comma grab my phone charger so I can put on my phone of course shit connected to an extension cord I’m going to bring it anywhere I want in this one we got everything under control single Drive with your brains you all right there we go I was doing this whoa I know this game isn’t as interesting as silver that’s what I played last time when I was planning on playing I just felt like I was you know a chill stream playing a show game they used to play all the time when I was a kid Plus this game is not too long at all it doesn’t not take too much you beat this game I need to get some Appa fruit yeah get that boost all right now you might see a few frames drops are in the game at least like right there because I am a mule eating it because I don’t have a capture card so I can actually play it through the actual console our PlayStation 1 up 3 or whatever go my playstation 1 is kind of thought I’ll read the game but it will read the game like shooting stock in it he does not do too well you know I always had a hard time trying to play this level oh all right oh okay I’m so first oh all right uh yeah well I was almost there almost there we got it this time

boost another boost that was the shitty beer sector hopefully that doesn’t fund I just got a text message that’s probably home oh good why crash I’m pretty sure my dog thinks I’m talking to Hill cuz I named him crash literally right after Crash Bandicoot so whenever I said crash his name he probably thinks I’m talking about him so I mean what the hell am i doing yes frames are dropping very badly for the game at least just for the game oh hey I’m just some speed Jesus get control all right here we go I just have to mess with the settings whenever I stop streaming hearing a little bit I probably do like one or two more races oh sorry this is a short quick shrimp you so fee when you get a TNT crate on your head start hopping immediately if you react fast and hop enough times the TNT crate will fall off your head before it explodes excuse me yeah I’m stop saying that actually all right sorry I want to look white there all right now I didn’t get a crate but at least I got it first now right there double boosts double boosts oh okay there is no escaping that I was too close all right keep hitting B or circle try and use those Sammy’s in an Xbox controller it’s kind of crazy kind of odd well that saved me Oh frame drop from Hale nope not quite yet be honest with you if I was playing this on my actual PlayStation 1 it would

probably be writing worse than this my playstation 1 is all found in my garage and I was like what the fuck yeah surprisingly it runs but it doesn’t run the games too well this one please stay up thank you you see that one blue tote on the map he’s just so far behind it’s probably like fuck it I am NOT going to get anywhere closer to that one purple man up there said of the dude Sam’s going to curious wrestle why fuck it I was going to enjoy the scenery I’m when Kay looks pretty nice anyway she’s in there you’re honest with you Coco was a lot slower than I thought she’d be I know her speed wasn’t too far by her acceleration was pretty well I just didn’t want to choose to crash or neocortex you know because I feel like everybody who always chooses only whatever they string those you’re in the air but then again you’ll get when you land I’m pretty sure more people would also choose Coco also extra air time I just wanted to choose somebody and not everybody chooses but and somebody that I don’t always choose because I always show something crash and I also choose tiny a lot too I don’t know why now am I going to try to do 100 100% on this game no you must have to yes I know I know huh yes this is a session the load save screen there are five of these screens one in each world section when you want to load or save a game go to one of these screens to access it drive up to the screen and stop then follow the directions well her turning does suck I will give her though I don’t know I might try to win every one how’d you present this who knows mask what was master seven let me tell you something sewer Speedway oh I love this fucking now okay I should really call it tracking up now all right you know we all know what I’m talking about hopefully be kid Oh No didn’t get away from him soon enough it’s kind of hoping for a boost but you know that works found you are you going okay that’s ass you know I would also love to stream the on one on the PlayStation 2 the second kart racer that they did I think it’s called tag team racing not too sure

honest with you I should have saved them so I was like in fifth place or something for the third don’t keep going keep going all right said talked it just screwed the pooch Oh crash you should have saved that it’s going on man look that we got another one no we’re don’t worry well I missed the cat don’t worry apparently she can’t turn so that’s all right oh we’re fucked No we go keep going really we kept our place I don’t know how it looks like we’re far ahead more foot no there’s somebody right behind us just crash it’s where to use the boosts there’s powerup huh boom we went know what we might even be able to finish this whole match who knows stream of 30 minutes I machine for just an hour maybe well that was fast see what I mean does it take much I should have saved but you know it’s all right all I’d have to do is just do that one race again that’s just one race thing is about these bosses is that they constantly use their power-ups so it’s kind of fucked I believe he has TNC now I’m fucked okay I thought he had like the green vials shit then I thought he had those up there currently not it’s all right no don’t hit it please don’t hit it it’s square go go go hit the gas how about that I was like four boobs at the same time let’s say he did take my fucking box though shit boss all those apples taste like I still got 3 gives me somewhat of a boost speed up speed up right get 8 that’s not bad okay I kind of hold this isn’t the only race I think it is though I don’t think they made it too difficult so I will say I did have a lot of trouble trying to beat this game when I was a kid when I when I was good said that work I said that very dramatically when I was kid back when I was a kid I said no the drugs and now I do meth every day I’m just kidding don’t take me serious guys I’m just kidding now that guy does math look at his eyes Galatians on opening this new area here you will find four more tracks to race

good luck all right Lotus it’s a point up here at the drift East this controls are kind of confusing all right here we go oh look at that go off to the next area okay that’s alright Lee okay I actually believe yeah this is the final boss area excuse me smack right on into it like it ain’t nobody’s business not right all right sweet guy even got us box like that took a little bit longer to hit Oh she knocked that off are you dick how about Coco what the hell you scream about past don’t freak out slowly the first lab will pass him now we could beat this game like a net nobody’s for us this so good and ain’t nobody’s problem I should have hit that another one yeah I said I’m gonna stop saying that we check that out oh damn that’s why you shouldn’t be tailing somebody especially on kart races like this god that drives soaked amps oh boy look behind us okay not bad not bad let’s see if we can beat two bosses in under an hour let’s see we know you can go faster through turns thank you to access this balls garage right now I don’t hit that no this place sounds like my favorite map it was in the demo also donut duh

duh duh oh shit oh my god you can hit so much speed on this fucking Louisville it’s insanely so yeah oh sure who fucks told me it was my dad oh shit oh it only hits one dude okay in one second guys you alright guys I’m telling this is gonna be the last race and I’m at the go inside and help my dad work on a motorcycle how about that right we bought ourselves a brokedown ass motorcycle from my dad’s friend for like five oh shit he well looks like we fucked up now my controller ain’t working well I’m at the end this off center on the top nevermind thank God dude I was like man not even save I don’t want to redo two races fucked up know what I mean well yeah well me my dad bought a brokedown house motor circle for 500 bucks my dad’s friend told us it was the on radio that’s wrong within also the gas tank is rusted out a whole bunch of ships rusted out on it you know he left it outside for fucking years didn’t drive it or anything and it’s actually the motorcycle that my dad learned how to ride on and also I don’t even know how to write a fucking motorcycle but I do know how to work on one well I’m learning how to work on one and it’s a 2008 Honda Rebel 250cm X I believe it’s a 250 I don’t know if it matters with the CM X at the end or not it’s like I said I don’t know too much about motorcycles but they are honestly a lot easier to work on than a fucking car is everything is like right fucking there you know you ain’t got a pop open a hood put your head all the way down in there and try to like find out where shit is it’s not mode it’s like what’s alright there unless if you actually want to take apart that fucking engine and actually start rebuilding than I should then okay then yeah it might be a little bit hard yeah well we did just get a battery so we are going to see if it’s gonna turn over see what’s actually wrong because I see the carburetor is actually the problem because the air filter when we got that out it was actually really fucking nasty dirty so yeah that might have been the problem so we’re going to get a new air filter yeah also repainting the whole motherfucker – so we’ve to lack and white it’s gonna be fucking sexy yeah sorry man on one thought alone I always get a turbo boost wild powers lighting thank you oh man this is also my favorite race too well too bad boom check that out there probably she goes faster when she felt kid power slides I save again alright guys coming out the stream there guys like don’t greet but don’t forget to follow maybe like and subscribe I might it um post this up on my youtube channel who knows what if I do don’t forget to like subscribe I’ll supposed to come a southern comment section below

and whatnot now I’m going to not strain there hopefully guys have a good day night afternoon weird time guys watching this as always keep the old-school kick-ass index for you or stream later and as always thank you for watching sorry if anybody just joined in too