day 3, stage 1 Day 3, guys Going downstairs with my breakfast We have tree tomato juice A long breakfast for a long stage of 106km The longest of all Alright guys, we had breakfast and now look at the weather The weather is perfect for me! A lot cooler today! I hate the heat! Yesterday with those 38 degrees, horrible! Today it is a lot cooler! The whole night already I am feeling great, but I would prefer to rest today, but no, it is a flat stage, so I really want to do it! You have to help the team! Yesterday I told you that my goal was to just learn and to finish with the peloton but also to try to bring water from the team car to the team’s capo, then to pace the group in the flying goals and to help the sprinter in our team, to help her to win the flying goals And maybe even to attack, if I can, if my legs let me attack Nobody knows me here, so that could be a good thing Guys, ready for the second stage, look at this: All the guys are already down there, and some girls as well It seems like they are reading all the names of the team members again We need to go downstairs and sign the register, because if you don’t sign you can’t I mean, you are disqualified You have to sign to show that you are healthy and that you are here Yes, that’s what we gonna do now Well, here we go, the girls are already warming up We have some 45 minutes to go until the start The accompany car, the two Do something! Girls, the bags! Do you bring your phone? No, right? How do you feel, Milena? Good, good, we’ll go for it! It is a hard stage, but we will enjoy it! And how are you? Good, good, very good! Lorena? Good, we’ll go after today’s stage! Super chilled, we will win this! With Milena! That is the goal! We will win this! Now they are controlling the starting numbers, and over here in the tent we will sign the register Remember the official starting time for the stage is at 9:30AM 9:30AM is the starting time of ‘La Vuelta del Porvenir’, so of the young men And 5 minutes later the stage of the ‘Tour Femenino’ for the women So 9:30 and 9:35 (He’s doing the last call for some team members to finally sign the register to be able to start.)

One photo, please, if you would be so nice! Hello, for an interview, how are you? You will look straight in the camera First of all, what is your name? How come a German is here in Colombia, and especially here in Florencia, Caqueta? Ah, well since three years already I live in Bogotá and there I joined a team and now I am here for my first race And you have always been a dedicated cyclist? No, actually I have been cycling for only one year I started cycling in Bogotá because the landscapes are so beautiful and I wanted to get to know the country so I continued cycling and fell in love with it And have you had problems with the humidity over here? Yes, I am from an area in Germany where it is usually a lot colder than over here and that is why I like living in Bogotá Sometimes over here I feel very sluggish and it is very difficult to ride here for me Now tell us a bit about your team, how have they received you in the team? The girls are very kind, I love being with them in the team I feel very proud that they gave me this opportunity to race with these girls, they are very strong, they are fighters! And yes, overall very proud to have this chance! But Germany also has great cyclist, they have cycling in their blood as well?! Yes, but how they say, Colombian cyclists are ‘escarabajos’ (name for good climbers) and the Germans are very strong on the flat roads So, here it is a little different, we also have good cyclists, but I love the Colombian cycling more What are your expectations and goals for this Tour Femenino? Any rank you want to achieve? No, well first of all I want to finish it Of course, I want to give the best that I have in my legs Okay, congratulations and good luck in the Tour! Thanks! Thank you! I told them that the girls of the team rock!! I am going to be popular with that TV interview! Okay, I am in the car ‘4a’ in the caravan The caravan of the cars is practically the same caravan as that of the cyclists We are those that accompany Do you have an inner tube that you can sell me? Dude, Jhoann has all of them We went out to train today and all the girls punctured Jhoann in the front has all the inner tubes, what I have is wheels Another car asking for an inner tube, which they don’t have I don’t have any spare tubes, only wheels. I couldn’t help him They number off the cars, so they will stay in order Here I am going to show you the caravan of the cars We are going back to the hotel, and this is the same route we just raced

And every town has these speed bumps Terrible! Terrible, terrible. But back in the hotel I will tell you about the stage Hello, hello, I already took a shower and we already had lunch: rice, mashed potatoes, and salad Look at my sunburn! I will tell you in a bit, there was a crash an incredibly huge crash of almost all girls First of all though, I need to wash these clothes so they dry until tomorrow, and then massage and relax and I will finally tell you what has happened Well first of all we have a look at whether the bike is okay Is the bike okay? Is the bike okay? First I clean them and then I do maintenance Then, what can I tell you The stage was 109 or 110km long, it started with with 3 kilometers controlled when left the town of Florencia, because the roads are still terrible And then we continued and it were almost only rolling hills, going uphill, downhill, uphill, downhill and yes, almost the entire time like that. There was no major climb, that is for tomorrow’s stage and the third stage Today was more or less just hills and flats Even though I think we still climbed 800 meters So, this was my first stage with only girls and when we started I thought we were going for a stroll and my boyfriend always told me that the girls don’t go so fast, they are more like that they attack and hit the brakes, attack and brake and actually it was exactly like that: they went down the hills very slowly and climbed very fast So, going up a hill the would attack and then going down to hit the brakes again, something like that The first, I think, 20km were quite calm at 30km/h, something like that, 26/27/30 And after that we had more girls attacking I was also pulling the group in the front, twice I think Because I go downhill very fast, my wheels roll very fast so it bothers me to hit the brakes too often

And also I wanted to test myself, and play around to see how it is to be in the front and to see whether they would follow me, and yes they did, and it is hard to be in the front pulling the peloton! And then I would go further back again And they told me that all the girls are like like I don’t know, very strong, very aggressive with their elbows like that: And of course, when anyone got too close I would hold on to the handlebar like this as well And the good thing is that I am tall and the foreigner, so I think everyone has, or maybe some of the girls were maybe afraid of me because I have like twice their volume So, nobody actually pushed me I think immediately after the start many of the girls got punctures One of my teammates punctured but she got back with the group I saw this one girls, where there were speed bumps and she fell and spinned around and I was like NOO This is cycling, how terrible! But alright, she continued cycling with her face taped up and everything And well, with only like with only 15 kms left I ate everything that I brought, and I brought 8 dates Yes, I brought 8 dates And 2 gels And I ate it all with only 15km left, so after 90km I ate all of it I slowed down once to go to the back to the car for water and no, the car almost ran me over Because no, I wasn’t able to, the gave me the water and pulled me forward but no, that was horrible And one of the girls brought me a water bottle and then I gave it back to her, so I think that was good team work And it was very good to see the the dynamics and movement of a peloton of only women That was very interesting and I have learned a lot from it BUT: there was a sign saying, 5kms until finish so they accelerated and then there was the sign for 1km left and then I don’t know what happened, no idea, but they all fell down, and I was behind them so I intended to go around to the side and then back but I wasn’t able to do that so I went straight onto the grass and then there was it, so terrible, a lady of maybe 60 or 70 years, I don’t know, and I ran her over, or say she slowed me down So I fell onto the grass and she was laying on the grass as well And NO, well, I am all new to this, I am a cyclist but also a human, so So, I looked whether she was okay, she was tangled up with her bag like this: And she didn’t speak and I was just like ‘Everything will be okay!!’ And I saw all the girls laying on the road All the bikes like: Some of the girls continued and others just remained laying on the road I got up, and really, I was fine, I just fell onto the grass And well, I have this one here: I have this one: And I have I have this one as well I already fell onto this side last year and I still have a hematoma there, and now another on top This seems to be the leg I always fall onto The uniform is okay, the bike is okay, The saddle got some scratches, so I I was screaming ‘Help, help, help for the lady!’ and then I left and I picked up the bike and the saddle was like that: And I just hit the saddle so that it would turn to the correct positioning again And I continued and then I got to the finish line and my team was already there Four of them, I was the fifth And unfortunately, one of the girls fell down onto the asphalt. I think two fell onto the grass Me and another girl on the other side of the road And sadly, she fell onto the asphalt And her shoulder is a bit messed up, I don’t know whether she can start tomorrow And also the guys, the left before us and they are like 200, 206 and there was this horrible crash

at the finish, or say 20 meters before the finish line It looked incredible on the photo I saw, everyone on the ground, above, below Naaah, that is madness! I am so happy that I just fell onto the grass but I ended up in shock and seriously guys, I started crying and I actually turned around to find the old lady and everyone got mad at me for that. They told me that happens, that is cycling, it was not your fault And seriously, I am new to this and not embarrassed and I really just wanted to make sure that the old lady was okay, that they took care of her and brought her to a hospital or whatever So I turned around to look for her but wasn’t able to find her I spoke to some judges that I saw on the road, and they told me that she was alright Well, and then I went back to the car, changed clothes, and we finally went back to town Hopefully, tomorrow I will be able to show you more of what happens at the finish line after the race There was a bunch of kids who all wanted to have pictures, take pictures, and so on They saw us how we changed our clothes, how we sit there sweating, with our faces so dirty So I can say, really awesome, but you also need to be careful at all times Let’s see how things are going tomorrow, for now I will rest and wait for my massage, I have this whole side hurting and I am still a bit shaky After, directly after I got to the finish line I drank that protein powder that I showed you in water, but it tastes horrible in water, that Chachafruto It is much better in a shake but it is difficult to just bring a blender and make a shake I drank that and then I had like one kilo of grapes, fruits Of course, like liters of water and now lunch Now I think it is already 5PM, so I have to rest, get a massage, and eat again We’re already having dinner No idea what that is, that is pasta soup And I am loading some pictures, here I am #SUFFERFACE Second plate, that is plantain, plantain cake