Marcos Ambrose gives Sim Racing Advice at Brands Hatch

have a comment on this video you want me or my guests to answer on a future video call the show 7:30 to 9 6 5 8 7 7 3 or send an audio file to RutgersKevshow at this has been a fantastic episode to make I hope you enjoy broadcasting live to tape from beautiful Omaha Nebraska where on a clear night you can almost see the 1999 European Formula Ford champion the 2003-2004 v8 supercar champion with 28 wins and 66 podiums the two-time Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series winner with 46 top 10s five-time NASCAR Xfinity Series winner 18 top 10s and a guy with 2,500 Road Irating that likes to make youtube videos it’s the RutgerKev show! Hello everybody we’re here at Brands Hatch. Somebody saw my YouTube video yesterday and suggested and I really need some tips and is offering to give me some advice and hopefully everybody else can take this advice and use it to become a better driver so let’s see who’s here: mic-check good Day Kevin it’s Marcus from Australia mate, I’ve been watching your YouTube channel and your podcasts and realized you’ve been having a bit of trouble getting around Brands Hatch so as a former in driving instructor around the track that’s what I’ll give you some tip. Well, Marcus Ambrose everybody! Okay! So I believe we’re gonna happen Marcos’s car and he’s gonna take us around the track so I have to exit out of my car Macroos: Yes you wouldn’t believe it Kev but I’m actually a fan of yours the whole “Why Me” thing is actually a lot of fun and in racing there’s a lot of “Why Me” moments yeah I would I would imagine but uh unfortunately when you say “Why Me” yourself is not over the national radio Marcos: yeah they go, so this is Druid’s up here I believe this is a slowest corner on the track just under the bridge you want to be hitting the brakes pretty hard it’s an uphill braking zone and you actually can brake really late for that corner it’s gotta be careful though you don’t slide off the inside apex back there so you want to be on those rumble strips all the way around this corner here on new tires you can short shift a second it’s a real trick little corner this one because when the tires get old you can actually run out to the third it’s about flowing speed through this one mode you want to come right out here there’s no penalty out on that stuff and then we’re coming to this little section here it’s a bit of a kidney, kidney shape it’s not actually a straight line so as you’re breaking the back end wants to cut loose here as you’d know you’ve got to be really careful on this one it’s all about not over driving the entry and getting a really solid exit Kevin: So what gear through there did you go down the first? Marcos: no second. One of the mistakes a lot of people make is just flicking too many gears and so I like Texas to lose it uses a taller gear and have less gear shifts I had Zizi on the tires and it’s also just easier to manage so I run second gear back corner before this one here I’ll downshift to four now these corners here it’s really easy to actually break too deep and go too deep and people have a real habit of either being on the brake or being on the gas pedal this corner here is a classic example where you can actually get off the brake early slight through the middle of the corner carry like mid corner speed and then just gradually creep the struggle on coming off you look after your tires more you’ll have less incidence and you’ll just get less tired built up as well so would you only start to break now because I was breaking all the way back at a 50 soon I know you’re definitely breaking early I generally break earlier than most in real racing and in the sim and try and float across the middle the corner so there’s a period of time where you don’t want to be on the brake you don’t have on the gas you just want to be sort of naturally rolling through the corner what what a lot of people call a four-wheel drift so this corner up is similar it tricky dough I’m actually on more on the inside if you take the normal line on the outside it actually it’s a constant bend and it’s really easy to lock the tires up if you’re not breaking a straight line tires do not like to do two things at once so don’t like to break and turn or they don’t like to power and turn so the study you can brake the car the better off the tires will be for you and that corner there is pretty tricky because it feels like you’re going at it dead straight you’ve got a constant bend on the way into it this one here on new tires definitely can run second most the time I’ll run third just again just a reducer

gear shift this here’s one of those examples where you can break really early and float across the middle the corner so I’ll break early off the break almost now try and roll float across let the car come out and I’ll be creepin the power-on out on this line so I’ll pick it up a little bit and we’ll just get a bit more momentum you can see what it’s all about because I’m floating floating floating now hard on the power and not drifting light at all so you’re gonna want to hug this here huh I’m sorry you really want to hug that inside I was kind of drifting out go ahead no really yeah really try and hug it and this one here you’ll notice I just flight the corners quite a bit sighs we’ve got the speed again you will see there’s a period of time where I get off the brake much sooner on that brakes to me much more floaty like you were saying I was more stopping up yeah so just in general make all I try to do is break as straight as I can that first corner up on top the hill that’s a classic example where if you actually followed the normal racing line you’ll be you’ll be turning and breaking and just create a lot of drama for yourself so actually just try and break straight where I can even if I’m off the ultimate racing line at the start of the brake zone let’s just go back to the pits well the only kilometer that you intake at speed was that last one so could you just go out and make that left hander at the bottom of the hill there I don’t died on other corner names yeah sure do you want to do a full lap for you yeah okay yeah without me talking because the only time you thought you went around a speed that I interrupted you on that corner example fourth gear I was going out a third year there look how much he sticks it inside here versus how far out I draw that was deep this great stuff guys how lucky are we how lucky are we that we get real-life drivers like this to teach us how to drive I think this is amazing if you don’t know Marcus is a Formula champion Formula Ford instructor at Brands Hatch in real life obviously very very accomplished road racer to NASCAR wins should be a lot more both at the Klan now one thing to consider is Marcus in Australian we’re in a US server so

there’s gonna be a little bit of ping so we’re not gonna see his inputs exactly smooth Hey look out he never even comes close to the grass I was touring with the grass service every single app there been shift I was shifting nice how does that compare to what you’ve been doing before they well I noticed through the whole second half of the lap you were not even close to the grass on the outside of the corners where I was flirting with disaster almost every corner much more smoother yes I I made a couple of things here which are really important one is with an open set up you can set the car up to be whatever you like so my general trend in iRacing and real Racing’s obviously you know a little bit different to i racing these tricks of the trade and setting cars up on I racing but a general rule of thumb is I like to set my car up so we’ll turn when I’m off the brake pedal so this car here you’ll set up that’s that’s um that you sent me it’s pretty tight so I’d be looking to throw the car up on my corner entries so I could get off the brake pedal and just roll into the corner with the car still turning for me that’s that’s what I would be looking to do if I was looking to set up a car here for the race but it’s all that the tires mate so the tires you know it’s the only bit of the car that’s touching the ground you could you can have the wing angle whatever you want you can have the ride heights whatever you want but at the end of the day the only bit that touches the racetrack are the four tires and they’re the things that you’ve got to look after the most and like I said earlier tires generally don’t like to break and turn or turn and accelerator so the front tires get stressed out when you brake too deep and you’ve got too much wheel in it and you don’t trail brake enough because you’re just generating heat and the the scene the iRacing sim does a really good job I think of mimicking you know that effect of real life racing and crossing it over into the sin as well so familiar I like to set my cars a bit freer on the corner entry to just manage those tires and look after the tires the other thing that happens too when you brake early and flight across the middle it gives you a chance actually correct the car if it starts to slide because you’ve got less inputs we’ve got more options to either dad the brake or or touch the throttle or whatever you got to do to react to it in the middle of corner so it’s not for me to sort this games all about the tyres and in real racing – it’s all about the tyres you know so I really focus hard on that and actually change my driving style to suit that as well so I try rike straight if I can I mean four corner presents itself that you can’t you know you have to turn and brake at the same time you use a lot of trial braking it’s as best you can especially while she’s got downforce in the car at the high speeds but when you get down to those slower speeds just got a really manage you know your brake pedal and I try and really just be disciplined on getting off the brake pedal and letting the car roll across the middle of corners best I can so I actually can’t show this set up because it’s from Craig set up shop but if you take a quick look at the setup what would you change what would be the first thing you would change to freed up well have a better look at that in a second I’m just I haven’t even looked at here so let’s have a quick quick gander the first thing I do is probably be taking some different and I’d be taking some wing angle off it alright and I’d be getting I mean that that’s just just general but I’m no setup expert so I don’t I don’t set cars up in the game I just you know with kids and life and everything getting the way just take it takes a lot of time to set cars up so I tended you know pinch a baseline set up from someone and just change a few clicks here or there so I’m certainly no expert on setting cars up but generally you know the car that I just drove then I’ve been looking to make it a bit freer on the entries well if anybody else is like Marcus and doesn’t have time to set up cars I recommend Craig set up shop landed at Craig set up shop calm not a sponsor but a plug hey guys so I want to follow you I reckon boom will say hey so you hear it what’s going on what do you think ready to go so you want me to go I got speed oh is this pressure today I’m all slide you through there so that’s I’m using too much throttle

I’ll just get the toys chance to warm up get down in here kind of do your floaty thing like a bit earlier oh boy hey I want to follow you now okay and I just passed Marcus Ambrose guys I was in the wrong gear there yeah this said here it’s a bit of ocker between second and third isn’t that one yeah I know from my race go yeah I did do that a couple times how awesome is this guys what an experience right yeah you carry so much speed through there that’s really where I’ve been losing time in general fit on the black stuff keV well he’s really early on the brakes huh right slide past me good night all right around this corner see look we’re pulling away from him because he’s trying right it’s very very exciting stuff I’m like I feel like I’m racing Gregor who too not saving the tires like Marcus is talking about I’m doing back what I was

doing yesterday that four-wheel side damn oh boy so there’s you know there’s no true break marker for the first corner is there now if it wants you to there’s a lot of guys to get that to mind really wrong like honestly I’ve been going by the darkness on the track Oh II don’t need to slow down there huh that was the ping that was the ping playing on the ping all right let’s go back in the pits and I’ll jump in with you if you like and talk your and that’s driving yeah just be aware that if you do that it’s not exactly one to one you’ll be like a second behind yeah brought up okay um I’m ready I’m with you that’s interesting your cars stayed there I thought your car would have reset here we go serious driving only laser focus Marcus Ambrose is watching see where I was doing that yesterday I was downshifting after I turned charge sticking this corner in third gear I want to see you brag a bit earlier turn in a bit light so pretty good day describe your life so I’m this one break early we are not Jimmy Broadbent we are Rutgers keV that’s for sure you should be in third or and no one I reckon I was too hung up on what gear to be and not hung up on breaking and so I’m trying to float like you say and then I’m carrying too much speed yeah it’s just you’re just barking today that’s better amazing it just told me Trixie I’m even braking sooner than I would normally do it I just pull up Mike and we’ll jump back in mark out all right okay so when you come up on top of the hill here I’m just gonna back up from

that and you get disqualified in our testings in a session that you set up let’s let’s find out you’re in VR aren’t you Marcus I am can you set that post now but what I didn’t hear your web post oh there’s a telegraph pole there on the left-hand side you see that oh yeah I see the marshal yeah the marshals box uh-huh yes I see the telephone with all there yeah yeah yeah so when you come up the hill you look for that telegraph pole and you break straight towards it so you actually you’re off the edge of the track heading up the hill because you need to break straight towards that post and when you get at the top of hill then you start looking to the right and you start looking for the apex and the apex is actually right on this curb right here oh wow and then so you’re totally off to brakes the whole way or the whole time returns yeah yes so you want to you want to be trying to get to here so you go you can go for that down that hill I’m just going to reset just get rid of this black flag so can you see that telegraph post in the distance yes yeah now I know what you’re talking about yeah so you’ll be aiming towards that so you’ll be up here somewhere and then when you’re looking actually off the break now you’re trying to get off the brake and you’re trying to touch this I did it again running up right click on your name and the standings if you have if you have mouse enabled that’s all Rob right because you can your your the admins you can clear your own flags gotcha okay let’s start this again yeah so you you float in the car I mean you really trying to make this curb on the inside if you can sometimes you just can’t you because you’ve messed it up a little bit but ultimately you want to try that and be wide open throttle into this big compression and you never have to worry about that Center from the outside because you won’t overdrive it I brake underneath the sign right here underneath the bridge I’m actually turning early and I want to hit this very start right here I want to hit the very start of that inside no I was not doing that I on that as long as I can second gear for me up here okay so I’m gonna be sitting on it as long as I can and now I can actually see downhill I can get wide open throttle quickly that’s the perfect entry there now this one here it’s a similar story where I’m actually on braking I’m trying to brake straighter and see that marshals post up in the distance yeah that’s actually your braking marker so you actually trying to break towards that that box yeah exaggerating that’s crazy different it’s like a whole new level yeah but I’m exaggerating it okay so I’m exaggerating the deal but you’re trying to brake straight and then get off the brake in turn and this one here in this car feels like it should be third gear or really late downshift a second you can run a bit of the inside rumble strip if you get the corner right so you back that braking zone right up to make sure you don’t over draw the corner now this is another example of this straight away has actually got a kink in it it’s slightly bent so when you’re breaking you know you’ve got to be careful because you’re actually breaking and turning at the same time so I always give up the entry to this one so I make sure that I at least I’m about here ready for throttle to come off the corner second or third gear depending on what you want to do you just want a nice clean exit because the entry you know you might get up a tenth or two tenths a lap but the exit if you get it wrong you can lose a second or lap because you leads on to such a long straightaway right so I’m always trying to protect my lap time by giving up the bits that don’t really matter that much to make sure I get clean exits on to the long straightaways so just going to here just generally I break early down shift it and I floated across the middle and then once I float across the middle I know my front tires aren’t stressed out and I can really get aggressive on the throttle on the way out this one here I brake really early again I’m actually aiming to try to get this much rumble strip okay like you want to try to get as much this inside rumble strip as you can without getting a penalty you know one of those

slowdowns or a1x this is another one of those examples where if you’re on the outside although if you’re on the outside edge all the way around you’re actually breaking and turning too much so I actually pinched this bit off right here and I’m actually aiming to that gap in the trees up there I’m sort of aiming towards that just the right of the marshals post amazing I’m trying to break straight and I get off the brake and I turn and I’m again I’m looking to take a lot of rumble strip about that much if I can and to do that you’ve got it back two corners right up okay this is great stuff this little short chute you know you were coming in third gear and then switching to fourth even if you hit the rev limiter right here just stay in third because it’s just you know it doesn’t you don’t gain anything by switching to fourth and then you’ve got a downshift back to third and it can make it you know it makes it easier to make a mistake when you get in the next corner so and this all shoot here just staying third I just see those lights on my dash mirrors they tricked me now you can sit on the rev limiter for a walk quite often in real racing you’ll set it up so you hit the rev limiter and that’s your cue to actually break so you don’t over break for the next corner yo don’t overdrive for the next corner this one here’s another example where you brake really early okay downshift and then you float off the brake now float float float float start creepy throttle so you want to have that transition a gap between the brake pedal and the throttle a lot of people you know when they get into racing in real life or even in the sim they want to be on either the brake better on the gas but in racing itself he actually make more time by not touching the brake pedal and not touching the throttle that’s about just floating the car across the middle trying to carry all that mid-corner speed as best you can obviously you can’t do it all the time but where you can you try to so just pick it up again here and you get a feel for always careful to downshift too early yeah he’s yeah see how he’s so violently to the right compared to me I was like more in a straight line let’s see if he stays in third here he does this is great great stuff he says really early and he’s at the 50 sign okay I’m like looking up at the gap in the trees now cool huh Lutron light in a number here so they got something work from so I’m in the middle of the track here looking for that that kind thoughts are the Paul yep he’s doing exactly what you see like the world champions – how they kind of go to the right before they go to the left every time I do that I missed the apex that’s definitely something I need to work on and he’s still going to the 50 sign he’s just he’s just not slowing down as with the brakes compared to me and this is gonna mess with my head so much one more all right so we’re looking for that hole he’s yeah he’s actually like over past that first part of the hill before I even starts to slow down right I wonder

if he’s off throttle basically at 250 sign but he’s cutting it right where the curb starts loaded out bring it back over the marshal stand that makes sense that’s not what I was doing but that makes sense it’s a setups tricky in that corner there that’s not sure if that last corner sitting second or third they need to roll really yeah it’s tricky with this setup some de choice anyway might another really good technique when you’re struggling with tracks like this it’s just go to youtube and just watch watch some in-car footage of other drivers you know either in the game or in room yeah but isn’t that why people would go to my channel but what happens when I suck and the guy in YouTube sucks that’s why we need Marcus Ambrose or brought us I go out there and draw and cut some laps so you see how you got with that and I’ll work on this set up a little bit if you yeah sure if you wanted to stick around Marcus I actually thought that you would take off if you’re well show her I’ll do a couple mole for you yeah what great problem I was telling the viewers when you were driving around is how lucky we are and just how just how great of a game my racing is so Wow think so will is incredible yeah and that’s what I wanted I guess somebody who’d driven a lot on Brands Hatch and obviously the track has changed and stuff like how how real is it you know just from a visual perspective well the big thing with all our eyes you use it truce in out there to replicate what racing is all about a lot of race – all around the world pretty much driven about 80% in real life 80% of the cars that are actually in the service and about 67% of the tracks and all the tracks compared super well in realism for me especially now it’s going to this day night transition and got the but dynamics changing so much so the tires wearing you know really accurately the time I was getting better and better this day night transition with the show I’m on the track and and grip flip is changing and everything it’s just quite amazing how far they come and I tell my mates I get on here just because you know how my hands been and I’ve been out there I’ve done that the real thing but I enjoy you know sharing the feelings of racing with my mates and so we get online and we have a bit of a bash around and you know pick a few trucks here and there and they’ve got no idea how close to real life it really is so familiar it’s about 82 cents of the real thing for me it’s given me a lot of sensations now I’m in a good read I’ve got a full motion to set up I’ve got a really fun you know card you know so and I’ve spent the money to have a really good scene it’s giving me all that feedback but it is super comparable to the real thing it’s never gonna quite get there people think because you just can’t replicate g-force so see a downshifted there in the middle of the corner football field and you have the our sled that swings around to try to you know mimic that g-force sensation but the general vibe of what racing is all about and the way to go about winning races it’s all here in this scene and it really is an amazing tool for another coming driver and it’s amazing to people who otherwise wouldn’t be able to experience you know racing like this which is pretty close to the real thing now are you just saying that because they sponsored your car ten years ago well all was the original one was nice so yeah we did a deal with them to put the iRacing logo on our car Pocono projecting to TT racing I think is way back in 2010 so I’ve known about the service and I was actually a game on the service and that’s how the whole thing started backing me back in the day I had kids and a family and sort of round back from I racing for a long time I reengage when I moved back to Australia after retiring in NASCAR I’ve just been blown away by how far they’ve come with the service and how real estate really is so I’m as big a fan of my racing as anyone

you’ll find if anyone asked me in the street yeah what do you think online racing up telling us you know one of the best things but one of these things has happened to racing forever like it’s just an amazing experience to be able to put myself with VR and a good read put yourself in tracks order in the world at anytime the day literally in your own living room it’s pretty cool what was the first wheel you started with yeah so I just started with a real hack job sis so I can’t remember the name it was but there’s a machine down home sort of Coon you can board hyper stimulator it’s a terrible name but that’s what it’s called and basically just start off with base package here but I moved time just so I could have a race with my mates and then I started digging around YouTube and saw what some people are doing with motion and thought I’d build my own so I’ve just gone out and just picked away bits and pieces of I’ve pretty much got awesome experience gear as far as the wheel drive wheel and in motion guys and that’s a great company a little bit tricky to work with because you know they’re part of world away but then I’m happy to buy more when I wanna come across it I would have just have loved to hear that you were using like a logitech wheel I was probably even worse than that to be honest when I first started but he quickly realized that hardware makes a big difference to your racing so I mean if you want to if you want to race the 24 hour long or the 24 hour of lemons it’s pretty easy to work it out so hardware does make a difference with yourself and good gear you’ll be better drivers no doubt just like a real race all right we got a session best one going here so when you first started did you have VR well obviously obviously not so I just started 10 years ago so what would you say the difference is between VR yes so 10 years ago I was obviously running just a desk you know you know with a roll chair that was sliding around and I could never get the pedal to stick with the ground and just the same hot stuff that people did when I first start but when I came back to Australia and Tyler here last couple years it was greatly being sort of building my rig and getting it the way I wanted to and the VR for me was just a game changer it just felt like game and people be against it on and all of a sudden it felt like you’re actually in the cockpit so definitely for me PRS way to go I know the resolutions not awesome as a real racecar driver attended a lot deserving distance than many and so the resolution trying to see break zones or break markers in the distance can be not a good lap here with VR but the benefits certainly outweigh that negative in my opinion and as the sort of evolves and hopefully comes out with a better resolution package that you can buy out there in the column marketplace are we buying it as soon as I can they are way to go it doesn’t make it doesn’t make any faster maybe not doesn’t make the realism better yeah totally does so familiar I’m just trying to build a realistic reek and mates in it and let them have you know as real experience as they can get out of the service so that’s why I’ve gone for motion and gone they are and in doing a good graphics card is you’ve got to have a graph to turned up to make you feel right to now you don’t have to name names but you know are there many former drivers that scratch their itch with this yeah some some yeah some a very common some or not but definitely I know a lot of people I use the NASCAR cars obviously you’re racing that often throughout the year in the testing all the time and look around at country doing sponsor appearances pretty hard those guys they have any kind of consistency and to bother with it but took up-and-coming guys it’s just a must have device I’ve actually got a couple of machines for drive amateur drivers trying to turn pro again here and they’re in it all the time then might not be household names now but you know one or two of them out of out of 100 my will you know become the next sub stages never done and what about you know reformer drivers retired drivers this it seemed like cuz you just grew I mean you started this when you were very very young with karting I mean this has been your whole life so this must be a great way to get those juices

flowing yeah look you know I am retired from racing you know I do miss it I’m missing elements of it certainly I don’t miss the travel and the commitment fitness not the stuff you’ve got to have that goes with it so you know having a machining young your living rooms not in my living room for summer shared but you have a machine you can just jump on and sort of have a good race I’ve been doing this work I’ve done couple mobile devices and that’s just been fantastic you know that tracks just a great track and the drivers that are at the top of the higher end of this service you know they’re all pretty respectful and know how to get around there it definitely feels like you can you know get a kick out of it I enjoy jumping on the service there we go otherwise I wouldn’t bother with it no really what I enjoy more is he’s giving my feedback to guys like you Kevin who you know trying to get a bit better on my nights down home here that get better we keep screwing up there to get better in my knowledge of racing and help them in their own online careers no it’s just a guy but it’s it’s a pretty cool one enough that’s for sure it’s the only gave us yeah I guess the guys racing 400s between the nine seers in cake or whatever I mean it’s not a game for them it’s it’s a rivet the real deal isn’t it so I don’t think that um you need to compare you know what’s a like versus real this is not real I just think it’s there’s online racing and there’s real racing down you know I’m happy to jump in online racing and in race guys and and feel like it’s a real deal it’s real thing that’s what I was talking to Richie Hearn about he just you know he’s you know he wants to win right so he treats this doing i racing gets those competitive juices flowing and he Richie Hearn says the he treats a major series race just like he used to you know in his mind how he used to treat real life just the competition level yeah that’s absolutely true tomato and yeah bridge he’s a tank of the draw about I’ll speak banner expected to die he was really cutting speech didn’t indica whilst I was growing up so I got a lot of respect for Richie and faculties on there and he’s happy to talk about it come on and have a go I mean that’s what’s all about you know it’s just great that he can you know get a kick out of it just like you know I do down home it’s just a lot of fun and that’s it does definitely the more it evolves and the more they work on this day night transition and they work on hopefully Ryan coming and all the other stuff in the tire model it needs to be obviously continuing tweak didn’t prove who knows where it’s going to get to right now I’m a real fan of it and happy to be part of it and sort of help people if I can be better races online that’s all I’m trying to do with you well hopefully it’s working yeah it’s really working with with the line so I would never think to take take some of the lines so you took without you telling me it’s just a question of putting the holding together and I actually don’t have your lap time up do you know what lap time me around yeah so I’ve done a twenty three point four nine and you’ve done a twenty four point two four okay so a second yeah but well it’s coming right now laser focus as I miss the apex let me ask you this when you break do you know like what percentage of the bar is filling up side it again my mister when you go into a breaking zone in this car and you break right how much of the how much of the bar is filling up can you can use can you see your input bars when you drive no I just turn all that stuff off I don’t have any Delta tongs or junk on there I try to just not probably doubt I just don’t feel but I’ve got a down here on the bottom left I’ll have a bit of looks right now because I think like you know one of the things could be just I’m not breaking hard enough it’s more about fields you know at the start of the break side you want to be max brake pressure and then very quickly you want to be sort of backing that pressure off because there’s a car slows down you’ve got less downforce on it and so it’s going to lock wheels easier so maximum start and then just start gradually pulling your foot back until you get to where you’ve got no brake at all and that’s what trailing brake is all about yeah and I don’t think I’m getting the max brake pressure that’s been a habit with me for a long time

here’s what I’m gonna do I’m gonna reset turn the delta bar off and try again because I don’t like racing with Delta bar on either the only reason why I do it is for the viewers one thing I learned in my 10 years of experience to go fast the trick is to try not to go fast that’s it let me ask you this so since I’ve went to VR you know how you’re supposed to look up the track that’s driving 101 it seems like every single corner though I look down at the apex like like I’m at the I’m at the apex and my eyes go right to the to the apex are you ever doing that are you always looking up yeah so definitely that’s a good point so real race car drivers – no in fact they look a lot further out the distance than an average driver so when I’m in the brake zone or looking for the brake zone I’m trying to find the brake marker way out there as soon as I feel like I’ve reached my break back on brakes I’m looking for the apex I’m looking to where I want to be turning in and as soon as I’m actually turning in I’m looking for my exit so I’m always sort of jumping forward to the next thing with my eyes does that make sense yes it makes sense it’s something I’m not doing now like I’m I’m kind of just assuming that I’m gonna make the exit I’m looking down it down to Apex not something I did when I had triples but I’m doing it a lot in the year I’ve had VR yeah so in oval racing if you look at the wall you’re gonna hit it okay so you actually don’t want to be when you’re up from the defense of Bristol or Michigan or wherever if you actually look at the wall he just gets stuck right into it you need to be looking at way out the distance and you can run the fence all day so it’s just a mental thing to get comfortable with is that when you’re winter at the apex in the middle corner you need to be looking at your exit when you’re in the brake zone you need unity upon entry that’s just your eyes look to the next thing doing whatever is doing it at all so if you put two breaking because you’re in the break and on your eyes every looking educating all right so viewers let that be a lesson when you see the when you see the VR go down that means I’m driving bad all right Ziggy if you see the VR stay up that’s good yes he had to Delta bar turned off that’s the fastest lap just by feel just drive and feel yeah that go to power to sucker you know I keep looking at it trying to make time if you’ve lost time in turn one you’re never getting it back so be better off just forgetting about it and no crying at all that’s what I tend to have the my success we’d leave any real racing you know used to be a to have the fuckin predicted lap time on your money – and I never used to run it oh so let’s try and take it off just because I do you want to sleep I wish I could turn it off – yeah that’s one of my I like the cars where you can change the – like in this summit in the Indy car like you have different pages of the – I’m just going through your setup your third mate and I’ve noticed you had touch control and abs on Macs so I’ve actually turned those down right down so you don’t want those on all the way you want to have it at least you can get away yeah that’s interesting I wonder if he does that because he’s making setups for the masses look just a car in the truck all right you want me to reset and load that one up no that’s okay I’m just doing a bit of a test and cheering here let me let me get a lap in okay

there’s Marcus Ambrose guys over there so Marcus what do you what was your best track in the NASCAR circuit Oh different ear Ric was marking well yeah I was thinking ovals so of course of course walkins blender your favorite I was thinking ovals would it be loud sorry Bristol divert Nashville I think it’s just I’m not sure why that was the case but I tend to run better on our highbank concrete truck when you first started in cup it was the CEO tea right yeah that’s rod that was a it was actually a lot of fun to draw that carrot just it wasn’t a very attractive cow wasn’t no I was I’m really the type it doesn’t care about that stuff cuz I’m not a gearhead but yeah all the feedback was you know they hated it yet had that funky wing on the back and it had very little side force downforce compared to what the cup guys were used to at that time so for me just coming in I did I didn’t know any better so I was quite happy with it but when they started going back to the to the big blades of the back and getting side force back of the cars they certainly were a lot about faster car to drive and probably less fiddly with the setups speaking of fast faster to drive I think I read to you set one of the fastest laps in Michigan yeah I did I hate the record day for wall now did you have any idea that you were going that fast like did you know does it is there is there any kind of difference that you could tell when you’re in the seat oh no that was truck it just been repaid it had basically won and groove through out of the top of the fans on the way into turn one and at Michigan at 220 odd mile an hour on the way into turn one that was definitely hair-raising stuff you really you had no time to save the car because the tire was that hard at that time visit the speeds are so high could you brought a really heart if the car twist at all you’re basically you’re gonna eat the fence so yeah it was a good day I think the race didn’t work out as well as qualifying did that day but a lot of fun anyway good memories one thing that a lot of people may not know is that you started in the craftman trucks and you I saw you had like a five-year plan and when you think about what you did compared to some people that came over from open wheels specifically Dario that was uh that really worked out because you know if most people forget the Dario Franchitti completely flamed out and asked car and it’s because he just jumped in over his head so you know just talk about that and talk about because it does seem like the young drivers are doing the same thing as you we don’t see a Joey Logano jumping straight up we do see them going through the ladder system and I assume you think that’s the way to go yeah you got to start young and he can’t go too fast too early if you like you got to

learn your ropes and the law categories look I was definitely naive going to the states and trying to take on NASCAR because they are the best drivers the law in my opinion the guys are running at the Cup level top end of NASCAR incredible drivers incredible people already nice people generally just with super skills and mad bad talent and so familiar yeah I was on a five-year plan just to go over there and experience in that’s gonna experience America all the great things that America is so you know chill ask yeah so to last nine years like IKEA blue stars just loved every minute of it he falls to do it all over again outside that yeah you know he didn’t start rising entirely and trying to older tuning categories London Drugs and yeah I learn making mistakes before you get to the big levels get a big level but don’t put up with bad forces for long you’re gonna get fired now do you think people should be hopping around to all different cars like you did or should they just stick with ovals if they have that’s the goal whatever no there’s no I said party Macy’s Day success it’s really what what do you want to get out of it you want to experience four cars in different countries and different series or do you want to have been very festive with one thing and just fully focus on that he can’t do it all look for sure but conservative around a bit in different categories different countries different styles of racing you know on the race fan a thinner diets but I love to do I love to to race and experience fast cars and and that’s what got me to America and got me to experience NASCAR and all the good things that came from that so I mean if you’re racing anyway so just where we end up ricing and given by far or I might change the care of it how about you come in and for the seven I will because I messed up that corner all right to change the setup I actually can’t show it so I’m going to change the scene it’s definitely helped me you know it’s helping me think about things you wouldn’t normally think about one thing I’ve noticed about racing in general is that if you do something wrong you don’t even know it and you will just keep going around in circles just doing the same thing wrong over and over and over again you really do need you know at least a youtube video I see what you’re saying about the brakes here you really do need you know at least something you know and that’s why I like the virtual racing school because you can go there I see what you’re saying here this is totally different because you can go there and you can see like the top drivers input so and you and you can see like oh I’m supposed to be breaking there or I’m turning in too early you know and there’s no way to know that unless you look at the data if you just go out there and try to be a one-man army you’re just gonna keep repeating the same mistakes that’s why in the last what three years we’ve had we’ve had Craig set up shop we’ve had VRS now we have pure racing school there’s a lot of tools out there for people that want to get better the other traction control I’m just not skilled enough I got to turn that back up so you base you based I have it off you have it at one yeah yeah I’m not skilled enough maybe not traction control but abs I got a I gotta have that on Wow let’s try it out a challenge ourselves what percentage force-feedback you run on your direct drive Nani Wow and that’s what real is I mean it feels real yeah it feels that right on turn in if you got a correct the car you know it’s a bit tricky to feel like it’s not too heavy when you’re trying to go opposite lock but the good thing about some experienced gear is you can change at all if you know what buttons to press and you know what sliders to slide that’s

skilled that’s skilled enough to do this with traction control off do you know you know what to say how you’ve done but have you have you done of a bathroom tourist endurance in the simp you know you don’t have to say how well how well you did you’re talking in the service yeah in the service yeah look I just don’t I don’t do that well because I first thank you to the time to sort of card up and training I’m the kind of guy that jumps in with 30 seconds left to go create under side the same way she flies yeah but you put you have a you have done them yeah I normally do but we’re gonna race I’m gonna do I’m getting Australia anyway to get the really good drivers and everything you’ve got to be you know in the service in Australian time in the middle of day or in the morning so it’s a bit hard to justify taking the day off work to go i racing in so we tend to do down in Australia we’ve got a really good poster sessions and put serious so there’s a really good sort of dirt speedway League I like to run that a bit there’s a really good ends car it’s called ANZ it’s a really good League – I’ve muck around a little bit but I don’t get on service that much in fuel racing I just sort of get on and pack around provides it’s like the Bathurst 12-hour the bathroom 1000 you you haven’t done it yet now I haven’t done any that stuff before I’ve done one nice race which I really enjoyed that last year in the in the camel cars that was a lot of fun and I probably did do if I’m going to do something major I’d do it the makes a series I reckon that’s a really nice Iran deal Mike doesn’t really nice effort on that and it’s a high quality event and serious so I’d probably do those because I’ve just done I can’t commit to the official stuff on my racer but I have our mesh you up there with that Cassatt or not I don’t think it’s a set I think it’s a traction control on the ABS but uh let’s go back let’s just go back real quick let’s just go back over to your setup and we’ll do a couple of small things what you’re saying about like turn in it’s turning in a lot better it’s just like getting on the throttle without traction control yes we could retire but let’s just go back to your setup okay and let’s just run together okay me first you first you go first I’ll watch you you mean laugh at me no I think you’re doing really well thanks I just teasin I had to make sure I was on the right scene so I would actually I peeked out of my headset there it’s a lot of stuff less streamers have to worry about all right see now it’s weird because now I’m used to having one dragged in control so now the car feels heavier that’s another thing you and I would just never think about I would just load the set up and go I’m the same way as you they the kids bedtime is like 8:30 so by the time I get downstairs it’s 9:00 then I did then I didn’t I do like a 30-minute workout

have a quick shower and then I started racing at 10:00 so I get like no practice yeah that’s just not slowing down enough it feels weird he just brighter like all right laser focus did that thing where I downshifted a second right at there right at the apex that’s two laps in a row I messed that corner all right focus still pretty amazing to think about how far our racing has come in ten years like you say you mostly do leagues and stuff like it’s like they’ve only had leaks for five six years 2012 I think yeah the laser cried because he couldn’t get locked bought or table together and Gaza like a certain type of car or series or rules it’s a really great initiative that I race you’ve done you know it’s got something for everyone in this service you know from the rookies to pros you know it’s got a place you’re going to go to it’s good honestly though that’s that’s one of the complaints there’s there’s too many things that were all spread out but for an Australian I’m sure it’s great I don’t think it’s too spread out there’s just not enough users we just made more than 75,000 customers I hear that people we need to sign a fry racing use that promo code that’s in the description I think you driving pretty well hey Kevin yeah we’re on a personal best here this slap so not a second now I was almost three tenths faster that’s me under footing it let’s rock jump on back and walk out here and they ran a bit what was your last up Tom there 23.8 I just study my wheel tracks I’ll go that I do the same so you can just get the lawns rot on all the coning trees just I brought on my wheel tracks guy I’ll do my best it’s that throttle on it’s gotta remember to ease into it alrights time i will track see

who was in the wrong gear there I guess I will do one with Tomi started running on road tracks all right we’ll pick it up here and go fast one yeah that wasn’t fast there we go around the breaks way before in there I was too scared I was too scared to rendom Oh Marcus Ambrose going wide maybe let me catch back up session best that’s a pretty good lob there

and now we’re three tens up on it because I didn’t below turn one it’s not a good one yeah it’s another 4/10 I was a little too aggressive through that last corner you’re making me work up a sweat are you working hard there what do you think of that my is that helped you yeah you know it’s um it’s just the mental gymnastics of breaking where you’re breaking I get to like that’s obviously the way to do it and then you see that Delta bar go green and you’re like breaking sooner but going faster yeah another course the long run tours could I help you tall as for doing that there is a disadvantage too when you break early like that is that guys around you tend to break light so you got to really watch you rearguard if you like you can get run over especially to started race the guys coming in all hot and heavy into the corner and just run all over you so it’s the only would have warned me I just started the race I’m normally breaking sooner anyway I’m too afraid of punching somebody the only thing I couldn’t get as wide as you entering turn one yeah there’s a balance up there and then flowing in without at the slightest crown at the pillar so by turning in lower to the curb there’s no banking there doesn’t flatten off whereas when you run up where I was there’s you got to get out of this with a flat it’s almost a Christopher Hill right there once you get out of that dopey here much better run off a bit of a trick there but certainly it’s not worth much like that’s pretty good Kevin there you have two kids faster than they sigh I reckon we could almost live it that come on sure I mean this has been more than I expected so thank you this has been great Marcus can i but you on the podcast we can talk about general iRacing news one one of these weeks yeah sure might look I’m I’m a van of

iRacing I’m a fan of people who are in the community of our racing I just think it’s just a great thing for people to be doing it’s a way that people can you know race without having to spend a fortune people who wouldn’t otherwise have any opportunity to race can come online and race so I’m a fan of what I racing is and yeah I’d love to you know talk to you from time to time out and give me my five cents worth but it’s not worth much I’m a casual I racer I’m certainly not a serious one but I do enjoy building building my rig and building routes for other people and sort of making it as realistic as what I remember racing was so you know I’ve raced a lot of these cars all around the world and I’ll try to get my rig and my simulator set up so then it mimics that as as much as possible I reckon it’s it’s quite amazing the service and who knows where it’s going to go this day night transitions just been an incredible change for me personally it’s really bought the the races to life and no one no two laps the same now you see and that’s what real racing is all about real racing especially on ovals and things like that you’re always chasing group you’re chasing shadows and the track you’re chasing weather conditions you’re chasing arrow and I think I racing is just doing an amazing job with you know the people they’ve got there to to make decisions on on the competition side and the and there and the and the realism side in the game I know some of them personally they’re just doing a fantastic job on on making it as realistic as you possibly can so I’m a big fan of vibration right big fan of yours I like your podcast I like people who are engaged in the space I like listening to you when I’m trying to do my exercise and yeah I’d love to come on from time to time and give you a hand well it’s been great Marcus thank you yeah if you want to come on and give me a hand Overland Park well however you say it is coming up on the schedule I I’m totally lost there so yeah we can do it all I mean if you need a hand let’s do it if you want some advice on other bits and pieces I’m I’m certainly not a professional in iRacing I might have been a professional driver but I’ve got a lot to learn in the service as well so maybe you can help me I’ll teach you how to save the car by tapping the brake and the gas at the same time that’s what you need you slam on the brake into and slam on the gas I say save the car that’s that’s my simulator knowledge there’s actually a whole podcast on learning how to spin I reckon specially on the eigvals I see a lot of guys online racing where they could actually save the car from getting damaged if they learn how to spin down the banking you know or learn not to overreact and try and save a slide just trying to spin it at the bottom and and I say be care for another part of the race you know because it’s um there’s a real skill moat in learning how to spin without killing yourself and I think you you’ve had a lot of experience and practice that I mean yeah we’re spinning sure expression on the ovals spinning and yelling alright well I on it hey if you’re watching this on YouTube leave a topic in the comments that you think you want Marcus to talk about don’t ask what’s your favorite racetrack let’s talk about like general racing you know topics like what what you know entry into pit lane under green that’s something that there’s a lot of time gain and loss there how about you practice that Kevin that’ll always help practice pitting you’re saying yeah yeah it’s always important yeah but I got like five minutes of practice before the race so you supposed me a pit I got to figure out where the corners are first there yeah that’s why I love the tracks that I know well then we have to dunk it i ambrose week we can’t just quit now you got a dog see alright so right bye thanks Marcus bye bye bye thanks Karen cheese night hey Dad yeah good bye Joe donk