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from gates past Tucson Arizona welcome welcome to the gcn show brought to you by wiggle this week we discuss whether there’s a place in cycling for erasing we do we need it is it even cycling we’ve also got Christmas trees the best winter riding excuse ever and salbutamol yeah and Peters again and stairs lots of stairs [Applause] this week in the world of cycling we learned it wasn’t just Emma getting to grips with the world of sight cross here are some of the cream of French professional cyclists bearing even worse Oh got brown shorts and there’s no crystal here finding out there that a wet burn is just one of the big problems is riding off-road that’s not a wet burn this is Webber Manta Bicas Eliza Whitburn speaking North mountain bikers Peterson’s been up to his old tricks again in the very same week that he announced he would like to return to mountain biking within two years he decided to once again remind us of his skills on his team’s first training camp where soon as that is done it’s not exactly dramatic is it no I mean you’d be better off this stair lifts you’d be fast with the stair lifts put that to one side for the time being all right before we get onto our main story we’ve actually got one of our own one that we are very excited about we have indeed we GCN are hosting our first ever event four days of riding in the cycling paradise of new yorker at the end of march amazing there’s a bit of bad news we’re going to be there yeah if we could go along yeah four days in the Orca yeah now this is open to all abilities so that we loads of different ride levels on offer everything from easy spinning cafe pro to well pro I guess and fun is absolutely the aim of the game here so both on the bikes and off the bikes of an afternoon we’ll have loads of activities going on like workshops seminars and q and A’s and then in the evening Lloyd E’s first-ever pub quiz oh yeah I can’t wait for that decent show live yeah which we are a bit nervous about firstly you don’t really want to see what this looks like in real life and suddenly we’ll probably have to present in something other than budgie smugglers on this well I know I’m not even sure I can do the gcn show and trousers mate yeah and now before you say well I remember sock gate this is gonna be a disaster please don’t worry we’re not actually organizing anything here we’ve been joined by a guy called James who is amazingly good at organising this kind of thing so see it’s a big relief for all of us it is basically if you would like some more information on our first event and maybe even to sign up for it all you need to do is go over to a new website which is GCN events dot CEO as a reminder this includes all types of site places going to No elitist type of thing here so if you’d like to come over and go out riding a mobi circuit you can yeah if you want a rival top shoe bag you can and if you’d like to go out riding without any socks on you really want to yeah go on you can come along as well yeah right we hope you will do too so we go on through our main story for the GSN show today yes controversy mainly on social media last week when it emerged that British Cycling have signed a two-year deal it’s a partner up with his whiffed that’s right the controversy seems to stem from the fact that Buell felt like British Cycling shouldn’t be organising a new event when there was no Junior Women’s National Championship time trial event and also some controls you seem to come from the fact that the much-coveted in certain situations red white and blue striped jersey of a national champion is indeed up for grabs with this new racing format although part of that problem is that former national champions do tend to get quite windy don’t know about this stripe yeah I don’t drive they do and the fact is the dutch national federation organised a swift national championships earlier this year and no controversy seemed to reach our is a prolific Dutch speakers as we are we crossed crackling two of the only yellows that I know in Dutch right well whether you like it or not those seem like eSports are going to be a thing in fact the estimate was that globally the

eSports industry was worth in the region of half a billion dollars last year and 2017 and they forecast that to rise to one point six billion dollars in 2020 although admittedly that focus is around the pop of the game such as FIFA fortnight and overwatch you definitely just look that up didn’t you only one of them actually I’ve got a teenage son anyway it seems as though cycling is now getting on the act and it’s gonna be different because those games we only give you thumbs a good workout the question is though is erasing legitimate and do we really need it I’m not sure it’s about need is it it’s some more case of why not I mean it it’s super easy to organize an event unlike in the real world and then it’s also super easy to do an event I mean it’s pretty much the only form of competitive cycling I’ve got at the moment certainly the only bite race I’ve ever taken a delivery from a supermarket in my house five minutes before the start line thing well no this is only a good thing but it illustrates my point you know it’s it’s a legitimate form of competition on a bike and so I think we should make more of it and there’s certainly no reason why you should be trying to make it harder for people to race bikes possibly though the other bone of contention amongst purists on rode cycles is the fact that you don’t need much race craft perhaps to win a race on something like Swift and thinking for example of descending skills of positioning in the bunch of high from the wind or general bike handling skills we are speaking of which should see house against getting on oh yeah still going yeah persistent that man I do see what people are saying though about lack of skill certain from the outside it looks like maybe it’s just a drag race with the winner being decided by the power-to-weight ratio at the time job well yeah exactly but having done a fair bit was with racing itself now there’s definitely quite a lot of skill and quite a lot of race craft that goes into it as well is there is that what you’re blaming your lap is with wins on it yeah that and a certain lack of strength as well but no cerny I think I could get better without getting any stronger and definitely I guess Kim littles a bit an example this is whiffed racing legend yeah it came not too far from here he lives on the road and on mountain bike he’s blooming good but he’s not a world beat and I think he’d be okay with us saying that how everyone’s waved he’s now on unstoppable in his day you can’t even get near it god no I mean I suppose it’s bare isn’t it Swift it could be a different cycling discipline we’ve already got a gazillion of them we’ve got Road and BMX we’ve got track I mean mountain bikes have got cross-country and downhill and all the other million other ones I mean even a road we’ve got people who specialize in criteriums versus stage races and time trials I mean as long as we see a racing as a separate discipline then I don’t really see what the problem is what’s giving example at the weekend a certain Lars Beaumont a European champions Jersey by winning a beach race yeah there you go European beach race champion yeah Jersey for anything these days going and if my one stipulation with this would be ensuring that the parameters amongst the different competitors are constant ie making sure that their weight is accurate and also that their power meters are equally accurate to because they’re I think you could get a decent champion but well we have an answer SCI is well not we think they should be getting the national champions or world champion two jerseys wow maybe we should let the viewers decide certainly please get involved in the comment section down below very interested to hear your thoughts on this one I think I’m cool with it as long as it’s a virtual jersey and not one that you can wear to the CAF that that I think in the same way that you know if you’re a man by a national champion you probably shouldn’t be riding around on the road in your national kit maybe it should be the same with a racing yeah oh I’d love to hear what the viewers think about this I think it’s going to stir more debate go from social media to the g10 comment section let us know what your thoughts are in that comment section down below sue CLP is getting on next up it’s GCN’s weekly inspiration first up a reminder how you submit your photos for the competition you can either use the uploader link two winters in the description below or you can use the hashtag GSN inspiration on Instagram and secondly sigh reminder what you win wow this is the big one we have three awesome voucher mounts on offer from a makeover of wiggle third place gets fifty pounds second place is 75 pounds and the grand prize is 100 pounds how cool is that right there now three winners in reverse order this week in third place it is Josh this time taking a quick ride up the aptly named Sunset Boulevard in Redlands California and the views didn’t disappoint they do not today you’re not wrong there wow I did it by race in Redlands California once

did it many moons ago a decade ago well goodness it’s Gary anyway yeah you’ve never heard of overwatch is from Steve this was sent in from London IC from Richmond Park he said on a solo ride 7 a.m. in the morning you’re never alone no you’re not there’s a bot rider but that does look absolutely amazing doesn’t it looks slippery actually you ain’t careful yeah anyway we’re done Steve 75 pounds of vouchers on their way to you shortly the winner this week is also named Josh but different user usual idea on that on the uploader so we pretty much a different person there are more than one one Joshua days a school day it was well worth braving the biting wind in the Scottish times for that moment when the Sun broke through the flowers always cycling through the middle of a Christmas tree farm wicked Christmas tree farm and that amazing yes I’d like a photo ID yeah that is very inspiring in British winter that’s our sunsets sunrises today only for our winners but Sir all photos will be considered probably choose the fact that we haven’t seen the Sun in this country how that’s during that week well I know but we checked we chose this before lunchtime do I so there again now we’ve had some cracking photos through so make sure we keep sending them in opportunity of course to win some great wiggle vouchers it’s no time for cycling shorts so I think shorts now and what you checking on Pete oh yes still going still going mentality of a champion that man is named all right some great news to start with the reason why you’re feeling a little bit slow on the bike at the moment air density that’s right well for a lot of us anyway if you live in the southern hemisphere I’m afraid you will need a different excuse yes you will this is a study that was linked to bicycling science on Switzer no it’s done by the cycling coach in France Fred grab which basically tells us what we already know doesn’t it what when the air is warmer the air density is less and therefore there’s less aerodynamic drag you try to move yourself forward yeah now though thanks to Fred we know exactly how much and it’s 13% that’s the difference between minus 10 degrees and plus 40 degrees and then about you down but minus 10 that’s not what I’m worried about no certainly not some people might be worried about how much arrow drag is created by carrying a Christmas tree well exactly in his hashtag hashtag tree by biking it throws up all sorts of pictures of people transporting their Christmas tree home bye-bye I’m think they’re going to be questioning the difference in aerodynamic properties between the northern fur and the Fraser Fir I wonder Dan where they’re looking at some of those photos it’s less about aerodynamic drag and more simply about trying to squeeze your kid in next to a giant Christmas tree they do it fun they don’t know thinking for those photos I might try myself yeah I definitely go into next year said II will put a bit of a different spin on the end of your strobe stats which have just been published for 2018 among some of your usual favorites like what the most popular the day of the year to ride -6 in case you’re wondering yeah then you sixth-sense there are some true gems anyways such as what the most popular food or drink post ride is yes you ready it’s coffee way ahead of beer and then in 3rd place we’ve got cake although when you consider the fact that the next three places are occupied by donuts pastries and cook it might be a bit closer than we first thought yeah that’s true can we just say this point fair play to runners their most popular post run beverage was beer by a long way yeah which Suites you I did a bit more running these days I’m running to the public yeah that would explain explain a lot and also we’ve got to say a big well done to bike commuters there’s been an increase by 42% in the amount of uploads to Stryver they’re listed as commutes and that’s they said offsets 544 thousand tons of co2 that’s a lot of co2 yeah sticking with expired gases actually this time last year you may well remember that we were becoming experts in the subject of salbutamol yes there’s been some new research which may prove useful in detecting the wrongdoing and the use of selfies well after the validity of the previous testing procedure was called into question primarily by fringe legal team yes this would effectively act like a sub you to mole passport in much the same way that the biological passport which looks at a rider’s blood values over a whole season and Beyond will give an indication of whether there is any kind of blood doping going on so fingers crossed it works certainly I’d be quite interesting wouldn’t it to see in this context some of the previous salbutamol cases that we have had and have been brought to our attention again and learning very recently that would be interesting all right shall we move on to something a bit different now we have some great debate and comments underneath last week’s show when we just we questioned whether we get a bit sidetracked with

the subject of helmets when in actual fact there are far greater issues which affects cycling safety yeah that’s right judging by the amount of comments actually about help ‘it’s i’d say that yeah we certainly still are getting sidetracked first up we had this from toby team regardless of academic arguments if my head hits the curve I want to be wearing a helmet it’s hard to argue with that in there suppose Nathan Johnson he said seatbelts don’t stop people from driving like maniacs but it does keep a body from being thrown out of a car safety equipment is eventually incorporated into the individuals risk calculation that said I’m still gonna wear helmet and finally why stad cop I came home very tired and emotional one night and in the dark tripped over someone’s carelessly discarded helmet and banged my head on the back of the sofa ah and the bloody things that’s why I think well you should have been wearing a helmet shouldn’t it very true Yeah right before we leave cycling saw someone notice for your attention there is a new initiative aimed at raising awareness of the environment of cost of the way that we approach cycling could shift cycling culture around their first events this coming weekend starting in apps down on fri the fourth with a swap meet yeah the idea being you swap what buy bits you don’t need for ones that you do the perfect recycling set up I’d guess and then followed by that the next day our clunker rides yeah at venues all across Europe and indeed the wider world you turn up on your hack bite you wear your oldest cycling kit and you remind yourself that you still love riding bikes no matter what you’re riding for tech of the week now we will as ever head over to the workshop to catch up with John and Ollie jolly on we are very excited to see a new Kickstarter campaign from our friends at sea sense as a few of us here have been using their lights for some time now and their crowdfunding for not one but three new smart lights the beam and the icon 2 in both front and rear versions that icon 2 is available in firstly the beam front light this one is a pre-production sample it kicks out 700 lumens but it’s the smart tech that really stands out so features like automatically adjusting between high and low beams when it detects car headlights reacting to your speed – so giving you more lumens at a higher speed and less lumens at a slower speed and personally I think a feature which is absolutely great is to get me home mode so when the battery gets below 20% the beam automatically reduces yankor to give you a longer battery life now the icon to light that’s based on the previous model the icon and their front and rear lights apparently they’re brighter and smarter than ever before bit like Bali online we get smarter as we go on now performance wise the front light has four hundred lumens and the rear three hundred and C sense say they are visible for up to three kilometers away which is a long way plus by using the mobile you can control how the lights behave in traffic including a brake light function which illuminates solidly as you slow down and cool is that and that all lights aren’t us be chargeable and can be fitted in loads of different ways with all the types of bikes which is nice sometimes this can be a problematic area now if they take your fancy you are gonna have to be quick as at the time of filming there aren’t many bundles left on the Kickstarter page details off that are in the description below and join Ollie and I on Thursday for a very special GCN tech show where we need you and your votes it’s ultra important see your Thursday off the back of that it’s got our first giveaway for some time so a possible ten of you will be winning see sense lights not the ones that they are crowdfunding for at the moment but rather some that they released earlier on this year called the sea since a so we’ve got five sets of seat and says– front and rear lights and then five rear seats n space lights yeah as you might expect from C sense they are totally feature packed as well as being super bright with over 200 degrees of visibility they say they also have these smart features in there like a motion sensor detector which will tell you or tell the lights when you’re approaching injunction and then it will change its flash pattern as well as connecting to your phone then high fives all around it’ll send you a notification if you’re low on battery yeh as well as send you notification if someone’s moving your bike without you wanting them to yeah I think in that you get a notification but anyway if you want to that competition that click through the link to it is in the description beneath this video good luck before we start with hack called a slash budge of the week quick check back in with Pete Wow still going with acts and bodies and starting with this from Xavier like Cruz we are entering the English weather season here in Silicon Valley I used a lighter to burn holes in this helmet

cover to fit my headlamps and keep the moisture on my head restricted to my own sweat what lovely thought keeping the moisture on your head restrict is your rights oh yeah yeah I mean for me just be a horrible problem cut some waterfall coming down in front of my eyes but I guess if you don’t quite sweat ease me it might work yeah sending reflective I’ve plugged that yeah not bad could be more error I would say there’s a bit flappy is it hacker boys mate we haven’t thought this really budge to flappy right next up we got this from Tom Bianchi following coming off on ice last winter I’ve now discovered a fairly handy way to adjust the BOA dial on my shoes stick straight through his over shoes that’s happened to me down and actually it is a silver lining yeah to him no longer restricting the moisture in his feet to just his sweat I reckon the rain wards were getting through there so they’ve pretty much get through any overshoot that maybe they do indeed next up this frost I wasn’t hack robot Oh hack well no sorry this man trace his kids bike trainer was really appreciated I made use of the old trainer wheels and some wood well it’s gonna be a hack get the kid riding a bike it’ll be into eSports anybody absolutely yeah connect that up to Swift and away you go probably win a national championship on there well as long as he’s got his tactic though outside like and he’ll be flounder that’s right yeah he looks like a canny lad definitely right next up from Lewis he has said he wanted to mount his beam front light to his bike but he’s got the integrated Canyon Aero handlebar on that one so a standard mount was an option so instead he’s created an adaptor to screw onto his Garmin mount and you know what yeah I think that is cool and a definite they had a hack from there yeah that’s rather neat isn’t it yeah it’s nothing more pleasing now and then a front light mounted centrally on your handlebars does my head in having it it does yeah I’m not that kind I’m not normally worried about things out of that but but lights on and the boss on that one alright so moving on to vote can you just can you knock me at one of these movies because I’ve got exactly the same amount so I’m calling this one a budge before you look at it sighs Oh Momo this is Bianca the alter xr1 temporary fix for a broken seat post clamp using some electrical tape a zip tie and a garden hose clamp well that is a definite budge but if it works scraping my paint I think with that thing John Wooden it’s not a fan of that paint yeah to be fair they all ovaries but your bloomin lucky you’ve got a narrow seat post otherwise you’d be all over the shop there is an advantage isn’t there to having a non-round seat post yeah always goes in straight Yeah right next up Thomas from the San Francisco Barrett Bay arrow changed the bottom bracket on my crust by but didn’t have the tools so I’m eight oh I can hear Calvin from Park Tool wincing copper tubing and a hacksaw poor press-fit removal tool a boat nuts and washers to make the press worked perfectly well yeah that does look pretty neat and the the punch the the copper tube I mean like it does it looks like it would kind of work well that’s a hack well it is but also it feels like a risk you know it’s a it’s a hack with it’s a danger hack back yeah a danger hack yeah well we couldn’t do it as we’ve said before it doesn’t make it hack if you’d like to continue to contribute to this section of the show which we absolutely absolutely love should I say you can use the hashtag juice in hack on social media or of course you can use our upload or link to which is in the description below yeah and any more pictures of centrally mounted front lights send them in because I get an extraordinary pleasure from looking at those caption competition time now your weekly charts to win a GC and Camelback or water bottle last week’s photo was this one of Mo doing site for cross and we only just at that point yes she pretty much stopped doing cyclocross just shortly after yes I’m sure you did winner this week Tim Peterson the one-time Emma couldn’t Puglia Tov hey I’m Tim to address we’ll get this possible out to you yeah right then so what do we got for year this week it’s picture of Mark Cavendish playing football oh yes stay confirm his Instagram account all right I shall get you started everyone mark up well I mean it it’s all right suppose it’s time of year you know but still ok yeah if you do better leave your caption in the comment section below we’ll choose our favorite next week before we get on to what’s coming up on the channel over the next seven days can we take a quick look back to go through some of the comments here we’ve pulled for our favorites oh yes here we go then starting with the ones underneath Dan’s can you get fit on an e-bike video which have you not seen a suggestion Diggs it’s absolutely wicked we’ve got four – Nate thought fortunate chance there we go got that my autistic

son recently got an e bike and now likes riding he can climb Hills he would normally stop and walk up he can now happily cruise along about 10 to 15 Kaizen our graduation of disabilities a reason to get any bike totally that’s super quiz very nice comments actually under the e by video which was mainly stressing that they shouldn’t be hated because there are certain people who really benefit from an e bike and actually get inside because our next commenter says outdoor west jail and i was a hundred and fifteen kilogram and unable to ride to the bakers and back on a normal bike that was three years ago he since then so i lost not so many kiddies down to 72 I can do the math quick enough forty three kilograms I think he’s lost that had never happened without the help of an e bikes if me the answer is clear yes you can get fit on a bike and for those starting out from zero it might actually be the only option yeah she fed anything I took home from that was your little face riding up climbs that you don’t really like at the moment you having an absolute love when you yes there’s no reason I than the fact that it was fun if you do have any bike right then underneath there what we want for Christmas dennings 76 sigh really does have the ears to pull off at of course I thought that yeah thanks sir are you Denny and they finally believe riding deep section wheels in crosswinds somebody said increase ride away to the Cree being blown out yet another cycling problem that can be solved with pizza hard to argue with that um big stew oh thanks big stew yeah there we go it’s his pizza yeah right then what’s coming up on the channel over the next seven days now on Wednesday we are going to tell you how to get the most out of your smart trainer Thursday we’re gonna look at the top ten most influential people GCN powerless yeah we on Friday it’s a double-header actually we’ve got our usual ask GC anything and we’re also going to look into why you can produce more power when you’re riding up climbs versus when you’re riding on the flat yeah we’ve done that mind-bending science here down so much so that we had to get people in to help us but like proper science Saturday yeah we tell you why I cyclist should run and no it’s not been film quickly since those end of your drivers that came out and actually they’re all runs in degree film that might I mean yeah heck just add a little quick bear the end then on sunday this is super cool so look very kindly sent over not only one of their brand new bells and whistles era bikes but also a piece of history oh yes a 1986 Tour de France look bicycle Wow yeah yeah we have for ride yeah yeah I love a retro verse I’m not a genius then of course on Monday it’s back with the gcn racing news show and on Tuesday back with the gcn show last time before we broke up for Christmas lip make you sound like school there we’re getting towards the end of the show now but we still of course have time for extreme corner and this week is bonkers ash isn’t it not only is it a world record for the longest urban downhill it’s also frankly terrifying here’s Remy metalia in Medellin Colombia whoa two points I firstly I think we could get the world record for a longer urban descent you mean get slower walking down a lot slower down there than that secondly he dealt with those steps a lot quicker than pizza ganz been dealing yeah should we check it how is Pete getting on he’s taking a bit of a risk yeah well I’m not surprised meaning that it’s taking them a long time and they’re half an hour yeah isn’t it oh he’s on his way again yeah we go just go to to go come on Pete he’s dedicated isn’t it doesn’t stop till he gets to the finish line and you know it’s early season any preseason training like before pyruvate he’d nail that if there’s no way he’d need a rest each Australian one day so I say oh he’s winners their competition winning anyway that’s all for this week so the end of these everyone’s are switched off their make yes well thanks for joining us and we’ll see you next week yeah in the meantime yeah we go thro to my video aren’t we that’s right if you haven’t seen dad’s video about any bike and can you get fit on it do make sure you check that one out it’s a bad joke there too I so get ones as well seafaring