Part 7: Visa Founder and CEO Dee Hock: One from Many: VISA and the Rise of Chaordic Organisation

stay hungry stay foolish I guess the time has come where we’ve got to finish this up it’s with a heavy heart I do it it’s been fantastic and I’ve learned so much it’s a mixed feeling I have I have to say you know all good things come to an end sometime or another they do indeed they do now we better get into it I don’t want to lose any time so today we’ve covered up until your present life you’ve mentioned that you’ve lived many many lives and we’re gonna cover your present life so this is the 36 years from age 55 to the present which cover your current activities and what the future holds for all of us today we will go beyond your book and cover a series of your essays your philosophies which are all available on your website which I’ll share at the very end but the question I have for you is at 70 what drove you to devote your life without compensation to the seemingly impossible task of realizing those for burning objectives that followed you throughout your life to create massive societal change yes a not well I decided that although I thought the four objectives were literally impossible after a year of travel and talking to people I came to realize that there might be some slight chance of realizing them and then the question was did I want to devote a large chunk of my life to trying to realize that and I became concerned by that time I had seven grandchildren and I was very concerned that if we had massive societal failure an institutional failure they might not have a very livable life that led to the realization that they could not have a livable life unless all grandchildren had the same and I didn’t want to risk that someday they would find out I’d been asked to try to do this and I’d refused because I couldn’t think of a sensible answer I could give them so I decided that I would plunge in and do it and it was based upon an understanding that I had developed over the years about the kind of societal change we need and a realization that we’re emerging from a society based upon industrial production for more than a century dominated by the separatist top-down concepts of organization the nation-state corporations and so on and that we were emerging into an extraordinarily complex diverse global technocracy we’re in it’s increasingly possible to produce at any point on the globe a unique product or service for a single individual located in any other point and the production of goods and services in my perspective it progressed from the age of handcrafted through the Industrial Age which I think is more accurately thought of as the age of machine crafting into the so-called Information Age which can best be thought of as the age of mind crafting since information is nothing but the raw material of that incredible processor we call mind and the pseudo mind we call computer and software the tool which which we shape information can best be understood as thought where since it’s clearly a product of the mind the age of machine crafting was primarily an extension of muscle power through use of fossil fuels and the KRT cage as I call it is primarily an extension of infil power now the very foundation of such a society its neural networks if you will are the intricately webbed global data communication systems that are just emerging in an enormous rate and just as the human body is organized around biological neural system so complex as to defy description so too

are these increasingly complex global electronic neural networks evolving an inter connecting so it seemed to me that at the age of handcrafting the dominant forms of organizations were the all-powerful churches kingdoms and Han craftsmen’s guild and just as the age of machine crafting ended their dominance in favor of hierarchical nation-states and corporation the KRT cage must have the dominance of today’s societal structure and give rise to new ones more in harmony with human spirit and the biosphere and changes in the existing organization and the organization of new ones are going to have many characteristics in common just as the human body is not a vertical hierarchy with each part superior to another in a sending linear order organizations of the future will not be so structured these great pyramids of superiors and subordinates will have to yield to affiliations of semi-independent equals whether they be individuals within an organization’s or organizations within a larger whole and this is not to say that all present industrial organizations are doomed evolution is rarely that crew evolutionist patient though it’s inexorable and most of them will evolve our slowly and painfully into a form in which power wealth and information are more widely dispersed and commonly shared and the concepts of organizations composed of semi autonomous equals such as visa the Internet Linux software the united religions initiative and wikipedia has it tensa fide the endless debate as to whether competition or cooperation should rule the day and each one has passionate messiahs to preach its virtues and the messiahs on both sides are wrong competition and cooperation are not contraries they have no opposite meaning they’re complementary in every aspect of life we do both schools are highly cooperative endeavors within which scholars vigorously compete olympic games combine immense cooperation in structure and rules with intense competition and events as the runners leap from the blocks competition and cooperation are occurring in a single indistinguishable blur you can look at it this way every cell in our bodies vigorously competes for every atom of nutrients swallowed and every atom of oxygen inhaled yet every cell consents when the good of the whole requires they cooperate by relinquishing their demands when the need of other cells is greater life simply cannot exist let alone reach its highest potential without harmonious exists of competition and cooperation now no societal commercial or governmental ever and ever has ever existed without at least some combination of the two the whole of human history has always been a race without a vector between combat and compromise between concepts of power and concepts of service now cooperation gone mad results in the mindless pursuit of equality then uniformity then use of central office force to achieve it and that means ever-increasing coercion and eventual slavery and competition gone mad results in mindless efforts to pursue self-interest abuse of others retaliation accelerating anarchy and eventual chaos and only in a much more

harmonious oscillating dance of both can the extremes of control and chaos be avoided and peaceful permanent societal order be found so if there is relative harmony between these two opposites they drive one another the more we compromise the more we compete the more we compete the more we need to cooperate and so on indefinitely and I believe in organizations the future it’s going to be much more important to have a clear compelling purpose and sound principles within which many short-term objectives can be quickly achieved than any long-range plan with fixed measurable objectives organizations of the future the centuries-old effort to eliminate judgment and intuition art if you will from the conduct of institutions will change organizations are too long a traditional mechanistic military model wherein obedience orders is paramount and individual behavior or independent thinking frowned upon if not all together for business so in the future it’s going to be necessary every level that people capable of discernment of making fine judgments and acting sensibly upon them the Industrial Age trend towards stultifying degrading rote work that gradually reduces people to the compliance subordinate behavior one expects from a well-trained horse simply can’t continue it extends far beyond the factory worker on an assembly line vast white-collar bureaucracy exists everywhere with mountains of procedures manuals depressing mines avalanches of directives burying judgment forests of reports obscuring perception floods of studies in the dating initiative and oceans of committees submerging responsibility and drowning decisions and everybody knows what I mean we’re all experiencing and have endlessly suffered through it and worship may be inflicting it on others it has created a society people alienated from their work and from the organizations in which their unmatched far too much ingenuity effort and intelligence goes into conforming to or circumventing this mindless sticky web of rules and regulations by which people are needlessly bound there’s a quote that I pulled that encapsulated what he just talked about and you said in the book bureaucracies with mountains of procedures manuals depressing mines avalanches of directives burying judgment forests of reports obscuring perception floods of studies inundating initiative oceans of committees submerging responsibilities and drowning decisions and unfortunately that’s where a lot of organizations are and the bigger the organization they’re more they are in that world and you got there a long time before many others you realized this was a burgeoning problem and you dealt with it when you put feasor together when you let visa emerge from having good principles and having good people put in the right places and then empowering their human ingenuity but with the awareness that you had and that you have now what did you do without awareness where did you go next well I had become convinced through the year of travel that there was some slight chance that maybe we could realize the four objectives we discussed in our last session therefore I decided I would devote my life not to the ranch and to study but I would come out of that and see if I could in some way catalyze this kind of change and it led then to ten years of effort that is just almost impossible to describe I was contacted by an amazingly diverse group of people that were seeking help

among them was an alliance of fishermen in in the Northwest Atlantic fisheries off the coast of Maine who were attempting to devise some way to restore the fisheries which were literally the state of collapse from overfishing another group was an initiative of family farmers a wondering how they could come together in some sort of an alliance that would preserve family farms and organic locally grown produce another group that came to me was a societal for organizational learning which was a group in MIT based on work Peter singie had done and they were trying to organize this so it could emerge internationally in a series of fractals I was contacted by Ralph Nader for help with is something he called the apple seed foundation in which he was trying to create a series of organizations in which lawyers in every community would come together and volunteer their expertise to find whatever was the most compelling legal problem in that community and find a solution to it another group was the a series of states each of which had a large amount of geo data but it was in silos in each state and they were trying to figure out how to coordinate that nationally so that they could develop much more useful view data to solve some of the environmental problems and then I was contacted by an interesting fellow who is the former Episcopal bishop of California who had created something called the united religions initiative where they wanted to bring together people from different religious persuasions at the grassroots level but to try to put an end to religious violence but they simply had no of how to organize it and I was contracted by the veterans healthcare system as to how this could be applied to revolutionizing the healthcare and I had educational systems contact me and I had no alliance of energy producers and even to the point that the chief of staff of the Army asked me how I could apply these to the organization’s of the Army and the Secretary of Health Education and Welfare contacted me and to do this was impossible to advise all these groups and to see if any of them could replicate the visa experience and some other foundations offered grants and in order to accept those grants was necessary to form a not-for-profit chaotic alliance which had a small staff of three and then six and at one point as we were developing this we received a letter from a law firm in New England and it asked if we were to receive a million-dollar anonymous gift what would we do with it but the donor potential donor wanted to remain anonymous so I wrote back and outlined how we would use this to try to create these organizations and realize the four objectives and and in response we had a million dollars deposited to the bank account of the chaotic alliance with a letter that simply said they were familiar with work we were doing believed in it and wanted to support it but I quickly became ran into the impossibility of leading the formation of groups of this kind as I led visa because to create these organization requires leadership from within the individual groups and then

them able to find their own recent source and funding and the difficulty of developing leaders capable of replicating the visa experience in all these other areas was simply impossible they didn’t exist and so I could they simply couldn’t understand and implement the concept so I could only act as advisor to these groups and that simply didn’t work occasionally they had great success the for example the united religions initiative is now as fractals in virtually every country in the world but by and large most of the ventures simply disintegrated they didn’t go on and meanwhile this was leading me into dozens of speaking engagements in the US and overseas having to run the small not-for-profit having a ranch to run and growing family took affairs three children seven grandchildren and furl my wife love of my life had developed some illnesses and it just wasn’t practical for her to continue to live in the ranch and I had also a growing loss of hearing I’d lost over half my earring so with all these pressures there had been no time to fulfill the contract to write the book so in 1990 at the age of seventy I was pulled in a hundred different actions and just physically unable to continue the the ranch or to continue all the work I was doing something had to be done throughout all of this I had never stopped rising at 5:00 in the morning every day for two or three hours of study before I started work on all these things and it led to another understanding of the magnitude of what would be required to create a global organizational change and it has to do with something I called Krusty which I could probably explain a little bit just so your listeners can understand the magnitude of what’s happening and during these years a new perception was gradually merging and it was based upon trying to understand the history and effect of a single fascinating capacity the capacity to receive utilize store transform and transmit information which for purposes of brevity I just took the first letter of each one and call it Krusty see R Us TTI capacity to receive utilize store transform and transmit information and I don’t mean information from the common misconception of alphanumeric data but from Gregory Bateson’s incredible perspective that information is a difference that makes a difference if something perceived can’t be distinguished from its surroundings in a relevant way it’s just noise and if it can be differentiated and truly makes a difference then it becomes information and as such it’s capable of informing us of forming within us and allowing us to formulate differences that can make a difference to others now to understand this capacity it’s essential to really start at the beginning beginning if you examine early examples of single-cell life it’s apparent they possess the capacity to receive store utilize transform and transmit information and in fact it precedes even such simple

forms for to do that is the very essence of DNA and it even precedes DNA for when physicists attempt to examine the smallest known particles of matter the matter the particles change their behavior and become waves and when they do the physicists change their behavior in response so the particle and the physicists find themselves in a fascinating quantum cosmic dance and clearly each of them is perceiving a difference that makes a difference they’re exchanging information now in ways we haven’t begun to understand information escapes particles transcends them and binds them together into more complex systems within which all particles constantly exchange information and that seems to me a principle of evolution perhaps the fundamental principle that the greater the capacity to receive store utilize trends Foreman transmitted information the more diverse and complex the entity and that holds true from neutrino the nucleus atom to amino acids to proteins the molecules to cells to organs and to organisms or you might say from bacteria the bees the bass to birds the Buffalo and right on through to baseball players but Krusty didn’t stop there in time information transcended the boundaries of organisms and led to communications between them whether the dance of the bees the pheromone of ants the Sonor of bats the song of birds or the language of people once that capacity transcended organisms there was immediate evolutions of complex communities of organisms hives flocks pacts colonies herds and tribes now let’s follow that capacity with respect to our own species throughout history many of our finest minds argued that the two characteristics that most distinguish the human species are memory and language and memory is nothing but the ability to store and recall images and language is nothing but the means to share those images so over the centuries as a species we’ve ascended a ladder of diversity and complexity with language information escape the boundaries of a single mind and experience could become shared and immediately there was a corresponding like leap in idle diversity and complexity and with written language came expansion that which could be manually recorded and personally transported immediately there was another leap in societal diversity and complexity and leap has followed lead each exponentially greater and more frequent with mathematics came expansion to that which could be commonly understood by means of a global language because that’s all mathematics is as a global language with the printing press came expansion to that which could be mechanically recorded address boarded a library after all is nothing more than the collective memory of the species and with the Telegraph came electronic alphanumeric capacity with the telephone came phonic capacity with television came visual capacity followed by multimedia capacity and each was immediately followed by an even greater

leap in societal diversity and complexity and you could almost para face Einstein’s famous quotations to say that the capacity to relieve receive utilized or transform and transmit information results in societal diversity time societal complexity squared but then all of a sudden it happened with the explosion of micro electronic technology in the last quarter of the 20th century we developed a thousand times better algorithms a million times more computing capacity per individual and a billion times more mobility of information and software to efficiently navigate that immensity of information is rapidly emerged the truth is that the entire collective memory of the species will soon be no more than a few keystrokes away and we haven’t begun to understand the significance of all this let alone the societal diversity it will unleash or the institutional change that will demand and yet that is nothing compared to what lies ahead already present or other revolutions of enormous ly greater significance such as nano and biotechnology and simply stated nanotechnology is the engineering of self-replicating assemblers and computers so tiny they can manipulate atoms the basic building blocks of nature as though they were bricks the necessary science has already been discovered and all that remains to be done is the engineering of tools at the atomic scale and that’s already well along in his book engines of creations que Eric Drexler a pioneer in the field of nanotechnologies wrote that when biochemist need complex molecular machines they have to borrow them from cells advanced molecular technology will eventually let them build their circuits and nano machines as easily as engineers now build my crook zippers the circuits are washing machines and in answer to the question what could we build with these atoms stacking mechanism Marvin Minsky a professor of science at MIT wrote we could manufacture assembly machines much smaller even than living cells make materials stronger and lighter than any available today hence tiny bug devices that can travel along capillaries to enter and repair living cells and the possibilities are just a profound and scarcely imaginable and yet there’s nothing really new in all this it’s the fundamental technique which nature is used to create everything since the beginning of time whether trees monkeys to climb in them or people to cut them down information in the form of DNA is endlessly replicated at no cost and distributed in seeds a process of replication driven by the power of the Sun begins molecules and cells assembly on the spot in the known patterns from atoms and surrounding it boy air soil and water and in the case of Apple animals this replication happens not only on the spot but on the move and when such creations are no longer viable nature breaks them down into atoms once again reef or Recreation into something new and useful and it’s a never-ending effective non-polluting chain of events of ever involving diversity and complexities no factories no waste no too spoiled resources no pollution no McKenna’s mechanistic organizations and no command

and control Nature does it all with the dirt complex diverse flow of information which mobilizes physical material into both animate and inanimate forms and you can search in vain in the universe and all of nature for any hierarchical mechanistic command-and-control form of a day organization such as those we created to manage the Industrial Age that now dominate our lives well the question becomes how soon and how likely are these things and we noted it need only remember that a few decades ago the atomic bomb was scarcely a theory travel to the moon a fantasy television the dream of a few odd engineers a plastic card for the global exchange of value unthinkable and genetic engineering securely locked up in the secrets of DNA yet none of these had a better theoretical or scientific foundation then nanotechnology or biotechnology has today and none were being driven by the incredible force of change now common through the world and as micro technology builds down and nanotechnology and molecular biology build up they’re going to come together within two or three decades for better or worse we will be constructing products and services from the atom up and this capacity to receive store utilize transform and transmit information will be at the heart of it the message is simple fasten your seat belts the turbulence has scarcely begun we’re in the midst of an explosion of societal diversity and complexity much greater than we can possibly imagine and we’re going to manage such an explosion of societal diversity and complexity with our cake 17th century Industrial Age concepts of organization and management not the chance of a snowball in the Sahara Desert within a few decades we will look upon our present methods of organization and management as quaint relics of an archaic Industrial Age and if we don’t our descendants will be forced to live through a period of social carnage and environmental devastation too horrible to contemplate and one only needs to look today at the corona virus endemic which is rewriting the face of society so if any of your listeners think to perpetuate the old ways they should try to recall the last time evolution rang their number to ask their consent these things are happening and we will either adjust to them or we will self-destruct D it’s such a pleasure to listen to your philosophies and you’re calling out these realities that many many world leaders and business leaders and organizational leaders aren’t paying heed to and unfortunately the best way for a human being to learn is experience and that’s been thrust upon us there’s a paper written in 1956 by a renowned cognitive psychologist called George Miller and he published a paper called the magical number 7 plus or minus 2 and in that paper he outlined the limited capacity for processing information for a human being and he argued that although the brain can store a lifetime of knowledge in its trillions of connections in the brain like you can and like you have done and portrayed in both this show and throughout your books the brain is limited on average to holding seven pieces of information in conscious and awareness at any one time so that’s the rationale the magical number seven plus or minus two the reason I bring that up is you had so much on your plate literally like you reminded me of a picture of somebody keeping plates on top of sticks and keeping them running and with that you

had the demands at home your own health and physical challenges and then feral and then the ranch and these things that you were really drawing you back all the time and throughout your life you always managed so many things but at this stage you had to start letting some things go in order to proceed with life so how did you manage that wine down of things well Eden I was seventy pulled in so many different directions and I was aware that my abilities were inevitably going to decline physically and eventually probably mentally too I had some successes during those years but there was a growing realization that my beliefs and the work were still decades ahead of their time and there was a compelling need to conserve and concentrate my time and energies and so I was faced with what to do next and I decided that it was time to simply pull in my horns so over the next five years I sold the ranch I withdrew from the chaotic alliance we moved to Olympia Washington to be near our youngest grandchildren I gradually phased out all my speeches and travel to concentrate on family writing the book I was obliged to write and advising just a few selected organizations and so I bought two acres of land overlooking the water in Latika Washington near my daughter and grandchildren and returned to gardening oil painting which I loved and I’d had to give up lettering and carving stone and shortly after we moved there within the course of six months I survived a double knee replacement and colon cancer and a heart attack at 86 years of age firls health declined and I became her primary caretaker until her death two years ago after 75 marvelous years together and so we moved to Olympia in just at the turn of the century and the 20 years since I phased everything out and now at 92 my firm my wife having died two years ago I find myself writing another book taking calls and receiving visitors from around the world who are moving in the direction of more equitable autonomous organizations that are more in harmony with the human spirit and biosphere and more and more people are discovering my book and work and so I have no shortage of people who who are contacting me and I guess Aidan your call is is among them and and our joint decision to do this series for your listeners and I suppose I could end it all by simply saying to anyone who’s listening that my abiding hope and deepest wish for them all as that they could also dream their dreams and realize them so that’s probably a good place to leave it before I thank you immensely I pulled a quote that I loved from the book because I think you mentioned it there this coronavirus is only the start of some chaos that we’re going to encounter and this is a quote that I found so positive and hopeful and it goes as follows from your book we are not helpless victims in the grasp of some supernatural force we were active participants in the creation of our present consciousness from that consciousness we created a present

internal model of reality from that internal model of reality we created our present concepts of organization and accounting with those concepts we created our present society we did it all of us we know that we must do better we know that we must do it together and we must come to understand that search together must transcend all present boundaries and allow self-organization and governance at every scale from the smallest form of life to the living earth itself it will take time it will require great respect for the past vast understanding and tolerance of the present and even greater belief and Trust in the future it is an odyssey that calls out to the best in us one and all D I mentioned that quote because it inspires me it talks to the essence of this show and I believe you who answered my call I called you several times over a period of two years and he eventually agreed but I feel we connected on some level and I know you don’t embark on any project easily and when you do you do it wholeheartedly and from the depths of my very being it’s been an honor a pleasure and a privilege thank you for educating me for influencing me and for inspiring me on countless others and I hope so many people will hear this show and your knowledge will be shared and I’ll do my very best to share it founder and CEO emeritus of visa and author of the birth of the chaotic age and it’s updated version one from many visa and the rise of the chaotic organization dee hawk thank you so much for your time on the beautiful conversations we have shared thank you so much it’s been a pleasure Aidan and Aidan I very much appreciate your interest and the opportunity to discuss my life with you and to share some of it with your listeners I’ve had a marvelous life Aidan I I simply couldn’t possibly ask for more and and I don’t know how many more years I’ve got but I’m excited about them and and can’t imagine what will happen next so I guess we’ll both find out and then and we’ll know in a couple of months how your listeners respond to this and I’ll be interested in knowing you can find these work all about his books you can find them on DW Hakam de e WH o CK dot-com and E is still active on Twitter as well where you can find them at T hawk thank you thank you again

Dota2 True Sight – Subtitulado Español Latino (Crrano)

does a sick mental game it brings out the best and worse than you it comes down to a half a second where you just can’t predict what’s gonna happen you try to look at everything as pieces and pawns you try to look at it as simply the game who ended up winning the mental warfare always won the series that’s how you’re gonna win tournaments that’s how you win to turn him if you break the other mind it gets really easy some minds are really hard to beat that [Applause] this rematch do you think it’s still gonna be pretty even said when you look across the winner’s bracket I feel like LGD at their best for better and I would consider them the favorites based on that the crowd is driving them on their training LGD then chanting the chat will lines they’re a team that one said he’s been so close after therefore he was always considered like the magician of the position for that guy is the definition of talent and hard work and one person final de ti you gotta come play and sadness he just shuts down so much of what oh gee has tried to do PSG LGD at every position it’s just incredible this is a bit of a rematch any lessons that you’re gonna be bringing with you do you think you’re doing this with you look fully well you know the RP don’t do bigger hop let’s focus on oh gee a little bit I think to say this I had occasion losing in the lower right they had their roster ripped apart by Evil Geniuses you have no tell those swapped roles and became captain you have a coach that became a player probably best coach all-time five-time major winner with og and he comes back and does this as a player they don’t want you to scramble to find these last-minute replacements they bring in a delivering in Thompson and I think people were questioning our Topsham is this guy for real this is oh another day of me dude you should get these pants there they’re basically sweatpants people think it’s jeans but it’s not and I can yeah dude it’s so elastic it’s like basically sweatpants this is great what about jaw the jaw thicken yeah we can talk we can change today’s man to drop drop that’s perfect anyway necro second Alison they’re fucked yeah yeah don’t say that idea like I’m your dad cheap Clark honey vegetable mmm I’m not so hot yes Oh I’m gonna cut you from music just a little bit I mean so we have a little more challenge today as like I mean the cameras and stuff I promise that 30 seconds in we’re gonna forget about it’s gonna be gone don’t think about it I just want to say like honesty it’s gonna be fucking great gonna play potentially five games like the game through yesterday I’m ready to lose I’m ready to win I’m ready for anything I’m ready to get smashed Trio if they fucking start smashing a string we smash back you know we give it our best some on a Spectre some top Pierce monkeys or whatever anything you know it’s gotta be great oh yeah I mean I’m proud of us I’m proud to be here with you guys and I’m looking forward to it okay that’s with microphone the final two teams vying for the aegis of Champions gee [Applause]

[Applause] [Applause] [Applause] which shoulder is it man what this one remember it was me this one it was with this one oh yes my channel Jimmy Lera Timothy meeow meeow who know about you yeah tgd bomber wants to naughty girls watching fucking ABC fucking kid shows now I’m fucking here yes so so enjoy its we have no pressure on our shoulders we already won everything we have to win here so let’s just have fun yeah and no mercy which miss Layton of the slave I’d Serb so you’re most likely taking the edge we’re gonna do the IO band yeah I’ll draw tiny yes haha and so they won’t the end shaker right because this is the one game they won against us and the one game they won against eg I mean is either is either I shaker Spectre or a pot inspector Shekar Spectre Fujikawa Hoshi Hoshi in hello that what did I give me three in game mainstage man Tapia’s got his monkey like this treat everybody say hot buns yes that’s what happens when a rush and faster yoga sound wah gonna cheat hola Ohio Yaya remember boys is not over till it’s over nope never forgive never forget so on black boys ladies and gentlemen I hear that dota 2018 international championships ground Panos og has drafted a massive teamfight lineup wouldn’t you get a sub tree and offlane his Tramp doctor is I’m not sure how I feel cut it cept rent we won I’ve got a setup they’ve got the remnants down and our GD looking for firstnet they’ll find it it’s a fact behind Yvonne LGD is heavily outmaneuvering og right now they’re splitting them up all over the place they’re making plays on each of lanes so it’s forcing it hochi to react and then it’s making on a very very weak in this laning phase unable to really find this place forum sections catch back up that’s away my viewed only did I show them in a pop – ah however soon okay okay pop this good they’re gonna try and set up when I’m walking with the echo sir do they have the burst and it comes in with is it enough definitely worth it that’s how is the most important tower who defends especially when you’re playing with respect to line up all right side B by South Hardin all of our my P da rocha can we just roll oh we can beat them in general I think it just goes so looks like Phe OGG will finally be able to find this to haunt our town bottom below G will be shot by my mother Paula Murphy MA – just Roshan look a mean-ass on the store makeup simple storm Wilson island get ready he’s gonna try to jump I’m gonna get fucking fucks with aimer this time look at the jump here on the control Jerry finds no telling the sign the papers to be the doorknob the chain son hot two eggs no man is still alive but now they get the double kill the corner brace keep it alive the winters curse holy money attacks off the chalices butterfly can you survive this farm star by star s alright nice

Madoff popular what song am I your way to Madea [Applause] I only wear your bangles ha dude this amps trying to take the bottom timeofourlives yeah not good enough mama hedge what color you go pelipper turn far harder there yeah blue the Fedora that’s why over pelipper they were they stayed there for fucking 4 minutes Irish Defence was very strong the first picking stone is how much we go to their heads do you have an idea of how many times they tried to therefore people pushing bottom right yes sir one I go in I mean however do it and I’m like they’re making Plato there’s no way they’re for people’s all robots if you’re celebrating integers for people watching me meet hunger in three waves in their own and I’m like guys like you wanna like this is not working obviously even thyroid and you know oh yeah oh yeah oh I already know VPN how can I listen but don’t hate on you at all I know we are saying energy so what’s the deal I get up woman sounds listen I don’t know we’re having a hundred watt dance yeah that’s the way I like it long heavy weight is only one am sure Lee Lee yeah yeah awfully sorry enough honestly enough yes Kylie Buble on this one in there anywhere sorry mulatto solo ha [Applause] you haven’t achieved anything yet they’re gonna fight till the end they’re not gonna give us anything they don’t give a shit these guys are fucking warriors there’s some we’re all so strong we don’t give them shit today the coach drafting yep I think it takes a little burden off your players yeah much more systematic both in the draft and in the game I think if LGD can somehow try to take away that condition of if it goes late they lose I think that changes the way you play the game there’s the first man Spector all right everything but they can banjo no they can’t you’re right yes yeah this is some this is some extra bit were thinking from them I feel I feel bad for them I don’t feel bad for them fucking I’m called you by it they’re calling it mama Tom winning war fyr shaker but I think LGD are six and zero with fi playing that hero arm and so they’re very comfortable invoker’s really really good with autogyro I love it I forgot about that top city hugger how do we forget about that the special flash out to the mom I can offer conquer is my name you have to fill the PSG lgd’s lineup it’s a more robust one it is one that just makes a little bit more so yeah I concur though for me is such a good pick I’m concerned about the lanes

in particular coming out from ot this game is very very nice boys version of a dragon and fly out Somerset for the kill on to Thompson okay Jim Aug Kohala tributyl anyone to card or about Thompson he’s running but the rainbow down in Boca shall is now dominating its allies is top of the chalice don’t the dust wanting to find chalice fi plus the echoes that horny council on the side Center followed for the door shut this please up a third Sims trying to get out of it but he’s not going to make it are they worth the triple kill as oh gee just cannot take a fully fledged teamfight as you’re saying being in there Eagleman ah it’s so god not again he’s got to hug his dad has prepared the tornado tractor Oh Thompson how many Falls time and time again here to somnus is conquer the carnage continuing to favor LGD as they just got pickup out to pick up it’ll be a little bit mana believe the X on this big on the X to get the x play [Applause] the psalmist continues this game seven one and six growing this lead 13k advantage card of art in a pop-up Thompson movie leading with the comedy acts [Applause] PSG LGD now 25,000 ahead call it yep looks like it yep let’s go night over all right I suppose [Applause] GABA will have a call the Rolla Bolla mother oh all right tastes bad man suspect me what what do you mean I was fine like some shit just went wrong in the lanes also like on your side lanes too like the kind of the kind of manage to get out of three lanes like pretty good so yeah the game is hard ha fine Raja come on Oh God yeah yeah shit off oh yeah I’m gonna go [Applause] she’s your heroine though I belong to the man with food and I think it’s rough Game three oh gee now looking to regain momentum as PSG LGD dismantled them in the second game that’s back that sample Oh tomato tomato or Tommy now put that on am i there oh my Oh what the fuck I mean on a field boys appear on the main stage like actually ran out to pick they don’t know what to pick at least they didn’t see calm like they’re really confused how unusual that someone or you can be

funny but when the shit shit shit go we don’t need an alibi choppin don’t even touch matter oh and you bother and storm I think yes and we fucked up because we have a fix against the exactly yo la la la la if they want to beaver safely and I picnic now and it’s fucking Gigi yeah good good Malaga be happy he say the wrong yeah Phoenix interesting Wow the thing to remember is Phoenix is if this hero’s playing for he’s less worried about the egg going off because this year olds other spells are also insane yes he has a GPM talent he has a heel /i damaged new they’re all long-range spell casting abilities you can do a lot of work with all these spells that you might not even need the egg to win the fight just because of how much damage this hero does Sami bugs out on to SAP will not die for it knows that Jarek satellite striker a back off cooldown now midlane of course were the way that we sorted start continuing to go strongly in Thompson’s favor is getting revenge fourth game to worse honest having that sizable lead this time is tops in this in charge while he viola marajó don’t have a wide you don’t know I’ll bet you don’t like any on Midland notes out she’s actually gonna take out their fly comes in both groups ties well if I just got so much experience in mid jarek’s ways a little bit deep it just get the lunch stroke on to army but fYI with the Sun or aegis at the same time no tell down bottom at the same time to lock the exits you come out from that fly is there beating into a can they killing the object of their car and fly catch the shooter successfully on the three of them is cherished rights for the team [Applause] what about Sophie our next challenge but challenges close to the TV – sorry sometimes a mother bleep finds the kill I think this is one of the best phoenix before her that I’ve seen who’s breathing having all a possible nap actually I can threaten it no Aria I’m just one few others all shits yeah I got any serious difficulty knees I don’t think we can no we need to just think of a way to fight it Thompson they lose a number at midnight and flying just beaming down the middle Thompson’s down for our hundred second allowed by Wiggins Saunders he’s into the base diving and again the supernovae by the bay are gonna try and kill it can they kill it off to get it on they just can’t be no the Sun three [Applause] doesn’t matter you have to say so that’s just one game at a time [Applause] all right okay coming be oh honey oh mama boys first game from best-of-three back against the wall we knew we were gonna get tested we are getting tested yes this is a rough situation to be in of course but we’re gonna overcome it together you know it’s been too easy so far like every game you know you don’t get it like this we wish we saw that coming we were ready for heart games we’re

ready for our series welcome this is our series we know we’re one game away it doesn’t matter we’re gonna go in have fun win the next one and window one after is what’s gonna happen we’re getting tested embrace it yes know what they want to do and all we have to do is do what we wanna do yes that’s it noise out there who are some you like syllabi you with what voila well maybe you know maybe it’s a little higher [Applause] gave away from losing in this Grand Finals psg OCD you want game away from lifting up the aegis of champions both teams are driven at nothing stopping them on their way to become a champion here at TI that’s really weird they abandoned their own shaker like I don’t know son yeah I mean they’re fun to make it even I guess you know yeah one game behind the ever sighs thanks care how their goal is okay so worried this is a team that is stealing itself right now to first phase four flee here Yeah right yeah dude they’re fucking select can we please not lose to this like come on all right this is Fiona Gilligan let’s fucking do it phantom Lancer Wow ha Colombia huh Colby made haha whatever you feel like fans don’t tell like you said you read like invoker yeah boy invoker you know Thompson put him on one of the signature here is put him on one of his best heroes it’s great to see that the other part but it’s despite that early game to come back talk about curricular pater I’ve had a drink on the house and a Latina bargain ah I think I like Center it’s very strong against morph like Center he has nothing against center stone it’s like ice you know yeah we’re a hard out hey bun-chan they banned the center oh nice maybe very good actually well I actually just got wings against inch and then acts against no more yeah yeah this Mike I’m in a scam yes shit yes just awesome you’re gonna see my you’re gonna see some shit Lee wah wah Matthew thummell happy have you wanna be a look it’s a little sarong Samia that are they don’t know can they do it here is this the ti win game boys we’re seeing again Oh G trying something a little different this the ax another hero that people just aren’t playing but they’re bringing it out here on their potential knockout game of the CIA grand finals into here we just don’t see often for good reason it’s takes time so I’m gonna cut the do it all away I think maybe hunger no no no you caught I think you got it I guess it’s really bad for them if it is believe me okay first on you man yep easy this is my game boys stop playing the shots from FY out trapping out Jarrett’s another Tony blame but mid indeed Saunders typing in Thompson he’s got the courts the time this strong man I’ll link on the canal I’ll destroy him all this room I don’t know if Topsy can play in this lane they’re just gonna go kill him once more instantly as soon as he shows by coming right away CP back in front Thompson only the Bombers be ready to go he looks towards Thompson underneath the jaw Thompson he’s also no escape for Thompson for Easter Pez stay strong we’re gonna fuck him don’t worry about it I’ll destroy him all this room Thompson he’s gonna have to go to the jungle to try to catch back up here he’s level four oh man a lot of way it’s gonna be unsaid he’s had this bottom line he’s got good levels and he’s got decent farm sues top of the net worth this game very

close to having the blink dagger and some of the ring of Hell so funny about that what are you falling are they uh huh yeah that’s why miss a lot I mean I talk about it’s all about Omar Baba know what says here with you are so easy I never but see bees are heading down so I’m gonna see if we can find the rupture it’s a ball he goes to par and that’s gonna give time for Saunders to close the shots are out tripping when they go into the toy mrs. Zhang all right let’s hear what I am tellin ya bubble suspect so sick well chase time do they have the damage to bust him the collie blade just enough to bring him down so he gets bursted what’s all [Applause] so missus back in finish up the give us a job to keep me off is good food anyone shrine here okay they’re fighting the bottom room can we fight it though yeah yeah strike oh hi baby I’ll try again that’s the bait plate they get the call on to the two of them said jumps in the Sun strikes down the stunners well the micro play they’ve got the log in this fucker there it is 74% Win Probability now I’ll take your bottom no sense I think your bottom said I want the dog I wanna thank you for number we run behind them look at this look at this yes I’ll check oh yeah okay down bottom against am finding the opening to make these plays happen instead of Danelle push mr. Schmidt found out he in the jungle Seb 7-0 full on his axe so jeeps running around it’s three or four heroes while Thompson he’s completely knock collars or look at MIT look at miss Peale and he wants to keep going call up FY I’ll put her on Thompson chants tethers across miss ominous has the damage they’re on top of Jarrett summers kids that XANA now all the loan is gonna top the ganga back up in a second but the club rate is it there in time it’s not doppelgangers back up he could jump out good Star Wars challenge spare your lives finish this challenge so that it’s all like God’s on the skill of the double gate is there I’ll try to rush yourself asanas and we’ll change the diffuser Roman took me there for a debate our people are happy their job what a comeback they’re from LGD smoke on smoke action here’s LGD wrap around you guys go first I need to save keeps his team alive for now their relative side fucking serious I’m dying here do anything on know if I can help you I know buyback pretty shit to go fuck the timing that’s a taking them out of the combo the snowball play looked at the perfect initiation right but FY is this ago alright shit happens I’m ready yeah yeah so it’s London respects no problem yeah I’m okay would Allah you see me can they get the jump on us gonna show himself Anna get it focused Thompson try to get me to the side with the but the snowball again from my bangs let’s secure this spy back bye-bye bye-bye bloodseeker can t reach ill they’re using everything is everything everything get the fuck out I found I gotta get up on accounts they’re gonna dump we got it those monies get up to high grab us on this he said ready to claim the kiddo look those two antenna top I put in for 80 seconds pretty much back to a 50/50 ratio gd’s one game needed to secure the championship title head here in Game four [Applause] open into the base and clean out this mid lane of racks and they’re gonna keep going here as these racks on the top lane will fall the melee rax gone or the building with other Apple Anna the SG LGD playing this carefully I have in my war solid solid solid way no way Nia Qaeda haha Thibault Wilma come to me ma I’ll scare us yeah you might fight I’m going in yeah yes this was funny well why don’t our Father that supposed to be kept me to get over the ice for the guilt on the same sense he drove of

steps gone on over jaracz back in the combi me bald down on to each other but chalice is so tiny pasta she was gone he’s gone Oh father I’m gonna need it we don’t kill Iran come back to heal the geography Jax comes in he’s healing out of my tribe that boy I could send about the connection over the cold snap don’t each other find him get the weights pies back immediately oh gee had they have to make so much happen here they have to push out all their lanes you see no tells already running to just be he doesn’t care he’s gonna throw his life for this one he needs to just keep these creeps out of the place to keep that back door up he doesn’t care if he dies they’re taking the high ground they have a really big problem he’ll 25’s yeah I need two guys man up and take the fight here right now yes we have to go yeah we can catch you maybe yes I want to run a device here it I can show and you can you catch the tornado it’s got him Thompson drops the combo down upon him the star comes out though oh the counterplay chances there though with the yield to terror the bash is coming through but the blame is already out again let’s push no buyback more OG get the bottom a lyrics they’re taking a full second says 15 seconds for LGD was getting out or up to Hana another tier three folds whatever that all of that without H that Zanna he gets kicked back he’s separated from the team but he has the double girder he’s been ruptured he needs help he needed the ruler Kenner’s world turns gets about I’m trying to get these somebody else to deaf pace oh no you wanna rely into the best memes pape Oh bye-bye I’m sorry the neuro in the engineer Cara back wall about what up they some Thompson but Thompson he’s already cooked with a play the tornado into EMP cold snap as well they put the hex but there won’t be any further jumping you just pick on the top they’re trying to mix me [Applause] groups from until my old man would burn down da da da da I’m sorry I didn’t have the fitter say y’all even I was all about me the truth about today ha ha ha no time that you have niggas in place they need to back off here just my time your battle opened up on trend for me trying to get on top of Anna the BKB won’t play challenge you’ll get the old town note on with the show motel step 400 then fight with the stubble say [Applause] we shoulda thought there was some great get some shit no just Roshan I can you tell if they’re up to it because I think you get fucked and I have to rely you outright Hana sorry say say if you get dropped it because then I wanna read oh yeah yeah that’s the only thing I care about me I don’t even know what the fuck’s going on I haven’t seen where so if I just Yolo yeah I think so somebody actually I’ll get the fuck out when we’re all up and they’re all up I’m no fight night niggas just a slow fight in their base they would Anna says he’s done with this Orca wants to end this game up there up to you but eh oh gee dude I love this game so much shit man I scary several carats so hard

marriage don’t you only silliness unless you live in Salinas let’s go [Applause] no no we’re not against such – just that you been awesome get on equipment no PMS al-youm have you too much every Fatima the Rodman your brother mission tomorrow ah a lottery not harder Shh shit thinking you wanna enjoy we have 15 minutes by the way a good moment another game yes enjoy fucking game and we’re fuckin important this is the game of our lifes man enjoy game 5 grand final ti this is like everything is gonna come together next game everything and it’s gonna be beautiful paulownia Menelik entitlement and revamp laughs come on Arizona monument that I mentor someone really rattled down I want to play I want to play play play play doctor yes we’re doing this man everything we’re doing it today is our day okay I can tell you they’re strapped their status if we don’t like hardcore counter pick him in and like put 20 denies on its face in four minutes we fucking get this sword like in ten minutes and we just can’t play this is their shred you know what fuck it this is not gonna work first of all we can bear all day in the draft and second of all whatever they think is fucking bullshit you know and this game proved it so they actually I think they’re really like they’re really confused they just try to fuck him this is trying to give maybe a good game and give tokyo’s a bad game because they think this is their only way you can win this is my take just first of us know don’t know where they can win a second or they’re not gonna get in we’re gonna slay slay slay you guys realized I guess say I hit 15,000 hours of dota during this fight and what a way to edit $15,000 whatever they have I have more than them it’s fucking go time the pressures on them now yah Roger a bubbly huh one last rally on one last ride we’ll get him all right final time yes hey got a minute ah I’m gonna die and make up little bitter huh doctor don’t honey who are you ladies and gentle we’re getting ready for the last game of tea I ate one last draft one last game and then we will have a new champion of you team walk it up to the ages to lift it up here in Vancouver no matter what happens I know we’re all really proud of what we did and we should be rightly so we earned the game five which is what we came for so let’s fucking enjoy it we’re doing this together lose together when together stay together stay together stay together I wishes to it let’s do this together a value so they ban piorno event feel inspector so I think I’m betting wrong okay pass all oh now hold happen de la la da da da da have an acquaintance air that’s funny at all nomura you got a fan of seven and OH on the add shaker isn’t the game is over so far if stats don’t lie the Kapus over here because of that air shaper of course play-doh it several apart wanna pick the profits for the tree what do we want to follow up word shaker punishing Harris mean rubric is like the hardest to

punish I think yeah I think so yeah I mean if you feel your big toe nearby because nobody deannamaria keep it up we’ll send a team email is the Everest of it depends what you want to fuck them with slark it oh boy fucking ever fucking them ma do can be a challenge Monica be the path without wheels ma ma that I don’t yeah yeah conker is my name alright what do we want against conquer man in our suicide thing which one I mean what are you feeling the most I don’t know no matter what it is we’re gonna destroy them with it yeah I think I like source guys I’m in for anything I’m in I’m in her small three hundred Jews total toast yeah we’re ready guys ready for a long time here we go ladies and gentlemen boys and girls game five at the TI a grand finals between BST LGD and og and it all starts right here LGD who’s so many counterplay lassoed fissured echoed especially global silence [Applause] Thompson steps up a bit far in the mid lane FY is well Stricker think of it there’s boots on that shaker have the catch here with the bishop into the x mark turn carbon of coke Thompson when he died the agency what they all my Sunday yeah okay Dean out cool daddy apartment I have wise but he’s getting close to arcane boots already on the shaker as Derek’s in some trouble here I’m left knee honesty what the fuck FY one more slam with the total no no no my that woman shaker coming bottom that okay no sad it’s Abby’s in a lot of trouble here – he is they’re coming looking for him in the trees FY is there ready for him he waiting he was right on top of him FY making those moves all over the place this is a scary quick thing tagging him for a fly with arcane boots this this has to be one the fastest I’ve ever seen today without a PSG LGD he’s setting up for another kill here as they chase down Jax Andaluz top lane as well starting to really build up that was just perfectly listening coming out from that way over there they need more time on mochi this is no time for out to eat I’m feeling very confident the team fights are hundred percent in their favor absolutely crushing this in history sorry I do we have green card pistol there’s another fight to be taken stay strong boys yep yep that’s a better lick timing we do because were better we do yes yes we’re gonna fuck them dude or Laurie we’re not on time in this game this is Zeus Zeus late game and bulimia bangs lay again remember right yeah you got this yes of course we got to think RPE we got the main strong I think we should run at them wherever you see them fucking mouth before mile-an-hour tada salut salut salut Challenge on TV OBS and I know what am the doorbell augh don’t be like looking for the tablet TVs coming in Catalan time army quick for the turn on the Sunday he’s back up to full is now did you have the controller Swami cut they kill him his time I will fall but so Melania surely he’s got the flame God given her some resistors but I’ll still go down Thompson knows himself up in the air Jean about two so far but Thompson’s walked back into the boat from Saunders they look to the face it’s kind of hard first this was good guys we got like these skills are very very valuable for us yes there are few [Applause] I do you think that’s needs to be doing

though they need to be trying to yeah [Applause] oh my god my boy fucking cute smoker suppers focus doesn’t know anything we were fucking them yes how many miles you can even leave you alone to die leave me alone team a view on the mates view ha ha Meem a DUI ba ba ba hola mama beer they’re looking at roche probably maybe you get some more tea whose global they did yes did it there is everything is they look saying capitalize on this metamorphosis as much as possible straight into the pit they go there really no though there is located here i Fisher look at me Beethoven goes Beethoven well oh gee maybe looking to fight there is no remnant out on the ember spirit yeah he jumps in with the echo slam charges gonna be there with a telekinesis but already the boss phone sale Ltd kind of even we separate the Brutus happy backup on semi that the other neva oh hi miss losing that fight the worst Jam will smoke his way out or in no no no no can we do I want to fight yes sir yeah can we do it no echo slam no Globo guys they did man up guys the Shakers Amish man up yes guys we don’t care we play they’re gonna head into the pit OG they’re confident ready with the counterplay army getting sprouted chalice puts the bigger play jumps in it with our Kodama [Applause] I measure America I can give you a shoe or on a bag I want to run at them except I have worked for five yeah let’s do it let’s let’s rush at them well yeah that’s all about oh wow look at our boy he’s beating I have a fish raka Fisher they fucking loose it’s my face you stolen they do that for the set up onto my in comes out of the realm of destroy nice and Daniel Chico come here guys come against me push me can I get vanilla [Applause] yeah straight in with the last show the tower will fall back in the spirit into the time [Applause] [Applause] but taken a second melee rax it 20,000 net worth leader 31 minutes dumper shaman this one jar yeah that’s add a minute Bobby but I am where you have been waves we see them we see them school can I chase them yes this is in the Nimbus in the Nimbus oh he’s commanding Pollard Jarek the sole official all – – mommae he’s sprouted I’ve got this guy’s look at the sea fishing keep wishing you can’t get [Applause] I can order two I can notice you have some hit it hit it hit it I forgot a lot of the zeros now being taken by og there’s for the to damage speak with each Alice Sydow the down very local girl they might die here I gotta walk behind old riddle shown this you try to retrieve her the change they

get themselves another sort this tape no Sam echo echo yeah it doesn’t matter I use to reposition he seems like he also cookin it doesn’t matter it does really doesn’t matter grab a bus I can’t the game yes [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] so on [Applause] now so there aha [Applause] I think your beautiful shoes finally got to play in the finals honor we did it we fucking did it and we are gonna be right here we’re gonna be here on earth [Applause] strongly believe that if I woke up morning and I had to play the TI final I would play the best told of my life that’s all that would matter to me if I played my very best nothing else would matter


A Cure For Wellness – Hard Truth Hidden In Plain Sight

exposing these people is very important it’s not to sensationalize them it is to expose them to shine the light of day on them people can’t deny this is what’s going on they can’t deny that the folks who are involved with Christian ministries by pointing out the working of these United Nations Satanists Luciferian factions and their rituals is going on people can’t deny it once we expose it we you just will not see this on the mainstream media because their job is to distract and not to inform and what we’re doing here the free alternative Christian media is exposing shining the light getting the information out there so you can do your own research and verify what we’re talking about Oh 2020 how’s too you know the more I look into these movies and the satiric occultic symbols and New World Order propaganda themes in the background I am just convinced that the plans of the devil himself the dragon are going to be fulfilled very very soon and we are being telegraphed this on a regular basis so what I like to do is show you some screenshots from the trailer itself and then hopefully back it up by some information from the web and hopefully it will help you to see some of these things and it will confirm some things that you may have been seeing yourself and you know I do not claim to have all the answers I learn from you as well so I just love the fact that we can all learn together so as we look at what IMDB says about this movie it describes it as an ambitious young executive is sent to retrieve his company CEO from an idyllic but mysterious Wellness Center at a remote location in the Swiss Alps but soon suspects that the spas miraculous treatments are not what they seem and as we keep going it says further down here that he soon suspects that the spas miraculous treatments are not what they seem sorry to repeat myself there when he begins to unravel it’s terrifying secrets his sanity is tested as he finds himself diagnosed with the same curious illness that keeps all the guests here longing for the cure so already red flags are going up in me where why would you have to rescue someone from a spa normally a person would go to a spa for a place of rest and relaxation but here they have to be rescued he’s also finding himself diagnosed mysteriously with the same illness that other people are being diagnosed with in this place so are they undergoing some kind of change are they being experimented on and it’s putting them in an ultimate dependence on some particular cure okay and you know even as we look at some of these screen shots you know let’s just take a look right now you know the the trailer starts off with people looking into some water tank and the doctor says to the person who supposedly is in there saying are you ready mr. Lockhart so what is he getting ready for what are they getting ready to

do to him and as you go to the next scene it shows this person mr. Lockhart in the water there’s major duality going on here as above so below we know that the water is an element of wicka of the pagan religion of which whicka and you know the person mr Lockhart nods that he is ready so you can see again the as above so below the duality themes and you know coming out of the water all this kind of stuff happening we can see later on that there’s a person above the tank that mr Lockhart is in and to me this could symbolize looking into the pit into Satan’s baptismal tank and you know as I saw this it reminded me of the movie The Matrix when Neil was unplugged from the matrix and of course he would there was a machine that was sent in to grab him out of the water out of the pit was it his rebirth into a new world okay which I believe was being shown in this movie as well all right and even as we look at why we’re being shown this baptismal tank or this whole thing about water and bathtubs and all this kind of thing and I found an interesting article on the Illuminati watcher and it talks about you know this whole thing about the water and the bathtub and how traditionally the bathtub is meant to symbolize the cleansing of one sins as in a baptism and this article will cover some of the old cult origins of water rain and the infamous bathtub that we see so often alright so you can see so many things are associated with this water and bathtub water has always been revered as a source of life and therefore rain has been on the forefront of mankind’s traditional desires for crops and sustaining life some may be shocked to know that Satan also uses rain to possess others and even accept human sacrifices okay and we see this even more so as it turns out by the evidence I presented in that book it all ties in to Moloch from the times of antiquity when the ancient Babylonians would sacrifice infants to this deity okay so we know that Moloch is basically Baphomet Satan himself this horned Edie is worshipped for the purposes of providing rain for his followers since the rain was necessary to water crops and sustain life in those early days of civilization the theory that water has a satanic component is found in the Mormon faith where there was once an urban legend that Satan had dominion over the waters some LDS Mormons wouldn’t go swimming because of this idea but modern-day followers don’t adhere to it you know Minds me of things like Poseidon King Triton Dagon all this kind of fish God you know water God nonsense and alchemy the symbol for water is an inverted triangle water symbolizes tuition and emotion and an alchemy it is represented by the planet Mercury when used in formulas okay so you’ll see all this kind of stuff this whole crescent moon nonsense all this thing going on with Mercury okay it’s also you know used in Wicca symbols the elements of air water fire earth and ether all this kind of thing okay and we’ve got the religion inspired largely by at least orally these are the symbols so you can see that the upside-down triangle is water and what Kat the element of water is also represented with an inverted triangle and denotes the subconscious where symbols communicate to us okay that’s what they want to embed all the symbolism the practitioners of Satanism believe that inverted images has symbolic meaning which is why you see them inverting crosses they seek to reverse the power of the original intent on the symbol okay so really we can see that this water is a big theme water bathtubs rebirth all this kind of thing is a big theme in the Illuminati in the occult okay again we saw this in the matrix of course many of us remember the recent music video by Katy Perry Rhys how she is coming out of the water you know typically symbolizing victory but she’s not it’s not a victory for for Humanity it’s really a victory of the devil where she’s basically being rebirth into something else all right we can see it later on even in movies like Resident Evil I’m sure you remember the very first movie where we saw this girl in water there’s even a little animation here what was she was in the water her eyes were closed and all of a sudden she opens her eyes okay yet again in the water and of course not only does we see water in in these tanks but we also see them in Stargate and portals where they’re always associated with water and I think the main reason for that is because we are constantly being shown the waters above where Satan the dragon Leviathan whatever you want to call him and his fallen angels where they reside in the second heaven which is the waters above that is what I believe we are being shown here that the water not only represents the rebirth of humanity the rebirth of what is coming or the baptism to say the baptism of the dragon but the second heaven where the devil and his fallen angels are going to come from okay so that’s what I believe is being shown here as we go into the scene later on in this in the trailer I should say that we see again this person in black water and we see the circle imagery is this the womb of Isis well I also found it interesting that the circle also looks like to me it looks like the Ouroboros which symbolizes the forbidden knowledge and rebirth okay also symbolizing the Illuminati rebirthing themselves endlessly that is what their goal is to keep rebirthing themselves that they believe that they’re gonna have an eternal Kingdom with the devil of course you know the Ouroboros is the snake eating its tail and it all symbolizes many things like

time life continuity completion the repetition of history the self-sufficiency of nature the rebirth of the earth all these kinds of things are symbolized in the Ouroboros specifically the forbidden knowledge the rebirth the Illuminati believes that they can keep rebirthing themselves and they’ll always have their eternal Kingdom and they’ll just never end alright again as we keep going more a duality the doctor says let us begin as a screen fades to black so what is about to begin I believe they’re talking about the rebirth the baptism okay major duality as above so below the rebirth of humanity is about to begin and as we keep going we’ll see yet again more duality more dual symbolism to me this looks like CERN or reminded me of CERN symmetry imagery is the veil about to be broken it looks like you know we’re looking into a mirror here this is you know as a train goes by and these are the windows of the train but it’s totally showing a symmetrical view here of the outside so is this like looking through the mirror through the oculus I think it’s a major major duality that we’re being shown in this movie as we keep going we see that this Wellness Center is in the Swiss Alps which funny is that isn’t the Swiss isn’t CERN also located in Switzerland because of the Swiss Alps are in Switzerland definitely we know that CERN is there as well so not only that but is this castle in the Alps is this code for the elite establishment behind all these things so as we know how lavishly they live in their lifestyles so is this castle also symbolizing you know the elite that are behind this kind of thing all right so I think we got to be paying attention to what is going on here and as we keep going here let’s see we’ll go to the next scene as well and you’ll see I found this quite fascinating and I think there’s a lot of stuff going on here I’ll try to break it down as best I can first I notice that there are two the two leaders of this you know people in this in this pool here there’s standing between two pillars and to me it looked very similar to something like this the the pillars of Freemasonry things that you see in the Masonic Temple all this kind of stuff you’ve got them standing between the two pillars they’re holding these two balls the same kind of thing I’m sorry about that the same kind of thing that we are being shown in the Masonic pillars the two balls okay so I believe it could be symbolizing the earth at all who knows what else it could be symbolizing okay but here they are holding these two things they’ve got the clock which I believe is Chronos above them again to me showing that this is Lucifer the eye of Lucifer Chronos whatever you want to call him back from it devil Satan the dragon okay in the middle that is who they worship this G whom they worship is Satan and not the true God not Yahweh it is Satan Lucifer the dragon that is who they are worshipping I believe the two balls represent the Sun and Moon that they are holding up I also find it interesting that of course they’re between the two pillars we’ve got even the 11:11 showing here the symbol of destruction we’ve also got the red and green Christmas color imagery which to me is code for paganism okay red and green symbolizes the male and female fertility even as we look at the pagan background of Christmas will see that the red and green here it is the traditional cause of red and green being contemporary colors or sorry complementary colors represent male and female fertility and incue bation pagan decorations can still sort of pagan decorations still seen around christmas include red berries and green leaves of Holly mistletoe and wreaths okay so this is all you know Christmas really if you dig into Christmas it is pagan it is not about Christ at all they are celebrating the ritual sex magic the rebirth of Nimrod of Tammuz whatever you want to call it okay so the male and green finval symbolize the male and female the fertility okay sex ritual magic and interesting that these people are in water like a birthing class and it is to me representing the rebirth of Tammuz or Nimrod whatever you want to call it the dragon Lucifer the Antichrist or whatever that is what I believe we are being shown here okay so very in-your-face and I believe you know that so much is it’s just being telecom is communicated to us and as we keep going in the next scene we’ll see you know that song that was quite a classic song back in the 80s and and the song starts singing very slowly 20 20 24 hours ago I want to be sedated now if you look at those numbers 20 plus 20 plus 24 equals 264 you break down the 6 and the 4 equals to 10 and of course 10 is X in Roman numerals which to me is the mark of the beast or the cross of Tammuz that is exactly what I believe we’re being shown here and I presented this article before about the cross being actually a symbol of Tammuz that has nothing to do with Christ and you know if you leave that article for you to read for yourself but I believe the X represents the mark of the beast or the cross of Tammuz and as we look at the scene here many people are being sedated or are they being basically changed by receiving the mark of the beast is that

is what we’re being shown here ok we’ve also got five people here this one is being rolled in as you watch the scene so that’s showing the fifth page and is about to begin alright so could be what we were being shown here and I think you know the transformation of humanity is really what the goal is we see another scene of you know black and white duality as above so below we’ve got six women in this tank and one man which equals to seven is that code for Phase seven of the New World Order the final phase of the New World Order that is coming you know that remains to be seen we will see you know what is going to come very soon as we keep going here we will see another interesting scene of coming out of the bathtub is this depicting the satanic baptism ok the rebirth of humanity is that what is about to occur to receive this this this hand coming out of the bathtub you know we can’t see see this kind of imagery desolate we saw Katy Perry and there the whole rising you know out of the rising out of the water the baptism I believe that is what we’re being shown here that the baptism or the rebirth of humanity is coming very soon later on we see these people which are seemingly trying to escape but they look heavily drugged so are they trying to get out of here even the clothing is similar to movies like Hunger Games so to me depicting that you know humanity being basically reduced to AB poverty okay which is again is a plan of the new world order that you know the 17 global goals of sustainable development they want to basically you know reduce humanity to really having nothing I found this seem quite interesting as well it’s a you know a crossword puzzle you got words like wedding and fire cure bodies you know is there some kind of coded message in this crossword and you know obviously I don’t have time to you know try and figure what every one of these words mean but I would be curious as to what you see in this crossword so please do let me know another thing I found really interesting is this scene of a blue bottle and something being poured into it which is most likely some kind of drug or whatever they used to sedate these people but the blue bottle could be code for being trapped in the cube of Saturn and the reason why I think the blue represents the cube of Saturn is I remember reading an article on Prince William and Kate Middleton and the ring that was given to her and it says that her ring the blue sapphire engagement ring his mother Diana had on her engagement but the blue sapphire is the gemstone of the planet Saturn okay so in the 13 Illuminati bloodlines for its spring Maya writes of Saturn Saturn is an important key to understand the long heritage this conspiracy has back to antiquity the city of Rome was originally known as Saturn or city of Saturn the Roman Catholic Church retains much of the Saturn worship in its ritual okay so Saturn also relates to Lucifer alright so we can see that this blue sapphire or this blue this blue color to me could be code for Saturn okay are being trapped in the cube of Saturn and as we keep going here we’ll see that basically this is all Illuminati behind it you can see the white the black and white checkerboard floor which is basically a Masonic Temple imagery we can see these people that are dancing basically in a circular pattern alright which could be symbolizing the womb of Isis okay usually the circle depicts that that womb of Isis the Satanic circle whatever you want to call it they are preparing for something big because the the rebirth as what they want is coming very soon alright and as we keep going in this trailer we see more water imagery that’s another satanic baptism you know being trapped in the water being trapped in the blue and the cube of Saturn I’m gonna keep going and this is now it gets even more interesting where you know this person also who is in the water I think that we saw at the beginning what is in there with him it is a serpent you’ll see this thing come slinking out come swimming out towards him you know it’s funny that this is the same place where the dragon dwells okay he dwells in the waters above we saw that already when we looked at the picture of the firmament and you know the the true to me the biblical model of the earth where the where Satan the dragon dwells okay in the second heaven in the waters above so it’s quite interesting that we’re being you know shown this kind of thing now where this serpent is coming swimming towards this person who was in the water okay the dragon he dwells in the waters above along with his fallen angels and you know next scene also goes to someone drawing a picture of everything about to burn okay that’s what I think is happening here he shows this place on fire and interestingly enough the very next scene is just that we see it looks like the Wellness Center is being set on fire is this showing us that the destruction of the world is at hand you know we’ve heard many lines and other movies of how they have to destroy the old world in order to bring about the new world that was a line that Robert Redford had said in Captain America – and you know seemingly he was a good guy but he turned out to be the bad guy later on in the trailer we see you know looks to me the the world in chaos after the destruction is symbolizing people of

the world crying out for help as you know if so much of destruction is taking place what is gonna happen with the people then as we keep going we see that this Wellness Center is equipped with white witches we see them coming out in a procession there all over the place I believe this movie is promoting witchcraft and you know white witches use white magic for healing all right as we look into what this is all about we see that you know the same symbolism is shown in many different places these white witches and people think that you know white magic is a good thing at for healing but I found an article from this from this place and it talks about you know how white magic is you know they want to shed some light on it and where white magic believes the mystical strength of the elements and eliminating any negativity that is surrounding you without causing harm or injury to others it’s magic power holds sorry it’s magic holds the power to heal protect and bless so what they trying to say to us at all in this Wellness Center these white witches are being used to bring healing I really doubt that because you’re not gonna get any healing from a white witch because later on in the scene or in the trailer you’ll see that this person base is committing suicide so I guess the witches or the white witches using their white magic really doesn’t heal anyone in fact it causes them to either kill themselves or do something that is you know horrible to them which is what the devil wants he doesn’t want to heal you he wants to destroy you okay that is what I believe is being shown here and you know this white magic is not going to do anything for you as we keep going in this trailer we’ll see a person yet again a girl trapped to me in the Blue Bottle of Saturn again you’re being trapped in the water in in this supposed cure in the Baptism and the cube of Saturn this woman I believe is being trapped and as we keep going even more so we’ll see that person who we saw one snake before now he is surrounded by snakes all over the place I believe this is symbolizing the baptism of the Dragon of the devil okay being baptized by the serpent and it’s a mockery to me of the baptism of the holy spirit of the baptism that Christ gives us you know is this the cure for wellness because really if you’re well you don’t need a cure but see the devil wants to bring people into into bondage into destruction he wants to keep people hooked on drugs he wants to keep people hooked on whatever addictions that they have so really the baptism of the dragon istic is to get you from being well he wants to make you sick he doesn’t want to make you well which is what I believe this key this movies even all about it’s called a cure for wellness you know when you think about that title you don’t need a cure for wellness because if you’re well you were not sick you are fine and if we have Christ you were definitely fine but the devil wants to take people away from that and so as we keep going we’ll see that more people are being enslaved by the Serpent’s baptism this is definitely not the baptism of Christ this is the baptism of the devil and you know again it is a mockery of what Christ told us in mark 16 well he talks about the Great Commission to go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature he who believes and is baptized will be saved you does not believe will be condemned and in the complete Jewish Bible that same verse says whoever trusts and is immersed will be saved whoever does not trust will be condemned so immersed could be being immersed in water the baptism being immersed in the gospel being immersed in the work of Christ and you know the devil wants to take us away from that he wants us to be immersed in his nonsense he wants us to be immersed in his baptism in the world in our addictions and are in any bondage in our human weakness he doesn’t want us to be with Christ he wants us to be baptized into his world he wants to change us and transform us into the image of the Beast and that is what I believe we are being shown in this movie he wants to trap us in the cube of Saturn all right and that is what is being shown here and I believe that this is all a mockery of the baptism of Christ because he came we know that Christ allowed John the Baptist to baptize him to symbolize that he was about to go into ministry that he was being empowered by God his father by Yahweh Abba Father his his his father to anoint him for ministry to be baptized and filled with the spirit and this is a mockery of what is of the true baptism all right Satan wants you to be baptized in his satanic double baptism two beats for you to stay in your vices sustain your addictions to stay dead to stay asleep and two to be also transformed into the image of the Beast and to enslave you that is what the devil wants but in Christ we have freedom and you know this cure for wellness is is anything but because this person again we see this person trapped in the cube in the blue water I believe again symbolizing being trapped in the cube of Saturn and you know the devil wants this for all of humanity this is what I believe we are being shown here and you know again funny how the poster for this movie is a female a girl trapped in this blue bottle which again I believe symbolizes Saturn okay the sapphire blue

symbolizing Saturn being trapped in the cube being trapped in the devil’s world this is not fear-mongering this is a warning this is you know even the Lord God he sends his prophets to warn people and of course I do not claim to be a prophet I just claimed to be a watchman and to let you know that definitely what I see humming is destruction of this world that judgment is coming and you need to give your life to Jesus today because if you don’t you do not know whether you’re gonna be here today or gone tomorrow we have no idea but all we know is that we are being telegraphed on a regular basis that the end is coming very soon the plans of the Illuminati are going to come to fruition which is all prophesied in the Bible to happen hey guys it’s Nicholson 1968 welcome to my new project I’ll try to accomplish a couple of things with this video is as always show you some hidden things that are right in front of us that if you look deeper the deeper meanings behind it what is being put forth right in front of us has a deeper meaning I’m gonna touch on MKULTRA mind control programs I know most of you familiar with it and this video will connect some dots for you out there that don’t believe in MKULTRA mind control programs that think it was decommissioned this video will be for you to show you some things connect sometimes it’s very alive and well fashion industry music industry it is one tiny piece of a bigger agenda and the bigger agenda with an end goal and to the normal viewer a normal person on the street it appears to be one thing but as you know anybody who’s followed me on this channel is when you get behind some of these names faces dig deeper the agenda becomes very clear to you and I’m gonna start with on this video we’re gonna go to throw Sachi and Jennifer sake began this company in 1978 they’re one of the leaders in the fashion industry been known for years in the fashion industry and also very connected to the music industry as well and you see the connections as we get through this video and some other things so like I said the normal person will see for such he always just makes clothes and da-da-da-da-da but we’re gonna break it down a little bit here I’m going to connect some dots for you I’ve got some videos after this I’m gonna break it down to you and even for Sachi in a commercial tell you what they’re up to they tell you in their language and that’s the thing of what I do here is they have a language all their own it’s the people of certain industries mystery schools of old these some of these families that date back that are taught these things part of the language that they speak symbols numbers they’re called backwards things like that but first thing we’re gonna look at is the first Watchi logo that was taken and the actual logo the head of Medusa yeah so you know when asked why he chose Medusa Gianni he responded that you know he liked the logo because she made people fall in love with her and if they had no way back I mean that’s his actual quote now for you who do not know who Medusa is Medusa was found in Roman and Greek mythology she was a monster generally described as a winged human female with you know like the hideous face like living venomous snakes in the place of her hair the legend goes is people who stared into her face would turn into stone so that is the legend of Medusa and Medusa is used a lot of different ways of symbolism throughout cultures and things like that but one of the modern uses of Medusa sometimes appears and represents an ocean of mysticism or kneel ISM NIH I am I am so let me give you some definitions of what that means and so you’ll start connecting what is really more deeply behind the symbolism of this logo

nihilism is basically which argues that life is without meaning purpose or value that morality does not exist and that any established moral values are abstractly contrived so you start looking at it that way why they do what they do and here’s another one moral nihilism is actually the for example a moral nil list which say that killing someone for whatever reason is not inherently right or wrong see there’s no objective no reality the morality does not exist is something in here you know that that is the description behind the whole thing with part of this Medusa logo and what they believe then now notice that for Saachi and their family go back to ancient Rome the family and the where the logo came from was when he was playing on the floor in the ruins and Rumer the siblings played as children that this is where they saw this logo back in the ancient some ruins they were playing this is her their their words so it’s interesting to note that in prophecy and the Christian prophecy that the new world order will be toward the end prophecy end times a risen Holy Roman Empire so it’s very interesting when you start looking back to the connections of this logo it goes around the Medusa head is totally Roman that that print goes back to that and as you do your you know your research into the Holy Roman Empire the largest territory of that Empire after 1962 was the kingdom of Germany it’s interesting that also included the kingdom of Bohemia which you conspiracy people out there and they’ll Bohemian Grove see nothing has really changed just things have been renamed and things are still going on and renamed under different things like Bilderberg you look at the old Holy Roman Empire Imperial banner it has the double eagle or Phoenix whatever you want to say the coat of arms same thing that same thing is the new order their logos and their things throughout the years and secret societies the Freemasons it’s all the same just repackaged so the other part of this is where I was going with us too is in the fashion industry in the music industry for you guys that do not believe in MKULTRA you know program monarch things the mind control programs out there that you think don’t exist I know most of my followers and subs are smart enough on my channel they know quite well that is in effect today it’s still going on I’m different I mean a different level with AI for artificial intelligence that’s a whole nother subject but when you go back like I said Holy Roman Empire Germany Nazism the scientists that were back in that day practicing on human beings the mind controls the MKULTRA it still is this today and with this commercial I’m going to play a quick commercial and I’m going to break it down with this commercial some of you sing it but I’m gonna play it for those that are new to my my channel they’re telling telling without a doubt in their own commercial and like like I said most people that are not awake they’ll just see it as a wow this is a cute commercial kind of thing that they’re telling when their commercials their language I’ll play this and then we’ll come back and I’m gonna connect some more dots for you to the music industry Nicki Minaj things within the titles of their CDs that they’re that this is what they believe arisen wrong Holy Roman Empire again part of the V system so enjoy this and I’ll be right back Oh

so there you go guys pretty cut-and-dry once you cover it and look at it from a different perspective you really see what’s going on I’m gonna connect the dot here for you guys so I’m gonna play a video that is a news report that is played to the millions and as usual nobody knows the cops don’t have a motive all the stuff it involves Christina Grimmie Orlando killing in this year in June 2016 and I’m gonna play that play the clip but I want you to see how it’s portrayed to the masses but I’m gonna break it down for you if you know the agenda and you know who’s behind everything and what they’re trying to accomplish you start understanding MKULTRA mind control sleepers things like that better awareness now whether you want to believe that or not a 27 year old man from Florida has been identified as the gunman who shot and killed the voice singer christina grimmie during a meet-and-greet at a show in orlando that according to police his motive is still unclear police said Louisville does not live in Orlando and travel to Friday night’s event with the apparent intent to kill the 22 year old singer Louisville was armed with two loaded handguns and had additional ammunition as well as a hunting knife only few details have been released about the possible motive for the shooting but police believe that Louisville and grin II did not know each other detectives are currently looking at Louisville’s phone and computer in search of evidence that might point towards a motive the singer was killed on late Friday night when Louisville approached her inside the plaza live in Orlando and opened fire authorities say grima’s brother Mark tackled the suspect to the ground after which he shot and killed himself a police statement released on Saturday afternoon said quote her brother Marcus is a hero and possibly saved countless other lives as you see the name of the killer Kevin lo look at the name Lobo is a German name and matter of fact it’s Bavarian from Bavaria Germany is that ring a bell for you guys out there Illuminati came out of Bavaria Germany that’s their starting point if you go deeper into the name it is a from a pet form of the personal name Leopold Elio pol D so if you go back to here we go Holy Roman Empire the coat of arms the coat of arms of the Holy Roman Emperor Leopold of the second and also Francis the second are you making in connection here they’re telling you they leave a signature just like you’ve seen in

movies they leave a signature when they kill somebody they either leave arose it’s the robes killer or they put an X on the chest of a body that they kill and let you know who the killers are or mark you know this is what it is without leaving too much evidence this is a message for the other elites to know this is part of their agenda so when they pick a name and people to do MKULTRA and activate them you can believe in that or not but I’m telling you it’s very real it is to the next level and it is going to be using I said it before back in February cellphones and technology and tones and frequencies there’s more to that to activate these sleeper cells that are among us all over the world that have been MKULTRA program our mind controlled and it sounds science-fiction but it is true that I told you that so let me just tell you we’re going to dive into the movie sail and the movie self has to do with cell phones and a controlling a population through a s1 a pulse Orlando polls the name of the frequency throughout the movie that is controlling people in this thriller movie is called the polls okay it was released on demand June 10th 2016 June 10 the day that christina grimmie was shot and killed do you think that’s you think that’s by accident the theater date of release is July but it was released on demand June 10 the sale the polls things that I’m telling you guys and other people are telling me not just me see this is what this video is about is mind control MKULTRA monarch programs things that were used a long time ago are being resurrected not just the old Nazi Party with a shock and on the old timey mind-control from the SS now this is whole new level here of things being done through electronic pulses that as the key word here polls you’ve seen people put videos out the year of the pulses and it’s exactly what I’ve been saying is MKULTRA and monarch that’s a whole nother subject and control that way to activate assassins and to do certain things but go to the next level of what I am sharing is when you figure out what is the temple of God what is homeland what is going to be put is trying to be put into us through chemtrails metal particles nanobots nano particles into our body you can we are part water we are electronic beings whether you know that or not so the electronic pulses they’ve tried to figure out to control us that is what is coming electronic pulse here’s a little commercial from Beyonce telling you giving you a heads up this is how pretty gramming works and here it is real quick noon we’ll get back to the video Wow pulse electric new fragrance by Beyonce MKULTRA the black awakening out their satanic super soldiers that have been MK ULTRA monarch control they live among us now and you can say I’m few mongering or it’s few porn where you will say you’re living in a dream I’m just telling you I am telling as sure as I’m sitting here I’m not trying to scare you I’m trying to tell you truth you got people that are distracted and looking at other things out there that and that’s fine but what I’m telling you like I said my track record speaks for itself go back and look at my videos I talked to you about the cube the symbolism of it we’re going to touch on that a little more with Rihanna’s new release of the cube that lets you know either they’re following me or I’m telling you truth because I’ve told you about stuff a long time ago and now it’s coming to pass so unless they’re all looking at Nichols

from 1968 videos and say you know what we’re gonna do it we’re gonna come out with a video on the pulse and controlling people with tape and then we’re gonna do a video with the cube and you’re gonna see what I’m saying now this is what I’m talking about this was just released June 17th I’ve been talking about cube symbolism not only made that other people as well out there Calvin Harris and Rihanna just released a song this is what you came for as you can see it starts off for the old TV bars when back in the day when TV was just beginning but we’re moving to the digital age more and more digital Manman becoming more digital the mixing its if you haven’t seen any of my videos in the past on the cube and cube symbolism transhumanism it is all part of the big agenda that mixing of iron and clay digital reality mixing it’s all part of the digital world the illusion that is coming and in this video as you can see the cube she is appears riding the cube with a blank white slate there’s nothing there but as she starts going through the video crowd the surroundings are all illusion all digital inside the cube and other people have good videos on this out there but not just me but this is symbolism of the illusions out there they’re telling me it’s right in their face the cube notice that is also the Lamborghini is shown here as well and the symbolism of that I mean think about it just pops out of nowhere a Lamborghini with this thing it there’s nothing done by accident and the Lamborghini and the logo behind it the golden calf the bull speaks to exodus 32 that it’s the story when Moses went up on the mountain to get the Ten Commandments from God he was delayed and coming back the people down below could not wait any longer so they decided along with Aaron to melt down the gold earrings everything they had and they said to themselves let’s make us God’s wish he’ll go before us so the symbolism of it and this is what I’m talking about the elites the secret society they take take things that are beautiful and twist it and use it for their symbolism of course the the bull here Lamborghini family love bullfighting that’s where they came up with the bull but in symbolism this is what the elites do they take that and use it put it in things for a deeper meaning just like also the butyl butterfly which is used for monarch control and they take something beautiful twisted you know real quick on a sidenote I know that most people that are watching this are very familiar with MK ULTRA monarch programming mind control but for you who are not it never heard of it or don’t even know what MK ULTRA is about MK ULTRA monarch programming takes its name from the butterfly the monarch in control and monarchy kind of what comes to mind but anyway MK ULTRA it’s a method of mind control that they use for a couple of different reasons some back in the day and now to this day it’s not that assassinations mind control for sex slaves you know the reason for this project was named on our prayers because the victim undergoes a similar transformation than a monarch butterfly would like it’s a transformation from a caterpillar into the cocoon which is the dormant state inactive state then to the butterfly which is the new creation the reason for the butterfly most people are marked with a butterfly after the effect are after the control is put into place but thus the butterfly when a person is undergoing trauma induced by the electro shock that electroshock you it’s a feeling of lightheadedness as if one is floating or you know fluttering like a little butterfly you know and at that point the the pain is so dramatic that it reaches you have to disassociate you have to disconnect from the pain which we associate the lightheadedness the

butterfly effect so that’s what the whole MKULTRA monarch programming and why the symbolism of the butterfly they take something beautiful twist it and you have to learn the deeper meanings just like I’ve always said red and black is symbolism for satanic control and that doesn’t make red a bad color doesn’t make black or red but when used to send a message and you learn that language then you know what the red and black some of those are is so everybody gets caught up all this is evil there’s no not necessarily it’s just how it’s used when communicating through the symbolism of the language of the secret societies how they use things like that so you know just to finish up on the Rihanna video as you can tell what’s this toward the end she’s asking you to come into this world this digital world of the cube what it represents and saying it just fades away to the cube it goes off so you can go to my my website and you will see I’ve got a whole section of cube worship and when it when it stands for what it means it’s on different level that’s that’s not just one thing it represents illusion represents also the transformation human into a transhuman the force within a human the heart being taken out and put something else being put into place in the temple of God the true temple of God with just man humanity the deeper meanings and I just wanted to touch on that I don’t want to go into a long drawn-out thing with this video I wanted to just make some other connections of these videos that are coming out that are right in our face that are telling me in symbolism so we’re gonna move on now with Nicki Minaj and her album and some certain things colors some languages here I want to set some things up first off pink is associated with MKULTRA control that’s why you see Britney Spears pink hair Katy Perry pink hair pink hair represents a Barbie doll or a doll a plaything something to be controlled pink is that reference also she had her first album called pink Friday and we got to go deeper Friday the day of the week is named after a goddess called Frick which has to do with childbirth so you’ve got paint Friday right so let’s set this up in their language controlled childbirth everything that people who have followed me for years transhumanism the controlling of humanity reproduction those who know about the Georgia Guidestones control reproduction pink Friday it’s that simple so I wanted to set that up so let’s go to her first album Pink Friday and let’s look at the tracks um right off the bat track to Roman’s revenge when I tell you they believe in or a resurrected Holy Roman Empire Romans revenge you’ve got also you got track number nine blazing fire satanic track ten Here I am there’s only one I am the true creator is the I am so here I am got track 11 dear old Nikki it’s not talking about Nicki Minaj here it’s talking about old Saint Nick Santa Claus Nick old Saint Nick Santa Claus is a direct copy of the Creator he sits on a throne he loves children he comes from the north uh-huh I can get he’s omnipresent everywhere oh you know deliver all the presents in one night I can go on and on I have that information on my website as well of the worship of Santa you know Santa Claus Saturn it’s all the same it comes from Saturn Ella you know and here to that point the next album she came out with pink friday roman Reloaded the first track is Roman holiday I mean they’re telling you in their tracks track 3 I am your leader you know who do you think she’s talking about number track number 4 bees in a trap bees in a trout you’re in a trout he’s in the trap

track 6 roman Reloaded number 7 champion and these guys think that lucifer satan will be the champion at the end of the day and that’s the lie but they are being fed you think that we’re being lied to the elites and the people high up are being lied to more of the deception because of their arrogance and they think they have the ancient secret secrets and mysteries and all that stuff figure it out so let’s skip on down to track 10 starships and in this video starships that’s where the cubes are shelling as well that is part of the future delusion coming most people will not all I mean but most people believe in aliens and that pre-programming that’s why it’s very important to understand the story of the Nephilim and what they are about because that is what’s going on between the inner dimensional beings back and forth it is from the Nephilim and the Watchers it is not aliens from another galaxy that’s part of it that’s why the Turks will probably fall away starting to follow a even more in the future because it has to do with God and the creation and if he hasn’t told us about aliens from another dimension then that will cause the church to start falling away of all these you know aliens created us we were you know produced here hybridized put on this colorized on this planet those things to come so her next album that came out was pinkprint interesting titles on here I’m gonna skip all the way to the in track 16 grand piano and understanding the constellations they are 88 modern constellations in the sky as above so below which on a checker or chessboard in a free Masonic Lodge it’s an 8 by 8 as a chess board 8 by 8 again the 88 grand piano piano has 88 keys black and white the grand piano so we’re telling you who she is following here of course track 12 and a condo snake they’ll need to break that down track 14 pills and potions magic pills and potions witch’s brew telling you some things here what they’re about the track aid for door event a door Aventador which is a form of Lamborghini so again the Lamborghini reference here we’re gonna get to track one all things go which is jay-z do what thou wilt also Aleister Crowley 2 as well some track 2 is a lot also track 15 is bed of lies so the father of lies as Satan himself he is the father of lies track 10 by a heart transient ISM it’s not the one you’re born with you buy a heart that’s I’m telling you telling some things coming track Ford get on your knees bow down get down on your knees so for those out there that are looking at this from another point of view another set of eyes telling you a different story so this is mind control at its best I’ve talked to you mostly about mind control of individuals my control of a mass this is old technology that has been upgraded through the years that is at work here and speaking of that technology of course I’m gonna speak to Zurn a little bit later of the mind control that messing with dimensions and things like that but right now I’m gonna set some things up before we get there you’re looking at a group called Dream Theater rites of passage and let me just tell you of all of the groups I have ever covered Dream Theater is ahead of the curve whoever does their artwork they know things and and what I’m telling you is on 911 let me show you this album cover 9/11 this was

released the day of 9/11 September 11th 2001 live scenes from New York as you can see um it’s right on the money live scenes from New York Twin Towers and flames Lady Liberty they’re on fire the crown of thorns around the Apple mocking Christ that was the original album cover CD cover they later changed it to this one right here as you can see their logo in it and this is Dream Theater’s logo now and they say that their name is built into this but let me just see what it is it is 911 in Roman numerals as you can see 911 the one xx1 built in to it also the three pillars are their third temple three pillars freemason is built into it also one with a big zero zero one zero one that’s very significant I did another documentary style video the 101 series the deepest story ever told through moving pictures you have to check that out I’ll share the link on that but all of that is in this emblem so they had they changed the CD cover to this one now but if it’s released on 9/11 so you telling me that they didn’t know something what’s coming on that day for it to be released there’s too many coincidences with this group and artwork things that they write about I mean it is right on so let me go back to rites of passage right off the bat there’s the sign of the free free Masonic Freemasons right there the Masons of the square and the compass and so you know they’re telling you no wait let’s just look what rites of passage means let’s look up the actual definition of rites of passage a rite of passage is a celebration of the passage which occurs when an individual leaves one group to enter another okay usually happens in three stages first one separation second transition third incorporation complete the transition is complete and what they’re talking about is a lot of different things here we’re talking about dimensions of leaving one dimension entering another dimension vice versa and also becoming enlightened becoming a 33rd degree Mason you move from one step on up the ladder to another degree it’s multiple things that they’re telling you but also here we go speaking of Zurn this is also an alternate CD cover a dramatic turn of events the bridge the doorway there the opening the portal so and the wings behind it you see the wings there you know as far as angelic or what everyone was saying they tell you things within their artwork this one as well he is branding a person with that emblem and if you watch my videos my about video and that I have on my website that tells you how I got started and that Roman numeral 1 xx 1 can be broken down it actually can be broken down into the mark of the beast and it is calculated to 666 as you break it down is built into the 911 I won’t go into that here but that was one of the first videos that got me started doing videos years and years ago the original video is on my website as long and and along with another one that is not on YouTube my first one do you believe in miracles or magic is on there that YouTube will keeps taking down so I put it up there and hosted it on my website as well so let’s go through some of their album covers and I may do a video just separately on Dream Theater but here’s you’re looking at on the album cover Dream Theater lie with the all-seeing eye on the background but also time time is a lie trapped in this time this round for an age that has to do with the cube

and the illusion as well so you’ve got that album cover then you’ve got let’s go to this one right here here we go order out of chaos but their album cover systematic chaos same thing I mean it’s it’s done on purpose that’s what I told you this year which start happening the the ramped up of shootings just everything it’s just it’s crazy it’s out the next one is this one right here this one’s very interesting black clouds & silver linings it’s got a doorway and what you’re looking at I’m gonna do it in the video look at what you’re looking at here does this look familiar it’s just told another way the free Masonic tracing board where you have the doorway up to the light you’ve got to look at the Lucifer eye right there to the left on the easel all-seeing eye doorway going up to the clowns the way out it’s just a different piece of imagery telling you the same thing just told a different way through through all work here and also rites of passage is one of the singles on this album so it’s telling some stuff deeper the latest one they came out with this one’s interesting the astonishing and has to do with technology the all-seeing eye everywhere they’ve got a video to it I mean one of the tracks is track 7 is a savior in the square and see when you visualize that most people say they’re looking for a savior in the square like in a square in the Town Hall but when people who have followed me I tell you about the cube of illusion a savior in the square that is exactly what they’re talking about they’re not talking about someone standing out on the square on the corner so and that I mean I’ll probably do another video just for Dream Theater because this is without a doubt big track 24 begin again heaven’s Cove moment of betrayal I mean I mean it’s it’s our new world that I mean they are telling you him of a thousand voices speaking of the hi of mine where humanity is going they want everybody plugged in one hive mind him of a thousand voices one of their tracks so there’s that one here’s another one a system at systematic chaos special-edition repentance Ministry of lost souls in the presence of enemies I mean they’re pretty much telling you forsaken so you know you you you can say that I’m just stretching but when you put everything together it’s telling you telling you a bigger story here this one’s gonna be interesting too this one right here is a tunnel a train of thought with a tunnel tracks on it just dying soul as I am vacant in the name of God stream of consciousness it Allah sacrifice honor thy father so I mean you need to understand what these guys are telling you through their their titles and their imagery all seeing out there in the tone now speaking of tunnels I’m going to switch gears here a little bit and anybody will remember I did and some other people did too Lady gaga announced that she was going to do the Grammy Awards with technology and I’m gonna play this little section for you right now and then I’ll be back and I want you to see this because I put it out earlier battling up making some connections here right off the bat cube worship cube symbolism and the cube and what it represents followers know exactly what that is that follow me you who don’t you as a representation of copying the Holy of Holies behind in the Holy of Holies there was a room a perfect cubed area where God dwelt in

the tabernacle of God and I’m not gonna explain it all here you have to watch the videos that I’ve been shown to explain a little further in there and the cube symbolism in this cube of worship all over the world not just America I’m just United Kingdom it’s all over the world cute when it’s abound and you’ve noticed in this the wording that has picked seed of innovation you’ll hear say seed of innovation you’ll also say she would say the mind behind the machine I’ve been showing you since 1998 what that is who is the mind the Prince of the air behind the machine also referred to as the wizard behind the curtain pay no attention to the man behind the purple it’s right there it’s right in your face listen to it it is a message being told the Masters will not figure it out you’re fixing to figure it out with this video I’ll get started to launch the first of these experiences we’ve collaborated with six-time Grammy Award winner putting the world’s most innovative technology in the hands of the one of the world’s most innovative artists but rather than me have you tell me tell you I thought we’d leave it to to tell you about the work we’ve done together I have the potential to imagine the unimaginable see the unthinkable the uncie with the arsenal of the world’s leading technology at my fingertips I now have the ability to invent the unmanned table we’re branding into its future intel has enlisted house abhava to collaborate on a project that will showcase technology through creativity at the highest level our partnership will culminate in a performance that inspires to remind the innovation wizard behind the curtain in mind behind the machine Intel beep the technology Intel have this is stuff that I showed in my Project Blue Beam video years ago this right here the the mapping technology of the military this has been around what we’re being shown the gap they’ve had this for decades this is just being shown to the public just now so you know that’s what we got to see was that technology but remember this commercial that I played earlier what is this got to do with anything which I Swan was tending things got changed but let me tell you something watch it very closely I’m going to show this when this it a doorway opens and there’s numbers on the door five and six five and six right there five and six what does that mean okay so I’m gonna tell you what that means and there’s a reference to May 6 what happened May 6 k I’ll tell you what happened remember the Hoover Dam May 6 through the 8th the goat was projected on the Hoover Dam something is going to open up I guarantee you remember the goat I’m oh shit I’m just gonna show you some of this that was the goat projected on the Hoover Dam is also was there was something else that was done over that length of time as well and I’ll show you this clip too I’ll be right back right under Hesburgh just as hard on the autonomous driving technology as the people who once build this dam

tonight right here in America we’re introducing the world’s first truck with a Navy license plate the first autonomous truck on public roads ever anywhere in the world a vehicle to inspire our customers and the whole world our Freightliner inspiration truck so in that commercial you saw that technology of the on the Hoover Dam being projected opening up just like a portal trans you know a portal what happens when a portal opens something is transported here right okay the truck on the top of the Hoover Dam infinite inspirational unveiled it is Freightliner it is transportation transporting stuff and it’s with this look at the Signet at the end the eight Saturn reference something being transported here or coming out of one of the other are both ways now you remember the goat on as that the team is FC : and that’s a soccer team their mascot is Hennis guess what Hennis the 8th that’s right the 8th there we go again with 8 and it’s a goat ok now it gets even crazier I mean this is how in-depth it is you think that 5/6 was just some random day picked no it’s not soccer ball 5/6 what are you talking about Nicholson what are you talking about I’ll tell you what I’m talking about 5/6 number one a soccer ball has 32 count on when when you get when you get a chance 32 on a soccer ball the 33rd would be the complete circle of all 32 different shapes on it 33rd being the whole soccer ball and it’s also black and white okay Masonic but here’s what’s even more crazy there’s only two designs on the ball one is a inside of a pentagram one two three four five and then the other shape guess what hexagram six sides five six it is done on purpose it is put in place these numbers were picked for a reason and the shapes that are chosen here are picked for a reason deeper meaning and I’ll play a little clip from a great video which came out years ago hidden in plain sight I’ll play part of that that’ll explain it a little bit better but it has to do with the microcosm and the macrocosm are the large and versus the small and let me interpret that for you what it means is in modern terms what is trying to be attempted is to bring the spiritual into the material and and vice versa the material and spiritual together as one and I hope you understand what I just said and why CERN and what is trying to attempt to do bring something in from one realm and and combine it see two things are going on at this point there are people is earned that they’re actually believed they’re doing good things they’re trying to bring something in look for something that they feel that we are missing the god particle that that’s what they believe they believe that they’re honestly doing a good thing the other part is they’re gonna rip they’re gonna open a doorway that we’re not supposed to go through that’s the reality that is what is going to ultimately happen timeframe I do not know but that is being worked on as we speak right now you’ve got two things going on simultaneously people that know exactly what’s going on trying to bring something into this round that isn’t supposed to be here so just wanted to let you know that of what CERN is really about it has has to do also with alchemy and which I like I said I’m gonna play this clip and then I’ll come back and you understand I think a little bit more of

what is being shown here and symbolism and what is going to be attempted in the future and things that are being set up right now putting into place to bring this about and I’ll be right back the pyramids at de sure hold keys to macrocosm and microcosm first of all the red pyramid isn’t as steep as the Great Pyramid its face proportions match this red triangle within a pentagram tilting up four such triangles until they meet defines the pyramid and its slope the pentagram is a powerful magical talisman that was a symbol of the Pythagorean school the pentagram encodes the golden number Phi within itself fractally Phi is one of the most important numbers in mathematics because nature uses it to proportion everything from pine cones to sunflowers and Nautilus shells even our bodies are based on the golden section the number five is associated with the microcosm with life and in the growth of living things the adjacent bent pyramid is the only pyramid with two slope angles the lower slope is steeper than the Great Pyramid and it’s face proportions match this blue triangle within a hexagon tilting up four such triangles until they meet defines the pyramids lower slope the upper slope matches the red pyramid so it’s red triangles within Pentagon’s again here so what’s up with all the hexagons and pentagons it has been said that the great enigma of alchemy is the mystery between macrocosm and microcosm the word alchemy actually comes from alchemy which means the way of Egypt I believe relating six to five is the essential key encoded at – or Renaissance master Albrecht Durer made this drawing in his course in the art of measurement with compasses and a ruler everything emerges from the vesica Pisces Durer’s melancholia one is one of the most studied pieces of esoteric art France Dec wits presented the following analysis in 1979 to John Michell who published it in his 1988 book the dimensions of paradise the opening of the compasses is the key to the engravings metrology the compasses sphere measuring stick and overall proportions all fit the same unit as already mentioned the engravings proportions of 14 to 11 matched the great pyramids half triangle proportion the objects in the engraving are packed with hermetic symbolism but the most interesting thing to me is the hidden controlling geometry it’s the alchemical wedding of Pentagon and hexagon swallowed a lumix did this study of an Egyptian gateway notice the proportions of sixes and fives in the opening and the octave height of two compared to the overall width of a fundamental one Henry Lincoln co-wrote Holy Blood Holy Grail which became an inspiration for Dan Brown’s The Da Vinci Code published more than 20 years later in the Holy Place Lincoln revealed what he calls a structured landscape in the former Cathar country surrounding the mysterious village of rennes-le-chateau again we see the marriage of six and five the pentagram over the cube in DC is another representation of six and five coming together recall how triple sixes and fives are encoded in the Washington Monument as 6660 inches equals 555 feet America’s monumental obelisk therefore expresses the relationship between macrocosm and microcosm so you know how an cosmos Carl Sagan talks about other dimensions like beyond our world yeah sure theoretically right theoretically so theoretically how do we travel there you guys have been thinking about Hugh Everett’s many-worlds interpretation having you so basically there are parallel universes just like our world but just infinite variations of it you know the little shadows echo of the material plane were necrotic and shadow magic exactly if that did exist a place like the veil of Shadows how would we travel there theoretically well picture an acrobat standing on a tightrope and the tightrope is our dimension and our dimension has rules you can move forwards or backwards but

what if right next to our Acrobat there is a fleet now the fleet can also travel back and forth just like the Acrobat right right here’s where things get really interesting fleet can also travel this way along this side of the room he can even go underneath the rep exactly but we’re not the flea were the Acrobat in this metaphor yes we’re the acrobats so we can’t go upside down well is there any way for the Acrobat to get to the upside down well you’d have to create a massive amount of energy more than humans are currently capable of creating mind you to open up some kind of tear in time and space and then you create a doorway like a gate sure like a gate but again this is all theoretical but but what if this gate already existed well if it did it I think we’d know it would disrupt gravity magnetic field our environment heck you might even swallow us up whole science is neat but I’m afraid it’s not very forgiving so there you have it in a nutshell is basically messing with things technology that we’re not supposed to be messing with so you have to ask yourself where did this technology come from this is part of the mystery this is part of the conspiracy is where did the technology come from did he come from the Nazis now you got to look deeper you gotta look way deeper than man I’m gonna share a scripture here with you 1st Corinthians 6 3 know ye not that we shall judge angels how much more things that pertain to this life there you go folks we’re not going to judge good angels we’re going to judge bad angels fallen angels that created the Nephilim this is why they do not want you figuring out this is why the church has people scared they do not want you figuring out Genesis 6:4 and the Nephilim they do not want you to read parts of Enoch they do not want you to read things of that nature this is why it just falling apart the veil is lifting the lives of the Freemasons NASA the whole flatter spherical earth look I’ve done research I sat on the sidelines here don’t want you knowing about trying to time travel and dimensions and what this reality is about here on earth in this round the lies are coming undone I’m gonna leave at the end of this a little bonus video for you I hope you enjoy it but I’m officially coming out and I’m going to tell you I’ve done prayer done research do I believe the earth is flat I believe it is round I tell you what I do know from doing all of my cell research all of the information out there now I believe this is an enclosed flat domed system that it is enclosed for protection that and I know you’re saying out there oh no Nicholson’s like now do your research just like 9/11 when we first came out and I told you about 9/11 and other people told you – about 9/11 and that you thought we were crazy and now look where we’re at same thing with information on transhumanism same information I’ve given you on programmable matter DNA tampering genetics put it all together we will judge the Fallen Angels and why do we get to judge fallen angels because they messed up this realm they’re the ones who taught us war this is where the technology comes from this is how he learned about abortion this came from the following we get to judge in the end humans did it folks this is what it’s about you’re not gonna hear it in your local church and they don’t want you here today that’s why it’s left alone so you need to figure out why the lot so here’s my thing let’s go back to the Flat Earth everything that I do I look at from this point of view if if the Flat Earth why would there be it why do they lie what’s in it for the elite why would they tell us that there’s planets and multiple galaxies versus it really being just us an enclosed system and a creator above us above the firmament do you see where this is going look at it from that step put get the anger out of the way

and look at it from a Christian perspective or a human perspective why would the freemasons the elites the secret societies be lying about the earth not being enclosed or a flat system because it makes you doubt that’s where the alien deception is coming it’s not aliens it’s Nephilim watcher all spring messing in and out of the dimensions here and we’re and we’re helping the people were helping don’t know they’re helping that’s where I’m coming from I swam for a long time I didn’t want to really consider the flatter thing but because I always questioned what is in it for them what is the benefit of the lie they get multiple million dollars sent to them NASA all of that that gets sent and they do whatever they want and do the projects that they want the hoax is everything you look at it do your research don’t just dismiss it you know and I’m not here to convince you you do your own research I’m not gonna go into death on there’s there’s so much information out there now on that people do it very well professionally and present it but again don’t come off angry and just take a timeout for a minute and think why would they be lying and what’s in it for them a lot is in it for so thank you guys for watching i’ma leave you with a bonus video that I made took a group called core video coming undone which you see their album cover here with the doorway the reference to Alice in Wonderland the doorway opening the keys coming in the bear teddy bear which is the Light Bearer reference to Lucifer they’re coming into this round the lead singer with his kilt his Masonic Freemason kept telling you some truth in this video is the backdrop to this video but I’m going to share little things here I’m gonna do it Nicholson 1968 style from way back so I’ll give you a little of both both worlds here but please enjoy and again thanks for watching okay Phoebe this is it in this briefcase I carry actual scientific facts a briefcase of facts if you will some of these fossils are over 200 million years old okay look before you even start I’m not denying evolution okay I’m just saying that it’s one of the possibility it’s the only possibility Phoebe Ross could you just open your mind like this much now wasn’t there a time when the brightest minds in the world believed that the earth was flat and up until like what fifty years ago you all thought the atom was the smallest thing until you split it open and this like whole mess of crap came out are you telling me that you are so unbelievably arrogant that you can’t admit that there’s a teeny tiny possibility that you could be wrong about this there might be be strong in the Lord and in his mighty power but on the full armor of God so that you can take your stand against the devil’s schemes for our struggle is not against flesh and blood but against the rulers against the authorities against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms therefore put on the full armor of God so that when the day of evil comes you may be able to stand your ground and after you have done everything to stand stand firm then with the belt of truth buckled around your waist with the breastplate of righteousness in place and with your feet fitted with the readiness that comes from the gospel of peace in addition to all this take up the shield of faith with which you can extinguish all the flaming arrows of the evil one take the helmet of salvation and the sword of the Spirit which is the word of God

and pray in the spirit on all occasions with all kinds of prayers and requests with this in mind be alert and always keep on praying for all the Lord’s people you

World's Largest Pyramid Hidden in Plain Sight

Once in a blue moon something is discovered that completely rocks the world of archeology and invites us to reconsider what we understand of history One such thing was discovered in 2005 Archaeologist – Semir Osmanagic was visiting a museum in Visoko, in Bosnia and Herzegovina, when he realized stunned, that a very large hill in the valley had four clear triangular sides and even grade slope, obvious corners, and even in apex The exact geometry of a pyramid Given his research of other pyramids, Semir investigated other criteria to find that it was also structurally aligned with the cardinal points: North, South, East, and West, another fundamental feature of the ancient pyramids At every turn, the geometric precision and structural evidence of his research showed that this so-called “hill” and five additional places in the valley were structures that had been created, engineered by the ancients and hidden by vegetation over thousands of years The discovery was nothing short of epic Not only were these the first pyramids to be discovered in Europe, two of them the Pyramid of the Moon and the Pyramid of the Sun are both larger than the Great Pyramid of Giza, with the Pyramid of the Sun according to this archaeologists, now measuring as the largest pyramid in the world Well, when fossils taken from the structure revealed the Bosnian pyramid of the Sun dated back 35,000 years, which is well before our current understanding of civilization The revelations did not land well with established academics Within hours of the international announcement of this extraordinary discovery, the story suddenly disappeared In the meantime, geologists and archeologists from many countries petitioned the Bosnian government to stop Samir’s excavations claiming his discoveries were merely natural formations Nonetheless, 55 skeptical, but curious archaeologists joined him to learn more, concluding at finish, that it did appear to be true Nature could not have formed these mountains They are artificially created structures But the others in the field, without even visiting it, threaten his excavation efforts with incredible resistance These “trusted” archaeological “experts”, assumed and concluded Samir must be a fraud and they labeled his discovery a hoax Rather than be swayed, however, their resistance made it clear to Semir that he was on to something big For the next few years he fought a legal battle to ensure his right to excavate, even suing the government for trying to block his scientific study Finally, he succeeded and even received the government’s blessings in his research Normally, archaeological excavation is a very conservative science and it only permits accredited academics who keep all the revelations secret, until such time it is revealed Though Sameer is powerless to public defamation from established mainstream institutions, he found the perfect strategy to protect his research and decided that this project would belong to the people so he engaged all those who wished to contribute and learn, making sure that all discoveries would be fully transparent His nonprofit organization – “Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun Foundation” welcomed thousands of enthusiastic international volunteers in the excavation and discoveries of what appears to be the oldest pyramid in the world Join the Universe Inside You, and create a new reality as we share what research of the Bosnian pyramids has revealed thus far Decide for yourself whether you think the features are all just miraculous coincidences of nature, or ancient monuments that could be part of a global grid with an electromagnetic function, we have yet to fully understand You’re probably thinking, it’s far more likely that the four sides of that mountain are just a coincidence

After all, the only ancient pyramids we hear about are in Egypt and Mexico Well, actually a growing number of archaeologists researching the so-called “mounds” around the world believe differently Cutting-edge scientific research shows that round and multi-sided pyramid structures made of adobe, limestone, and granite are far more common than thought and that they exist, in fact, on every continent, brushed off as mountains, hills, empty tombs, or even, “piles of rocks”, because they’re so much older then we’ve realized And also, of course, because we still can’t figure out why any civilization would go through all the trouble of building these enormous structures of unimaginable weight, for no practical reason Unless the reason is yet to be revealed In other words We don’t know what we don’t know So before we share the facts about the Bosnian pyramid (The BPS), consider this first: if we knew that pyramids held a practical function and if we were open to the possibility that civilization’s history on Earth goes back much further than we have acknowledged Would we notice the similarities of these pyramid structures on every continent? Like the almost 2000 pyramids in China that are over 12,000 years old? The 224 in Sudan? The 43 in Sicily? The 3 in Palencia, Spain where there are pictures of reptilian-like beings and where one, tragically was recently destroyed? Would we see the 104 in the Canary Islands? Or those in East Africa? Or those in El Salvador and Honduras, including this one, where an interior temple reveals what appears to be Mayans in spaceships? Would we see Cambodia’s? Would we notice the 100 meter high pyramids in Indonesia? And would we see that in the United States of America the 200 mounds in southern, Illinois have all the criteria of ancient pyramids? Or how about this mysterious one in Antarctica? And we mustn’t forget those underwater off the coast of Japan and off the coast of Florida So, as you can see, every continent has evidence of these structures and yet, we’re still telling ourselves that primitive people built these for their dead and built them in ways we can’t figure out Could it be that there’s more to this story then this accepted narrative about primitive civilizations? According to Semir and other archaeologists, these assumptions are not the true purpose of these world structures New archaeological revelations, particularly the research from the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun, suggests that pyramids were not mounds, tombs for pharaohs, or their other leaders, but were built for other purposes, tens of thousands of years ago And that they were in fact complex energy machines Most importantly, he says these energy machines do four things: They create energy fields that support healing They improve the molecular structure of water and food That they advanced spiritual and mental abilities And most surprisingly of all, that they transmit and receive Interstellar communication through the apex via scalar wave technology This is a lot to take in so, keeping worldwide pyramids in mind, let’s have a look at Bosnia now, to see if it meets the criteria of an artificially engineered structure, or, to see if it’s just a massive hill and a cruel hoax Any ancient monument that’s not in the desert could be hard to discern if it’s covered with foilage and soil over millennia

If you look at the Bosnian pyramid of the Sun from the land, it’s easy to see why this structure just looks like a hill From a drone or a plane, however, the clarity of the shape becomes more obvious You can also see the terrain if Google Maps didn’t make it fuzzy and indistinguishable, which is interesting, since other areas are so clear and distinct at the same distance Does Google want to keep something mysterious? So what exactly distinguishes a pyramid from a hill or a mountain? There are 10 scientific criteria that pyramids possess, we’ll name each and compare how the Bosnian pyramid weighs in on those requirements First, the most obvious quality of a pyramid is its shape and geometry For most structures, this means four-sided equilateral triangles, but pyramids do have other shapes 3, 5, 6 sides or even circular ones As mentioned, BPS (Bosnian pyramid of the Sun) has four sides, angles of 60 degrees and the south side has a causeway, which distracts from the perfection of those angles Simply replace the green with a brown and the shape of this so-called “hill” looks just like this In 2006, Samir uncovered the foliage on the northeast corner to find exactly what he expected two sides that met at an angle Could nature do that? The second thing is side orientation to the cardinal points and alignment to True North While the Pyramid of Giza holds an error to true north of 0° and 2 minutes, the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun holds an error of 0°, 0 minutes, and 12 seconds, making it even more precisely aligned with true north than the Great Pyramid in Egypt Still, we’re asked to believe this is just a coincidence The third is artificially constructed building materials As mentioned, ancient structures become indistinguishable with overgrowth that buries whatever building materials are there Take for example, the two well-known pyramids in the Mexican Yucatan – in Coba and Calakmul, which appear to be hills in the midst of the jungle except that the excavated side reveals the granite and sandstone When excavations began for BPS, at roughly 3,5 feet of soil, large rectangular blocks were discovered, each weighing 7 tons and having six flat sides These blocks were stacked neatly together with clay binding and showed evidence of perfect symmetrical formation and placement Even having unusual and unique patterns They also have quartz crystal in them a powerful energy conductor that we use today in almost everything Samples of the material binding these enormous stones were sent to 7 separate international laboratories for examination and each one, determined separately of the others, that rock, sand, water, and clay in the binding is a synthetic concrete called polymer concrete This material is so strong and so durable that compared to today’s concrete, the ancient polymer rates far superior in strength to what we presently use It also has a surprisingly low water absorption rate of 1%, versus our 3%, which would obviously contribute to withstanding weather over time Skeptics claim the building blocks of the structure are just coincidental, natural formations Some have even gone so far as to accuse Samir of shaping the hills, placing stones in ways, to make it seem like it was engineered So have a look at these terraces Do they look like a natural formation to you? Or something you could just throw together? The fourth element is artifacts Excavations on, or near the area have uncovered some unusual artifacts, like this giant round stone No explanation is known for how,or when it was carved,

but visitors spend time near them and find that ailments and pain is lifted and that they feel very relaxed This rock, found on the Pyramid of the Dragon, appears to be a map of the three main pyramids This small ceramic pyramid was ironically found near the structures at a site overseen by an archeologist who petitioned to stop Semir’s research She insisted the find was not related to the nearby structure, so it was never reported to the local Visoko museum It supposedly went to Germany for research, but appears to have not been seen since then This stone from the valley also seemed to show an astronomical map, but it’s been revealed since that it appears to be a map, not of stars, but of the structures themselves in their layout in the valley Much of the rocks found do have carvings and here’s a compilation of those symbols that were carved into the rocks This small head was found and it’s very unusual, as was this pigmented effigy, along with stones that appear to look like feet, all dating prehistorically and those are just a few Another quality is inner chambers Everyone knows Giza has mysterious chambers at odd angles inside the structure Not long ago, at Chichen itza, an ancient access tunnel was discovered, which only local tribes knew of It had been sealed for hundreds of years True to form, geothermal analysis of the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun, reveals no less than 7 layers of passageways within it, which appear to wind in a spiral throughout the structure Measured, these would stretch for miles and miles as it continues to be excavated in time, these will surely be known A lesser-known characteristic of pyramids are the presence of surrounding tunnels Often time, these tunnel systems are undiscovered, or simply not made public by authorities Other pyramids, in Egypt in China are known to have them, but the tunnels that were discovered and excavated near the BPS, have already exceeded the distance measured by all other pyramids, making it the most extensive underground network around any pyramid known to man The tunnel walls themselves are made of conglomerate a natural combination of sand, rock, and pebbles, tightly compacted over thousands of years by water sources But Samir’s team discovered that many of these tunnels had clearly been sealed, either to keep them a secret, or to block the flow of energy that’s created by water, the tunnels, and the pyramid itself When organic material from this debris was carbon dated, it revealed that these tunnels were sealed only 5,000 years ago It was also discovered that the stone blocks used to make the pyramid were the same substance as the material removed from the tunnels, revealing that the creators of the tunnels also created the pyramid And that precedes the 5000 year mark Further investigation in the tunnels found large blocks at precise distances of 10 feet apart The largest one being 18,000 pounds, or 8 tons One of the most fascinating things found in the sealed tunnels was a huge 8 ton smooth stone block, which appears to be strategically placed over flowing water This Rock had symbols carved onto it Multiple analysis by the Institute of Atomic Physics, revealed that this large block is an artificially constructed material, again, a synthetic ceramic made over 35,000 years ago Investigations discovered that it was in two pieces a lid sealed over a supportive base and geo-radar analysis revealed

that the center was carved out and held some kind of mineral that was different from the ceramic, likely a quartz crystal, given the powerful electromagnetic conductivity of this object Precise EMF readings taken near the object consistently reveal the frequency of 7.83 Hz The sixth of the criteria is running water All world pyramids were built near rivers and streams Just like the Pyramid of Giza has the Nile nearby and water sources underneath it, BPS is near a river and has extensive layers of underground streams at different depths But perhaps one of the most extraordinary features of the site are the mathematical relationships between structures and the sacred geometry created as a result Sacred geometry is the geometrical patterns and the mathematical laws in nature from the most minuscule particles, to the greater Cosmos, upon which all creation is founded thus making Mathematics and Geometry a Universal language These principles convey the interconnectedness of all nature, reminding us that we have a relationship to the whole of creation These patterns include π (Pi) and the Golden Mean are often cryptically woven into the works of great artists and structural engineers They are in fact an elevated expression of wisdom When you connect the apex of the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun, with the Bosnian Pyramid of the Moon, and the Pyramid of the Dragon, it creates an equilateral triangle Then, within it, if you connect two other structures with the tunnel entrance, it creates a second triangle Equilateral triangles and triangles within others are sacred geometry When you consider the points of the natural surrounding landmarks the tunnel entrances, and where the rivers meet, you get a third triangle – the largest one Keep the same midpoints for all three and you have the base for the Flower of Life, as you would see it from above Traditionally, Esoteric studies reveal, that the torus in the flower of life, imply dimensionality Like in Egypt, the length of the base divided by the height is π (Pi) irrational numbers According to Semir, these mathematical principles were carefully engineered and are powerful forces contributing to the movement of energy, what he explains is “the true message of the pyramid”, that the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun, the Moon, the Dragon, and of Love, are flowing with energy, as though they were alive Since few of us, today are actually taught the profound implication of this extraordinary wisdom of sacred geometry, it’s easy to overlook how important these expressed patterns are in ancient structural engineering It’s also worthy to note that Pi wasn’t officially discovered until a few hundred years ago So did our primitive ancestors somehow figure it out? Or was it again just a coincidence? The eighth criteria is astronomical features As we pointed out in our Mars video, there are consistent astronomical features present among all ancient pyramids on Earth And one of the most extraordinary moments in Bosnia happens on June 22nd Summer Solstice, just before the Sun sets This is when the shadow of the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun, perfectly eclipses the Bosnian Pyramid of the Moon Semir has shared that of all the pyramids he studied, this clear obvious relationship connecting the two is by far the most rare and unique Of course, experts are again claiming this is pure coincidence The ninth of the criteria is location with energy potential,

namely – volcanic lines Semir discovered that if you draw invisible lines to connect all the world’s volcanoes, ancient monuments are built on these invisible lines, especially, where they intersect with other lines For example, Easter Island meets over 10 intersected lines, Machu Picchu on 16, but the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun, matched only by Chichen Itza, meets on 26 volcanic intersected lines more than any other monument As we noted in our video about Nikola Tesla, Tesla knew that if you could amplify electricity over time we could dramatically improve the state of our planet without harming it the way current technology does So, the combination of these lines, the tunnels, flowing water, and an iron plate, deep in the earth, all contribute to amplify the energy of the structure and the result: You have a powerful conductor of electromagnetic energy, one which leads to the final and the most exciting criteria of a pyramid, particularly of the BPS, and that is measurable energy flow For millennia, Earth has held a natural frequency, a pulse, per se, of 7.83, which is known as the Schumann resonance It’s vital to our emotional and physical well-being, but is increased rapidly over the last few decades as a direct result of technology EMF radiation from cell phones, Wi-Fi, TVs, power, atomic explosions, microwave energy, and much more, these bombardments have pushed the Earth’s frequency as high as 16 Hertz, and this slows down our mental processing, harms our cells, and negatively affects many things If BPS were just a hill, energy frequencies would measure the same as everywhere else around the globe, But, with every EMF, sonic, and ultrasound reading, the frequencies measured at BPS consistently show the Schumann frequency – 7.83, especially in the tunnels, and the result is nothing short of miraculous Water and food brought from beneath and around the structure has superior molecular structure And volunteers involved in the excavation have experienced dramatic unexplainable healing , from respiratory illnesses to spinal injuries They just disappear Why? We know that charged ions from flowing water supports health and kills microbes in the body The iron beneath the earth increases electromagnetic flow quartz helps conduct energy and the Schumann resonance promotes serenity and health So, is it any wonder people report elevated emotional and physiological states near the pyramids? This doesn’t happen just anywhere, especially on any hill Could the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun be the energy machine that Samer hypothesizes? It’s on the summit of the pyramid, however, that something really spectacular happens with energy flow The electromagnetic fields are amplified 60 times stronger than anywhere else on the planet, measuring consistently at 28 kilohertz for a radius of 13 feet at the very apex of the structure and would appear to look like this manipulated photo This frequency, by the way, has been associated with levitation in experiments done with ping-pong balls by the American Ralph Ring Is there a relationship to the frequency of levitation and the frequency being emitted from the summit of this pyramid? Needless to say, natural mounds and hills do not create energy bursts 60 times greater than the Earth Not even other pyramids show that kind of reading But, something powerful was caught on film

at another location When in 2009 a father photographing his children, just before a lightning storm at Chichen Itzá, Mexico This photo offers a visual of the exact sort of energy beam that’s being measured above the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun Could this energy be an indication of a greater purpose that the pyramids served? Even more evidence of the pyramid’s energy has been caught on video camera, a camera, which was specifically designed to capture bioenergy fields This footage shows the horizontal energy lines, which blanket all the land and all other hills, but when you reach the Pyramid of the Sun and the Pyramid of the Moon, those lines suddenly become vertical In fact, in this video, it’s been noted that some kind of unidentified craft is entering and leaving the actual boundary of the pyramid Perhaps interdimensionally, but that’s a whole other subject and a whole other video for discussion If the Bosnian pyramids are just misconstrued hills, nature is certainly capable of creating some amazing tricks, including perfect block terraces, geometrical perfection, sacred geometry, and powerful electromagnetic surges in and around these so-called hills If they are the engineered structures they appear to be well, it’s time to rewrite our history books After all, our history assumes that the human race is wiser and more advanced than ever before, but the BPS – the oldest and largest and most enigmatic pyramid in the world seems to indicate that highly intelligent cultures may have existed in the very distant past and that they engineered these pyramids in ways that primitive humans never could have, in ways that we are still trying to figure out Of course, it’s just easier to deny these facts then admit such an important historical discovery That the largest and oldest ancient structure in the world was virtually unnoticed in plain sight for centuries Let alone admit that we still know very little about its actual benefits and function While Samir has been under constant attack by people from major institutions, we can’t help but wonder why so much effort to control and stop him? Since a massive hoax would simply reveal itself in time, especially when you compare it to the Egyptian directors and diggers who cannot disclose their revelations And all Samir’s research is transparent and made public In fact, when he was accused of using this discovery for political gain, he said this: “This project should unite people, not divide them Thus pyramids don’t belong to any particular nation They’re not Bosnia, or Muslim, or Serb, or Croate pyramids, because they were built at a time when those nations and religions were not even in existence He said: “Although tens of thousands of pyramids have been discovered across the planet, none have the construction quality or can date back as far as the ones in Bosnia,” Bosnia is the original pyramid, the oldest and largest ever constructed It’s an exact 0° north orientation and is potentially the key to releasing information about ancient technology that can free the world of its dependence on fossil fuel, along with offering the possibility of finding astounding medical breakthroughs in the scientific community.” He concludes: “They’ve been there for tens of thousands of years and are going to remain for thousands more Why not use this short time to discover, learn, grow, and find what they have to offer us? Thank you for watching! Please hit “like” if you enjoyed this video! We hope you’ll subscribe and if you’d like to be notified of future releases,

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Learn English I Sight Words 100 Level 2 | FULL | Lesson 1 – 20 | English Speaking and Stories

Hello everyone, my name is Brian. Welcome to Worldcom Edu Sight Words Level 2. We are going to learn some easy words today. So are you ready? Let’s begin! Our words today are after, again, air, also, America. Let’s start with after. We use this word to say that a person or thing comes later than another person or thing Also sometimes we use it to say in which direction something or someone goes. For example the girl goes after her mom. Or go to bed after brushing your teeth. Oay. Our next word is again. When do we use again? we use again when we say that an action is repeated. For example, we jumped again. Or let’s play a game again. Okay. Next, we have air. Air is all around us. It’s the gas that we breathe For example, from the ground to space there is a lot of air. Our example sentence is the plane flies in the air Or the air is fresh in the countryside Our next word is also. We use the word also to mean and. For example, she likes cats she also likes dogs. I brush my teeth. I also wash my face. Okay Our last word is America. This is the name of a country. It is between Canada and Mexico. Here. Okay. For example, he lives in America. Or I am from America That’s true! Okay 🙂 Those are our words for today Now it’s time for practice and repeat. So let’s practice repeat after me After. The girl goes after her mom. Good Again We jumped again. All right. Air. The plane flies in the air. Okay, good. Also. She likes cats. She also likes dogs. Okay., very good America. He lives in America. Okay, very good Now it’s time for review. Let’s read some sentences but wait words are missing. Can we think of the missing words? For example, the plane flies in the beep – Hmm what word can we use? Well, here are our study words. After, again, air, also, America Which one can we use? Yes we can use air The plane flies in the air Alright, good. Next one. He lives in beep – Hmm, Ah, He lives in America. Very good

Next. Se likes cats she beep – likes dogs Ah, also! She likes cats. She also likes dogs Alright. Next. The girl goes beep her mom Ah, the girl goes after her mom. Ok. Last one, we jumped beep – Ah, we jumped again Ok, very good, good job. Sight Word Story Let’s move on to the site word story Let’s read the story together. Are you ready? Let’s begin. John lives in America Sally lives in America also I want to visit them I get into an airplane the plane flies in the air I visit John first I is it Sally after John then I come home but I want to see them again. Okay, that’s our sight word story. I hope you enjoyed it! That’s all for today. Thank you for studying with me. Se you next time! Hello everyone, my name is Brian welcome to WorldCom Edu Sight Words Level 2 We are going to learn some easy words today. Are you ready? Today’s words are: animal, another. answer, any, around. Let’s start with animal. Animals are creatures with eyes feet and hair Unlike plants they can move around Scientists say that we are animals but when most people think about animals they think of dogs, cats, elephants, and so on. For example, the elephant is a big animal. Or I like all kinds of animals Next, we have another. We use another to talk about one more thing or person. For example, he eats another candy. Or can I have another please? An answer is a reply to a question. So if someone asks you a question you should answer it Even if your answer is I don’t know. Okay For example, they want to answer the question. Or I don’t know the answer. We use any in questions or when we talk about several things in a negative way For example, she doesn’t like any sport Or do you want any milk? Finally, we have around. We use this word to talk about where the action is taking place. For example, the children run around the tree Or there are many birds around the lake Okay those are our words for today! Now it’s time for practice and repeat. So let’s practice. Repeat after me Animal. The elephant is a big animal Alright, good Another. He eats another candy. Okay

Answer. They want to answer the question Okay. Any. She doesn’t like any sport Okay. Around. The children run around the tree. Alright, very good Now it’s time for review. So let’s read some sentences but wait words are missing again. Can we think of the missing words? For example, she doesn’t like beep ___ sport, Hmm. What word can we use? Well our study words are: animal, another, answer, any, around. Which one can we use? Yes, we can use any. She doesn’t like any sport. Let’s move on He eats beep ___candy. Hmm He eats another candy. Next, they want to beep ___ the question. Hmm Ah! They want to answer the question. All right. Next. The elephant is a big beep ___, Hmm. The elephant is a big animal. Last one. The children run beep ____ the tree. Hmm The children run around the tree. Okay. Very good job. Sight Word Story Sight Word Story. Let’s read the site word story together. Are you ready? Let’s begin. Paul has a question. Can you answer it? What animal has a really big mouth? Another clue is that it lives in rivers it doesn’t like any people to get around it. That’s right! It is a hippopotamus. Ok That’s our story for today. I hope you enjoyed it and thank you for studying with me. We’ll see you next time, bye bye now. Hello everybody. My name is Brian welcome to WorldCom edge you sight words level two we are going to learn some easy words today here are today’s words ask away back because before let’s start with ask we use ask to say that the words that we speak are a question for example the boy wants to ask a question or can I ask you something next we have away we use a way to say that something is moving from where we are for example the bird flies away or please go away ok maybe you say that to your brother or sister okay the next word is back a back is the part of the body that is behind you it is the opposite of your front so the girl shows her back or I think there is a spider on my back no okay next we have because because is a very useful word because it

describes the reason that something happened for example the boy cries because his toy broke or we study because we want to be smart right okay we use before to say that something is in front of another thing or that something happened earlier than something else for example the man is before the woman or the news is before my favorite television show okay it’s time for practice and repeat so let’s practice repeat after me ask the boy wants to ask a question okay good away the bird flies away okay back the girl shows her back because the boy cries because his toy broke last one before the man is before the woman all right very good now it’s time for review so let’s read some sentences but wait words are missing can we think of the missing words for example the man is beep the woman hmm what word can we use here are our study words ask away back because before which one can we use yes we can use before the man is before the woman okay the next one the boy wants to beep a question hmm ah the boy wants to ask a question alright next the bird flies beep hmm ah the bird flies away next the girl shows her beep ah the girl shows her back ok last one the boy cries beep his toy broke ah the boy cries because his toy broke okay very good sight word story now it’s time for our sight word story so let’s read the sight word story together are you ready let’s go a boy is crying I asked him why he says it is because his back hurts a bee stung him and flew away what did you do before the bee stung you I ask he says he tried to hit the B with a stick that’s not a good idea I say leave the bees alone ok good advice ok that’s our lesson for today thank you for studying with me see you next time hello my name is Brian welcome to worldcom edge you sight words level 2 we are going to learn some easy

words today so are you ready let’s begin today’s words are big boy Cain change different our first word is big we know this word it means large huge something that is not small for example the bear is big or I want a big piece of pizza okay next we have boy a boy is a young person who is not a girl for example the boy puts up his hands or this present is for a boy next we have came we use came to say that someone has come he came down from the tree or who came to the door next we have change when something becomes different it shows change for example I change my clothes or I want to change my hairstyle finally we have different we use different to say that something is not the same as something else for example the apples have different colors or which one is different from the others maybe you’ve played that game before okay those are our words today now it’s time for practice and repeat so let’s practice repeat after me big the bear is big okay boy the boy puts up his hands okay came he came down from the tree okay change I change my clothes good different the apples have different colors okay good okay now it’s time for review so let’s read some sentences but wait words are missing can we think of the missing words for example the B puts up his hands hmm what word can we use well here are our study words big boy came change different so which one can we use yes we can use boy the boy puts up his hands okay next the bear is beep hmm the bear is big ok next the apples have beep colors hmm the apples have different colors next I beep my clothes hmm I change my clothes alright last one he beep down from the tree ah he came down from the tree ok very good everybody sight-word story now it’s time for our site word story so let’s read the site word story together are you ready let’s begin there is a new

boy in our school he is very big he came from a different country every day we play soccer let’s play a different sport today he says we agree to change the game wait he wants to play basketball okay that’s our story for today and that’s our lesson for today thank you very much for studying with me we will see you next time bye bye hello everyone my name is Brian welcome to WorldCom edge you sight words level two we are going to learn some easy words today are you ready let’s begin today’s words are does and even follow form first we have does does is used with he she and it we use do with I you we and they this word does tells us what action someone takes for example my dad does the dishes or she does her homework next we have end we use end to say that something finishes for example when does your school end or I don’t want this movie to end next we have even we use even to describe numbers that can be divided by two even numbers are opposite odd numbers for example which numbers are even or every other number is even when you say that someone or something goes along behind something or someone else you can use follow for example the little ducks follow their mom or can I follow you to school finally we have form when you make something especially a shape you form it for example they form a circle or can I do it yeah form a heart shape with your hands okay those are our words for today now it’s time for practice and repeat so repeat after me ready let’s begin does my dad does the dishes okay good and when does your school end okay even which numbers are even follow the little ducks follow their mom okay last one form they form a circle all right good job now it’s time for review let’s read some sentences together but wait words are missing can we think of the missing words for example they beep a circle hmm what word can we use well here are our study words does and

even follow form which one can we use yes we can use form they form a circle all right next when does your school beep ah when does your school and next my dad beep the dishes hmm ah my dad does the dishes okay next the little ducks beep their mom hmm ah the little ducks follow their mom last one which numbers are beep hmm ah which numbers are even okay very good everybody the sight word story now it’s time to read the sight word story so let’s read it together are you ready let’s begin my dad likes to tell us stories he does different voices for the characters he tells us a story about a strange land numbers can talk the even numbers argue with the odd numbers they form a huge circle you follow us the even numbers tell the odd numbers no you follow us say the odd numbers how will this story end okay a strange story anyway thank you for standing with me today that’s all we have for today’s lesson take care see you next time hello everybody my name is Brian welcome to WorldCom ed you sight words level two we are going to learn some easy words today are you ready today’s words are found give good great hand first we have found found is used to talk about things after you find them for example he found his money or he found dust under his bed next we have give give is a very common word we use it to say that we take an object and let someone else have it so he will give her flowers or please give me something to drink next we have good good is the opposite of bad we like things that are good for example the weather is good or this sandwich is very good ok if something is great it is even better than good he is a great king or cookies are good but ice cream is great ok true right ok everyone has two hands you have a right hand and a left hand so hand our example sentences are he holds her hand or raise your right hand ok those are our words for today now it’s time to practice and repeat so repeat after me ready let’s go found he found his money

okay good give he will give her flowers okay good the weather is good good great he is a great king great hand he holds her hand all right very good great job everybody okay now it’s time for review so let’s review and read some sentences but wait words are missing can we think of the missing words for example he beep his money hmm what word can we use for peep well here are our study words found give good great hand so which one can we use yes we can use found he found his money next he holds her beep hmm ah he holds her hand yeah next he is a beep King mm ah he is a great king next he will beep her flowers hmm he will give her flowers last one the weather is beep hmm the weather is good ok very good job sight word story now it’s time for our site word story are you ready let’s read the site word story together a boy found some money on the street he holds it in his hand he thinks I will spend this money on candy that’s a good idea says Jenny but I have a great idea give the money to Timmy instead he doesn’t have any books or hands that’s a great idea says the boy that’s a good story and that’s all that we have for today so thank you for studying with me we’ll see you next time bye bye hello everybody my name is Brian welcome to WorldCom edge you sight words level two we are going to learn some easy words today are you ready let’s begin today’s words are help here home house just first we have help when you are nice to someone who is having a hard time you help them for example they help each other or can you help me carry this next we have here we use here to describe where we are now for example we will have a picnic here or let’s stop here and rest next we have home your home is where you go to sleep eat and rest your family lives at your home for example this is my home or when do you have to go home for many people their home is a house a house is on a piece of

land usually with a front yard and a back yard for example our house is big or is your home a house or an apartment next we have just we use just to say when something happened it means that it happened a very short time ago for example they just started or we just ate dinner ok we just learned the words for today now it’s time for practice and repeat so let’s practice repeat after me ready let’s go help they help each other okay good here we will have a picnic here okay good home this is my home okay good house our house is big okay last one just they just started all right very good everybody now it’s time to review so let’s read some sentences but wait words are missing can we think of the missing words for example this is my beep hmm what word can we use well here are our study words help here home house just which one can we use yes we can use home this is my home ok next one they beep started mmm ah they just started ok next they beep each other hmm they help each other next our beep is big hmm our house is big last one we will have a picnic beep hmm huh we will have a picnic here ok good job everybody sight-word story now it’s time for our sight words story so let’s read the sight word story together are you ready let’s begin a family just moved next to us their house is big do you like your new home I asked the boy yes we like it here says the boy can I help you learn about our neighborhood I asked thanks says the boy I’m very happy to have a good neighbour great be a good neighbor okay that’s our lesson for today thank you for studying with me we’ll see you next time bye bye hello everybody my name is Brian welcome to WorldCom edge you sight words level two we are going to learn some easy words today today’s words are kind no land large learn let’s start with kind when you are kind you are nice to other people and you try to help them our example

sentences she is kind or try to do a kind act every day next we have no we use this word to talk about the information that we have in our brains okay for example do you know this animal or I know a lot about science next we have land land is the ground we stand on the opposite of land would be water as in a lake stream or ocean for example the farm has a lot of land or our country has a lot of land we use the word large to say that something or someone is big they hold a large map or he has very large feet okay our last word is learn we use learn when we put new information into our heads for example they learn to swim or we learn new words which is what we’re doing now those are the words for today okay now it’s time for practice and repeat so are you ready let’s practice repeat after me kind she is kind okay good no do you know this animal okay land the farm has a lot of land okay large they hold a large map okay good learn they learn to swim okay very good job everybody now it’s time for review let’s read some sentences but wait some words are missing can we think of the missing words for example they beep to swim hmm what word can we use well here are our study words kind no land large learn so which one can we use yes we can use learn they learn to swim okay good next one they hold up beep map hmm ah they hold a large map okay good next do you beep this animal hmm ah do you know this animal okay good next the farm has a lot of beep hmm ah the farm has a lot of land okay good last one she is beep hmm oh she is kind okay very good job sight word story now it’s time for our site word story so let’s read the site word story together our teacher is kind she teaches us about the land we learn many things about farms do you know this animal she asks it is a large animal that gives us milk it’s a cow we shout ok ok good story that’s our lesson for today thank you for studying with me see you next time hello everybody my name is Brian welcome to worldcom edge you sight words level

two we are going to learn some easy words today today’s words are letter line little live man let’s start with letter a letter is like a note that you write on a piece of paper and then send it in the mail to another person of course nowadays we usually just send email instead of letters for example I send a letter or did you get my letter next we have line a line goes from one point to another point sometimes we draw a line sometimes we stand in a line for example they stand in line or I draw a line on the paper okay next word is little the word little is used to say that something is small for example my little sister is pretty or he has a little toy soldier our next word is live we use live to say that something or someone is alive for example fish live in water or where do you live okay finally we have man a man is a boy who is grown up so if you’re a boy someday you will become a man for example the man wears glasses or a man takes off his hat okay those are our words for today now it’s time for practice and repeat so let’s practice repeat after me letter I send a letter okay good job line they stand in line okay good next little my little sister is pretty okay good next live fish live in water okay good job last one man the man wears glasses yes okay good job I wear glasses too okay now it’s time for review so let’s read some sentences but wait words are missing can we think of the missing words for example fish beep in water hmm what word can we use well here are our study words letter line little live man so which one can we use yes we can use live fish live in water okay good next one I send a beep hmm aha I send a letter okay good next one the beep wears glasses ah the man wears glasses ok good next they stand in beep ha ha they stand in line okay good last one my beep sister is pretty uh-huh my little sister is pretty ok very good job everybody

the sight word story now it’s time for the sight word story so let’s read the sight word story together are you ready let’s begin I want to send a letter to my friends they live in Japan I write line after line on the paper a man comes to take my letter he drives a little van he wears a post office uniform I hope my friends get my letter soon okay that’s an interesting story okay thanks for studying with me that’s all for today we’ll see you next time bye bye hello everybody my name is Brian welcome to WorldCom edge you sight words level two we are going to learn some easy words today are you ready let’s begin today’s words are me means men most mother let’s start with me me is you know I mean I am me wait ah when we talk about ourselves we can say me okay she gives me food or can you see me in the photo okay next we have means we use this word to talk about the meaning of a word or what someone said for example I know what zoom means or this means love okay next we have men when boys grow up they become men for example the four men are tall or a group of men came out of the building we use the word most to talk about a group when we mean almost all the members of the group except for a few for example most boys like robots or most of the books in the library were old finally we have mother we know this word our mother is the woman who gave us life and cares for us she’s very important for example my mother gave me a balloon or father and mother are eating dinner ok those are our words for today now it’s time for practice and repeat so let’s practice repeat after me me she gives me food good means I know what Zhu means okay good men the four men are tall most most boys like robots good last one mother my mother gave me a balloon okay good job now it’s time for review so let’s read some sentences but wait words are missing can we think of the missing words for example my beep gave me a balloon hmm what word can we use well here are our study words me means men most mother so which one can we use hmm

yes we can use mother my mother gave me a balloon okay next the four beep are tall ah the four men are tall okay next she gives beep food hmm ah she gives me food okay next I know what Zoo beep ah I know what Zoo means ok good next beep boys like robots hmm ah most boys like robots okay good job site words story now it’s time for our site word story so let’s read the site word story together are you ready let’s go my mother takes me to the department store there are many men and women there most of the people are buying clothes it’s your birthday tomorrow says mom do you know what that means it means you can choose anything you want great ok well that’s our lesson for today thank you for studying with me take care and see you next time bye bye hello everyone my name is Brian welcome to WorldCom ed you sight words level 2 we are going to learn some easy words today so are you ready let’s begin today’s words are move much must name need our first word is move we use this word to say that something that was in one place is going to another place for example I move a heavy bag or Jenny will move to Alaska next month next we have much this is similar to the word many but we use much for things that we do not count for example there is so much water or don’t eat too much sugar okay next we have must we use must to say that it is very important that someone do something for example I must go to bed or we must eat healthy food that’s true okay next we have name you have a name and I have a name everyone has a name and even some animals especially pets have names a name is the word that you call someone for example my name is Fred well example next my doggies name is Rover ok ok finally we have need we use need to say that it is very important that we have something for example I need a new bike or do you need anything okay those are our words for today let’s move on to practice and repeat so repeat after me are you ready let’s begin move I move a heavy bag okay good much there is so much water okay good

must I must go to bed take it name my name is Fred all right finally need I need a new bike okay very good now it’s time for review let’s read some sentences together but wait words are missing can we think of the missing words for example I beep a heavy bag hmm what word can we use here are our study words move much must name need which one can we use yes we can use move I move a heavy bag alright next my beep is Fred hmm yeah my name is Fred good next there is so beep water hmm ah there is so much water all right good next I beep a new bike hmm I need a new bike last one i beep go to bed hmm I must go to bed okay good job site word story okay now it’s time for our sight words story so let’s read the site word story together are you ready let’s begin I need a new bike my old bike is broken I have to pick it up to move it a new bike costs too much money I must do chores to get money from my parents then they help me buy a new bike it’s a cool red bike I will name it speedy ok interesting story have fun on the new bike okay so that’s all for today that’s our lesson thanks for studying with me see you next time hello everybody my name is Brian welcome to WorldCom ed you sight words level two we are going to learn some easy words today so are you ready let’s get started today’s words are new off old only our first we have new new is used to say that something was made or born a short time ago for example I bought new clothes or let’s play a new game next we have off off is the opposite of on if an electric thing is off it is not working if someone or something is off another thing it means they are no longer on it for example the monkey turns off the light or he got off the pony okay next we have old we use old to say that something was made or born a long time ago it’s the opposite of new for example the old man is my grandfather or this milk is old okay the word only means that there is just one of something for example I have only one cat or we only sing one song finally we have our we use

our to describe things that belong to us for example we love our pets or our favorite food is spaghetti okay those are our words for today okay now it’s time for practice and repeats so let’s practice repeat after me knew I bought new clothes good off the monkey turns off the light old the old man is my grandfather okay good only I have only one cat okay good our we love our pets okay okay good job now it’s time for review let’s read some sentences but wait words are missing can we think of the missing words for example the beep is my grandfather hmm what word can we use well here are our study words new off old only our so which one can we use yes we can use old the old man is my grandfather next we love beep pets hmm we love our pets good next I bought beep clothes hmm ah I bought new clothes ok good next one I have beep one cat hmm huh I have only one cat good last one the monkey turns beep the light hmm ah the monkey turns off the light ok good job everybody the sight-word story now we have our sight-word story so let’s read the sight-word story together are you ready let’s begin our old house was in the city our new house is in the country our house is the only one on our street every day I get on a bus to go to school in the afternoon I get off the bus at our house okay that’s our story for today and that is our lesson for today thank you for studying with me see you next time hello everybody my name is Brian welcome to WorldCom edge you sight words level 2 we are going to learn some easy words today so are you ready let’s begin today’s words are over page picture place play first we have over this word is used to say that something is or is going above something for example the boy jumps over the fence or a lamp hangs over my bed next we have page books have many pages if you are reading a book now you are looking at one page of that book for example open your book to page 15 or turn to the next page next we have

picture we use the word picture to talk about a drawing a painting or a photograph of something we can see people places and things in a picture for example the cat sees a picture or starry night is a very famous picture next we have place we use the word place to talk about an area for example this is my favorite place or there is a place to put your bags over there finally we have play we know this word we use this word to say that we are doing something fun either alone or with friends for example we like to play baseball or do you play video games okay those are our words for today now it’s time for practice and repeat so let’s practice repeat after me ready let’s go over the boy jumps over the fence good page open your book to page 15 good picture the cat sees a picture good place this is my favorite place okay good last one play we like to play baseball all right good job everybody now it’s time for review let’s read some sentences but wait words are missing can we think of the missing words for example open your book to beep 15 hmm what word can we use here are our study words over page picture place play which one can we use yes we can use page open your book to page 15 good next we like to beep baseball we like to play baseball good the boy jumps beep the fence hmm aha the boy jumps over the fence good next this is my favorite beep hmm ah this is my favorite place good last one the cat sees a peep ah the cat sees a picture ok very good job sight word story next we have our sight word story so let’s read the sight word story together you ready let’s begin I have a big story book it has many wonderful pictures on this page there is a picture of a cow jumping over the moon children play a game on the ground it’s so funny I’d keep this book in a special place on my shelf ok that’s our story for today thanks for studying with me well see you next time bye bye hello everybody my name is Brian welcome to world come ed you sight words level two

we are going to learn some easy words today so are you ready let’s begin today’s words are point put read right same first we have point when you point you use your finger to get other people to look at something for example I point at a star or it’s rude to point at other people so be careful okay we use put to say that we place an object in a certain area for example I put a teddy bear in the box or put your toys away next we have read this word means that we look at and understand words that are on a page or a computer screen for example I read a picture book or can you read Chinese next we have right this word is used to describe where something is using your body things are on the right on the left in front of you or behind you so for example he raises his right hand or walk on the right side of the road okay finally we use same to say that two or more things are very similar for example they look the same or I have the same backpack as you Wow okay okay so those are our words for today now it’s time for practice and repeat so let’s practice repeat after me points I point at a star good put I put a teddy bear in the box good read I read a picture book okay very good right he raises his right hand okay good same they look the same all right very good job everybody now it’s time for review so let’s read some sentences together but wait words are missing can we think of the missing words for example I beep a teddy bear in the box hmm what word can we use well here are our study words point put read right same so which one can we use yes we can use put I put a teddy bear in the box good next one he raises his beep hand ah he raises his right hand next one i beep at a star uh-huh i point at a star good next they look the beep hmm ah they look the same good next I beep a picture book hmm I read a picture book okay very good sight-word story okay now it’s time for our site word story so let’s read the

site word story together are you ready let’s begin what are those I asked at a candy store I raised my right hand 2.0 says the shopkeeper can you read the sign it says sour worms I say yes they are the same as gummy bears but they are very sour he says please put some in a bag I say okay so he’ll eat those later okay great that’s our story for today and that is our lesson for today thank you for studying with me we’ll see you next time bye bye hello everybody my name is Brian welcome to WorldCom edge you sight words level two we are going to learn some easy words today are you ready let’s begin today’s words are say sentence set should show let’s start with say we use say to say that we use our mouth to make words for example I say hello to the cat or what did you say to the teacher next we have sentence a sentence is a complete thought that we write down for example she writes a sentence or I wrote a very long sentence next we have set when you set something you make it ready for example he set his alarm clock or my phone is set on silent mode the next word is should we use the word should to say that it is a good idea to do something or that other people expect you to do something for example you should clean up the toys or what should we do now our last word is show when you show something to someone you allow them to see it for example I show a picture or please show me your pet okay those are our words for today now it’s time for practice and repeat so let’s practice repeat after me ready let’s go say I say hello to the cat good sentence she writes a sentence okay good set he set his alarm clock okay good should you should clean up the toys okay last one show I show a picture all right very good job now let’s review let’s read some sentences but wait words are missing can we think of the missing words for example you beep clean up the toys hmm

what word can we use well here are our study words say sentence set should show which one can we use yes we can use should you should clean up the toys all right good next one he beep his alarm clock he set his alarm clock ok next one I beep hello to the cat I say hello to the cat alright next I beep a picture ah I show a picture okay last one she writes a beep she writes a sentence ok good job everybody sight word story now it’s time for the sight word story are you ready let’s read it together what did the teacher say she said let’s have a race who can write a sentence first you should use all of these words are you set go June says I did it show us we yell ok lots of energy in that story that’s our lesson for today thanks for studying with me I’ll see you next time bye bye well hello there my name is Brian welcome to WorldCom edge you sight words level two we are going to learn some easy words today I’m sure you are ready so let’s begin today’s words are small sound spell still study let’s start with small we use this word to say that something is not big it is just a little thing for example the baseball is small or my toes are small okay next we have sound sound is the noise that we hear with our ears for example the boy makes a loud sound or the sound of the train woke me up our our next word is spell when you write words you put letters in the proper order so that the words are spelled correctly right like D oh gee you spell dog correctly for example how do you spell hello or please spell my name correctly important sentence okay our next word is still when someone is doing something for a long time maybe longer than we expect we can say that they are still doing it for example he is still eating or are you still playing that game okay finally we have study well we know this word it’s what we are doing right now

when we put new information into our heads we study our example sentence she likes to study or how long will you study math okay those are our words for today now it’s time for practice and repeat so let’s practice our words repeat after me small the baseball is small okay good sound the boy makes a loud sound okay next spell how do you spell hello okay good still he is still eating all right good last one study she likes to study all right very good job now let’s review let’s read some sentences together but wait words are missing can we think of the missing words for example the baseball is beep hmm what word can we use well here are our study words small sound spell still study which one can we use yes we can use small the baseball is small next how do you beep hello how do you spell hello ok next the boy makes a loud beep uh-huh the boy makes a loud sound all right good next she likes to beep hmm ah she likes to study yes last one he is beep eating hmm he is still eating all right very good job site word story now it’s time for the sight words story so let’s read the sight word story together are you ready let’s begin Jack likes to study he learns how to spell words small words are easy he says then he hears a sound it is his dog two hours ago the dog saw a bird the dog is still sitting under the birds tree that’s a dog okay well that’s our lesson for today thanks for studying with me see you next time bye bye hello everybody my name is Brian welcome to WorldCom edge you sight words level two we are going to learn some easy words today are you ready let’s begin today’s words are such take tell things think let’s start with such we use such when we want to call attention to what we are saying we use it in front of a description word to make that description a lot stronger for example it’s such a pretty hat or this is such a delicious cake next we have take this is

an action when we take something we put it in our hands and keep it for ourselves for example I take a cookie from the jar or did you take my gloves next we have tell this word is very similar to say when we use words to make a story we tell that story usually we tell someone something for example she will tell him something or tell me something about you when you have a lot of individual items you have things this word is useful when you don’t want to name each individual thing I mean just say things it’s very easy for example there are many things in the box or where did you put your things finally we have think this is an action word that means we use our brain to imagine things like ideas words or solutions to problems for example I think about my grandmother or can you think of a good idea okay those are our words for today now it’s time for practice and repeat so let’s practice repeat after me such it’s such a pretty hat okay good take I take a cookie from the jar all right tell she will tell him something okay good things there are many things in the box all right good last one think I think about my grandmother all right very good now it’s time for review so let’s read some sentences but wait words are missing can we think of the missing words for example I beep a cookie from the jar hmm what word can we use here are our study words such take tell things think which one can we use yes we can use take I take a cookie from the jar good next i beep about my grandmother hmm ah I think about my grandmother next she will beep him something hmm she will tell him something all right next one there are many beep in the box hmm oh there are many things in the box ok last one it’s beep a pretty hat ah it’s such a pretty hat all right good job sight words story ok let’s read the sight word story now let’s read the sight word story together are you ready let’s begin it’s such a beautiful day let’s take some snacks to the park there are many things we can see we can tell each other funny stories or we can just

sit and think about our lives mmm ok sounds like a good idea that’s all for today thank you for studying with me see you next time bye bye hello everybody my name is Brian welcome to WorldCom ed you sight words level two we are going to learn some easy words today so let’s get started today’s words are three through to try turn our first word is three three is a number it is more than two and less than four three okay for example she has three bags or three blind mice ran up the clock hmm okay next we have through when we talk about something going into a cross and then out of something else we say it goes through for example he looks through the lens or let us take a walk through the park okay next we have two T oh oh okay we use to to say that there is a lot of something especially when there is more than enough in a negative way if you say your hot chocolate is hot we don’t know is that good or bad but if you say it’s too hot then we know it’s bad you don’t like it so hot for example my bag is too heavy or Timmy is riding his bike too fast okay next we have try when you try to do something you do it but you are not sure if you will be successful but you try anyway for example the cats try to catch the mouse or my brother will try to stand on his head be careful okay finally we have turn this means that someone or something changes direction while they are moving for example the car is going to turn right or it’s time to turn around and go home okay those are our words for today now it’s time for practice and repeat so let’s practice repeat after me three she has three bags good through he looks through the lens okay next to my bag is too heavy okay good next try the cats try to catch the mouse all right good last one turn the car is going to turn right alright good job everybody now it’s time for review so let’s read some sentences together but wait

words are missing can we think of the missing words for example the cat’s beep to catch the mouse hmm what word can we use well here are our study words 3 through to try turn which one can we use yes we can use try the cats try to catch the mouse next one the car is going to beep right hmm ah the car is going to turn right okay good next one he looks beep the lens hmm ah he looks through the lens okay good next my bag is beep heavy mm-hmm ah my bag is too heavy ok good last one she has beep bags mm-hmm okay she has three bags all right good job everybody sight-word story now it’s time for the sight-word story so let’s read the sight words story together are you ready let’s begin we are at the airport this line is too long says Dan we put our bags through a machine the machine will try to see any dangerous objects of course our three bags are okay then we turn right to go to the airplane okay have a good trip okay well thank you for studying with me today that’s all that we have for you today we’ll see you next time take care hello everyone my name is Brian welcome to WorldCom edge you sight words level two we are going to learn some easy words today are you ready let’s begin today’s words are us very want well went our first word is us we use this word to talk about ourselves when we are with other people for example Santa Claus gave us nice gifts or let us hear a story okay next we have very this word is similar to such we use it to make a description stronger for example this room is very cold or this book is very interesting okay next we have what we use want to talk about our desires if you want something you feel like you should have it for example I want to fly or what do you want for your birthday next we use the word well when we like the way that someone does something for example he runs well or she speaks Chinese very well okay finally we have

went when someone goes somewhere and we talk about that action later on we use went for example they went to a candy or I think Terry went to school okay those are our words for today now it’s time for practice and repeat so let’s practice repeat after me are you ready let’s go us Santa Claus gave us nice gifts all right good job next very this room is very cold okay good job next want I want to fly okay good well he runs well okay good job last one went they went to a candy shop all right good job everybody now it’s time for review so let’s read some sentences but wait words are missing can we think of the missing words for example I beep to fly hmm what word can we use well here are our study words us very want well went which one can we use yes we can use want I want to fly next they beep to a candy shop hmm they went to a candy shop ok good next this room is beep cold mmm this room is very cold or high good next he runs beep hmm ah he runs well all right good last one Santa Claus gave beep nice gifts hmm Santa Claus gave us nice gifts ok good job everybody the sight word story okay now it’s time for the sight word story so let’s read the sight word story together are you ready I’m sure you are let’s begin christmas is coming soon Jane went to see Santa Claus at the store he said what do you want for christmas my brother and I are very cold this winter she said so I want Santa to give us gloves Santa thought Jane chose well that’s true okay good well that’s our lesson for today thanks for studying with me we’ll see you next time bye bye hello everyone my name is Brian welcome to WorldCom edge you sight words level two we are going to learn some easy words today I know you’re ready so let’s begin today’s words are where why work world years first we have where this is a

question word we usually use it in a question when we don’t know the location of something or someone for example where is the tiger tiger Oh or I don’t know where my book is okay next we have why this is another question word we use it when we don’t know the reason something happened for example why is he crying or do you know why the Sun rises next we have work this is the opposite of play when we make an effort to make something or to improve a situation we work sometimes people don’t like work but we can enjoy our work if we think about it in a good way for example we work together or work hard and enjoy your success next we have world world is used to talk about a planet normally when someone says this word they are talking about Earth but you can also use world to talk about other planets for example the teacher shows a map of the world or one day we might live on another world finally we have years we use this word when we talk about more than one year it is used to talk about very long times for example she is seven years old or I met my best friend two years ago okay those are our words for today now it’s time for practice and repeat so let’s practice repeat after me where where is the tiger okay good why why is he crying okay good next work we work together all right good world the teacher shows a map of the world all right good last one years she is seven years old all right good job now it’s time for review so let’s read some sentences together but wait words are missing can we think of the missing words for example she is 7 beep old hmm what word can we use well here are our study words where why work world years which one can we use hmm yes we can use years she is 7 years old all right good next one beep is the tiger hmm where is the tiger all right good we beep together hmm we work together yes good next the teacher shows a map of the beep the teacher shows a map of the

world ok good last one beep is he crying oh why why is he crying ok good job site words story now it’s time for our site word story so let’s read the site word story together are you ready let’s begin where are you going daddy says Tina I’m going to work daddy says why do you work says Tina you are 8 years old says daddy when you grow up we’ll work – you can work anywhere in the world okay interesting story okay that’s our lesson for today thanks for studying with me I hope to see you again next time bye bye

GSR750 ツーリング #10 [森将軍塚古墳] / Japan road trip on suzuki GSR750 #10

上山田温泉に来ました これから森将軍塚古墳に向かいます このあたりの河川敷は公園だったのですが 台風による異常増水で、全て川に沈みました あの山が古墳ですね



歩いて20分程かかりました これは凄そうです 素晴らしい眺望です 更埴JCTの全体像が見えます 1500年前はどんな風景だったのでしょうか・・ ご視聴いただき有難うございます

Tham quan Jasper ở Alberta | Part 2-Day 1 | Road trip to Jasper, Alberta | My journal in Canada #15

We’d reached Jasper town now we are finding food The sun is out, it’s very warm now I’m about to pass by another Vlogger

She’s taking a video too We just visited the souvenir store They have a buy one, get one off apparels That guy is still biking? maybe he wants us to film him Anyways This rack is buy one, get one. they leave their products outside like this We are all walking together right now in Jasper’s main town Right now it’s 2pm What’s the weather Chi? 2 degrees? Not even, I think it’s higher than that It’s 12 Degrees 12 degrees? So warm! Chi! Everyone is staring at me usually, people tend to display their products outside the store with 70% off discount 30% – 50% off or buy one, get one and they display the products outside Because they aren’t afraid of people stealing or damaging their products North Face has their own pizza brand? Like I mentioned before see They display it outside and if you want to purchase, you’d take it in and buy They don’t need to worry about theft, cause it’s safe here Jasper town is mostly consists of souvenir shops and restaurants Chi wants to take a photo Now we are going to take some photos with the train have to cross the street first This is like a vintage train This train runs through Canada The cars are so loud

We are going to walk around town for a bit more and then we’ll go and visit other famous landmarks around Jasper after Jasper has a lot of areas with beautiful scenery to visit It’s similar to Dalat city in Vietnam like there’s alot of hills in Dalat, and Jasper has many mountains They have Rocky Mountains here There he is again! It’s an electric bike Chi’s dad is talking Russian to this man, they just met Chi’s dad studied in Russia when he was young he still remembers a little bit of Russian, so he is having a conversation with the man They are happy with the photos It’s beautiful here This is my second time visiting Jasper but it still feel like the first time I can never get tired of the scenery and atmosphere here So beautiful This area is not the most beautiful though there are more to see This River is coming down from the mountains

It’s similar to the lakes and rivers in Vietnam but the water is very clean and clear here You can see crevices of stones and rocks underneath the water very clear! there’s a restaurant here This is not where we planned to go, we are just passing by but it’s very beautiful here The chairs are so colourful beside the river beautiful! This is a perfect spot for taking pictures I think that we got pretty lucky with this trip because on our way to Jasper we came across a lot of beautiful scenery that we didn’t plan to see now we are on our way to Banff from Jasper There will be many more beautiful scenery and landmarks to see So that’s why I think this trip is lucky because we get to visit and see everything that Jasper and Banff has to offer So I’m very happy This is area is close to Jasper town This is like resort that people stay when they visit Jasper It has a rustic, warm cottage type feel I really like the aesthetic It’s like home stay in Dalat One side is the resort the other side is the forest I will go around and film the scenery for you guys it’s very similar to home stay I think this is a one bedroom cottage it can accommodate maybe 2 to 4 people and these ones over here are for bigger families It can fit maybe up to 8 people This area was built for vacation or temporarily stay purposes only there are many cottages like these in this area the view here is amazing, and people can have bonfires at night If you want to relax and escape the hectic city, this is a place to be The view is beautiful The chairs faced towards the river I don’t know if the camera can pick up the sound of the water The sound of the water is very soothing and calming The other side of the river is the forest This side has a very odd tree It’s also lucky that both of our family is able to attend this trip they are always ready and excited for photos one two three smile!

One, two, three! I had to kneel down to capture the water and mountains in the photo! Omg there’s dog poop everywhere! our next destination will be Athabasca Falls Athabasca Falls is also on the way to Banff We will stop by all of the iconic and beautiful landmarks on our way to Banff To film and take take some photos I don’t know if the camera can do these scenery justice, because It’s very magnificent in real life Even though I can’t capture its full beauty I hope you guys can still enjoy this video Everyone is in the car waiting for Chi’s dad he doesn’t want to leave! It’s too beautiful to leave okay, let us be on our way! 1,2,3 jump! Wow! that’s so nice I picked this scenery because it’s so nice! You can write a poem and story for each of these photos We reached heaven everyone! It’s still spring but the leaves are already red we aren’t in Athabasca Falls yet We stopped here to take some more photos and we will be on our way again we are on a cliff, looking down at the trees It’s a little bit sunny but still beautiful let’s film one more round more mountains in the background It’s very grand and magnificent the last time that I was here, there was a lot of snow, and it piled up very tall Trees everywhere and in the distance there are mountains It’s like we are looking at a perfect painting so now, we will head towards this mountain The air and atmosphere is very fresh and clean it’s around 15 degrees Celsius right now too the perfect weather, not too cold and not too hot We are here

at Athabasca Falls We are at the foot of this mountain The water fall is over there So the water will flow through here Chi and I have been here before We are visiting this spot again now with our families The last time I was here, I did film some footages but wasn’t doing YouTube at the time so now I have the opportunity to film and share it with you guys Athabasca Falls everyone If anyone of you guys ever come and visit Alberta If anyone of you guys ever come and visit Alberta and if you decides to visit Banff or Jasper then remember to bring extra SD cards, batteries or a laptop with hard drive to backup your videos and photos We’re here! We’re heeeereee I can feel some raindrops but that’s ok The water is coming down from the mountain to create this river There’s less snow than than last time I think it looks more beautiful with snow It’s a beautiful spot for pictures with the river and mountain in the background It’s more beautiful with snow right Chi? but it’s still beautiful right now The last time we were here there was snow everywhere It covered these layers of rocks It was really beautiful I’ll try to find a picture to show you guys what I mean but it’s still beautiful everyone is talking about the ticket price to enter Jasper and Banff we paid $20 for 5 people so $4.00 for each person it’s so worth it and cheap for the experience it’s getting cold it’s colder in this area It’s cold! There it is! Athabasca Falls!